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Conversations with the Inspiring DeVonn Coleman

Today we’d like to introduce you to DeVonn Coleman.

Thanks for sharing your story with us DeVonn. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Sure. I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, where I loved to play sports (basically beat the boys in everything), listen to music, and watch Oprah during the week every day with my grandmother. Yea, I was the oldest of 9 grandchildren and the oldest of two siblings, so in a way I was the nurturer and leader of the bunch. Style came into my life at an early age. I was around 10 or 11 years old when I realized it. My grandmother was very fashionable and Stylish (she still is BTW). I didn’t realize that I learned so much from her and was intrigued by fashion and style because of her. My grandmother loves jewelry and she would have me help her organize her jewelry when she needed to give things away (I learned to thrift from her). She was usually looking for a printed fabric. My grandmother loves leopard print and can pretty much rock it with anything. Anyway, let me get back to the story (lol, memories). I would help my grandmother put her wigs on and help her pick certain lipsticks for her outfits. I got here, because she taught me a great deal about being a fashionista by watching and interacting with her. I love style and always will. I define style as an expression. I believe that you can rock whatever it is you feel as long as it feels good! I don’t really follow any rules when it comes to fashion. Many people focus on trends, certain this certain that, you can’t wear this right now or that. Not me. I make my own trends and I stylishly love it. I teach my clients that happiness comes from within, and that when you look good you will start to feel more of who you authentically are. Honestly, all that matters is the confidence exuded through the look. So, in other words, you have true style when you have a sense of self!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Smooth? Is that a word? A thing? Lol. Kidding. No it hasn’t been smooth, but looking back on it I truly understand why it all happened the way it did. If the rough patches didn’t occur, I wouldn’t be typing this right now if it were all easy and smooth sailing. For me, it was being true to myself and healing from past pains that kept me from evolving. Often times, we allow and suppress past occurrences, and they become toxins to our souls if we never release them. Letting go was my biggest struggle initially. I had to let go of things and people that no longer served me even if it meant 16+ year friendships, relationships with certain family, jobs, past pain, etc. Once I let go of toxicity, my life changed in ways unimaginable. I was able to tune in to myself and really understand what my purpose was. I started to surround myself with like-minded, supportive individuals who truly helped me see more of me.

The key advice I would tell other women, especially those starting out, is to self-discover and stay present through it all. Always be open to what you feel, what you truly desire and back it with good intentions. Be willing to learn through experiences and stay consistent no matter what adversities arise. No matter what comes, the focus should always be on the positive. Trust me. It will get you through anything. As long as you believe that you can accomplish any and everything, you will be just fine.

What should we know about Dee’Lightfully Styled/Dee’Tox Life Coaching and Women Edifying Women (W.E.W.)? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
Well, I am talking to you guys about my Fashion Styling Business, Dee’Lightfully Styled, but I am a true Trailblazer and new aged Renaissance women (as my friends call me)! I am a wardrobe fashion stylist that loves to help others look good and feel even better. I shop with my clients, help style them for special events or photoshoots, De-clutter and re-organize their closets or totally revamp their closets. I offer services from High-end shopping to Thrift shopping. I love to engage with others and help them enhance their style abilities. If I didn’t make a penny from doing it, I would still do it. This takes me to the other things I currently do. I am the Founder/President of a Community Service Volunteer Group called Women Edifying Women (W.E.W). I started this group almost 5 years ago with a vision to inspire and uplift other women to find their true passions. We volunteer, feed the homeless, get out on the street and engage and show love to the homeless, buy coats/clothing for those in need. Next Saturday (August 18th) we will host our 1st Back to School Kick-off, where we will give at least 100 children free backpacks, school supplies and free haircuts in South Dallas. It’s amazing to be able to be a blessing to others.

Being a Fashion Stylist and Community Service Advocate, I am proud to be a part of the solution. I hear so many people talk about the problem like a broken record, but has yet to do something about it. If more of us came together in action, so many more lives can be transformed and impacted positively. This leads me to the next unfolding in my life. I am now a Certified and Accredited Nuero Linguistic Programming and Life Coach. I will soon launch, Dee’Tox Life Coaching Services. This came from self-discovering and understanding myself from some deep soul searching these last 6 months. My goal is to be that positive cheerleader for anyone that is ready to transform their life for the positive. I want to help others heal their way into a happy life by focusing on the good in life.

I believe what sets me apart is me. I was never designed to be anyone other than me. I have many facets to me, but my outlook on life is all positive. People are my niche. I’ve learned to allow things to come into my life that should come and I allow things to go that no longer serves me. I just feel you are much more happier that way. I’m not saying negativity doesn’t come, but my perspective about it helps me move past it.

I am just proud to be living a life of purpose.

Do you have any advice for finding a mentor or networking in general? What has worked well for you?
When finding a mentor or networking, I would say connections are much more significant and valuable when it’s genuine. Ensure that you can learn something meaningful and actually look up to someone you seek as a mentor. A mentor should help you enhance your life from their experiences, but also open to the things you can teach them. The same when making connections. Be genuine. Be honest and straightforward. I respect the people that reach out to me with good intentions as opposed to someone who is just trying to use me as an opportunity with not so good intentions.

I am a natural connector, and I again would say just know what it is you both can benefit from the connection. Do your research too when you are reaching out to others that you don’t know. It makes people feel good when you know things about them. What’s meant will always be. Make sure it’s genuine! You can make connections for a lifetime.

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