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Community Member Spotlights

It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find interviews from our community members and content partners – the folks who’ve been heavily involved with us, collaborating with us on content, sponsoring our mission and spreading the word about the work we do.

Dr. Nicckay Natson | Licensed Clinical Christian Psychologist

Dr. Nicckay Natson is the Executive Director and Founder of Rejuvenation Counseling Coaching & Consulting LLC. Dr. Nicckay is a Licensed Clinical Christian Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Christian Therapist and Licensed Clinical Christian Marriage and Family Therapist a Licensed and Ordained Minister, Certified Life Coach, Certified Mentor and Certified Marriage Mentor. Read more>>

Jodi-Kay Edwards | Business and Mindset Coach / Lifestyle Influencer

Hey! I’m Jodi-Kay Edwards. I’m a Business and Mindset Coach for Creatives and CEOs. My purpose is to help entrepreneurs start, scale, and succeed in business through a simplified process I created called the FLOW formula. After growing up in poverty in Jamaica and moving to America I realized it can be so easy to get stuck in the trap of hustle culture. After getting so burnt out to the point of wanting to quit everything in 2017 I realized I could choose again. I could choose simple, I could choose happy, I could choose alignment over the hustle. That’s why I created Alignment Is The New Hustle, a business strategy and personal development brand helping creatives & CEOs improve their performance mentally and strategically. Read more>>

Marc Liu | Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, Marketer

Marc is a digital marketing strategist with over 15 years of experience creating and executing marketing strategies for brands such as Bonchon, The Halal Guys, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Ultimate Fighting Championship, The Bazaar by Jose Andres and Abasolo. Marc is a business leader and serial entrepreneur, having co-founded, lead and sold two marketing agency brands. Marc has a particular passion for travel, hospitality, restaurant, and spirits industries. Read more>>

Rebekah Jensen | Founder & Visionary

Sanara’s Tranquila Collection was launched in 2019 by Rebekah Jasso Jensen. Since 2016 Rebekah has been creating her own products in her kitchen having lived with Psoriasis since her teens. Rebekah has worked in women’s health as an OB-Gyn and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Diagnostic Medical Sonographer for over a decade. She’s seen first-hand the course life can take and impact on a woman’s life when she feels empowered by her own self-care and health advocacy. Read more>>

Akea Collins | Branding & Business Strategist

My name is Akea Collins. I am a serial entrepreneur. I am the Owner & Founder of The Resume Chop Shop, The Branding Bandit Academy and AKC Rentals LLC. I created this businesses because I have some secrets, I want to share to obtaining a 6-figure Salary. I love to assist and motivate everyone in my network to be a better version of them. I have deep desire to take my knowledge and experience and allow for others to pick my brain for success. I have Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a concertation in Marketing. Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Administration. Read more>>

Rola Jabri | CEO of MAOC Studio & Marketer

I am Rola Jabri, founder of MAOC Studio. I founded my marketing agency 15 years ago with a modern mindset that favors creating new ideas rather than falling for the ordinary. I always believed that standing out in the crowd is the best approach to succeed, lead, and make a difference. Therefore, I created the extraordinary for my marketing agency, I set it apart in a very competitive market. I market, brand, and structure my clients’ products or services with the same approach of creating authentic strategies that help them build the extraordinary and reach their short and long-term goals and vision. Read more>>

Marguerite Knowles | Watercolor and Acrylic Artist

My name is Marguerite Knowles, and I am a 22-year-old artist from Dallas! I went to college in Scotland to study Art History and am about to move to London to get my master’s in Art Business. I create acrylic paintings as well as watercolor paintings and most importantly, greeting cards! Recently, my handmade watercolor greeting cards have been my most popular product and are sold at Needle in a Haystack on Preston Rd. as well as on my online Etsy store! Read more>>

Erin Willis | Owner & Executive Chef

My name is Erin Willis. I was born and raised in Texas and have lived here all my life. I got into the hospitality world starting as a server in Fort Worth while in high school and continued to work in and out of the industry through college. After graduating, I applied to numerous culinary schools yet couldn’t obtain any financial aid. During this time, I was working as a server at Patrizio’s in Highland Park, where the then executive chef offered me an apprenticeship where I worked for 3 years. 30 years later, with more experience and understanding of the business, I now own my own restaurant, RM 12:20 Bistro, located in Lake Highlands. Read more>>

Durant Searcy | Singer, Songwriter, and Performer

I am a Singer, Songwriter, and Actor from Fort Worth, Texas. I started singing at the age of four. In 2005, I released my first independent EP called “The One 4 Me”. Local self-promotion for my first EP led me to performing professionally in DFW area theatre. To this date, I have performed in over thirty local professional plays/musicals throughout the DFW area. My most recent EP “CRASH” was released two years ago, and since then I’ve released several singles such as “Rose-Colored Glasses”, a Christmas song called “This Season (Jingle Bells)”, and my most recent single “Summer Fling (‘21 Re-Vamp)”. During the day, I am an 8am to 5pm corporate employee, which provides me the income to pay for all of my independent artistic endeavors. Read more>>

