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Voyage Dallas Bounce Back Strong Campaign

Given the unprecedented economic impact of the Covid-19 health crisis, we think it’s more important than ever to encourage our communities to support small businesses, mom-and-pops, independent artists, creatives and makers and help them bounce back strong.

Often people want to buy from and support local entrepreneurs and makers but don’t know how.  They might want to get in shape but don’t know how to learn about non-chain gym fitness options.  They might want family portraits but don’t know how to find the right photographer.  The Bounce Back Strong Campaign is about highlighting local businesses, creatives and makers, because learning about the local options is the first step someone can take towards supporting them.

Maya Modi | Artist + Creative Entreprenuer

Image Credits: @JessicaCernatPhotography

Hey y’all! I’m Maya and I have a tripod rescue kitty named Kiwi. Together, we create DIY Watercolor Kits- a workshop to-go! During Covid 19, I was able to sell thousands of kits all over the country to people stuck in quarantine! I love providing a service that activates individual creativity during this stressful and anxiety-driven time!

Stephanie Magilow | Owner of Jammit Jam

My name is Stephanie Magilow and I’m the owner and creator of Jammit Jam. We produce low-sugar jams that are full of amazing flavor combinations. We call these our “Beyond Toast” jams because we encourage our customers to cook with them too and have great ideas on the back of every label. We love to add them to cheeseboards, glaze them on meats, use them as dessert ingredients, and of course they are delicious on toast and PB&Js too. Our current flavors are Apple Cinnamon Bourbon, Blueberry Balsamic Black Pepper, Cherry Clove Cabernet, Peach Thyme Prosecco, Raspberry Ginger Stout and Garlic Pepper Jelly. We also carry a line of caramel sauces too – Bourbon Vanilla Bean Sea Salt Caramel Sauce (made with real vanilla beans – you can see the caviar in every spoonful) and a Mexican Chocolate Caramel Sauce (made with dark chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, and a bit of heat). Most of our jams are only 6-7 grams of sugar per tablespoon, and all of our products are made with all real, clean-label ingredients…no preservatives. We started our business in 2014 and are nationwide now, mainly in specialty grocers, gift shops, and wine and cheeseshops. We are passionate about food and sharing recipe ideas on Instagram and Facebook.

Alix Hogu | Founder & Personal Fitness Trainer at Five Diamond Fitness & Wellness

My name is Alix and I’m the founder and the Lead Personal Trainer at Five Diamond Fitness & Wellness. We are a leader in providing full service fitness and holistic wellness throughout the Dallas Metroplex.

We focus on one on one online and in-person personal training based on each client’s physical goal. We also focus on overall wellness through nutritional counseling from our Nutritionist Dietician and massage therapy from our Licensed Massage Therapist.

Lastly, we offer a wide variety of hands on corporate wellness programs geared towards promoting a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. There has been a high demand for our virtual services despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies and individuals are finding that it is evermore important to stay healthy during these times. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently only offering virtual personal training, virtual corporate wellness programs and remote nutrition counseling at the moment, until further notice. We are a very unique boutique-styled fitness studio because everything is specifically tailored to each client’s needs with very high level of standards. For example, our most basic standard fitness training package plans can be achieved remotely which includes: *Biometric and physical fitness evaluation
*Ongoing progress evaluations
*Personalized nutritional recommendations based on client’s desired fitness goal
*Personalized fitness plan based on each client’s desired goal

Our level of expertise include various strength training techniques, beginner to mastery level calisthenics (body weight exercises), beginner to intense cardio fitness training (HIIT), weight loss programs, muscle mass building training, endurance training, agility training, toning and general health promoting exercises. We offer a very comprehensive package to our clients because we believe not only in physical exercises but in the overall well-being of our clients. We are a value focused and results oriented company and we want our clients to feel like they are appreciated on every level while meeting their fitness and/or nutritional goals. Our objective is to inspire a healthy lifestyle for our past, current and future clients. For more information visit us at: or call us at (972) 919-0776 ext. 101

