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Perspective & Advice for Those Facing Insurmountable Odds

Throughout our journey with Voyage, the one thing we have learned over and over is that hidden within every challenge is a blessing or opportunity. It’s up to us to determine whether a challenge we face will be a step back or the catalyst for a step forward.

We had the honor of connecting with some of the city’s brightest female leaders and role models and we asked them our question of the month: What is the best advice you have for someone who feels like they are facing insurmountable odds.

Below, you’ll find their advice and links and other info so you can learn more about them, their work and how to connect with them. We’ll be interviewing many of these amazing women in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

Brandis Hill | Floral Designer

Facing a challenge can feel like you are in a forest full of trees.  Instead of looking at the forest, look at the tree in front of you and chop it down.  Focus on what is in front of you and put your energy into completing that task.  Then move on to the next.


Lindsay Spence | REALTOR®️ with C21 Fine Homes and Estates Judge Fite

When facing a challenge, you must always believe in yourself and your capabilities, and with a little faith and perseverance you will be successful.

Avery Hilliard | Photographer and Content Creator

Keep fighting. Seek help from the ones you love. Lean into Jesus because he is our strength. Get a community around you who loves and supports you in everything you do. Remember that nothing is too big for Jesus and if you completely trust him he will get you through anything. Remember that in the grand scheme of things this situation will not be as big as it is right now in the moment.

Jazzmin | Photographer | Content Creator & Youtube Infuencer

The best advice for someone who is feels a challenge is insurmountable is;

First I want you to understand this to shall pass also don’t avoid your task.. the more time you avoid the task more stress can be definitely cause Definitely use your resources if you find yourself at a dead-end get advice. Surrounded your self with positive people Its also important to take a moment to celebrate the accomplishments and also acknowledged the Forward moving progress. Last but not least stay encouraged find your motivating outlet. Mine so happen be photography it reminds me nothing is to great to overcome . 

Key Tylett | Fashion Monarch | Freelance Designer & Stylist

Being a teen mom and single parent came with a lot of challenges and uphill battles, some of which made me feel as if they were insurmountable, however they were not. I realized once I changed my outlook by deciding to trust God there was nothing that I couldn’t accomplish or overcome. My advice to anyone who feels like they are dealing with something is to Have a thankful heart, focus on the great and amazing things in your life and remember a positive mindset is also a pivotal key to being able to make it through seemingly unbearable situations. When I am faced with hurdles I make sure I am surrounded by people who build me up and push me to be the best version of myself. Sometimes you just need that reminder of how amazing you are, because trust me when I say: YOU ARE PHENOMENAL!!!


Kat Watson | Owner and Instructor | FIT4MOM Dallas/Park Cities

The best advice that I have is to face the challenge head on and to determine what opportunity it presents for growth. I choose to see challenges as learning opportunities and do my best to find the good every situation. I also believe in the power of surrounding myself with people who bring strength, light, and wisdom so that I have a solid support system in place.

Rosemary Lewis | Realtor

Team Howard Photography

Take a moment to write down a list of every “hard” thing that you have faced. Then take a look at that list and now write down how you survived those hard things. Every time you face a challenge take a look at your new list as a reminder that you have survived all of your worst days thus far. Enter into this new challenge with a spirit of gratitude because while you may not know how everything will turn out, you already know that things will work out. And if you dare….give that challenge to God and trust him to do a good work in you even through your hardship. He won’t ever disappoint.


Tiffany Shannel | Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger & Nurse

The best advice that I can give anyone facing a challenge they feel is insurmountable is troubles don’t last always. Although you may feel that life is not going to get better, you’re sad about your situation it will get better. Just believe that things will get better, do the work to change the situation. Change doesn’t happen without work,  I believe in the power of manifestation and having faith that things will change. Believe in your future self.

Kaylyn Michelle | lifestyle |  health | wellness, etc

The best advice I can give from my experience in life of only just 25 years is you have to love yourself and not just love your appearance or your body. You have to be in love with yourself and treat yourself well, give yourself that credit and believe in yourself. Without this you can not love anyone or anything else. You can’t be there 100% for others and be emotionally available to help others or care about others if you aren’t in it for yourself. I’ve been through many life tribulations so far but in the end I can only do for myself and the rest will follow. It isn’t being selfish and most people need to know that loving yourself and putting yourself first is not selfish it’s necessary. If they feel trapped or like they are in something that is insurmountable then they have to find out what they can do for themselves to help grow or pass this time in life.


Natalie Koons | Knit and Crochet Pattern Designer |  YouTube Content Creator

I’m the type of person who thinks nothing is impossible, you just might be taking too big of a bite. I’ve taught elementary school for 5 years and we use two techniques called “chunking” and “scaffolding” to teach difficult concepts to kids. “Chunking” is breaking down a task into as many small parts as possible. “Scaffolding” is starting with the things you already know and building your knowledge from there. You can actually use these on yourself! With any challenge that seems overwhelming, I “chunk” it by listing out every single thing I’ll need to do to reach that goal. When all the tasks are out of your brain and on paper, it’s easier to arrange them into a manageable order. Then I will “scaffold” by starting with a chunk that I already know how to do quickly and automatically. Just like with children, accomplishing one easy chunk gives you the confidence to move onto the next task. Give yourself the kind of a grace a patient teacher gives her students. You are learning and growing. Break it up, start small. One bite at a time.

