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Perspective & Advice for Those Facing Insurmountable Odds

Throughout our journey with Voyage, the one thing we have learned over and over is that hidden within every challenge is a blessing or opportunity. It’s up to us to determine whether a challenge we face will be a step back or the catalyst for a step forward.

We had the honor of connecting with some of the city’s brightest female leaders and role models and we asked them our question of the month: What is the best advice you have for someone who feels like they are facing insurmountable odds.

Below, you’ll find their advice and links and other info so you can learn more about them, their work and how to connect with them. We’ll be interviewing many of these amazing women in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

Sarai Valdes | Instagramer

Everything come to possible if you believe and work for make it true.


Rachel Scruggs | Social Media Specialist & Entreprenuer

When I feel defeated the best way for me to overcome my situation is to realize that God has brought me through bad situations before, so He can do it again. Understanding that your bad circumstances don’t define you can help you keep the faith and see the joy that will come. As long as you are doing your best 100% unto the Lord your labor will not be in vain.

Linn | yoga instructor

Backpacking has been my favorite teacher for handling challenges. Looking up at the top of the mountain can be overwhelming and discouraging, but finding a closer focal point, a tree or a rock that’s only a few steps ahead, and then reaching that, and finding another point…before you know it, you’re on the top. Stay present, keep moving forward. Enjoy the journey, because there’s a lot of beautiful focal points along the way. 🙂


Karen Chaparro | Gmaids Owners and Service Industry Entrepreneurs

Reach out for help! Seasoned entrepreneurs who love to teach, have a gold mine-worth of advice, experience, and coaching waiting for you to ask them those tough questions they’ve most likely navigated before. 

Gemera La’Rue | Hair Stylist | Wig Maker | Stylist

Follow your heart. There are things that dwell in your dreams, keeping you in deep thought, day dreams and meditation. They are the same things that identify who you are, giving you strength and determination. Determination to be who your really are, to live your best life and be your best self. It may seem like the process is insurmountable at first. But when you know in your heart that it’s meant for you, you realize that you are the only person in your way. You understand that you are you own worst enemy, biggest critic, and that the criticism is only in your own mind. You then become unstoppable. The journey begins and you evolve. You become your greatest version of you.


Rebecca Zacarias | Creative Life Coach and Founder of Creative Soul Care™ LLC

When we are facing a challenge that feels insurmountable my advice would be to seek help from someone that can help you on that journey. Depending on what the challenge is you might reach out to family or friends or a professional guide like a coach, therapist, consultant, or spiritual guide. Having support in situations that are difficult is important. As a Creative Life Coach and Forgiveness Coach my goal is to help clients know that they have a supportive guide to help them achieve their desired goals. 

Shannon E Higgins | Ambassador of Faith | LOVER and Mother

The best advice I can offer someone who is facing a challenge that they feel is insurmountable is to simply breathe. It is very simple to become lost in the constant chaos of everyday challenges that we naturally become consumed in nonsense that essentially adds zero value to our lives. Breath. Find your calm…whatever that may be… dig deep and discover it. You are worthy of it. If it still feels impossible, dig deeper. You are that worthy. Do NOT stop. You will soon become a master of your emotions. This is where transformation within your soul and real-life opportunities collide and your destiny is limitless. Your perception has now realigned to service you well. RUN WITH IT. Stay focused and do not back down. You now have a gift that very few individuals have the courage face. You are the chosen one and one of God’s favorite people. You are a treasure. Keep your eye on the finish line and don’t stop until you get there, no matter how long it takes. You will get there. I say this from personal experience and great confidence. I too have felt these exact emotions. My journey is far from over, but I promise you that no matter what you are facing, you are not alone, and I too can most likely relate. If after reading this, you still feel as if you are in solitude and your challenge is too great to overcome, please reach out to me and I will show you the way. Allow me to #bethelight out of darkness. You my dear… have a sparkle that will never be deadened combined with a soul full of passion that radiates abundantly. If you have a story to tell, a mission to complete, a dream to fulfill, or a voice to be heard, the world deserves to hear it.