Demetrie King | Entrepreneur

My name is Demetrie King. I am from Waxahachie Tx and the Founder of the company Vending Mychine. This mobile application is disrupting the vending industry by bringing the best win/win situation to consumers and vendors. Vending is a quiet but very lucrative industry. A lot of new entrepreneurs have created a side hustle by purchasing machines or micro markets to place in various locations and I am here to help their customer engagement. Read more>>

Preach The Poet | Teaching Artist/ Orator/ Activist

My name is Preach the Poet. I am an activist, a poet, and an Educator. Im a descendent from the rhetoric of Fred Hampton. Born in Chicago, IL my roots are rich with culture and community service. I’m the epitome of the work as my Mentor would say. Born from struggle to end struggle. I spend a lot of my time in a classroom using poetry to teach different subjects to scholars and also grow them emotionally in order for them to work out traumas. I would call my classroom the hospital disguised as a playroom. Read more>>

Shamela Clark | CEO/Nail Professional

My name is Shamela Clark, CEO of Jux Like Honey,LLC since 2016. I am responsible for creating Jux Like Honey Hair Oil. Also the owner & License Nail Professional of Too Pedi. Read more>>

Rebecca Spears | Artist

My name is Rebecca Spears I am the a creator Awkward Citizen apparel. I creat design all the of Awkward Citizen’s apparel. Read more>>

Tina Lytch | Co-founder of Love 41

Love 41 was started by Suzette Munson (wife of Dave Munson, Saddleback President) and her sister Tina Lytch. They were motivated by a deep desire to help the many hurting orphans, widows, and street children Suzette found on her first visit to the country of Rwanda in 2010. Rather than try to accomplish this monumental task on her own, Suzette realized that she and Tina could multiply their efforts by partnering with like-minded women. To gain their attention, Suzette began to do one of the things she does best – design. Since Saddleback already had the capability of manufacturing high-quality leather goods, the best plan was to use those facilities to produce women’s leather products such as backpacks, totes, and purses. The profits from the sales of those products would be used to further the mission of helping the helpless around the world through education, job training, the teaching of God’s Word, and numerous other avenues. With that, Love 41 was born and today continues toward its goal of reaching those less fortunate in places far and near. Read more>>

Pamela D. Smith | Author, Mentor, Speaker

I am Pamela D. Smith, a Wife, Mother, Prayer Leader, Speaker, Author, and Mentor. I help women use prayer, writing, and self-care to live purposefully and serve authentically. My books are written for the modern-day woman of faith who desires to live a lifestyle of prayer and demonstrate her faith in the marketplace. The pages of my books, my speeches, and my mentoring ministers to the woman who wants to walk boldly in her purpose and understands that faith and purpose is not limited to those behind a pulpit or a podium. Read more>>

Artisha Moore | Noninvasive Body Sculpting Aesthetic Nurse

My name is Artisha Moore. I am the owner of Boomin’ Body Spa by Artisha LLC. I run a noninvasive med spa that specializes in gut health, not just body sculpting. I have been a nurse for 21 years and I love making people feel great about themselves. I am currently in medical school retaining my doctorate degree in Functional Health, or Holistic Medicine as some people refer to it. Read more>>

Rogers Healy | Owner, CEO, Realtor, Music Enthusiast

I am the Owner and CEO of the Rogers Healy Companies. I have been in the real estate industry for over 20 years, and I am continually looking for ways to evolve the industry. Read more>>

Antonio Paden | Upick Mobile Oil owner

My name is Antonio. I’m 28 year old. I’m originally from Arkansas. I’ve been in the DFW area for about 8 years. I started college a Southern University of Arkansas and I dropped out. I tried again at Texarkana college, and guess what. I dropped out there too. Once I moved to Dallas, I got into entrepreneurship. My kids were all babies and I needed to provide for them. I have 4 kids (Ryder, King, Iyah, and Princeton). I’m married to Jameshia. She owns a women’s online boutique (Queen Lux Boutique). We’ve been married for 9 years. I’ve been a CPR trainer, a Chargeback Analyst, an Insurance agent, a Auto Damage adjuster and I’m a musician. Last thing is I’m working on my real estate license for the state of Texas. I’ve started multiple “ventures” I believe that Upick is my most successful one. I started Upick in 2019. I have a business partner who works just as hard as I do. Lastly, I’m apart of the Church of God in Christ. I’m a cool and laid back guy. I love traveling and Tequila. They go together well. I love trying new things. I’m a aircraft lover and I love art. Read more>>

Kristo Blanc | Record Producer, Recording Artist, Creative Director, Creative Production, Artist Manager, Executive Producer

My name is Kristo Blanc. I am a recording artist, producer, designer, creative director, artist developer and much more. I was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I’ve been making music and creating since I could formulate my own creative visions. My connection with music began in a small studio space at a very young age and I’ve loved music ever since I could remember. Read more>>

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