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VoyageDallas Podcast: Alejandra Hernandez of A1 Tennis Academy

Alejandra Hernandez has been teaching tennis since she was 15 and has excelled as an athlete over the years. In 2020 she launched her academy in with just a few months was experience a huge amount of interest. We’re not surprised, given that Alejandra has such a joyful personality, perspective and style and while her classes are designed to help you reach your highest potential as an athlete she still manages to create a fun, happy atmosphere.

She’s also a content partner, content partners help Voyage in so many ways from sponsoring our mission, to spreading the word about the work we do and collaborating with us on content like this.

There is so much to learn from her experience as an athlete, entrepreneur, instructor and most importantly – a community builder.

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Alex (Host): Allie Hernandez. Thank you so much for joining us on the show.

Alejandra Hernandez: Thank you for having me with you guys today.

Alex (Host): To get things started. Why don’t you just, give us a little overview of your work. Who are you and what do you do?

Alejandra Hernandez: So, my name is [00:02:00] Maria Alejandra Hernandez. I go by Allie. I am a professional tennis coach here in Dallas, Texas.

Alejandra Hernandez: I have a tennis academy called A1 tennis. And,  I teach individuals and people from three to adults. I expertise in, Building them and getting them better and,  just Polish them if they either they want to play in college in high school, or they just wanna keep F playing for fun or just, you know, keep the sport as a, as a long life, a sport

Alex (Host): Yeah. Incredible. So what does that, if somebody comes to you, what’s kind of that first meeting process, how do you kind of do that goal setting with.

Alejandra Hernandez: So, you know, the first thing that I do whenever a client comes to me, you know, we talk about pricing, we talk about,  what level they’re in, what’s their experience.

Alejandra Hernandez: Have they ever played before? What they’re looking to do,  in regards with their performance, are they looking to do social? [00:03:00] Are they looking to actually, you know, compete? That’s something that, you know, I always ask before I start with them,  the way I, my academy works is I usually, if you’re a beginner, I usually.

Alejandra Hernandez: Have you come in for a try try so I can check what skill you are, you know, what have you learned? There have many people that usually come and they’re like, you know, yeah. I have been playing tennis for three years or maybe one year and I’ve been taking lessons, but you know, they come to my court and then.

Alejandra Hernandez: You know, I , we have to start from a scratch and that’s totally fine. That’s definitely totally fine. You know, it’s just, that’s how I start because I, I, there, there is people they know that they know how to play, but they don’t really have the technique for the sport, you know, or if they haven’t been taught the way they’re supposed to be taught.

Alejandra Hernandez: So they, they just know how to play a certain way, but they, they can get better at it. And that’s what I look for, what I can Polish and get better. just, you know, make them play the game the way it’s supposed to be played and have the correct technique that I would like to have them. Usually the, I love to [00:04:00] I’m very well known to, be perf a perfectionist.

Alejandra Hernandez: So. And very detail oriented in regards with my job. I am very passionate about this. So I look for very specific details in regards to sports. So if you’re playing and then I see, I can figure out a mistake when immediately, whenever you hit a ball or, you know, when you’re running, I can check food work.

Alejandra Hernandez: You know, I can check all of those little mistakes. They usually people don’t pay attention to, and that are very important in the sport. To take in count. So that’s, that’s, you know, that’s the way we start after that, you know, I usually beginners, I put into private lessons. The way I work is I typically like to have eight to nine private lessons.

Alejandra Hernandez: Depending on the learning skill level the person has just because, you know, I believe that you don’t have to take private lessons your whole life to be good at tennis. Also, it’s also waste of money to be honest. And I, I’m very mindful in regards with [00:05:00] that aspect just of the situation that everyone is going through right now, you know, COVID inflation.

Alejandra Hernandez: I’m very, very mindful in regards with that. So I. I usually like to teach them and Polish them with an eight to nine lessons, private lessons, and then I move them to groups and for them to actually start playing and I can PO I can just fix fewers that I need to fix on and just keep polishing, keep growing the game.

Alejandra Hernandez: Just because you know, tennis, you are, you do play it against different people. You just don’t play with one people, one person or the,  all the time. So it’s very important, you know, that you get that game experience with others. You know, you are exposed to all different levels, not just one level. Mm. So I think that’s something that I work with.

