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VoyageDallas Podcast: Precious L. Williams | The Killer Pitch Master

Precious L. Williams: The Killer Pitch Master

Precious L. Williams: The Killer Pitch Master

We are so incredibly thrilled to introduce you to someone who truly has the ability to change lives, careers and businesses.  She’s the #KillerPitchMaster aka Precious L. Williams.  She is the CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious and where she helps Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial stars in the making craft the perfect pitches that help them stand out from the crowd.  She’s also a content partner, content partners help Voyage in so many ways from sponsoring our mission, to spreading the word about the work we do and collaborating with us on content like this.

In this episode of the podcast, we go deep into her life story and what made her into the person and professional she is today.  Despite having so much to overcome, Precious is filled with optimism and positivity and a can do spirit that is absolutely inspiring.

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Transcript of interview with Precious L. Williams:

Alex (Host): Precious Williams. Thank you so much for being with us today.

Precious Williams: I’m so excited to be here. Thanks for having me, uh, to get

Alex (Host): things started. I want to start with who you are and what you do today. Uh, you’re the hashtag killer pitch master. What does that mean? And what do you.

Precious Williams: Great question. So again, yes, I am precious Williams, the killer pitch master, and the reason why they call me that is because I’m a 13 times national [00:02:00] elevator pitch champion who helps others and is hired by top fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, foundations.

Precious Williams: Individual speakers and entrepreneurs to slay all competition. And my superpower is doing that through the power of pitching. So whether they need an elevator pitch, immediate pitch, an investor pitch, a sales pitch, and speaker pitch, and an interview pitch. I am the one to call. I love what I do. And so when we talk about slaying all competition, we mean there there’s, there’s no one that that matters, but yeah.

Precious Williams: And so I showed them how to package and position themselves, and also what’s the worst that they need to use to bait, attract and close with ease. So whoever you’re in front of the interested party, the audience, you need to be able to bait attract. If you want new clients, you need to turn prospects into clients with a killer pitch.

Precious Williams: You want them to be, go from clients, being repeat clients, to being referral sources. I am the one to call. Wow.

Alex (Host): Um, I mean, just applicable in all, in all [00:03:00] areas of life.

Precious Williams: It is, you don’t want to start at people didn’t believe that. But I think that with entrepreneurship, just like anything else, you have to be persistent with showing them that pitching is not just for media and it’s not just for them.

Precious Williams: It’s everything you do when you’re talking about that. No good man. And the other woman in your life, the job you love or hate a great opportunity. You want to be the center of attention and have people listen to what you have to say and go all the way to the end with it. And so I would tell people if Oprah gets on the elevator with you, what are you going to say?

Precious Williams: She cut through the clatter of it. She hears that all the time. What are you going to say? That’s gonna make her say, oh, Okay. That was a unique approach. That was unique in that she’s got, you know, you’ve got her attention.

Alex (Host): I want to kind of continue into this trajectory of, of these, uh, of how applicable this is widely.

Alex (Host): Um, what is it, what is the process of working [00:04:00] with, with clients? Like, uh, if they, if they come to you, like, how do you, how do you start, um, working with them? What’s the first bit of advice that you might offer them?

Precious Williams: Well, the first thing is. What would make them come to me in the first place. And I’m very clear wanting to know what was it about me?

Precious Williams: So let’s say someone schedules a consultation or, uh, they want to be a part of a longer training program with me. Why. And, you know what they’ll usually say, it’s my energy. It’s my ability to help other people that they know, get to where they needed to go, whether they needed investor dollars, whether they needed earned media attention, whether they needed to get out of their own way, give birth to the next beautiful now.

Precious Williams: Or if the women like me who were in their forties, who were like, you know, The best is yet to come. I’m ready to showcase what I’m really good at and walk away from something that no longer serves me. And so I first want to know why me, they have every choice, every other choice. Why made, why did you [00:05:00] hire me to be the keynote speaker?

Precious Williams: Why did you hire me to train your sales team? Why? And once I understand that and go back and see if there’s a common theme, that’s going to tell me either there’s a new audience. That’s looking at me, or if it follows in the same path that others have. Second thing I’m going to do is send over homework because I want to know how you sync.

