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#GirlBoss: redefining what a boss looks like

Too many of us grew up only seeing one kind of boss or leader in the media. The lack of representation for other groups reinforced harmful stereotypes and acted as a self-fulfilling prophesy, but would our opinion of what a leader looks like be different if the media did a better job at representing the true diversity of leadership in America?

Women and other under-represented groups are already leading many great companies, organizations, & academic institutions; others are authoring best-sellers, building engaged audiences, leading movements and more.

We had the honor of connecting with many of the best and brightest female leaders from in and around the city and we asked them our question of the month: What is the best advice you have for someone who feels like they are facing insurmountable odds.

We encourage you to check out the female leaders we’ve highlighted below, follow them on social media if you find their work or story interesting and most importantly do your part to #fightstereotypes.

Othashia Harris – Professional Makeup Artist & Upcoming Candle Business Owner

I’ve learned that there are very few things that are insurmountable.When at times that you there is something hindering you from a challenge, find a new goal or take on a new challenge you go after without any questions asked. Having self worth is the key in your life to accomplish your goals, faith and confidence. Remember, that you I am able to achieve anything! Have a strong support system that can encourage you during any challenge big or small.  And most important, surround yourself with those that believe in you and continue to challenge you.

Jenna Thomas- Licensed Esthetician & Professional Makeup Artist

We all have different seasons we go through in life. At the moment you might  feel overwhelmed with whatever particular season you’re in but remember it’s just a season. Do not let it overcome you. I’m a big planner (my husband would roll his eyes at how much this is true) but having a game plan sets you up for success. Make a list of what you need to do to achieve a particular goal. Big or small write it down and start with the small things. As you cross off item by item you will slowly reach that goal. For me it made me confident to get to the next step knowing I had already come so far along!

Photography: Kristen Dee , Florals: Rlove Floral Dress: Patsys Bridal Boutique Venue: the lumen room

Endia Dawkins -Multi-Textural Hair Stylist & Entrepreneur

Remember your ‘Why”. We often get caught up in the daily routine of life and we forget why we even started in the first place. The challenges we face are usually temporary so take some time to clear your mind, remember your “Why” and create a plan and follow though. “A Goal without a plan is just a wish”

Dechelle Roan- Certified Makeup Artist

The best advice I will give someone that is facing an insurmountable challenge is to believe in yourself no matter what and  to surround yourself with a good support system. Never give up and push through.


Ashley Moreno – Dallas Balayage Specialist

We were created to be more than our circumstances. If someone told you, you had to go through this to grow, to change and be evolve, would you see your trials differently? Embrace your struggles as you would your blessings. Have faith, put your best foot forward. This too shall pass.


Krystal Wagner owner of KryzStylz

The best advice I would give someone who is facing a challenge that they may feel is insurmountable, is that confidence is Key. The best thing about yourself is discovering that you have the ability to face any challenge possible with the confidence in yourself that you will get where you want to be in life if you fight hard enough. Success is earned not given. With facing challenges this just serves as a testimony that you can get though any obstacle. I want to leave on the note with saying to the individuals that can water themselves and still pour into others, we make the world go round. Have that confidence that you can do whatever it is! 

Shae Cates- Hairstylist

Nothing is impossible! Hard work and perseverance always pay off! Don’t ever let anyone hold you back and always be your biggest cheerleader!! Even in the most difficult times, never give up! That’s when the magic happens.


Landry Ritchey- professional hair and makeup artist

I feel like I’ve had many challenges in my life that have felt insurmountable, but my biggest one being that I was/am a young single mom of two little girls who are 5 and 3 years old trying  to push through school full time and taking care of my little ones. Most days I was EXHAUSTED, well lets be real.. Everyday I was exhausted.

Rebekah Brooks – Actress and Model

If you do what everyone else does, you will have what everyone else has. So be yourself, be different, and do what you love.

Jinna Mann – Mom of two & Chiropractor

Take a deep breath in. Close your eyes. And p a u s e. Then think of 5 things you are thankful for. Things that are going right. The tiniest specks of light in your life. Because gratitude always wins….And we always have things to be grateful for.