Alejandra Hernandez: And honestly, I, we ha it’s, it’s so much fun when you have people in groups, you know, and you actually get to experience that, that time. So that’s what I do. And privates is just mostly, if I tell if I need to actually Polish you [00:06:00] really and have a time with you, I will tell you, Hey, I’m gonna need a private lesson with you this, this week or this.

Alejandra Hernandez: To work on this, you know, and Polish that. And then after that, you know, and after that, they just work on it in the group. And then if there’s something that, you know, needs to be going farther in regards of private, then I’ll go for it. But that’s just how I work. I, I don’t really put a, unless I don’t really put beginners together with different levels.

Alejandra Hernandez: So per se, if somebody starts. a lesson with me and they’re telling me, Hey,  my kid has been playing for three years and I have one kid that is just barely starting, has not played, you know? And also ages are a little bit complicated for me just because not that I can’t teach them, but we gotta understand that ages.

Alejandra Hernandez: Take a lot count just because of the learning skills, you know, you can’t comp you can’t put a three year old with a seven year old together. You know, the learning pace is gonna be a little faster with the seven year old than with a three year old. So I, I also check on that [00:07:00] before I, I teach, people together or I teach people separate.

Alejandra Hernandez: So, so yeah, that’s, that’s how,  I evaluate all of my clients before they start with me.

Alex (Host): Yeah. That’s I mean, that’s an incredibly, you know, it seems like such a, such a beautiful blend of something that’s very, very bespoke and like specific to an individual, while, while balancing that cost structure, which I think is really, is

Alejandra Hernandez: really great.

Alejandra Hernandez: Yeah. I think that, you know, I think that people right now, you know, they’re looking to learn, but they’re, you don’t wanna, I mean, tennis itself is very expensive. As you know, tennis is a very elegant sport. It’s a very, I mean, I guess you could say like, Back in the days, it used to be a high class sport, you know, where it was just very expensive.

Alejandra Hernandez: And so now it’s becoming very popular and where like everyone wants to play. And also when COVID started, you know, it’s just a, that, that distance that, you know, you require those six feet distance is, you know, it’s there mm-hmm . So I think that, you [00:08:00] know, it needs to be accessible for everyone, not just people.

Alejandra Hernandez: that have money. You know, I think that it’s for all the community, everyone, and I think everyone has a chance to learn. And that’s something that I offer. I, I give everyone the opportunity to come and play. And that’s something that I feel like not a lot of people offer because they’re pretty set on, Hey, this is how much it costs.

Alejandra Hernandez: This is if you can pay great. If you cannot pay good, you, you can’t. You know, so I, I try to keep my costs in regards where everyone can afford it and know also everyone can learn as well and enjoy.

Alex (Host): Sport. I, I also understand that you like to add a little twist to your workouts. Can you tell me about what, why your workouts are different from, from other tennis

Alejandra Hernandez: workouts?

Alejandra Hernandez: I do. I do. So I consider myself of,  I’m a very serious person, but at the same time, I’m very fun. I do like to put music if my, in my, in my. Classes. I think that brings a little bit of fun in the environment. Also, you know, I love, I let my students express themselves. I let them be [00:09:00] themselves. And I’m also, you know, their friend too, you know, we keep a professional of course, but they all can always come up to me for anything, especially my students, you know, we’ve developed such a good relationship where, they always come to me or whatever they.

Alejandra Hernandez: You know, whether it’s good, whether it’s bad, you know, I, I like to also enforce character and, and help in situations that I could help that maybe at home, they don’t feel comfortable doing, you know, I love one of the fun things that we do a lot with my kids is we make a lot of, A lot of like commercial, you know, they like to do commercials.

Alejandra Hernandez: They, they do like to do dances at the end of the practice when I do a videos and we just posted on social media and you know, it’s just making a little fun. I make play. I do a lot of games with them, but they’re learning games. They think it’s actually games, but they’re actually learning and they don’t know it.

Alejandra Hernandez: But, but yeah, and with my adults, honestly,  it’s more of like music really keeping them moving. I think that, my structure [00:10:00] is more about, competitiveness fun, but at the same time, you know, just be yourself kind of thing. You know, I, I am very strict in regards technique. I like my students to play well and I like them to, to learn the.

Alejandra Hernandez: Perfectly the way they feel comfortable when they go by themselves, they feel comfortable. They can achieve what they are paying for. So that’s something that, you know, I, I, I feel that it’s, it’s grown on the, on the academy itself and in just in general. And that’s how my name, I’m pretty known on that.

