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Arlington’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Arlington’s rising stars below.

Wayne D. Duehn

Professor Emeritus, School of Social Work, the University of Texas at Arlington; maintains a private practice in individual, marital, and family therapy. He is currently engaged in clinical research on sexually abusive parents and juvenile sexual offenders. As a national lecturer and trainer, Dr. Duehn is also consultant to many institutions including National Association of Social Work, Big Brothers/Big Sisters Association, National Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers, and has conducted training for law enforcement personnel, schools, CASA staff/volunteers, and social service/mental health agencies throughout the United States. Read more>>

Tracy and Emmett DeVaul Jr.

My husband and I began our journey in June of 1999 both working full time day jobs and having twins born December 1998 was a bit of a struggle to juggle it all. I found myself working late at night and him too because we both worked 8 to 5 it took a good 2 years to gain enough clients for me to go part time and another 5 years for us both to become full time with our business and walk away from our so called day jobs. I am so happy for all of our achievements we have done and now having our twins 18 years old that graduated this year will hopefully continue for this to be generations of work pasted down. Read more>>

Kat Gravino

About 34 years ago, my friend was having a 50th birthday party for her mom, who loved clowns. She was going to hire one, however, since I have been acting since middle school, I told her I could do it for her. I made a costume, worked up a few ‘bits’ and did the party. It was a hit! Soon afterwards, I saw an advertisement for clown college classes, and I thought that that would be something I would love to do, so I enrolled! I learned the art of clowning; how to write skits, create balloon sculptures, face painting, magic, ventriloquism, the different types of clowns, costuming, personality, names, and creating a face. Read more>>

Mario Medina and Adam Weiss

Mario and I met through a mutual friend, and for lack of a better word, we commiserated about some of the challenges we saw in the industry and ways that agencies were run, and how we’d like to approach things differently. I have a sales background — monetizing content, basically — while Mario has a background in creating and delivering content, so we really hit it off. It’s what we call the intersection of content and commerce. So when we started, we thought we’d do things our own way, where we focus on customers’ needs first so that we keep them long-term. We started off with the two of us working out of our respective homes, and were fortunate to have some quick successes early on and were able to grow relatively quickly. Read more>>

Lauren Cain

Crunchy Boutique is owned and operated on a daily basis by Keema Echols, Lauren Echols-Cain and Brandon Echols. Crunchy Boutique is fortunate to also have the support of other family members. Altogether, any one of 7 family members may be found at Crunchy Boutique helping out in some way at any time. Lauren is the inspiration for and face of Crunchy Boutique. When Lauren found out that she was expecting in early 2016, she knew almost immediately that she wanted to travel the natural parenting path. At that time, the most important things to Lauren and her husband, DeAndre was to have a home water birth, cloth diaper and breastfeed. Read more>>

David Contreras

I started in 2011 as a car photographer for a dealership. At first it was just a job and then slowly I became more interested in photography and making cars look awesome for the dealership’s website. Over time I became interested in shooting real estate and then portraits. Definitely hasn’t been a smooth road. Just like everything I had to practice, practice, practice to become better. Every now and then I would get a request to shoot photos for something I wasn’t too familiar with, but I took on any challenge that came along the way so that I could gain experience. Read more>>

Jana Holland

The fact I have loved old things since I was a small girl has led me to this point in my life. Throughout the years my passion grew, as did my collection of all things vintage, old, and with a past. I worked in the corporate world for years, and was even a flight attendant for American Airlines for 20 years as well. Working as a flight attendant, I found I had time to spare and opened my first antique booth, selling some of my treasures. That business grew over the years, expanding to online selling as well as individual shows. When I retired from American, I opened by brick and mortar business downtown Arlington, wanting to be part of the redevelopment of the area. Read more>>

Butch Cappel

I grew up watching Rin Tin Tin on TV and always knew that was the kind of relationship, and the kind of dog I wanted to live with. At one time, I had a dozen or so strays living in my back yard, in a camping tent we had, and my mother was wondering why I was always going outside to eat supper, then coming back for seconds and thirds. Then she discovered all the dogs coming around the tent at night for a meal! I was maybe in the first grade, and I just never quit doing dogs, (though my Mother did quit cooking extra for me). Read more>>

Jeanne Boyd-Curtis and Gary Boyd

Gary Boyd, owner of Boyd, Inc. grew up in Anson, Texas. A small rural city outside of Abilene. His mother and father owned the local hardware store, Boyd Lumber. Gary spent his school years working afternoons and weekends at the Boyd Lumber Yard. To the surprise of many, when Gary graduated High School he went off to Waco, Texas where he attended Baylor University and Majored in English with a minor in Ministry. After graduating from Baylor, Gary pursued a career in ministry and received his Masters of Divinity from Golden Gate Seminary in California. Though he enjoyed his ministry career, the calling of his childhood labor never quieted and in 1974 Gary opened Boyd, Inc., a roofing and construction company currently based in Mansfield, Texas. Read more>>

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