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The Dallas Arts & Culture Weekly Review

Throughout history, societies and communities that embraced the arts often found themselves at the forefront of social and political change – decades ahead of those that have discouraged or diminished the role of the arts in their societies.  Our rich history of social and political progress is due in no small part to the active and courageous artistic community that calls DFW home. We hope that by highlighting the rising stars of our local art community on a weekly basis, we can help increase our community’s engagement with local art and the artists that devote their life to moving society forward.

Crocodile rock 🐊

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Experiencing the photoshoot pampering and exotic travel destinations isn’t just for Sports Illustrated Models. . . 👙 “When I saw my pictures I couldn’t believe it. I was beautiful. I saw a new person. I wish everyone could experience the release I felt when I saw my pictures and when I now look in the mirror. I have been Set Free.” . . 👙 This is what one of our clients had to say about their experience. The Art of Seduction Model Experience isn’t just another trip to a resort, it’s where you celebrate, truly treat yourself and get pampered like the model you are. Explore the beautiful beaches of Cancun and be photographed alongside the amazing scenery. . . 👙 Whether you’ve been craving a relaxing getaway where you’ll be pampered or an empowering retreat where you can reclaim your confidence, the Model Experience is perfect for you. Want the full scoop on our next experience coming up in Cancun? DM me for all the dreamy details. . . 👙 #bodypositive #beach #luxuryvacation #luxurytravel #beachboudoir #everybodyisabeachbody #everybodyisabikinibody #beachvacation #selfcare #girlsweekend #girlsgetaway #girlsweekendaway #beachtrip #takemeaway #vacationmode #beachhair #beachlife #chicagophotographer #austinphotographer #boudoirphotography #mexico #mexicovacation #travelphotography #mexicoboudoir #mexicophotography #everybodyisabikinibody

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Of all the differences my clients have, they all a common ground on which they stand. Every last one of them has had an experience that challenged the way they saw themselves. Some of those experiences rocked their very core–leaving them reeling, leaving them to question everything they'd ever believed as truth, leaving them to try and make sense of their new normal. 🌊 I get asked all the time, how it was that I became a boudoir photographer. The truth is, for a long time I carried around a heart that felt like gravel. I'd been so, so burned. I was lucky enough to taste the beauty of redemption–to find strength in those who commanded me to see my own worthiness. 🙏 My life is now one big pay-it-forward movement. It is my absolute duty to push you off your own ledge–the one you built yourself and stand on the edge of, waiting for something to happen. You have to stop waiting…waiting for someone else to change your circumstances, the cards you were dealt, your very life. It's my purpose on Earth to show you that there is so much power in owning your truth–that you don't have to be a prisoner of your past–that you are the heroine in your own story. 🖤

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My soul never tires of this place.

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Ore and I’m the personality behind Intimate Lens Studio. I wanted to drop a quick note to say hi and…….ugh, that sounds way too formal, right? Let’s just cut to the chase, your here, I’m happy you are, and I like bacon. That pretty much sums it up. Here are 7 more things about me that you may (or may not) want to know. 1. Did I mention I like bacon? Okay, maybe there are only six more things….. 2. Amazon Prime is my kryptonite. And now that Whole Foods actually gives discounts to prime members and I go there more often, I understand WF being referred to as “whole paycheck.” 3. I love wedding cake. I second shooting weddings for wedding photographers, and I warn them that at some point I’m going rogue and heading for the cake table #noshame 4. I have to make my bed every morning. If I don’t, I get really twitchy. Damn you OCD that only kicks in for things that don’t really matter. 5. If you’re familiar with the Oklahoma/Texas “Red River Rivalry” – know that I went to The University of Oklahoma for undergrad and the University of Texas for grad school. Every time the college football teams play against each other, people ask me who I’m rooting for. I’ll never tell. 6. One of my favorite parts of a boudoir session is when clients cuss at me. Wait what!?!? No seriously. Let me explain. Clients come in nervous. I act like myself. They realize I’m more crazy and awkward than they will ever be and start to relax. And then I show them the back of the camera. And their like B$tch WHAT? IS THAT ME? NO FU@KING WAY!! And I’m like, well since I can’t photoshop in-camera, yes, yes it’s you. Favorite part of the session, hands down. Even if you don’t cuss during my session, we are still gonna have a good time! 📸 @bree_record_photo #welcomewednesday #fridayintroductions . . . . . . #OKCboudoir #OKphotographer #Dallasboudoir #Dallasphotographer #TXboudoir #TXphotographer #Boudoirphotographer #boudoirphotography #boudoirstudio #shamlesslybeautiful #domorewearless #bodypositive #domorephotographers #boudoirphotos #intimatelenstudio #intimateportraits #intimateportraiture

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