Alejandra Hernandez: And, and also in tournaments, I think that, you know, I, I, I’ve had two tournaments in the past. I’ve had just a tournament a month ago and I will tell you that. I, I would like to say that my, my academy is very different from every academy, just because, I mean, I grew up in south America. So the structure of tennis is a lot different in regards with pride.

Alejandra Hernandez: Like whenever people come and play a tournament, just the environment itself and the way I do my tournaments [00:11:00] are I like to have my sponsors. I like to bring goodies for all of the kids. I like to put some music on, you know, I like to keep everyone moving, laughing, talking, getting to know everyone in the academy.

Alejandra Hernandez: Self,  their strings, you know, and fun for them. And at the end of the tournament, you know, I like to have a trophy ceremony where, and little gift backs where I give my, my kids, all of my kids and the kids that come feel like they either, even if they lost, they accomplish something, you know, because you don’t wanna, I think that, I mean, growing up here in the.

Alejandra Hernandez: When I would go to tournaments here, it was just like, okay, you lost, you go home or you lose and then, or you win and then here’s your trophy or your medal. And you go home. There’s no like a ceremony or appreciation from the whole place where like everyone is clapping at you or everyone is telling you, Hey, good job.

Alejandra Hernandez: You know, it’s it’s, there’s there’s no, that. Feeling that you get of admiration from people. So that’s what I do in my tournaments at the end, when people win, it’s, you know, have [00:12:00] the whole entire tournament, you know, everybody watching and seeing that compliment of others, even though some of them haven’t won, but they still got a gift back.

Alejandra Hernandez: They still, you know, want something. And so that’s something very important that I, you know, I put on it just because you wanna give the motivation, especially to. Or adults as well, you know, same with gifts it’s, you know, to keep trying for the next thing. Okay. I already lost this tournament, but I won this, but my next achievement is gonna be a trophy or is gonna be a medal it’s becoming first place, second place.

Alejandra Hernandez: So that’s something that I, you know, I, I put a lot of work on to, to keep my clients happy, entertained, but also, you know, motivated to keep playing. And

Alex (Host): you’ve been, you’ve been coaching tennis since you were 15, but you weren’t always a full-time tennis coach. You spent time in the corporate world.  what, what brought you to getting a one tennis academy started?

Alejandra Hernandez: So it’s a very interesting story. You know, I, I work in seven 11 in oil and gas and Sano. I was in oil and gas for [00:13:00] what I would say seven years. I I’m not gonna lie. I loved it. It was great. But whenever I would go get to work. It wasn’t something, you know, it was more of a monotone routine. So it was like, I will come, I will wake up, go to work, leave.

Alejandra Hernandez: And by the time I get home, I was already too tired to, to even go to the gym, you know? So I feel like it became more of a. More of a ordinary, like thing that was just every day. And I wasn’t happy. I just honestly was not happy at all. doing the same thing every single day. So after that, you know, after oil and gas, I moved to a, a company,  It’s called P software and this a company they’re the, they are the ones who make the registers for the convenience stores for seven 11 and stripes.

Alejandra Hernandez: And,  I was, I was doing two different things that you’ll never guess, but I was doing business administration and legal agreements. So I was working with the law team and I was also working with the business side of it. [00:14:00] So it was just to the point where know where I. I wasn’t being appreciated for, I was doing, I was not getting paid for what I was doing to either, you know, so COVID hit, I think it was, you know, a sign and I got laid off due to COVID.

Alejandra Hernandez: And after that, I’ll be honest. I didn’t know what to do with my life. I’ve never gotten fired before and I didn’t get fired, but I got laid off. So pretty much being fired and I just took a month and a half and just thought about what I really wanted to do. What was my passion? I just really sat down.

Alejandra Hernandez: Wrote down, everything that I love to do, you know, and I did Nan for a little bit. I babysat for a little while. And finally, you know, I came across my dad and literally he has his own business as well. And he was like, Ali, you love people. You love being, you love being. Active, you love kids. You’re really good at what you do in regards to teaching.

Alejandra Hernandez: So you’ve ran my academy [00:15:00] before you’re aware my secondhand, why don’t you just build your own academy in Dallas? So , I was like, okay, well, that’s a good idea. You know, so I started as structuring how I wanted to do this, to be honest. And I mean, I was, it was a big jump. It was a big risk for me. I mean, you’re going from having an steady patch paycheck to going to, you know, depending of how many clients you have and how much money you are going to make, depending on the lessons that you’re gonna do.

