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Arlington’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Arlington’s rising stars below.

Jon Lee

Being very sickle and from Compton, with very religious parents, they, my parents, sheltered me. They kept me away from a lot of things. They were very protective of me. With good intention, they kept me in church, they sent me to private schools that were run by their churches denomination. So, I lived in a bubble. No secular music was allowed, only oldies and Gospel music. Read more>>

Daniel Garcia

I am a Peruvian filmmaker and educator dedicated to the development of visual storytelling curricula and socially relevant filmmaking. I have an MFA degree in film production from Ohio University, an MA in Communication from Wheaton College, and a BA in linguistics and literature from The Pontific Catholic University of Perú at Lima. Read more>>

Dr. Mary Payton

Raised by the best mother in the world, I was allowed to travel my own path with her guidance. This journey took me to being the first African American to receive an Army Officer Commission from Texas Christian University and earning four degrees. That path led to me serving 29 years in the United States Army as a Chemical Officer retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. During my military career, I served in an array of leadership positions. Read more>>

Darolyn Brock

I kept adding more life lessons as I promoted in management from one company to another and I saw nothing but huge success. My last company I worked for was Sprint, and by then I had proven that these life lessons worked and each team I had was great so much so that my teams began to be comprised of 80 percent women and 10% men. Yes, you see this lady boss had women that desired to work on her team. Read more>>

Jess Apel

I spent a few of my years bartending part-time and making gig posters for musicians around Fort Worth. I was only taking a handful of classes, with no real sense of direction of where I was going. The only thing I really knew was I had to support myself, and I knew school could get me to the place I wanted to be. Before I ever considered going into the UTA Painting program, I was an English major. Read more>>

Alexandra Benavidez

I am from a small town of Odessa, Texas where I grew up dancing at the age of three years old at Shout Cheerleading by Welton Blaylock. I continued to dance and play sports at the jr.high level where I was on the Ector Jr. High Dance team still continuing to dance outside of school at Shout Cheerleading. I eventually became a showgirl at Odessa High which is one of the top high school national winning dance teams in the state of Texas. During my senior year, I made history by being the first and only hip-hop solo to win a national solo title at Crowd Pleasers Nationals in San Antonio, Texas. Read more>>

Leslie Trotter

Growing up, I had always had a passion for photography, writing, and culture. Traveling was also a big part of my life, but once I started to travel internationally as a teen, I knew that I didn’t want to stop. During my years as a university student, I heavily integrated myself within the international community and took a chance on photography with a simple point and shoot camera. When I was accepted into the gallery on campus without even submitted my work, it inspired me to continue. Once I graduated, I thought about ways I could integrate my interests. So, Traveling Curiosity was born. Read more>>

Kevin Locks

When I was younger, I was in a singing/dance group back in my hometown of New Iberia, Louisiana. I just knew that we were going to make it in the music industry and be this #1 selling R&B group. I told my mom that I was going to buy her a big house and she wasn’t going to have to work no more and everything. LOL! I was that kid! So when I graduated from high school, college wasn’t even a thought because I knew that I and the other members in the group could really pursue our dreams of making it in the music industry. Read more>>

Chantelle Prejean

I got started in photography during my Freshman year of High School, and it took off from there. Though, my true passion for photography started with my love for music. So of course, I began taking photos at the concerts I went to. The local clubs in Houston (where I was at the time) didn’t have any strict rules on photography, so I was typically able to get my camera in. Once the desire for shooting bigger shows began, I started contacting music publicists as an independent photographer to obtain press credentials. My biggest break and most exciting moment starting this out was being granted a photo pass to shoot the band Rise Against in 2012. Read more>>

Aatiyah Henry

I started my business/brand #LasheddOut two years ago shortly after being injured while running track at The University of Arkansas which cut my track & field career short. Fortunately, ending my track and field career catapulted me into the beauty industry. Eyelash extensions are fairly new luxury services provided to women of all ages to help enhance natural lashes and is beginning to take off in the economy. Today, I eat, sleep & breath lash extensions. Read more>>

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