Precious Williams: So I usually send over a six page document asking them about their company and not in the way they’re used to being asked. Then, then I look over it, take some time to look over it, reflect on it and then schedule a one hour call. Cause I really want to know I’m going to ask some questions. It’s not in the homework, so I’m gonna keep them always just like, oh, I don’t even, I know she’s going somewhere.

Precious Williams: Where’s she going? The thing about pitching. You don’t want people to always know where you’re going. If you knew, if you, if you’ve heard every speaker before, you’re not gonna want to hear that all the time again. So my job is to hear, hear you talk and how you write and [00:06:00] see what you’re missing and what the audience needs to hear about you.

Precious Williams: And often the things that we. Or important to the very things that will put you over. Can I give an example, Alex, please do. Okay. So on social media, everybody’s flexing, everybody’s living their best life. They only got paid. They have the best vacations, but you know, some of these people don’t like the men or the women that they’re with.

Precious Williams: They’re probably not really on vacation. They probably in the backyard trying to soup up and flex for social media. And I’m not about that. I’m not about the fluff in the glitzy. Because I want people to have success successful, sustainable, profitable, scalable businesses. And that means it’s hard work in it, but it also means that you have to show people the difference factor and what it is that you do.

Precious Williams: So if everybody is showing you how perfect their life is, I want you to show them what you had to overcome to get there. I want you to show them that it wasn’t the easiest journey, but you’re so blessed you get, because most people, even if they never said believe that only certain people [00:07:00] can be. So when they see me, they’re like you came from, wow, you came from poverty and did it.

Precious Williams: And I didn’t kiss, but to get here and I used the power of speaking to get into circles. They never thought I could, but that was because I’m not talking to people the same way everybody else. And so, you know, speaking to the Googles, the LinkedIns of the Microsoft of the world, I can’t, they’re not interested in my overcoming story.

Precious Williams: They’re interested in how was I able to use the power of pitching to get into a whole new network, a whole new industry and get people from that industry to buy into what it is that I’m doing. And now they’re my clients which attracts other clients, but how did you get there? If you can get in there? We need to work with her too.

Precious Williams: So it’s about the social proof, but real social proof testimonials, seeing why they’re really hiring me. What is it about what I’m putting out there, how that established that I’m the expert, the expert, what it is that I do, not only do I write about it, [00:08:00] not only do I write articles on LinkedIn about it that are written by over a hundred thousand people think about that.

Precious Williams: So when it comes to packaging and position, That’s why I’d like to see what they write and what they’re going to say. And then I help create their pitches. I also, I also, Alex, offer digital and online courses for people who don’t have the time to meet with me, but need to still learn the power of pitching and how to truly, uh, gain access into words.

Precious Williams: They didn’t think that that was possible. You know what I mean? And so working one-on-one with me is a very intense, but it is so worth it because I messed my name on it. That’s my company on the line. And so I want to over-deliver because I know that there are people nipping at my toes who just thought, I think that they watch a couple of my videos.

Precious Williams: I can do what I do, but they don’t have the receipts. Young people always said about receipts, whatever receipts that my receipts are everywhere. You want to be like Lisa, everywhere. You want to be. That’s what. Yeah. So then I [00:09:00] create pitches and then I helped create, I really create the pitches and we perfect them together.

Alex (Host): And so, so I guess to follow up on that, um, there’s, I mean, there’s a couple of questions I want to ask, but we’ll go with, uh, how did you, how did you hone your pitching skills? Cause you know, I mean, there’s certainly, it is now taught in various MBA programs, like the sort of formulaic way, everybody else pitches, but you do it very differently than everybody else.

Alex (Host): And so how did you.

Precious Williams: Well, you know, my pitcher skills were forced to fire, right? So I didn’t know, it was really great at pitching until I had to do it right. So I want to start my first company, curvy girls launcher break, which was a luxury company for curvy women or women would a little bit more meat on their bones.

Precious Williams: And when I started people told me I was too fat, too black, and didn’t have an Ivy league degree. So no one wanted to invest. And I was an attorney. So they were like, oh, just to stay being an attorney. Who’s had the last laugh. There’s not too [00:10:00] many jobs that are safe today. I promise you it was not. And so I went to an event that I couldn’t afford, which was the crane, small business awards, put that $300 ticket price on the, on a credit card.