Bria Rogers | Owner/Curator of GoldenPyramidSunnies

My name is Bria Rogers and I love art. All of it. I come from a small town in Texas with a strong German/European influence that comes from my mother. I started traveling at a very young age to see my family overseas and fell in love with fashion, anything antique and places that were extremely beautiful. Fashion in Europe was so different than in small town, Texas where I grew up. I always admired my mom’s eyewear fashion she had accumulated over the years on her trips. I myself, started collecting vintage eyewear avidly when my mother passed down her (now vintage) collection to me. I kept finding pieces, or like I like to think…they found me! I eventually had a beautiful collection of frames and sunglasses from all over the world..each with a story we will never know. Owning anything vintage…it’s owning a piece of history and in some cases, someone else’s history. It’s as beautiful as the colors that make up the eyewear themselves. I decided to share the beauty and my talent for finding it in 2017 when I created GoldenPyramidSunnies. Each pair in my vintage online collection is curated and chosen by me. I only choose to sell eyewear that speaks to me and screams, “STATEMENT PIECE OVER HERE HONEY!” I want to provide eyewear that can be brought to life again and vice verse. It’s more than fashion. It’s a whole vibe. xxx- Bria

Beary Fluffy Friends | Mobile Stuffing Company

Beary Fluffy Friends Mobile Stuffing Company, LLC was started by two mom BFFs to give kids big and small, no matter the age, the chance to create their very own stuffed animal or as we call it, a Beary Fluffy Friend (BFF). We offer pre-stuffed animals and hand stuffing kits, complete with everything you need to make your new BFF. You can even record your voice or favorite song and put it inside your new BFF! How cool is that? We also have a large selection of outfits and costumes for your new BFF. You can purchase a BFF for yourself, a child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, friend or anyone else you think might enjoy one. Check out our website, Facebook and instagram pages.


Jennifer Dickson | Nurse Leader & Entrepreneur

Hello! My company SITTERNEEDED is owned and operated by me, a local DFW mom and nurse.

We help families with childcare needs such as extra hands while working from home. Our company is unique in that we exclusively hire and train nursing students as our sitters. They are students in good-standing who are CPR certified, background checked and drug screened. Our team is also following infection prevention precautions and works closely with the family to create a safe environment. As a proud nurse, I want to provide families with a trusted and professional option and I want to mentor and help mentor our future nurses. Recent months have challenged us all in so many ways. Therefore, we have waived our membership fees and created reduced weekly plans to help as much as possible. Please feel free to call me directly at (972) 749-9911 for any questions I can answer. I’d love to see how we can help!

Kendra Rene’ | Travel & Lifestyle Influencer | Blogger

Image Credits: Jeremy Armstrong


Hi! I’m Kendra Armstrong a mom, wife, blogger and stylist. I run a blog where I share my recommendations, experiences and values with my audience and I also use my social media channels to promote as well! I think  I have a growing and loyal following and I’m often asked for recommendations and suggestions! I’d love to help highlight and encourage our communities to give back so that we can bounce back strong! Thank you so much!


Lori Vann | International Authority on the Treatment of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

Most people avoid pain, so when people actively seek it out as a way to cope with their stress it can create a lot of questions. The majority of treatment providers are not well-versed in the 20+ forms of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI) and often do not respond in the most therapeutic manner. However, there are those practitioners who have dedicated their professional career to researching, treating, training others, and educating the community about this misunderstood behavior that is significantly more common than what people realize. Lori Vann has directly counseled over 520 cases of self-injury, trained over 1000 professionals, written four books on the topic, developed a curriculum for school districts & treatment centers, and offers the longest-running, exclusively NSSI support groups for teen girls, women who self-injure, and the caregivers of those who self-harm in all of North Texas, and perhaps, the State. Her passion to educate the community and help those who choose injury as a way to cope is evident. She is regarded as an International Authority on the topic. Recently, she started a private Facebook group to post insights, answer questions, serve as a safe place for those who want to know more or be supported, and those who want to be better educated. Check out NSSI: Non-Suicidal Self-Injury FB group and answer the 3 questions to join.


