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#MadeInDallas: supporting local makers

A core part of our mission at VoyageDallas is to change the way people spend their money.  We think our communities would be stronger if we spent more of our money with local makers, mom-and-pops, freelancers, and local organizations.

These are often the people, brands, and organizations that create and reflect our culture. They also often do a better job of representing our diversity and values. Supporting the upstarts and the new kids on the block are how societies move forward, how we better serve the underserved and how we address problems that are otherwise left unaddressed. It’s also usually the best way to get high-quality, unique products and services, because once you get past the marketing bluster the products and services offered by large corporations are often one-size-fits-all solutions that inevitably leave much to be desired.

Supporting local makers isn’t hard! Below, we’ve highlighted some lovely offerings from local makers we’ve featured in the past. Check them out and support these makers – buy from them if you like the products, follow them on social media or help spread the word if you love their work.

Greeting Cards with Personality

Kat French creates greeting cards that spread joy because of how unique, fun and playful they are.  We absolutely adore her designs and love that she’s using her talents to spread love, optimism and positivity. With the holidays coming up, what a wonderful way to spread joy and support a local artist!

Handmade Jewelry with a Message

Brandie Johnson launched Identity Jewelry Co and creates beautiful, hand-stamped metal jewelry and accessories.  Her motto is “let the world know” and as you might expect her creations aren’t just fashionable, they are conversation-starters.  High-quality and tastefully designed, these would be a perfect gift for friends who are ambitious enough to want to change the world.

Smile and Joy Inducing Message Boards

Alli Clements is the founder of StoryFolk TX and makes really fun message boards that are sure to give you a chuckle on a daily basis.  We love her message boards and we are sure you, your friends, family and visitors to your office or home will love them too.

Pressed Flower Art

Andrea Castaneda turns nature into timeless and unique pieces of art by using a very old technique: flower pressing. The pressed flower pieces she creates are unique, beautiful and such a great way to preserve flowers.  A perfect gift for newlyweds or a friend just moving into a new place.

Custom Glassware: so you can do you

Ashley Acosta and Ida Howard create custom glassware, everything from stemless wine glasses, stemless flutes, whiskey, cocktail, beer mugs, even stainless steel tumblers.  These are popular for events, but honestly given that we use glasses and mugs everyday, shouldn’t we all have a hydration vessel that represents who we are?

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