Precious Williams: I went to the event and I saw that one of the media sponsors was MSNBC. And it sounds crazy today. But I literally walked up to them with not a pitch in my mind, but I knew this was that moment. And I threw out a pitch, my hail Mary, and they loved it. They loved it. And yes, I’ve been a professional speaker since about 16, but pitching is not easy, especially when you have 30 seconds or 60 seconds to attract them to captivate, to titillate and to leave them wanting more.

Precious Williams: And that’s exactly what. And the time that I had. And so they invited me to be on your business with JJ Rambert, which was on 10 years ago. And in 54 seconds, I walked away with [00:11:00] $500,000. So I didn’t tell you, Alex is when I started at negative $400 in my bank account. And so when I tell you my pitching skills were honed and crafted in.

Precious Williams: And as I started to grow as the killer pitch master, they told me that I needed to enter pitch competitions because it’s one thing to do that. It’s another thing to go head, to head with some of the best startups in the world and come out on top 13 times. And so that forced me to really think about what do investors need to hear versus a late audience.

Precious Williams: What is immediate need to hear this different from what investors need to hear. Who’s who’s going to be the judges who’s going to be in the audience. And oftentimes when it comes to honing your pitch, you really have to think about it from what do they need to hear? What are some of the things I need to leave out so that they asked me the right question, why can’t really dazzle them.

Precious Williams: So as you can see, the pitching is not this easy thing. You throw some words out there. I do this to help this that’s boring. Nobody wants to hear that. They’re not even [00:12:00] listening to you. But if you walk in and say, ladies, ladies, raise your hands. If you want to be a bad bitch with a power pitch, they’re looking at you like, but I got your attention.

Precious Williams: Didn’t it. Earl the raise a hand, you got men raising hand fellows. I ain’t forgot about you. Fellows raise your hands. If people want to be a bad man with a master picture play, they come, Hey, the reason I’m like, okay, he in it now, now I’m getting I’m about to go eat. And I am, I am literally pitching, but I had to, you got to get their attention in the first tense.

Precious Williams: But if you sound like everybody else, you get treated like everybody else, average, random and ordinary. So in developing my pitching style for each of my clients, because none of my clients are the same type businesses, none of them that goes technical, scientific, um, beauty health, um, MLM, like think about that.

Precious Williams: There are different types of businesses, but you still have to come back to captivating and titillating your audiences and do something that Dr. Sherwood says, you have to start off with our bank and end with fireworks. [00:13:00] And some people are like, no finance people aren’t like that. Okay. You can believe that if you want to, you still got to add facts, facts, figures, statistics.

Precious Williams: You have to show that you understand the nature of your company. You have to show them that, you know, your company has the ability to make more money that, you know, like I said, those things are, are necessary, but to really hone in what I really did to hone in on pitching skills was take stock of. Who’s going to be in the audience.

Precious Williams: Who’s going to be the judges, what media people are going to be in the room. Cause I need to create sound bites throughout my pitch. And I think when people are listening to like all of that comes into pitching. Yes. And that’s why I’m the killer pitch master. I’m not new to this. I’m true to. So it was fortunate, the flier and I got better and better over time to the point that when I started perfect pictures by precious is because people kept, it kept, they kept hearing me just be like, I want to speak like her.

Precious Williams: And I was like, no, you don’t wanna speak like me. I want to speak, I want you to speak to the best version of you because when I started, people were doing boring pitches. So can you [00:14:00] imagine cutting through the clutter of that? And people being like, well, you’re too much, I’m too much, but I’m winning. And because people are tired of the same.

Precious Williams: So that’s how I hold my pitcher skills and then over 14 competitions and then overworking then in a time of working with over 200 pitch. I’ve learned a lot about pitching that I didn’t know when I first started and I’m blessed that I make pitching an every day occurrence and not just, oh, when you have to raise money.

Precious Williams: No ma’am. So

Alex (Host): if, if getting started, you know, uh, with pitching comes kind of at the same time, uh, as getting that first, your first company off the ground, curvy girls lingerie, uh, can you talk about the journey to getting that business started and off the ground?

Precious Williams: Yes. Okay. So getting curly girls off the ground was an incredible journey.

Precious Williams: So you don’t have people tell you, go write a business plan. Well, in a lot of companies you had, if you had to have written a business plan. So, [00:15:00] right. The process of learning about the intimate apparel market, the process of going to all the laundry stores that you could find and managing. Brooklyn and the Bronx, that means the high end from the agent provocateurs they’ll look, Perla and journal and Woolford to Victoria secret on down to mom and pop stores.

