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What’s the Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

All of us are where we are today partly because of our own efforts and partly because of the advice, guidance, influence and inspiration provided by others.  At Voyage we have the good fortune of connecting with so many of the city’s hidden gems – from entrepreneurs and creatives to athletes, researchers and more.  We asked them a simple, but important question: what is the best advice, personal or professional, that you’ve ever received?

Adrian Zuniga- Cartoonist & Caricature Artist

The best advice I have ever received is the following quote by Earl Nightingale. “You become what you think about. This quote has helped me to grow in many ways and has allowed me to stay positive no matter the situation.

Sualth Cantu – Executive Chef & Event Planner

“”Don’t worry about the money, worry about the opportunity.”” This is one of the most memorable advice I’ve ever received. I believe we tend to focus too much on the money; being the primary means in which you may achieve your goals, and forget to cherish and be grateful for the opportunity. Will I grow my skills? Is the company I am joining/creating going to win? Will this opportunity position me to what comes next? Using that criteria I’ve been able to make mostly good career decisions and continue to better myself. 

Fany’s Frozen ‘Ritas

The best advice I can say I have received is to go for what you want and do it with passion or don’t do it at all. You’ll never get over your fears until you try it.


Ashley Clark: Founder

Ashley Clark

Sleep is for the rich, I will not sleep fully until my dream makes me rich.
Facebook: Bougie Bawse Boutique

Whitney Paschall- Fashion and beauty blogger

Be yourself… be authentic, be different. Don’t try to be like every other blogger. Don’t bore the world… change it.” 

Erika Robinson-student in school and local fashion blogger in the DFW area

Be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry.

Brian McCauley- Local mortgage expert and advisor

Surround yourself with good people and learn to be patient. Life is a long journey.

Kloset Couture- Where you can be cool, confident and comfortable in your own skin

Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger.

Ben Hansel – Local Farmer, Artist, & Disabled Veteran

Ben Hansel

There is no challenge that is insurmountable in life if you trust yourself, be yourself, and care for yourself. No matter what challenge you are facing, you are the only person who can control your emotions, feeling, and actions. You can choose to give up, or you can live to fight another day. Remember someone always wins, so why not you?
@Motivational Farmer

Michelle Nguyen- Founder and creative director of Shell N

“Live in the arena.” We should live with the courage to fight for what we want and not let onlookers tear us down. I recently watched Brene Brown on Netflix during a time I needed courage. What she said resonated with me and gave me reassurance and the shove I needed to keep going. Everyone should watch it.


Tameca McCarthy Owner of MDB Fashion Truck and my dearest…boutique

You cannot do it all, delegate some shit. -Mom

Anne-Marie Labbate – Creator of bespoke (and often boozy) baked delights

The best advice I’ve received is a tough one. I would have to say: “Look where you are going.” Not only because I am notoriously clumsy, but I think it can also be applied to other aspects of life. You can’t wander through life blindly, you will trip and fall. It’s all about planning ahead, observing, absorbing & learning from all that is around you.

Kelly Davis

Best advice I’ve been given, I would say it’s to enjoy life!

Alexandria Villanueva: Media, business management/marketing major, photography

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received is to “Hold the vision, drop the excuses, remember your why, and trust the process.


Shae Wooten – Lash Artist

The best advice I have received is Stay true to self, don’t ever give up, stay strong and consistent. Hard work takes dedication plus Patience.

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