Trease Jordan | Faux loc queen

The best advice I could give to anyone who is facing a challenge in general is set daily goals and complete them ! We have 24 hours in a day there is no reason for excuses or whining ! Boss up and get it! I’ve always kept this type of attitude some think it’s stank but aye I get things done no time for playing get out here and boss your LIFE ALL THE WAY regardless the challenges you face you can DO IT! Don’t let small obstacles stop you from being the BEST YOU THAT YOU CAN BE! We get one life live it how you want but always choose whatever is best for you , life is amazing and full of different opportunities and experiences just live your life and BOSS UP ITS 2019 the year of bosses don’t let anyone tell you no different! Let’s get it!!!


Ashlee Chanel  | Owner of Conceited by Ashlee Chanel

Nothing is insurmountable!! Philippians 4:13!!!

Ashley Morrison | Personal Trainer | Marathoner  & Group Fitness Instructor

The best advice I have for anyone facing a challenge that feels impossible or insurmountable is to focus on what you can do right now. Write out a plan that includes taking small steps every day that contribute to the overall goal. You won’t achieve the goal overnight, so breaking down what needs to be done into smaller, more attainable goals will help you stay accountable. Those small steps add up to big steps over time and will help you feel accomplished and motivated to keep going. Show up, never give up, and if you get overwhelmed just take a step back and refocus by doing one small thing that helps you press forward.

Sharhonda Anderson | Physician Assistant and Christian

If you’re facing a challenge that feels insurmountable, stop for a second; think about the many challenges that you have already overcome. You have everything that you need to succeed already inside of you. It’s up to you to activate it. Challenges, obstacles and even hardships are thrown your way to make your stronger, and to remind you of how capable you are of pushing through. Don’t doubt yourself; uplift your spirit and speak to the giant inside of you. You can, and you will get through it.


Kellye Stephens | Founder and Creator of Eyllek Skin Care

Marcus Owens

I would say, we don’t go through storms to forget. Instead, we go through them to be transformed and renewed. There is always an opportunity in a room full of setbacks. It starts with one decision to live with purpose, on purpose.

Serena Nair | Photographer & President of a Non-Profit

As insurmountable something may seem, it is only temporary. Rather than stressing out over how challenging something may seem- the best way to get past it is to take a step back, breathe and approach the situation with a level head. In most situations people fear challenges because they fear failing, but failure should be embraced so you can learn, grow and become stronger because of it. Life is a learning experience with ups and downs and no matter the challenge you will always find a way through it in your own time.


Gretchen Williams | realtor

Trust in the Lord and have faith in yourself. Break down the challenge into small pieces- monthly, weekly, hourly, daily and even by the hour.



Tereney McDowell | Logistics Pro | Yoga Instructor | Mental Health Vlogger

Pause, take a few deep breaths, and take several mental steps away from the situation. You may just be standing too close to the picture to see all of it. Once you can see the full masterpiece (or mess), you can start to differentiate all the different parts that make up this one big thing. Find the parts that are easiest/fastest to work on, then move through the more difficult parts until you make it to the end. Nothing is impossible, sometimes you just have to change your perspective in order to get a better idea of what is in front of you.


Ocielia Gibson | Former Miss Black USA | Model Coach & Founder, More Than a Pretty Face

Hit it from EVERY angle possible. As I share with my clients, conquer complex problems with complex solutions. Brainstorm and strategize how you will address it spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, etc. Make every effort to take powerful, wise actions that move you forward in conquering the challenge – no matter how big.

 Leena Snoubar | Blogger & Labor and Delivery Nurse

I believe God wouldn’t put you through any challenge that you wouldn’t be able to handle! Do your best, stay positive, and leave the rest up to Him.


Paige Kuykendall

My best advice would be to trust Jesus. God already knows. He holds our tomorrows because He’s the only one that’s already seen them. If you’re facing something and you feel like you can’t see the end, give it to Him. He knows you and He is absolutely in love with you. Find peace in that.


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