Precious Williams: Right. And understanding that what was I doing that was different in the marketplace? It can’t just be the, you know, I’m just making nice things for, for a plus size women. My language has to change. Because I wanted plus size women, not only to see themselves as worthy of sexy, stylish, and fresh, a full word lingerie, but also, um, but also that there are people that want to see you in it.

Precious Williams: And just because most people haven’t, haven’t seen it before doesn’t mean that we don’t exist. And so there was an educational process that I needed to do to, and I went on LinkedIn. And so since before that, I went on LinkedIn and I [00:16:00] said, how about we started losing weight? And this woman at a Tempe, Arizona wrote me and she gave me entree into the world of race, lingerie, boutiques that were on Madison avenue.

Precious Williams: Now you ever been through Madison avenue, you, you, you won’t see them from the street. So you got to be brought in. And that helped me in the beginning because we were selling other people’s products until we can create our own. And it was awesome because I got to go to the curve expo at the Jacob Javits.

Precious Williams: But more importantly than that, what made me so happy is I knew that there was a gap in the market and I knew that we could feel it. And I knew that if I talked it up the right way and I knew if I could pitch to the media in the right way, they would come running because I came before Lizzo, I became before Ashley Graham on the cover of sports illustrated, there was precious sell Williams at 327 pounds.

Precious Williams: They didn’t go very famous Hollywood actor who is now [00:17:00] deceased, or I forgot to even talk about him. My company started because I started dating a very famous Hollywood actor, 327 pounds. And I left my fiance. I left my XPN, say 2010. And you know, just felt like, you know, the stress of being in that relationship over, uh, like in the end I ate and ate and ate, never thought any man would pay attention to me, but I left him because I had to, and I put it in a.

Precious Williams: Craigslist, let’s call it two to tango. And I never thought I’d be blessed to meet him. He looked just like his picture in real life. He was funny. He was tall, never had a tall man in my life and I’m five foot nine. And he laid me forget that I was a big woman. He man, he just made me feel like beautiful.

Precious Williams: And I want every woman to feel that. And so when I started curvy girls, I was just talking to my friends and I said, I’m gonna start curvy girl, as long as you’re right. It made no sense in the natural, but when I said it, I knew it had to be doing, [00:18:00] and I’m just blessed that I pitched my way into history.

Precious Williams: So yeah, we were on shark tank. We were winning competitions. We were in the media and wall street journal, all of those sorts of things. But the most important thing is when I met my full figured out. My plus-size fashionista all over the nation, having parties, you know, creating a whole direct home party sales model.

Precious Williams: Like we were doing things that were incredible back then that make no sense, but I wanted to try it because I wanted to afford myself the opportunities that others get afforded and to trust that it would all work out.

Alex (Host): You are a. Precious you, I mean, you’re one of the most, uh, positive and inspiring and energetic people that I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with.

Alex (Host): Um, and, and in that, [00:19:00] in that last answer, you, you alluded to some of the tragedy that has existed in your life. And, um, you’ve also battled homelessness and alcoholism. And so I just want to, uh, ask you one, what, what kind of brought you to that point and then how did you come out of it on the other side, um, as, uh, positive and, and powerful and inspiring as you are?

Alex (Host): Oh,

Precious Williams: I I’m so happy that I am positive. Because it was a lot of times. It wasn’t, you know, when I lost the love of my life, that actor, I was just telling you about, I felt like I lost me. I didn’t know how to carry on with my company. I started drinking and drinking heavily and to the point that I could wake up without alcohol, I couldn’t go to sleep without it.

Precious Williams: I thought it was to number. No, I wanted to be [00:20:00] totally toe up from the flow of. And before I knew it, I lost everything, my business partner, and I didn’t see how to I, and you know, I lost everything. My home, my jewelry, my clothes, I lost it all. And I found myself saying, I’m gonna take my life on my 30th birthday.

Precious Williams: So I called up a friend from way back and he paid for my train ticket to my mind bus ticket to get to. I want to stand with my cousin and at it found all his alcohol and all the medication that hadn’t been taken from my two severe mental illnesses, bipolar disorder, and severe PTSD. And I drank and pop those pills.