Alejandra Hernandez: And depending on the pricing. So that was a little risky, but I took the risk. I didn’t have a business plan to be honest. I just, honestly, every single day, we’ll just write down. What I wanted, well, what I wanted that week, what I wanted to accomplish that week later started with what I wanted accomplish in that month, what I wanted accomplish in a year, you know?

Alejandra Hernandez: And, I started with 10 clients. To be honest, people just knew me just because I used to work for Royal Oaks country club here in [00:16:00] Dallas and also France. And so my name was pretty out there also because I play in the state of Texas. So, and I was teaching as well there too. So I, I get my name started getting out there, out there, there, I started getting a little more clients and I decided to opt on social media.

Alejandra Hernandez: I never really truly believed in social media until I tried. So I went into Facebook and I’m not sure if you know about this, but I’m sure you do, but you know, you follow all these groups on Facebook and all of these groups are interested in different things. So what I did is I asked myself and I was like, okay, what are, who can I get in contact with, put myself out there that are going to want to have lessons with and bring those kids.

Alejandra Hernandez: So I decided to join them at the babysitting park cities babysitting in. Which is they’re all of the moms that have kids, you know, all of the moms,  that are looking to play tennis too, you know, and I just pose a picture and I just pose that I. I was teaching lesson and I’m not gonna lie. I was very blessed.

Alejandra Hernandez: I got [00:17:00] 253 messages. wow. and like within three months of starting the company, it just blew off out of nowhere. So, you know, obviously all of those 250 didn’t start with me, but you know, it grew like I started having from 10, I went to 50 and then all of a sudden I went to 78, maintain a little bit for longer.

Alejandra Hernandez: And then from there. Things just started going really well and growing it was just started being worth of mouth. And I that’s how a one 10 started becoming well known, you know, and I started getting well known. after that, with this, the team, I hired a team to work on the social media because we had a different logo.

Alejandra Hernandez: We have a, we had a very simple logo, you know, when you start it’s, it’s very simple. You don’t really know what you’re doing. So mm-hmm, I restarted. I started to rebrand myself and what I really wanted for this, why was my, what were my goals? You know, what are my five year accomplishments that I wanna do?

Alejandra Hernandez: How many kids I wanna have. And [00:18:00] so. how am I gonna spend myself? So, yeah, so that’s just how I started right now. Honestly, I’ve had clients that have been with me through my whole entire journey, their family, to me. I absolutely adore them. and it keeps growing. And my biggest goal to be honest is to have in the future of facility where.

Alejandra Hernandez: people can just come enjoy their time. Not necessarily a country club, because that’s a lot, , that’s a lot of money right now. but definitely, you know, a facility when I will have my own courts. And honestly, in regards to this, whether. I would like the course to be, covered because with the heat and the cold, it’s just, it’s been a, honestly a kind of a nightmare for everyone, for me as well in regards with the business.

Alejandra Hernandez: So, so yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s what we’re doing right now. We’re growing, we’ve gotten few partnerships as well. We’re, I’m very thankful that I’m, that we’ve been, I’m I have three sponsors that are amazing. I have Wilson. [00:19:00] I, I absolutely love them. I have DM and I also have rocket pro, so I’ve been very, I’ve been growing tremendously and I’ve been very blessed.

Alejandra Hernandez: I’ve been very, very blessed. And it’s literally thank you for all my clients, because it’s been, all of my clients have, you know, it’s been a worth of amount as well. I haven’t really done much of social media in regards exposing groups anymore, just because, you know, they refer me mm-hmm so. So, so yeah, that’s what I I’m doing right now.

Alejandra Hernandez: And I’m looking to open a new site in Frisco,  where I finally found a coach it’s been hard, but, yeah, that’s, you know, we’re looking to expand and that’s something, you know, that a big goal that I’m excited to accomplish and keep growing little by little, but keep growing.

Alex (Host): And, and how has it,  been navigating that.

Alex (Host): Sort of explosive growth,  for, for you as you know, the someone running the company and then trying to, you know, you spoke of the [00:20:00] challenge of finding a coach. So what, what have those challenges that you’ve met

Alejandra Hernandez: been like, I’ll tell you. One thing I have in tennis is very tennis. Like any other sport, I feel like whenever you start getting used to a coach, It’s very hard to jump to a new coach.

