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Art & Life with Dallas Gibson

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dallas Gibson.

Dallas, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
Well my story is quite simple really. My family and I have a deep affinity for movies and when I say deep I mean deep. My wife (Crow) and I especially have an affinity for them as they are our escape. Whenever we need a break from it all we just get a good flick going and hello relaxation! I myself have liked movies since I was little and saw Ghostbusters for the first time, after that I was hooked. In the summer of 2016 my wife and I were talking one night about movies and how we thought a lot of the new “reboots” were lacking and that some original ideas were needed. Jokingly, we thought hey why can’t we write some? We’ve seen hundreds of movies surely we can have an original thought. Unbeknownst to me my wife had already researched the formatting and everything and had started writing her first script “Phantom,” which only took her a month to complete. Well in the process of editing and such I got an idea in my head for a story and three months later “Overwatch” was done. Ever since then we’ve constantly been writing. Last year we went a step further and filmed our very first short “Phantom” based on my wife’s first script. In that time we were considering filming a short my wife and daughter began attending E. Arrtistic Acting Studio in Plano to gain more experience acting. There they have really blossomed into really good actresses while I stick to primarily writing.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
We began writing because we thought we had great stories to tell and eleven screenplays later I’d say we’ve shared some good ones but that’s only part of the process. Getting them in front of the right set of eyes is the challenging part. One thing about our stories though is some of them are based on actual events or inspired by events that have happened to us in the past. This makes us unique in that a lot of writers have one story to tell, well we have several and all of them are great in their own way. A lot of them are about overcoming obstacles or settling scores but the message we really try to get out there is perseverance, no matter how many times you get knocked down keep getting up because one day the force that keeps knocking you down will meet the immovable object that is you.

Do you think conditions are generally improving for artists? What more can cities and communities do to improve conditions for artists?
Since we’ve only been in the industry for a couple of years I really can’t speak on how life has changed for artists in recent years but I do think that conditions are good for artists currently. Cities can be continuously supportive first and foremost to help artists thrive. Honestly that’s what helps anyone thrive is the right amount of support and getting that means a lot to artists everywhere.

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
All of our scripts are available on Amazon so you can find them there by searching for Dallas or Andrea Gibson and author. Our short films “Phantom” and “Last Knight” are available on our YouTube channel, which I’ll include a link to. We also have information about our scripts and short films on our website
The biggest amount of support we could get is to have people share our social media posts and read our work so that it can get in front of the right people and hopefully become feature films.

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