Precious Williams: And I was just ready to go. But when I woke up, I was like, whoa, I was so mad. [00:21:00] And it was in a psych ward. And after two weeks I woke up, like it was a different type of waking up. Like I was like, I’m on a lot. And I felt that every fiber of my being wake up I’m alive and the realization is I’m homeless.

Precious Williams: I’m back home. Oh my goodness. But I’ll tell you, God had angels and he sent, uh, Ms. Francis is for instance, somehow convinced everybody to bring me back to New York. And I didn’t want to come back here. But I’m glad that I did because she got me in crisis respite. She got me in the Bowery mission women’s center.

Precious Williams: Uh, she came with somebody every couple of weeks to make sure I was okay. And I went from holding my head down in shame to holding my head up high. And in about two years of just being in the Byron mission women’s center, taking discipleship classes, volunteering and whatever. I walked out of homelessness on September 1st, 2008.

Precious Williams: And I graduated one of the very few to [00:22:00] graduate from the program. And I walked into my pastor’s home because they wanted me to come stay with them. Was the first time in history of about remission, where, um, someone would invite a student to come live there. And I’ve been there ever since. And I restarted my company with my pastor and his wife’s blessing.

Precious Williams: It was hard. I couldn’t pay my rent. It was hard to be. But after a while of me sticking to it and my persistence beaten the resistance of others, I came back with a vengeance and I’m proud to say that I’m five years plus clean and sober five years plus plus, uh, from my suicide attempt, I am so happy to be alive.

Precious Williams: I’m happy that even though I went through what I went through, I wouldn’t be where I am today to talk to people from a real, a real place. Not that fake place. Everything was perfect. No, I went through hell to get there. The fat lady got choked out so that I could be here. It does get better, but you have to get from around the same people [00:23:00] or from people who always tell you, you can’t do it.

Precious Williams: You can’t be around, you gotta be around people who would challenge you. You’re going to be around people who will push. And it gets you to a point with like, no, I don’t accept where everybody else accepts. I accept excellence and nothing less. It means I got to get up and get out and do something with my life, which means that I get up early in the morning and I handle my business and, um, you know, returning emails, I’m doing what I need to do.

Precious Williams: I have the greatest clients in the world because I never thought I’d have these people in these companies and these speakers and entrepreneurs. I never thought I’d have them as my clients. The person I used to be is not who I am today. And the only reason that I’m positive is because I saw the worst of life to truly appreciate the best of life.

Precious Williams: And whew, I don’t worry about alcohol. You give me some mango madness from Snapple. Give me ginger, rag him some water. We good. Just make sure my food is right. That’s it. And people will tell you, yeah, people can drink around me. It doesn’t bother me. What, what, [00:24:00] what, what really wakes me up every morning is I’m glad I’m, I’m happy for a second.

Precious Williams: I’m happy that I don’t run from my past. I’m happy that, you know, I grew up with parents who really didn’t want me. I’m happy that my mother did not murder me on November 18th, 1991. I’m happy that I really am from St. Louis, Missouri from the show me state. So if you think you act in bed, you’re going to have to show me who I am.

Precious Williams: I am happy that I’m my grandmother’s shot. I’m named after precious Dolores Williams, the baddest you’ve have ever done. And I’m also proud that even though it’s been less than four years, that I walked out of homelessness, look at what I was able to create. Restart perfect pitches by precious, become a four time.

Precious Williams: Number one bestselling author, uh, become a corporate trainer for the biggest tech companies and financial services companies in the world. I have been able to be the keynote speaker at various events around the country. I’m the pitch coach to. Founders first capital. I’m getting ready to shoot a television show where I am the [00:25:00] pitch coach.

Precious Williams: So that’d be filming me. Can you tell me brutal media in less than five years? It happened not 10 years, not five. It literally.

Alex (Host): Yeah. That’s it’s I mean, it’s nothing short of miraculous. So you’re from, you’re from St. Louis you’re, uh, you’ve you’ve been New York. You’ve been, you know, you’ve now at this point, uh, many places.

Alex (Host): Right? How, how do you think life in St. Louis shaped you for how you go about your work today? St.

Precious Williams: Louis? I think St. Louis shed. ’cause when I was growing up, I always wanted more. I always, I would, I was watch intimate portrait. Uh, I would watch biography 20th century American justice. I would watch behind the musics and I realized that the biggest people had to leave where they were to make it.