Devin Connelly | Video Production & Photography

My name is Devin Connelly with Ethos Media. I’ve been operating in the D/FW since 2013 employing a variety of industry freelance professionals all throughout the company’s history. Our staple service is video production for just about any type of project ranging from studio work to outdoor event coverage.

We’ve helped several inventors get their crowdfunding campaigns off the ground, highlighted a number of community events and non-profit organizations, and worked with businesses on live streaming and a host of promotional content. I’d say what’s special about our business is the ability to be comprehensive when it comes to creating digital tools to get the word out. Traditional video is one thing, but we frequently have combined that with traditional photography and even 360 content as well, which enables viewers to look at a video or photo in any direction. Like many in our industry, we’ve taken a hit from COVID-19 due to the shutdown of all events as well as the economic shutdown which has caused many organizations to tighten up their operating budgets. We look forward to being able to bounce back strong soon and welcome the opportunity to help other businesses bring their content to professional video with a plan on how to use it effectively with their target market.


Lisa H Harrington

I have four resources right now that could make a difference for local businesses. A couple of them are at no charge!

1. Vistage has opened a great number of resources to the public at no charge. The research department has compiled hundreds of documents, webinars and more to help you navigate stormy waters. Webinars with authors such as Patrick Lencioni & Jim Collins, information about PPP loans and subsequent forgiveness, how to handle remote workforce and much more are available.

2. This is a new organization out of DFW that is helping match client needs with pro bono coaching resources. Founder Susan Shapiro has set this up so that you can answer a few questions on the website and she will match you to the appropriate coach or consultant in the area. I strongly encourage you to take a look & bookmark this site.

3. Strategy Workshops: I have developed, over the last 20 years, a concise strategy workshop that has helped many people build a solid foundation for their business that will drive them forward into the future. This is now available via Zoom. There has never been a better time to re-calibrate your strategic plan if you have one, and to get one going if you don’t. Since we know that only about 20% of American businesses have a strategic plan, you’re ahead of the game just by having this important conversation.

4. CEO Peer Groups: Vistage membership has never been more valuable. I facilitate the only two groups in the Mid-Cities, Texas area. Please call me if you’d like to know more about why the average Vistage member stays with us for 5-7 years!


Daphne Moon | Priestess, Yogi & DOW Board Member

In addition to her non-profit work, yoga instruction and Spiritual Development work, Daphne and her husband Gregg own Demeter’s Den – an online Apothecary with a witchy, irreverent twist. With items like Calm Your Tits, Witch! Tea and Chill the F*ck Out, Honey! (Herbal infused honey for insomnia and anxiety) you’re sure to find something that makes you smile. She also offers 100% organic and handmade bath and body care products and more! She is offering VoyageDallas readers 10% off orders of $40 or more with the coupon code CHILLAF

La Juana (LJ) Chambers Lawson | Opportunities to grow and pivot your business are aplenty. Though choosing which opportunities to pursue and leverage is a strategic endeavor that we at Tacit Growth Strategies are happy to guide you through.

Image Credits: Photo of La Juana (LJ) Chambers Lawson of Tacit Growth Strategies, also known as TGS: The PM Firm; Photo credit to Heather Stille of Stille Photography.