Alejandra Hernandez: I have been going through a lot. I, I went through one experience. That was very tough for me. I had brought a guy from Columbia. He’s such, he’s an amazing guy. great, great guy. But honestly, the way that we started, it was just, it was hard because, you know, we had, he didn’t have the experience that I felt he had, you know, and he wasn’t teaching.

Alejandra Hernandez: I wasn’t expecting him to teach the way I teach, but I was expecting him to kind of have a little bit. Of of, of knowledge, of how I teach the way I was teaching. Just because, you know, people are so used to me and, you know, they don’t wanna go from one coach to another. They, they they’re, they just wanna stay with that person because they know they’re doing great.

Alejandra Hernandez: You know? So that was a little bit of a challenge. Finding coaches has been a challenge for me, just because. Everyone has their own style of teaching. [00:21:00] Everyone knows different ways of teaching and everyone is updated in different ways. Some people are updated right now in the modern world. Tennis. Some are not, you know, you really it’s actually a career.

Alejandra Hernandez: Something you actually really do need to study, to keep growing, cuz everything changes every, all the time. I mean, we’re talking about back in the day,  you play with, I mean you probably, I’m not sure if you play tennis, but. If you were talking about forehand, which is like the shot with one hand, you don’t back in day used to be okay, you do a big, big, giant loop, and then you hit the ball.

Alejandra Hernandez: Now tennis, modern 10 is all about the, the shorter you do it, the better, you know, the smaller thing you do it it’s just better. So it’s faster. And so I think that has been one of the complications that I have coaching in regards. just finding the correct person that, you know, I can trust to leave my business with when I’m not, or when I’m gone, when I’m not there, or Hey, or when I’m sick, you know, mm-hmm but so far I think doing it by myself, it’s been, it’s been a, [00:22:00] it’s been, it hasn’t been easy.

Alejandra Hernandez: I would say it hasn’t been a struggle, but it hasn’t been easy just because we’re talking about 253 people, you know, almost, you know, 300 people by myself. And we’re talking about payments. We’re talking about, you know, scheduling lessons, we’re talking about rescheduling lessons,  just sending bills, sending invoices, managing also social media at the SI at the same time.

Alejandra Hernandez: So it it’s been a growth and it’s been a learning experience for me because I mean, I had to hire people. Learn do all the social media. Cause I no longer had time for that. I had to really focus on my students, you know, and everything that I needed to do now, I’m, I’m launching a software where, I mean, you’re familiar.

Alejandra Hernandez: If you have taxes, you don’t wanna have everything. You don’t wanna have to go back and get all of your clients payments on Vemo, right? correct. Yeah. You have to basically do all that. So that, that was, that was been a learning thing as well. For me, I had to do, you know, taxes last year and for me was. A [00:23:00] whole mess, just because I had to go back to all my Zs, all of my Venmo.

Alejandra Hernandez: So within this, I decided this year, then I was gonna launch a soft. It’s basically kind of like a country club. So,  every client is gonna have their portal, their member portal, and they’re able to book lessons there. They’re able to sign up for events. They’re able to have their own statements and their, their own payments.

Alejandra Hernandez: I’ll just go and pay for it. You know, it’s just a lot easier. So I no longer have to do texting, sending,  having an Excel sheet, keeping up with everyone. So I’m yeah, I’m telling it’s, it’s been. I haven’t had any help, but the only, I think I have not really haven’t had any help, but advice from two clients that absolutely adore, they’d be my backbone from day one and that’s Peter marina and they’ve been literally my, my counselors, my mentors, I would say like, Hey, this might go well this way, Hey, this is a good idea.

Alejandra Hernandez: You know, Hey, you know, it’s [00:24:00] kind of who I go to whenever I. And advice in regard with the business, just because I don’t know, you know, I mean, I’m a 29 year old. I started this when I was 27 and it’s still learning for us when you start a business is it’s new for you and by yourself and you don’t have help.

Alejandra Hernandez: It’s another deal, you know? So, so yeah, so, so far, you know,  I’m very excited to. To launch the software, and my clients feel more comfortable with it as well. And it’s just easy access for them and myself as well. And from there, keep growing, keep growing and just look for a place where I can finally say, Hey, it’s my own.

