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Community Member Spotlight: Shumaila Kidwai | Social Media Blogger/Influencer

Today we’re excited to introduce you to Shumaila Kidwai. Shumaila is a blogger and influencer and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Shumaila below.

Shumaila, thank you so much for connecting with us again. For folks who may have missed our initial conversation, would you mind briefly introducing yourself?

Hey there, guys! I’m Shumaila but I go by Shu too! Nice to meet you all! I’m a photographer and content creator. I do a lot of things that naturally come to me and it’s usually hard for people to know me because I’m sometimes not as communicative about my hobbies as I should be but, I’ve been working to communicate them very openly and of course with every hobby comes a damage to the wallet so that’s what I’m doing right now. Working on me, my dreams and also just becoming my own person.

Why’d you choose photography to be your medium of choice when it comes to art?

It seemed like a more real experience. Sometimes you can’t put your mind’s restlessness into words or paper, so it’s best to just visualize it and try to put it into perspective in a more interactive way with your subject. Perhaps a way to connect your art with reality. I find this medium rather intriguing.

What’s the best advice you can give somebody who aspires to pursue their talent?

Just go for it! Like do it! Don’t feel held back because, you think you’re not good enough!

Where did you begin and who motivated you?

I begin in college and my motivation was a really good friend of mine, Agha! He was a MBBS major turned artist and he’s well over perfect since I see his success! Coming from the parental expectations we come from and our anxiety that comes with it, he’s pretty much broken all barriers because, he chose his path not what was instilled upon him. Great minds think alike! He works in Pakistan and is quite successful in what he does and heck he travels the world too and pretty much lives life on the edge just like I like to live mine!

Finally, please let us know how our readers can connect with you and learn more.

Anybody wanting to see what my photography POV is- they can reach out to me on both Instagram accounts @shumailay2 & @shutograph.

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