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What’s the Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

All of us are where we are today partly because of our own efforts and partly because of the advice, guidance, influence and inspiration provided by others.  At Voyage we have the good fortune of connecting with so many of the city’s hidden gems – from entrepreneurs and creatives to athletes, researchers and more.  We asked them a simple, but important question: what is the best advice, personal or professional, that you’ve ever received?

Pam Panitchavong – Hospitality & Travel blogger

The best advice/quote I live by are these two:
Personal: Money can be earned but time cannot.
Professional: A rich person can turn poor but a hard working person can never be poor.


Wendy Ike- content creator and fashion/ lifestyle blogger

Best advice:Don’t box yourself in no matter what people say about you or what you say about yourself. Always be open, flexible and adaptable. That way you are not limited and your possibilities are endless.

Charles Brakes III – Director & Designer

The best piece of advice that I received was that life is like a bank. You can only take out what you put into it. $5 worth of work can only give you $5 worth of results. It’s something that I constantly remind myself of to ensure that I’m always giving the most I can and the best I can.

Jaida Brinkley – Content Creator

Your path in life was created for you and only you”, I have a love hate relationship with social media. I love the ability to share our personal experiences whether personal or professional. We get to connect with people all over the world so much easier now than in the past. However, I also think it can fuel a sense of competition and unhealthy comparison. In the past, comparison halted me from personal growth because I was too busy looking at what everyone else was doing. Until someone had to remind me that my path is created just for me. It doesn’t look like everyone else’s so stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and focus on where your going. Be thankful for the little victories because it all leads to a bigger picture and cheer on those around you. Shining a light on others doesn’t dim your light because your purpose is specifically for you!

Ericka Ruz Health Nutrition Coach Trainer

Take care of your health. Being healthy is not only about eating healthy foods, but also taking care of your mental health, your habits, your actions, and your thoughts.


Olive Trammell and Bianca Carrington-Photographers for Olive Bee Photography

This couldn’t be more true/relevant as we are pursuing our dream as photographers. This passion of ours is worth all the hard work plus more. We just love what we do so much.

Dave and Kate – Indie Musicians & Travel Vloggers

To paraphrase the best advice we’e ever received we would say: Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. It’s ok to study and learn from someone’s successes, failures or ambition, but comparison can quickly become a poison. If we compare our level of success or our platform to someone else’s we’re fighting a losing battle and ignoring the uniqueness of our own journey. This advice has proven valuable to us as creatives, professionals and even in our marriage. We avoid comparison.


Shakeeta Thomas-Lifestyle Blogger

I have always been a lover and a giver and sometimes to my own detriment. With that being said, the best advice that I’ve received is “you cannot want anything for someone more than they want it for themselves”. It helped me to stop giving parts of myself away to people who were unable to receive it or only interested in taking.

Alex H. – Engineer, artist, and trouble maker

Best advice…”Work hard at everything that you do, but never bust your ass for anybody but yourself.”

Phoenix Valentine- Dallas Model and Business Major

Best advice I received is to invest in myself when no-one else will.

Ty Wilson – Master Barber. Certified Esthetician. Eyebrow Threader

The best advice I’ve received is to always remain humbled, exert class, never limit your education and be yourself. The most sound advice I’ll give to anyone personal or professional, is to exude confidence and conquer your fears. Always remember that you are one of a kind, surround yourself with positive energy, and remove yourself from anything or anyone that doesn’t support you. Your only competition is what you see in the mirror, keep your next move silent and always let your work speak the loudest.

Oschuwa – Conversation Pieces for the Beautiful & Bold

When you go out on the limb that’s where the fruit is. Remain consistent, provide impeccable customer service, don’t be afraid of change. Most importantly remain humble. My favorite quote is “Let your workings remain a mystery. Just show people the results!” – Lao Tzu

Vidal Dias- CEO & Designer

The best advice I’ve ever been given is from my grandmother, she said “listen more than you speak and govern my words. You will only lose in this life if I choose to.

Instagram – Voyager Nation

Andrew Gamba of Gambot Productions

And the best advice I received was when I was in art school, It was to never give up even if you are flipping burgers on the side while you are trying to pursue your art. It’s so true, it is hard to get into any creative industry and it’s easy to beat your self up or feel bad when you are not where you want to be, but don’t stop!

Tiara Riley-Psychiatric Registered Nurse and Freelance Model

Talk to God, He loves to hear from you. Ask for clarity, patience and guidance and always remember that tomorrow is a brand new day. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:34)


Chelsea Ihedinma- fashion blogger and content creator

The best advice I’ve received would be to: Get out of my comfort zone. and; Fail successfully; life’s greatest lessons come from our worst mistakes, grow from it.


Sarah Calvelli – Retail Manager & Blogger

The best personal and professional advice I’ve ever gotten was you can’t control everything! Do what’s in your best power to get what you can done and don’t sweat it if you can’t get everything done. Everything takes time!

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