Shawnee Cana – Hair stylist & Momma

The best advice I could offer when you feel like you’re facing an insurmountable challenge is to remember that humanity has existed for millions of years and somehow we continue to evolve and overcome impossible odds, and at the end of the day we must always remember all life is temporary. So we must enjoy ourselves throughout our stay and not take life too seriously. Not sure if that’s the best advice but just knowing that life continues to move on with or without me makes me feel very small but also humbled as well. And that makes me laugh at my problems that seem so trivial in the moment.


Rebecca Soto-Licensed Cosmetologist and Colorist

I would advice to never give up and have faith in yourself. There’s always obstacles in life that challenge us. We just have to keep pushing and go with your gut. It’s always trial and error. We always learn from those lessons which make us stronger and unstoppable.


Liz Chaidez- TBI Survivor Lash Artist &  entrepreneur

Your reason why has to dominate your fear.


Jayla Hamilton- Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

I would tell anyone that is facing a challenge that is insurmountable not to give up! Stay positive and Don’t compare anyone else’s success to yours. Have high hopes and low expectations. There is nothing in this world that you can not overcome. The hardest obstacles in life will only make you stronger. And most important thing, to me, is to Pray to God and put your faith in Him.


Sonia Ndeloa – Hair Stylist and Procurement Manager

Model: Sonia Ndeloa Hair Stylist:Sonia Ndeloa

My advice will be to keep on pushing. Sometimes life gives you challenges in order to bring out the better you. Some situations are there to show you how strong and capable you are. Keep dreaming, keep pushing. The light is near and once you reach it, the feeling is unbelievable.

Veronica Luviano- Nail Artist

Design inspired by @sohotrightnail Client/model: @Tara_fittoat

The more you focus on a negative situation, the more negative it will become. Our thoughts become our reality and even at the most unfortunate event there’s always a positive side to it. Always try your best to focus only on the positive things and just know that adversity is inevitable. Talk to someone about it, do not just keep it to yourself. As a negative situation can always bring depression and can swallow up your energy that is very essential to your success.

Elizabeth Entrepreneur, Film Producer, and Marketing Executive

Take a step back and breathe. Nothing is permanent. I’ve faced cancer and potential homelessness and every disaster in between and nothing has broken me. Why? Because I have not lost faith. I think we all be here to learn faith. Faith in ourselves, each other, and faith in a higher power. You are powerful and brilliant. Everyone has something magnificent to offer this world, and sometimes we overlook that thing because of fear. If you get beaten down, take a step back and evaluate everything from another perspective. Failure is only research. Fail fast! Fail often! Fail cheaply! Fear is a liar, so don’t wait around for the perfect moment or opportunity. Get started as soon as possible. If you “fail” good! Now you’re figuring out how to refine the thing you’re trying to do. You’re mastering the thing. The more you “fail” the better! Thomas Edison failed an incredible amount of times, far more than he had successes. Take risks! Many people will caution you and try to hold you back because they don’t see how you could achieve your goal, but respect their opinion and trust your dream and your judgment. Remain calm. Write a list of ten ways to solve your problem. Some of them may be a bit outside of the box, but when you cross out each option, and by the time you get to number ten, something will happen. Either your problem will be solved or a miracle will happen. The list of 10 has never let me down. Believe in yourself and if you don’t, fake it until you do. Write it on your mirror so that you see it first thing in the morning and before you go to bed. Most importantly, asking for help doesn’t mean weakness. On the contrary it shows strength. We have all needed help or guidance at some point in time, and there is no shame in it. If you do something “wrong” apologize wholeheartedly once and move on. Don’t continuously apologize and if someone requires this of you or won’t accept your apology, move on. Forgive yourself and move on. Most importantly have hope. You are here for a reason. You have value and love to give and receive. Anything that seems insurmountable now, will seem like a mole hill in the future. Listen you your body and mind. Take breaks when needed. You’ve got this!

Hope Evette Hair Stylist

My advice would be to change the way  you’re thinking about the challenge. Think about yourself as being bigger than the challenge and conquering it. Write down the steps that you can take towards conquering it and stick to them. My favorite quote is “faith without work is dead” as long as you have faith and put in the work, anything is possible!

Olivia Grist – Blogger

When facing a challenge, prayer changes everything! And breaking the challenge down into small pieces; one accomplishment at a time, one day at a time, one small victory at a time!

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