We at Tacit Growth Strategies are proud to announce that we have grossed more than $120,000 in profit and savings for our clients, better known as Tacit Growers, to date in the year 2020. In fulfillment of our mission to strategically grow a network of better business, we are growing our firm of Consultants and SMEs all summer and year long in order to serve our Tacit Growers faster and more effectively. Life is easier with Tacit Growers! #growthistacit


April Roache | Author & Entrepreneur

My Name is April Roache. I am the owner of Helena’s Collection, Locs of Luv Haircare and Author of 2 mental health journals for men and women. Helena’s Collection started as a custom handmade jewelry Company, then I decided to have unique purses, I refurbished Furniture (when Requested), and I have women’s clothing, and sometimes shoes. Being an entrepreneur and trying to fund you a business solo wow still maintaining regular household bills and just other necessities can become very draining. I honestly feel like I lack customers from time to time simply because my name is not out there the way it should be. Even if you choose not to purchase from me, head over to my website and check me out and refer me to someone you feel will love to purchase from me.

Gabriela Yvonne | AI Behavioral Analyst & Product Formulator

Hi there, I am Gabriela Yvonne and I am a product formulator for my skincare brand Mint n Coco, an AI behavioral analyst, and a dance choreographer on my free time. As a product formulator, I carefully craft skincare formulas that are made with clean ingredients while also remaining effective and versatile. Having a science and research background, I have been able to formulate personal care products that people can feel good about using because they’re safe. So many ingredients fly under the radar, and are usually ineffective or possibly causing more harm than good. I wanted to bridge that gap in what is being used in skincare or body care and make a brand that is transparent with what we use, and entirely unique in its own way. Though my team is quite small, we each are able to wear different hats and create products and run a brand that we are truly proud of. The foundation of the brand is transparency and inclusivity. We want people who might otherwise be excluded from access to high quality products, be able to have access. We want to represent different types of people and also take great care of our planet with how we create these products. I really enjoy being innovative with what I am creating and have grown to have an amazing customer base.


L B | Owner & Creative behind the Brand

I was a teenage parent who ended up dropping out of college and getting lost in life! I realized I had more to offer this world and my family and decided to make a change and stop giving up! I had always had a passion for creating and structure so I creatively constructed Ben Haited to impact generations well after I’m gone! Ben Haited stands for anyone trying to better themselves against the hate of society! Empowering to never give up and reminding them of their importance via motivational post and merchandise!


Rishika Kapoor | Periodontist

As board-certified periodontists located in Dallas, Irving, Keller and Fort Worth, TX, the practitioners at PerioLife have served the Dallas- Fort Worth community as specialists in oral health and wellness since 2001. Staffed with renowned and acclaimed periodontists, the team at PerioLife offers specialized treatments to treat gum disease, replace missing teeth, and aesthetically enhance your smile.

PerioLife specializes in periodontics, dental implants, and helping you look and feel your best. Through the use of conservative and surgical treatments, they enable you to rediscover the comfort and confidence needed to eat, speak, laugh, and enjoy life. Whether you need treatment for gum disease, wisdom teeth extraction, gum grafting, bone regeneration, dental implants, or scaling and root planing, if you’re in the Dallas, Keller, Irving, or Fort Worth area, call us at 972-869-9393 or book an appointment online at!

Carlos Harleaux | Poet, Author, & Publisher

Image Credits: Photography by Chris Booth (Mr. FotoBooth)


Hello, My name is Carlos Harleaux and I am a poet, author, and publisher.

As an author, I have released 11 books (7 poetry books and 4 novels). My latest releases are an anniversary edition of my poetry book, Hindsight 20/20 (with a new cover and 20 new poems/essays), and Only for One Night (a joint novel with Akela Renae, about a pastor and first lady who live a double life).

My books and all books released under 7th Sign Publishing are available on my website at Although I typically make many connections through in-person events, I also enjoy interacting with readers online who are looking for a release and escape during these uncertain times.

As a publisher, 7th Sign Publishing is available to assist authors to get their books to the printed stage. To date, 7th Sign has published over 20 books in 7 years.

