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Arlington’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Arlington’s rising stars below.

Leila and Dionne Williams

Leila has loved animals since she was about two years old. She would watch Diego on Nickelodeon and really retain the animal facts that she learned on the show. When we would tell people about her love of animals, they would think of it like a little kid enjoying the zoo. But they would ask Leila a question about an animal and they would be amazed by the information she could share. Read more>>

Jesse Crow

Building a good team was important to me and is behind my success. We each have our own strengths but we share the same values. Ultimately taking good care of people is our priority. This takes good morals and a desire to treat people the way we all want to be treated. We all want our customers to be happy and they are. That’s the secret to my success. Read more>>

Celeste Willis

Today I’m blessed to have a successful business providing professional weaving services, custom wigs, and professional makeup! To be able to provide a service that makes my clients feel more confident and beautiful has an amazing effect on them, inevitably allowing their alter ego to shine through. Read more>>

Elise Townsend

My goal for starting Be Bloomed Wellness was to use my life experiences and counseling background to hopefully impact young women’s lives in some positive and relatable way. On Be Bloomed, I discuss real talk topics about health, wellness, and my lifestyle, including clean beauty products, fashion, and travel! Read more>>

Adrian Neely

With the circle I’ve found myself in most recently, I’ve been acting as director of photography. I like to push myself visually. I’m trying to do things that aren’t run of the mill. I’m proud any time I see growth or do something that surprises me. I’d like to believe I’m easy to work with and adaptable. Read more>>

LaKeisha Soders

I started getting into makeup because I wanted to look older lol. I was always real skinny with long hair so I cut my hair off and started playing in makeup. I eventually got good at and people wanted me to do theirs. At first, I was like naw, but with the push of my boyfriend at the time, I took a leap and here we are today! Read more>>

Shaunie B

Fear will always make you feel like you are not worthy enough. Negative energy from society will keep you doubting your visions. Employment will snatch up all of your free time. Finances will postpone how you make yourself available. But if you are hungry for success, these things will only be viewed as excuses to hold you back. You have to challenge yourself because nothing will be handed to you. Read more>>

Janine Thompson

I started out doing makeup on myself, then family and friends started asking for me to do theirs. Eventually, it turned into taking on clients. At first, I was just into the makeup aspect but as time has passed, I have wanted to expand and provide more beauty services. Read more>>

Cameshia Davis

When I moved to Dallas in 2001, I volunteered to decorate for parties and other events for friends who quickly noticed I had a knack for décor and design. Through the years, many people have encouraged me to turn my hobby and talent into a business and I finally decided to do that in June 2018. Read more>>

Bryan Humphrey

I have spoken at church events, plenty of schools in the DFW area, workshops, conferences, networking and empowering events. I’ve just been super consistent with building up my social media platform, getting my book out and doing as many speaking engagements and interviews as I can that fits my niche. Read more>>

Lucy Arango

I had been a stay at home mom for two years after being a paralegal for 7+ years. I felt the need to do something for myself and my family. I talked about getting certified for months, I researched it daily and finally (with the support of my husband who always pushed me to just do it) I signed up for cosmetology school. That in itself was even harder but I pushed through it! Read more>>

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