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Garland’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from Garland and surrounding areas below.

Allisiana Davis

I’ve always loved writing and helping others. In 2018, I signed with a company to release my debut book and it backfired. Instead of locking up my work, I decided to re-release it under self-publishing. This choice ultimately paid off because now my book is worldwide in distribution. Read more>>

Caitlyn Lubin

Being born and raised in Miami/ Fort Lauderdale, FL I originally fell in love with modeling and acting at the age of 6 or 7 dressing up and going out in the tropical weather was like a stress relief for me. My Father (Romane Lubin) was like a fashion Guru! His taste for fashion was far beyond my knowledge at the time. Read more>>

Dr. Aundrea T. Harris

In Spring 2019, the completion of my PhD dissertation was near, and it was time for me to finalize the name of my consulting business. I toiled back and forth with the idea of using business names I already had. But this thought did not settle within me. Read more>>

Erica Westbrook

I was playing with my cousins hair and painting her nails when my Aunt said I’d be a great cosmetologist when I grew up. No matter how much I struggled in school, or at home, my Aunt was always my encourager. My Aunt’s belief In me overshadowed my unbelief. When college turned out to be a bust, I remembered her words which pushed me to try. Read more>>

Raymond Satchell

I started off rapping back in 7th Grade just freestyling on the back of the school bus with friends, I only did it because my older brother and his friends was always doing it and I had a love for music. It has always been therapeutic for me. That eventually graduated in high school to freestyling at pep rallies. Read more>>

Louis Medina

I started doing graphics for local artists who had no-one to do their artwork, artists like Big Yung, Damn T, Demoniac on Da Track, Damn T, Lil Suarez, Dub B and Gator Main which I was the A&R of Ball Playa Records. I was heavily in the music scene, to begin with. Read more>>

Jamiel Sale

My upbringing is really interesting. I’m a Dallas native, with the most of upbringing being in Garland and I’m a first-generation American, born to two Cameroonian immigrants. As a kid, I was extremely sick and constantly in and out of hospital rooms and doctor’s offices. Read more>>

Erik Moyao Ponce

I am from a small town in Northeast Texas called, Mt. Pleasant. I moved to Dallas about three years ago because I wanted to pursue a career at The Art Institute of Dallas. I have been going there for about three years now, to obtain my Bachelors Degree in media arts and animation. Read more>>

Douglas Sanders

My wife and I moved to the Rockwall area in 2014 when we purchased a foreclosure with the intent to rehab and eventually sell. After living in the house for a year, we determined we liked the area due to the “rural” feel and the phenomenal growth around us. Read more>>

Sundra Wilson

I started a nonprofit organization called Dream Girlz Mentorship in 2017. Dream Girlz Mentorship is a mentoring program that helps educate girls about building up healthy attitudes and lifestyles. We offer training to help redirect our girls on the right path and help them to learn essential skills. Read more>>

Juan Benavides

It all started in the backyard rapping to my dogs. Sounds crazy right? My mamma used to yell at me to come inside because I would spend hours in the backyard just freestyling to the dogs through any weather. Weird thing about is I didn’t want anyone to know I rapped. Read more>>

Roman Zolanski

Music has the power to transport us to another time and place,” said Zolanski. “I love to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music-lovers, and passionate musicians alike. Ever since a young age, I’ve found great joy and satisfaction by being involved in the creative music process. Read more>>

Kierra Suggs

I’m a Kierra, a Medical retired Air Force veteran from St. Louis Mo. I have been in Dallas for two years now. I’m a master loctician and barber in training. My journey started in 2014. I was doing lots for five years but just as a hobby. In 2014 I was in a domestic situation that leads to me losing my freedom and benefits. Read more>>

Alexis Owens

I’ve been braiding hair since I was ten years old. I started taking hair more seriously and accepting clients my sophomore year in college at Grambling State University. After graduating in 2014 with my Bachelor of Science in Business Management, a large majority of my clientele followed me as I transitioned to Dallas. Read more>>

Gracie Hart

I have had a passion for doing hair since I was very young. I started styling other’s hair around 13 years old. I went to hair school my first time around in 2008 while in high school. I was supposed to finish and get my license in 2010, but I didn’t get the chance. Read more>>

Kevin Casey

In 2004, I decided to begin my journey based on a dream I had one night. The dream was so crazy and off the wall, I had to put it into something creative. The next day, I begin writing my first screenplay entitled “The Afflicted” which is about a New Orleans Female trying to make it atop the Criminal Underworld. Read more>>

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