Precious Williams: And as much as I love tome, I wanted to prove who I really was. I wanted to [00:26:00] show myself that everything that I’ve been told that I was five years. In my mind by my creator that I was a star, but I had to leave to do it. And I think St. Louis taught me that even though I went through some of the worst situations, it prepared me for what success is really like.

Precious Williams: And it’s not easy. It’s not easy. When people talk about you all day long, how, how you don’t look and sound and act apart, but you, you are doing it. So when they’re talking about me, I’m actually doing it though. I think it also prepared me to a beacon light to other women who are of a certain age who think that their only roles is wife, mother, employee, when it’s like, no, I’m a full-figured diva.

Precious Williams: Plus I was fashionista who took the business world by storm and I’m winning big and nothing about me is perfect, but my pitches and I am blessed that my past. Is [00:27:00] my past. And if you bring it up, it’s cool. Cause I’m not worried about it. Who I am today. Men is so much more than who I used to be. The fact that I can stand before you with confidence and clarity that was born out of the fire of St.

Precious Williams: Louis. The fact that I can go back now and I feel good. And I know why that was fortunate site. It was fortunate my grandparents’ house. It was forged at Spelman college. It was forged at Rutgers school of law. It was forged in just believing in myself when nobody, not my community, not my family, not nobody thought I could do it.

Precious Williams: That’s why.

Alex (Host): That, that idea of Nope. Nobody thought you could do it. Um, and that, that has been clearly persistent throughout, throughout your life. Um, and it probably even still today, um, how, how did you come to [00:28:00] realize one that you, you could do it, that they were wrong. Um, and how, how were you able to continuously overcome that resistance?

Precious Williams: I only recently realized that I was a trailblazer maybe in the last two, three years, I realized I was a trailblazer because I didn’t see anybody else who was willing to tell the truth about what success looks like. I didn’t see people who didn’t just always want to flex their diamonds and the jewelry and stuff like that.

Precious Williams: For me. I, when I look back, I looked back and being five years old and watching Sally Jesse Raphael or, um, Phil Donahue and knowing I was going to be on television, but looking around knowing nobody believes that I don’t even know if I should believe it, but no one, I was destined for greatness, but looking around like, there’s no greatness that’s coming out of here.

Precious Williams: But I believe because I keep being told I’m a star that no one could see right now. So there’s a little twinkle in me and nursing that and nursing. And if [00:29:00] it wasn’t for my grandmother, you know, calling, you know, just telling me I have the gift of speech, I wouldn’t be here and she nurtured it and she made me do affirmations and show me, love it for that.

Precious Williams: I am so grateful because she was a trailblazer before her. She poured into me that I was great before I knew it. She was the one who spoke life over me, not death. She was the one who told me I’ve been waiting for you since you were born. And she gave me one 15. That’s a long time to wait for somebody.

Precious Williams: And I lost her 22 years ago yesterday. There’s not a data goes by that. I don’t want to honor that. There’s not a day that goes by that. I’m not grateful that I had a great mom and my grandmother and my grandfather. There was not a day that goes by that. I don’t think about man. I was miss Beaumont, 19 96, 19 97 in St.

Precious Williams: Louis. I had a parade in the city of St. Louis been told since I was younger, I was ugly and stupid. I would never have it here. My grandparents were like, look what I baby. She’s a valedictorian for a class in 1997, went off to Spelman [00:30:00] college and a full scholarship went off to Georgetown on a full scholarship, but she’s supposed to be the worst because she came from nothing.

Precious Williams: I’ve been a trailblazer for so long, but you don’t realize that when you’re going through it, it’s when you start to look back. And when people ask you questions, you’re like, man, and as I’m writing my fourth book, the pitch queen a woman’s journey from poverty to purpose and profits, it’s really hitting me that just because I was going through it, there was gonna be a time I’d have to look.

Precious Williams: Because when you’re going through and you just want to get through it, but looking back, I pray that women are inspired to take action and go after their dreams. And that’s how I normally trouble is it. Cause I got beat up and cut up to make it easier for the next I know I’m a trailblazer.

Alex (Host): Uh, as you continue to kind of place that trail, uh, what’s next?

Alex (Host): What, what are you, what are the next goals? Ambitions, dreams that you’re, that you’re looking at? Cause I mean, you know, I D I’m sure, I’m sure when you take the time to reflect as well, you go, I mean, this is a you’ve accomplished. [00:31:00] Multiple things that if anyone accomplished one of those things in their lives, they would be like, wow, this is great.