Eliger Crenshaw | Clarity Coach and Marketing specialist

Good day, my people hope everyone is doing well… Eliger Crenshaw here but feel free to call me Clarity coach EJ 🤘. I just wanted to spread the word about one of the many services that my company offers. Have you ever wanted your own cartoon character or cartoon animation promo?👀 Of course, you have we are all still kids on the inside and everyone loves cartoons😁 but did you know it’s actually a very effective way of creating awareness? Being in a world with so many things demanding attention sometimes it can be a struggle just trying to get people to pay attention to your brand and your brand”s greatness. well, one thing I can tell you as a marketing coach and marketing specialist is that using animation is a sure way of getting attention, from there you can mention your message, service, or value, it’s actually a very effective marketing technique! My company offers many services that are effective for building and scaling your brand and we love what we do. Need more info or want to see examples of our work, let’s chat we actually have a social media cartoon promo special that you would love.

Jessica Martinez | Barber

Hi my name is Jess. I’m currently a Barber in Main Street Barbershop in The Colony Tx 75056. Ever since Covid 19 started, it has affected us all. From our families to our jobs. Unfortunately it has taken a toll especially in small local business. Some business owners have even had to shut down their life long dream. Due to this virus. For us Barbers, we make an impact in our community. Not only do we give haircuts to our clients, but we build friendships as well. We make sure we sanitize after every client that’s been in our chair. Just because this virus is out there, doesn’t mean we drop ever and stop living. However, by using safe precautions we can still maintain our daily lives.


Lauren Farmer | Owner / Master Esthetician

My name is Lauren Farmer and I am the owner/ Esthetican at Blush N Beauty Spa in Dallas, TX. I absolutely love this industry and it is my true passion to help others with skincare and feeling amazing about themselves. I have been in skincare for over 10 years and have enjoyed every second of it! I offer a variety of skincare treatments from acne, anti aging to pigmentation and even skin tightening. My skincare line which I private label is Paraben & Sulfate free so I offer clean skincare for both treatments and at home regime which I think is extremely important to our health & environment. I also offer waxing, lash lift, fibroblast skin tightening, microneedling, and laser lipo treatments. I am a one stop shop for all of your skin and body needs!

  • blush_n_beauty_spa_
  • Blush N Beauty Spa

Tonya Harrison | Business Owner & Registered Nurse

Image Credits: Creative Director: Tonya Harrison Products: iSOCiETY COSMETICS Studio/Photographer: Portraits By Ajax/Ajax Rodriguez MUA: Starza Model: Jessi Sallinger Wardrobe Design: Tonya Harrison



Our products are made using only ingredients that have been FDA (U.S.A.) and Health Canada approved. Furthermore, to the best of our knowledge, we do not use the services of any other research establishment to conduct animal testing on our behalf, either of a product or any product ingredient. Our products are: • Paraben Free • Made in Canada and Germany* • Hypo-Allergenic • Allergy Tested • Non-Comedogenic • Fragrance Free • Not Tested on Animals

YOU MAY HAVE SEEN US IN: * Official Cosmetics Brand Of Miss Universe Jamaica 2017 Season * Featured Brand in the 60TH Grammy’s Performers & Presenter’s Gift Bags 2018 Season * Cosmopolitan Magazine * We’ve also worked with Tamra Simmons (EP Of Surviving R. Kelly)


Myah Brown | CEO of Myah Symone Boutique & Flight Attendant

Image Credits: Nelsoszn Photography


Hello! My name is Myah Brown, I am the Owner/CEO of Myah Symone Boutique. Myah Symone is a boutique that provides trendy accessories of good quality at an affordable price. We focus on giving back to charity on a bi-monthly basis and all of our packaging is eco-friendly/sustainable.

Dressing good leads to feeling good, which leads to making others feel good, Myah Symone Boutique helps you accomplish the dressing good part of your day. From office professional to laid back brunch we have something for every personality, style, and event.

Myah Symone Boutique also has handmade headbands, necklaces, and bracelets.


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