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It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find interviews from our community members and content partners – the folks who’ve been heavily involved with us, collaborating with us on content, sponsoring our mission and spreading the word about the work we do.

Anthony Santiago | Artist Abstract Painter

My name is Anthony Santiago, I’m an abstract painter. Been painting/ drawing/ sketching for as long as I can remember. I feel painting for me is a way to pull feelings and thoughts out onto canvas. I like to feel with my eyes within my art. Each piece is a part of me. To see is to feel within the realm of time. Read more>>

Mary E. Morgan | Artist, Retired Teacher

My name is Mary Morgan and I am a retired teacher/professor. I taught for a combined 30 years. In Dallas I taught at Trinity Christian Academy and Prestonwood Christian Academy. After I received my Master Degree from TWU I became an adjunct professor in the visual art department at Dallas Baptist University where I finished my teaching career. I am currently a working artist. I am working out of my home since Covid-19. Read more>>

Sara Drehobl | Realtor

Hello, my name is Sara and I’m a local Real Estate Agent here in Fort Worth. Born in a small West Texas town my family got to the metroplex as fast as they could! I attend Mansfield High School and moved to the big city of Fort Worth after graduation. From there I started to build roots, make new friends and eventually go on to work my way up through the service industry. Little did I know that my time in the restaurant industry was all the training I would need for what eventually would become my career in real estate. When my world came crashing down and I had reached a wall back in late 2014 I decided that it was time to stop drinking and start focusing on growing the good parts of me and my business. Going on 7 years now since that lowest point and looking back it feels like a whole other lifetime. I spend my days now working incredibly hard for my Clients and watching my sweet 14 year old son chase his dreams on and off the baseball field! Read more>>

Westonn | Singer-Songwriter

Making that video was very spontaneous. I hadn’t put out any video content in a while and it was time. I reached out to my photographer and literally said “Hey, you wanna shoot a music video?” Without hesitation, she was down. So, we drove to New Mexico and shot it in one weekend and drove back home after. It was a lot of fun, she’s an amazing photographer/videographer and we had so much fun. We both really understand each other’s vision and we are just two peas in a pod. The video really turned out amazing and people really love it so I couldn’t be happier. Read more>>

Laci Villarreal | Product Photographer

I’m Laci, a product photographer with 10+ years experience. I’ve worked as a product photographer for many years in a corporate environment with e-commerce/wholesale businesses and finally decided to branch out on my own. I now help small business owners grow their business and make more money by providing professional + lifestyle photos for their products! Read more>>

Fharren Mason | Fashion Stylist & Personal Shopper

My name is Fharren Mason and I am the Owner of Infinite Styles by Fharren. I get asked and complimented a lot about fashion and every time, I’m honored because it’s my gift! I want to help people find their inner confidence by discovering more about themselves, love themselves, and even earn more income by demanding your worth through fashion. Because we know that when we look good, we feel good!! I look forward to connecting with you! XoXo -ISxFharren Also, Infinite Styles By Fharren specializes in styling in many forms. My business offers: Personal shopping, Personal & Fashion Styling, Closet Organization, as well as Wardrobe Revamps! Read more>>

Tasha Jay | Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Teacher, Recording Artist

Hey guys! Tasha Jefferson here also going by my stage name Tasha Jay. Born in Houston, Tx, raised in Austin,Tx! I am a singer/songwriter and recording artist residing in Dallas, Texas! I also teach voice lessons virtually and in person around the DFW. Read more>>

Elisabeth Davis | Gospel Artist

I am originally from Mobile, Alabama, the birth place of Mardi Gras. I am the youngest of 18 children. have lived in Texas for 21 years.. I am the Minister of Music for the Truevine Missionary Baptist Church of Fort Worth, where I’ve served for 16 years. I am a Gospel Recording Artist, Elisabeth Davis-Jones and the CAMP. Read more>>

James Denito, DC | Founder, Researcher and Healer

I was born to be in the healing arts profession! I chose a drug-less approach as it offered a more sensible, safer and cost-effective way to lead humanity into our full potential. It was apparent over a half century ago that our health care system was on a non-sustainable path. Today, we are seeing this is the complete loss of our personal freedoms and hope for the future by what the pharmaceutical industry and most of their doctors have offered us in this viral outbreak. My journey has connected me with the most powerful and influential people in our country who share the same ideology and need to find a way to bring common sense to the table. I am now accepting that challenge! Read more>>

JD Williams | Social Media Guru

It’s ya favorite social media guru/positive influencer JD of The Sunday Takeout! I’m the guy who’s known for promoting all things ART in the DFW and beyond. From the hottest venues to the dopest eateries I got you covered. I also provide media coverage and hosting as well! Read more>>

J Tillman | CEO & Founder

Hi! My name is J. Tillman and I am the Founder and CEO of Red Sea Project, the author of two children books, “Just Like Me” and “Words” geared toward enhancing black and brown children’s self esteem and teaching all children the power of words and how it affects others . I am also the author of “Morning Mantra”, a devotional to empower others to walk in purpose. Read more>>

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