Alex (Host): So what’s, what’s the next

Precious Williams: thing I believe the next thing for myself is to continue to nurture my media empire. It is also to create perfect peaches to be the premier, the premier number one company in the world when it comes to pitching and marketing and helping women create their next beautiful.

Precious Williams: Through the power of pitching and communication skills. I also want to host my own tele nationally syndicated talk show. I want to show it’s possible to do it in your forties and your fifties, and it throw caution to the wind. It ain’t always about the young, I, I know better now. I know so much better now.

Precious Williams: I wasted a lot of time wanting to be what everybody wanted me to be. And now I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I also. You know, how [00:32:00] you, you, you, like, I thought my greatest achievement would be having a billboard in times square, but I’ve had two already. So the next thing is to just make sure that other women know what’s inside of them to make sure that they own their journey.

Precious Williams: I’m just a small piece and unlocking the key to where they need to go. Right. I also want to continue to write books. I also love that people love precious. Fix my. They love it. You know, my article just came out today and they have just been like, man, there’s something about it. And I’m like, yeah, because I’m going to keep persisting in that women matter.

Precious Williams: All women tall, short, big, small, all different races, creeds, colors, genders, we all know. My story matters. Just as much as you want to talk about, there are notes. Then we work. My story matters just as much. [00:33:00] I came from nothing and I’m blessed to have the right people who are around me to remind me that my story doesn’t belong to me.

Precious Williams: It belongs to the next generation. If you didn’t come from money, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it. It doesn’t mean you have to be in entertainment or sports. You can literally think your way into the greatest places. And I did just that. And so I hope my legacy is to keep going and fortunate, famous the boat.

Precious Williams: I lived long enough to sh to see my, see my doubters, turn into believers, to see my haters congratulate me now and to keep going, because my purpose is an over the fat lady isn’t saying yet. So get ready. It’s about to get all the way down.

Alex (Host): Precious Williams. Uh, one, thank you for joining us today, but also I want to give you a chance to where can our listeners find you on the, the wide internet?

Alex (Host): Where can they find you?

Precious Williams: Okay, [00:34:00] so again, y’all, I’m precious Williams. I’m the proud founder and CEO of perfect pitches by My website is www that. Pitches by You can go there and check me out for one on one training and services, group trainings. And also, if you want to book me as a speaker at your next event or for your sales team, you can go there.

Precious Williams: I’m on Facebook. I am at perfect pitch P on Twitter. I’m at perfect pitch pee on Instagram at perfect pitches. On YouTube. We have our own YouTube channel, perfect pitches by precious. Also I do a LinkedIn live show every other week called keeping it real, but the killer pitch master, I’m also the author of a three number one bestselling book.

Precious Williams: You can get them on Amazon or you can get them on my website. They are bad bitches and power pitches for women, entrepreneurs and speakers, only beverages and power pitches in the world. And then pitching for profit the bed, but just play books to convert [00:35:00] conversations into currency. My fourth book, you can also get increased sales on Amazon.

Precious Williams: It’s called the pitch queen a woman’s journey from poverty to purpose in profits. I also have some digital online training that you can go to my website, www dot perfect participant, precious to check out. Uh, they’re on pitching and speaking. So if you are an entrepreneur who needs and wants to learn how to pitch in multiple rounds, or if you’re a speaker who wants to be booked busy and paid, please check out my booked and busy speakers masterclass.

Precious Williams: We also just came out with, um, Speaker one, speaker, one workbook and Canva speaker one worksheet and canvas. So it’s, it’s great. It’s great. I’m probably saying it wrong just because I’m not looking at it right now. If you ever want to create a speaker one that truly helps you stand out and get booked busy and page.

Precious Williams: Come check us out. That is how you can get in contact with me again, WW that perfect just by You can go there for consultation and also to get on my [00:36:00] calendar, check out some of the services and products that we offer. In addition to my book, you can book me there to speak at your next event, or at least sit in an inquiry where my agent will get in contact with you.

Precious Williams: Again, I impress yourself William killer pitch master. Sit here to what help you slay all competition and make me what the only choice that matters.

Alex (Host): Precious Williams to killer pitch master. So so much more, uh, thank you once again for joining us on the pod

Precious Williams: today. Thank you so much, Alex.

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