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Arlington’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Arlington’s rising stars below.

Autumn Yates

Baking has been my family’s hobby for my whole life. Our holidays revolve around time in the kitchen together; when we reunite, now that we’re spread across the country, we make ridiculous lists of 3 dozen menu items we want to cram into a weeklong visit.  As a teenager, my best friend and I would spend most of our time at my house baking together, which turned into my first job: selling my pies at our small-town Illinois farmers’ market. I was only a teenager so my mom would cart me over there early Saturday mornings and sit with me the whole time while my elderly regulars filed through for apple or cherry pie and whatever cookies I’d made that week.  Over a decade later, after multiple family moves, college, marriage, another move, and the jobs that go with all of that, the job I always go back to as my favorite is the farmers’ market. Ever since then, as my mom does, if I’m baking something, I’m giving some of it to someone, which inevitably leads back to contemplating giving it to more people, just not for free.  Read more>>

Cynthia Ruiz

I’m a Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, 200 HR Registered Yoga Instructor, and self-proclaimed minimalist and organization expert. In 2019, I created WorkStressLess LLC to teach others the life-changing benefits of mindfulness so they can feel more connected to themselves, the work they do, and the people they love. I also enjoy showing others how to incorporate mindfulness in their home by organizing spaces with less stuff and more intention. However, I didn’t always have mindfulness in my life. I served in five Texas public schools as a 9th-12th English teacher for 14 years. I’d dreamed of being a teacher since I was 5 years old (I used to make my brothers play school with me), and if you tried to warn me that I would experience trauma over and over again in my classroom, I would’ve told you I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and I could handle it. Read more>>

Angelica Villalobos

It’s been about 6 years going on 7 years since I’ve started my business. I just had my oldest daughter in 2015, just graduated high school, teen mom not knowing what to do next. The struggle of trying to find a babysitter, not trusting daycares etc. While her father worked full time, I was at home with our daughter, knowing I needed to do something while being able to care for Leila. I’ve always been such a crafty person, the thought of planning birthday parties, decorating all that fun stuff was all me, that’s when I decided to purchase my machine along with all my other materials to get me started, and from there in time there was no stopping, there was times where I thought what am I doing? Nobody is going to support me. I’ve always been the type to jump into something, and always start something else shortly after. I’ve started my business from a corner of our apartment, wasn’t much space at all but wasn’t stopping me from doing what I loved.  Read more>>

Larry Curry

I am the founder of a youth based non-profit organization called Metro Sports Fieldhouse. Our mission at Metro Sports Fieldhouse is to “Provide resources that bridge the gaps that exist in youth/character development by being welcoming, promoting community engagement, providing unique collaborative opportunities for holistic development and helping young people expand their vision for their future”. We began providing our “FREE” unique programming in 2016. Our primary objective is to use sports and physical activity as a vehicle to introduce inner city kids to new supplemental education topics and new career pathways. Our programming concepts and ideas come from me growing up in Oak Cliff, TX. Oak Cliff is full of talented, smart, beautiful people. I wanted to take all the things that I learned growing up there and identify new and creative ways to provide young people with resources, exposure to new things, and overall mentorship that will help them thrive and have a path forward to successful adulthood. Read more>>

Alvina Kollie

I am West African (Liberian) but I grew up in Minnesota. I moved to Dallas about 5 years ago. I currently work as an Analyst in accounting. I am an introvert, so I learned to express myself through fashion and style. My love for fashion heightened when I moved to Texas. It was warm all the time; I made a few friends who are very outgoing and because of my introverted nature I sometimes get a bit nervous when talking to people, so showing up fashionable was my way of getting a conversation started without feeling awkward. I would get compliments about the way I dress, so my friends encouraged me to start posting my outfits on Instagram and that’s how I started blogging about my personal style. Read more>>

Leah Carr

I’ve always loved lady-like things and cared about my appearance. As a little girl I would change my outfit several times a day, carry a purse, and wear my white patent leather kitten heels. As a school-aged girl part of my first email address was lilladylee. I would always hear how fitting this was for me because I was a true little lady. For some time I struggled to find my passion but one thing for sure is I love helping people, more specifically women. My vision is to build a community of like minded, stylish ladies who are leaders and influencers working together to achieve a common goal. We may be moms, wives, and/or bosses but each aspect of our lives is carried out in style. I believe being a lady is a matter of how you carry yourself with style and poise in your dress and lifestyle. I launched Lady Lee’s Boutique in September of 2021 with this vision in mind. My brand gives me a greater purpose in life: to help and serve others. Through Lady Lee’s Boutique it is my mission to inspire, educate, and assist women to feed their femininity, freedom, and flair. Read more>>

Rayvon Feist

I actually came up with the whole idea while I was doing a lil’ county jail time in Denton. I will go on the yard at night and always see this flashing red light in the sky. One day I ask my old school Ponta what was that red light.? He told me it’s known as a beacon, and that beacon mean silent signal. I went back to my bunk pull the dictionary out and started to learn more about it. Next morning, I woke up with it still on my mind so I told one of my Mexican homeboys to finish drawing this logo I kind of sketched out (I couldn’t really draw). He finally finished it and gave it to me I was so shocked that my vision came together that quick. Fast forward I get out of jail after doing 13months took the idea to one of my nerdy homeboys and we got a couple shirts printed up. I basically was giving the shirts away because at the time I was rapping (trying to do something different) and it was good promotion. After my mixtape dropped I kind of lost vision of my whole brand and got sidetracked by the streets. Read more>>

Davida Farr

I am a person who has never met a stranger. I have always, genuinely wanted the best for everyone. I’ve learned a lot by observing society. I adopted the thought concept of; “I have to be the change I want to see.” There are great Inequalities, unfair gentrification, deprivation, and gerrymandering that keeps the cycle of poverty going. The need to improve becomes more immense daily. I am a seamstress, resin artist, financial business consultant, and an avid volunteer in the community.  Comfortable self-expression that makes people feel good is my goal in becoming a seamstress. Resin art is a more free-spirited art of expression that is intended to reach a different and more broad audience that may be neglected. Financial literacy is so desperately needed in many communities but poverty-stricken areas especially, so I share information to improve the financial situation of others and help start businesses. I can’t improve or reach others if I do not put my feet to the ground, so I volunteer and give as much as possible. Read more>>

Mitchiko Jackson

I love this question because it reminds me of how far God has brought me. I became interested in real estate years before I ever became a Realtor. I remember walking through a model home with my husband during our first home purchase. We knew nothing about buying a home. I watched my parents buy their first home and I knew that I wanted the same for my family as well. So off we went, to the first builder that showed us a 2 story home. In reality, it was too much home for our growing family at the time. But without guidance, we were just making decisions that we thought were best for us, not knowing that we were doing too much and too fast. I look back at those times and thank God for his covering. We were literally choosing brick, flooring, wall paint, carpeting and all sorts of other things associated with building a house without the knowledge of what homeownership looked like. There were first time buyer programs of which we didn’t have any knowledge. Read more>>

Lanier Manuel

I was always creative growing up, being an outside kid helped me hone in on those skills as well, because I had to use my imagination and entertain myself. Fast forward to me as an adult, in 2017 I found another creative and cool opportunity and that was drones. I saw the potential in it and have never looked back since. I did my research on it and went to school to learn more about it, and got my drone pilots license; which has enabled me to work with corporate companies as well as showing my creative side and who I am in entertainment. It’s been ups and down like any business, and I’ve learned to make adjustments as I evolve and grow. This ride is about the journey and I’m enjoying every moment of it. In hopes to inspire others to reach and achieve their passions and goals as well.  Read more>>

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