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Some art is provocative, some is deep, some art is fun, some is pretty.  Some art is all of the above and some is none.  In our interviews with artists, one thing we’ve learned is that there is never a single statement or generalization that can be made about “art” or “artists.”  We’ve highlighted artwork from some of the artists we’ve had the honor of interviewing – we hope you’ll check out their work, follow the ones you connect with and perhaps support them through purchases and spreading the word about their work.

Spencer Evans

The intent of my work is to contextualize the social issues connected to skin color from my perspective and experiences. My goal is to create an emotional pull within the audience strong enough for them to ask questions that will spark a conversation about the issues and experiences referenced in my work-a conversation that could lead to more people understanding the feelings of an entire demographic as opposed to minimizing or ignoring them. I use paintings, drawings, sculptures, and writing to communicate my perspective. Read More >>

Leighton Autrey

My style is a mix between urban street art and painting. I am mostly known for turning scriptures from the Holy Bible to modern artworks. I feel that is one of my callings in this world, to make something beautiful or thought provoking visually that was written in the Bible. The sickness and healing of my mother’s cancer made me really see the power of faith and I want to show that to the world, by both my artwork and actions. Read More >>

Heather Bond

I am an artist that creates many pieces a year. I show my artwork at one or two festivals each year. I am proud that I always have a crowd connecting with my art. I love seeing people take selfies with my artwork and telling me that they love it. Many people every year purchase a painting or commission a painting. I have artwork collected in homes across the USA. This means a part of me is lives in each of those places. I never will give up the time to express myself in an artistic manner, EVER. I am unique in that the space where I camp out in often… is my “ART SELF”. Read More >>

Chance Foreman

Eventually, I found myself moving towards the pop-art style and began working almost exclusively with duct tape, often inspired by prominent musicians or actors. While I still gravitate towards portraits, my latest pieces focus on people I’m surrounded by in my life – friends, family members, people I’ve met. My favorite part (and often the most challenging) is choosing a bold pattern or background that frames the subject and is able to capture their personalities. Read More >>

Alex Rydlinski

I’ve been commissioned for all different kinds of paintings. Landscapes, pets, still-lifes, portraits… The most meaningful of those for me has been portraits. When you look into the eyes of a well-painted human being they seem to look back at you; there is life there. Photos and movies both have their great strengths, but the painted portrait has its unique space that has let it endure all these years. So I definitely like making portraits, it can never get old. Read More >>

Taylor Hill

A lot of my art comes from my experiences, my feelings, and my personal life. Emotions can be kind of chaotic and artists tend to be on the more emotional side… I take whatever it is that I’m feeling at the time, and I put it on canvas. Or the wall. Whatever is there and available when I’m inspired to create. Art is part of who I am. I don’t know what I did with my free time before I started drawing and painting again. I guess I just read a lot of internet memes and watched too much Netflix. Read More >>

Lindsey Kooyman

I’m a mixed media artist. I use everything from oil and acrylic to calligraphy ink and gold leaf. Anything I can get my hands on, I use on my canvas. I love challenging myself by figuring out how to blend different mediums together to create a vibrant, eye-catching piece. My process is slightly different with every piece and I never know exactly how it will turn out until its done. Determining when it’s done though, is the tricky part. My favorite part in creating is there are no rules in art. You can go all in without holding back or abiding by guidelines and I believe that’s how breakthroughs happen for artists. I believe that’s why there’s a huge reflection of each artist in every piece they make. You can’t make mistakes in art and it is a never-ending journey of self-discovery. To me, that’s absolutely thrilling. Read More >>

Abi Salami

As most artists, I have played around with various mediums, but my go-to is acrylic paint. I fell in love with acrylic paint over ten years ago and we’ve been inseparable ever since. For most of my paintings, I let my subconscious mind go free to come up with wild and crazy ideas and then I let my conscious mind figure out how to convey my vision on canvas. I try not to take myself too seriously or overthinking anything when I am painting. Some of my paintings are deep and have meaning and some are just fun to look at. My hope is that my art makes the world a more beautiful place. I have suffered from depression for years and art has been very instrumental in keeping my level-headed and happy. As a result, I try to paint, uplifting, positive and vibrant paintings in hopes that I can help someone else who is struggling. I get my inspiration from my Nigerian culture and heritage, current events going on around me and from my whimsical mind. Read More >>

Rebecca Johnson

Most of my current work is commissioned Pet Portraits. I work from my customers’ favorite photo, using oil, pastel, colored pencil or graphite—whatever best suits the customer and the subject. My goal is to make the pet look alive. I often find myself smiling as I stare into the sweet face of someone’s beloved pet. When I’m given information about the personality and history of my subjects, it makes me feel like I know them. Read More >>

Jonathan Belle

I like to take self-portraits and work on surreal images. I do a lot of art with my Superman suit. And currently practicing levitation self portrait photography. I use the Superman suit because he is my favorite hero, and I just want to try and share a message of positivity. Read More >>


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