Alejandra Hernandez: I did this whole thing.  it’s been amazing. And, you know,  I just keep growing the business. And as a woman, you know, you don’t, you really don’t see. A woman teaching is very right to have an academy, a big academy. You don’t see it here. And that actually at all, you see woman teaching, but you don’t really [00:25:00] have like an entrepreneur woman.

Alejandra Hernandez: That it has her own thing, you know? So, it’s pretty, I would say I’m very, I don’t give myself much credit a lot of the time, so I’m like, no, I still need to do more. But I actually look at myself in the morning. I just literally told myself I am so proud of you because. It’s been a journey, Alex, it’s definitely been a journey.

Alejandra Hernandez: And, and I’m just thankful for all of the opportunities that come across within all of this journey with, you know, being with you guys, being with voyage Dallas magazine too. It’s a big deal for me. So, yeah. Well,

Alex (Host):  I mean, we’re, we’re happy to be along on this journey with you, as you, as you’ve hit some of those challenges, what has, what has kept you inspired along the way?

Alex (Host): Like, I mean, certainly. I have to imagine there have been days where you’ve, you’ve been like, why, why have I gotten myself into this? But how do you keep moving forward in those moments?

Alejandra Hernandez: You know, I think my biggest, I think my biggest thing is, honestly my biggest motivation is. My dream is to [00:26:00] open that place.

Alejandra Hernandez: It’s it’s to be financial. I have the financial freedom. I do have the, the, I have the freedom in my life into as well, but I think in general, it’s like be able to have that facility where I can just. To manage it, you know, I no longer, I, I, it’s very, it’s very, it is a very tough sport because you know, I’m talking about now it’s a hundred degrees here and we’re talking about being on the court for eight hours.

Alejandra Hernandez: It’s tough, you know, especially for a woman, but I would say my biggest motivation are my clients, my kids, and the growth that they’ve had, to be honest, seeing them grow it’s. The most coolest thing I can experience just because it motivates me to keep, keep seeing them, not just growing tennis, but just growing their lives.

Alejandra Hernandez: You know, I feel like they’re. I, I also mold them to become great people as well. You know? And it’s, it’s such a motivation to keep going to work every day. And you know, it’s, every day is different. [00:27:00] Every day is a new day. Every day can be a struggle. It cannot be in a struggle. It can be a happy day. It cannot be a, it cannot be a happy day, but it’s just the motivation of, of seeing them happy is what makes me going, keeps me going.

Alejandra Hernandez: So. so that, and, and, you know, eventually, you know, just, just run it where I can just run a full entire academy with a bunch of people and, you know, kind of have it like a country club, but it’s smaller and private and yeah, that’s just very, that’s, you know, that’s something that motivates me and I dream every day to look for and just keeps me going to keep growing and growing and growing and, you know, have this business be this business.

Alejandra Hernandez: Be success. Well, Ali,

Alex (Host): I can tell you that they, we, we’re excited to, to continue tracking you on that journey as well, and kind of taking it with you. But before I let you go, I wanna give you one, a, a chance here to, to let our listeners know where can they find more information about you and a one tennis academy?

Alejandra Hernandez: Definitely. So you can definitely go to a one Or you can check out our Instagram page. It’s a [00:28:00] one tent, Texas, TX, also Facebook us a one 10 as well. You can find us there and,  and you can also contact me as well if you, if you need, Alex, see if you, I don’t know if you want me to bring my phone number here or it’s just too out there, but, but yeah, you will find all my information there.

Alejandra Hernandez: My email is there as well. I’ll be happy to. To get in contact with all of you guys,  talk to you and, you know, help you grow in your journey and love the sport. Just as much as I do and make it your passion, cuz honestly this is a lifetime sport. That’s the best thing about tennis. It’s such a lifetime sport.

Alejandra Hernandez: You can play with your family, with your friends and Hey, guess what? Even go get a drink and drink while you play. So. So it’s very fun, but yeah, that’s where you can find me. we’ll love to, you know, get in contact. Whoever wants to be part of the team,  the family, they tennis family, and, yeah. Welcome.

Alejandra Hernandez: Anybody’s welcome,

Alex (Host): ally. Thanks again for joining us here on the [00:29:00] voyage podcast.

Alejandra Hernandez: Thank you so much, Alex, for your time. Thanks for voyage magazine for having me and I look forward to keep working with you guys.



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