Rose Moore | Hairstylist | Owner & Roller Derby Jammer

My best advice? I’d tell them, “I don’t believe in such a thing.” Someone out there has most likely already done it. So there’s proof that you can do it too. Is it man-made? Then make it. If you believe it, you can achieve it. It’s really that simple. What you believe becomes your reality. And you don’t let anyone else try to tell you what is real and what isn’t. If I listened to the “advice” of others, I would have never become a Hairstylist. I would have never owned my own business. I would have never raised 2 girls on my own. I would have never played roller derby for 8 years and competed nationally. I would never have bought my first house this year. Life is one challenge after another. It gets hard, really hard. And you will face walls that have you up at night crying and starving and defeated. But you have to just keep trying and learning and keep adding tools to your toolbox. Then one day you have that epiphany and realize you know exactly what to do. Your body is so, so strong and your mind is even stronger and you will achieve and overcome any challenges you face.


Patricia Mizell | Full Time Mom and Instagram Influencer

Life is a simple equation of cause and effect. If you think you CAN’T overcome a challenge then you won’t. If you think you CAN overcome a challenge then you will. In truth, you are the problem and the solution. You need to conquer your fear because that is the real root of the issue. The only one that can hold you back is you. Once you free yourself from self doubt you will be limitless. Be the boss of your life and take charge. I guarantee you will be the best boss you have ever had!


Rita Olivares | Certified Nutritionist and Pure Barre Instructor

Growth isn’t supposed to be comfortable, no matter what you’re going through, learn and grow from it. Turn to God, let him carry you through any difficulties you encounter. “Life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace in difficulties” C.S. Lewis


Rockie C. | Photogapher | Entrepreneur

Pray and and never stop being consistent. Pray for your own strength to continue to believe in yourself and pray that whatever negativity comes your way that you oversee and turn into motivation. Also continue to perfect your craft even when things get hard.  Last but not least, anything is possible, never let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve yours goals.


Heather Rose | Airbrush Tan Artist

This one is easy! Make a decision and keep going. If it’s the wrong decision, then make another one. There are no failures, only lessons.

Sharon Chen | Owner of Fairly Friendly & Tech Marketer

I think most importantly, be kind to yourself. Treat yourself like you would a friend going through the same thing. Be positive, encouraging, supportive, and know that the only thing you can control is you.


Michelle Nirumandrad | Professional Skydiver and Aerial Artist

William F. Cole III

When I’m faced with an obstacle that feels insurmountable the most useful tool I’ve found is to see myself as having already conquered the problem. When you convince yourself ‘You Can’ it gives you the confidence to pursue your goals with passion and when you are passionate about something…not even the sky can limit you!


Candy Evans | Founder & Publisher of,, and CandysMedia

Kent Barker

Take it one step at a time, baby steps. We all have challenges we believe are insurmountable, happens to every single person on earth to one degree or another. I have had the breath knocked out of me by a major life challenge, and despite a beautiful education, had zero experience or notion as to how to surmount or where to even start. That’s where writing comes in — and fortunately, I am a writer. Write out your honest feelings and fears. Make a list of the challenge(s). What experts can you seek (books, articles, professionals) for advice on how to best handle? (In our case, it was a family suicide.) Research the challenge and any solutions, get advice. Make a recovery/re-take your life plan. Understand it may take longer than you’d like (I am a bit impatient, wanting everything to be great NOW) but take the first step even if you are NUMB. Fake it till you make it, psychologists say. Do your best, stop, reflect, rest and take the next. Continue until you have overcome the challenge, it has disappeared, or become marginalized. Voila: you did it!

Danni Chandler | Dallas Fashion Blogger

My best advice for someone is facing a challenge would be to take it one day at a time. Things take time, so just be patient and know it’ll work out in the end. It also helps to surround yourself with other positive individuals whether that is friends, family, or your faith!


Lindsey McNally | Creative & Video Producer

Humans were never meant to do this life alone! If you’re facing an overwhelming challenge, find those people in your circle that will empathize with you, encourage you, and fight for you. Having a community that will help carry your burden will make the insurmountable seem more surmountable.


Susan Cooper | Corporate Assistant & Business Administrator

Jessica Jenkin

Take a deep breathe and chill out. Some things just take time and a bit of elbow grease to accomplish. Do the things you can, put to the side the things you can’t, and always focus your energy on a solution rather than the problem. Once you can shift that focus to what you want rather than how you get it, you’d be surprised how many situations seem to solve themselves.


Alexandria Norado | Photographer | Interviewer | Digital Media Specialist

My advice to anyone facing a challenge that they feel they cannot overcome is to remember they are not alone. Everyone has faced a challenge in their life in some form — whether they’ve shown it publicly or kept it to themselves. Pursue what you think you’re incapable of and you’ll find yourself feeling more empowered either by overcoming the obstacle — or by creating a new sense of determination within yourself. You can choose how you’re defined, so use that to your advantage and make the best out of the situation.


Leah Hudson | Event Designer |  Event Coordinator | Business Owner

We all have more capabilities than we’re living up to because we all have more God Given potential than we’d ever recognize on our own. Remember that and the 4 C’s of Success. No one ever goes confidently in to a challenge they feel is insurmountable. First, they have to commit to it. Second, they have to have courage to stay committed to it over & over again. Then, they have to add capacities in the form of knowledge, tools, help, etc.. Lastly, they develop confidence. Everyone is hesitant at first but once you have confidence, it doesn’t feel so insurmountable, does it? 

Alix Barth | Nutritionist

A situation being “insurmountable” is only insurmountable because of the language we tell ourselves. Whatever the situation is, we have to focus on the things that we can and will do to change the circumstances versus focusing on what we don’t want or feel we can’t do – we have to get rid of the I can’t’s, I will never’s, etc. Re-framing your language with affirming words such as, “I can” or “I will do” allow you to create a mental and physical template to overcome the “insurmountable” situation you’re facing. Also understanding that it’s not going to be easy and that struggle is part of the process. But in that struggle lies growth. And that is where the magic happens!

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