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Inspiring Conversations with MatNeshia Woods of LayZay Bod & Spa

Today we’d like to introduce you to MatNeshia Woods.

Hi MatNeshia, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start maybe you can share some of your backstory with our readers?
I became a single mom at 18, straight out of high school. I was five months pregnant with my daughter walking across the stage at my graduation. I was determined to not be another statistic and made sure I did any and everything to provide for my daughter. I had to go through a lot of things in life; most people wouldn’t believe that I am where I am today with all of the things I have been through. I had my son at 22 and thought I found the love of my life and finally had the family I always wanted. Those dreams only work out in movies, not in real life. That didn’t work out so now I am a single mom of two at 23 years old. I had to make a way for my kids to have everything they needed because I was all they had. 2015 I met my amazing husband and my bonus daughter and we got married in 2017, I finally found what real love is. My daughter’s name is Alaijah (Lay) and my son’s name is Zayin (Zay). Those two little people are my world! I really started this for them. I wanted to build generational wealth for my children and show them that if mommy can do it so can you.

Before I started running my own business full time, I worked from home for an insurance company for almost six years. I loved helping people and enjoyed speaking to different people from different walks of life every day. The job gave us the opportunity to work from home and of course, I took it. I spent almost four years working from home. I had time to take my kids to school every morning and pick them up after school, attend every field trip and school event my kids had. I even was on the PTA and was a classroom mom. I loved being a wife and mom and having dinner made almost every night. Then Quarantine started and everyone came home. Between working from home, trying to help my kids with virtual learning, plus the dog and my husband all being at home, I needed to get out of the house. While I was working for the insurance company, I went to Esthetician school and finished. I worked at European Wax part-time fresh out of school. That did not last long because I was only part-time and they wanted me full-time. At this time, we only had one car and I was taking the Dart bus or Lyft back and forth, so I was back to my insurance job. Funds were super tight at this time and we were living paycheck to paycheck. Fast forward four years later. July of 2020, I turned 30 and around March, I told my husband all I want for my birthday is to open my own Spa. This is now almost four years after I got my Esthetician license and I had to pay to renew it or lose it. I wanted to go back to doing what I really loved, which is being an Esthetician. I never gave up on my dream of opening my own Spa. He agreed and asked me, “What do we need to do?” First thing was to come up with a name. I came up with the name LayZay Body and Spa, which is my kid’s nicknames put together. So then I started doing my research and finding out what we needed. I got a call from a family member who told me she had a friend with a place right around the corner from where we lived. That was a coincidence because I just started looking for a suite to open my Spa.

Now I knew that just doing facials and waxing would not pay the bills. So I decided to add Body Sculpting to my services. I started with one trainer and that didn’t work out, so money was lost and my husband was not happy. Then I went with another trainer and it was virtual and not very helpful. Now I’m starting to feel kind of discouraged but, I wanted this so bad I put on my big girl pants and kept pushing. How can I give up when I’m doing this for my family. I started researching to find the best training I could in every single thing I wanted to do. I literally spent thousands of dollars on training classes to make sure I was able to offer a proper service to my clients. I spent a bunch of late nights and early mornings studying and researching different forms of Body Sculpting. I started of practicing on friends and family to make sure I knew what I was doing before I started taking paying clients. By the way, I and still working full time at my job, getting off and going to the Spa and not getting home until 10pm or 11pm. This was almost every day for three months. I opened 9/1/20 and it was one of the most scariest days of my life. Will people come? Will they be happy with their results? Will I fail and have to just keep my full-time job? These thoughts constantly lived in my head rent-free. The 1st day I opened, my highest package I offered was purchased! I was so happy I cried, I had never made this much in one day! I was at work sitting at my desk when I got the notification. Then the clients started flowing in. I was able to quit my job and run my business full-time 10/12/20. I drove up to the building of my job with my desktop in a box and never looked back.

My Pod manager, who I knew for years and helped me get my schedule set up so I could attend Esthetician school, came down to congratulate me and let me know that I will always have a position if I ever want to come back. That was the day I realized the job I thought I would retire from was over and my new career was starting. Things started going great but, you will always find a hump in the road. The place I was renting from no longer wanted me to work there. I was just starting out and doing so well but, not everyone will be happy for you and I have learned that the hard way. So not even three months after opening, I’m on the search for a new location. Came across and beautiful location located in Downtown Dallas, I was able to move in and get back to what I love. Most of my clients came in just off of word of mouth. I made sure I gave an excellent VIP service to every person who walked through my doors. I wanted to make sure you feel pampered and cared for during every appointment. I wanted to give a luxury service to everyone. Most people didn’t even know about the services I offer. But that is okay because I love educating people on different ways to take care of their bodies from the inside and out and reach their body goals. Hearing my clients say I have helped them build back the confidence they lost is definitely what I do it for. I just want to make you feel even more beautiful than you did when you first walked in the door.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
I have had a bunch of obstacles stand in my way. From losing money with bad investments to being let down by people, I thought I could trust. Having to move location after just starting my business.

We’ve been impressed with LayZay Body & Spa, LLC, but for folks who might not be as familiar, what can you share with them about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
Here at LayZay Body & Spa, LLC we offer several different treatments services. I am a licensed Esthetician and Body Sculptor. I specializing in Waxing and Body contouring but, I offer so much more. We offer services most places don’t like, vajyacials, Butt facials, back facials, vaginal rejuvenation, foot detoxes, detox saunas, wood therapy, Body Magic, non-invasive butt and breast enhancements. Then we have some basic services like waxing, facials, Yoni steams, body wraps, post op care, and more. We have so much to offer and will be adding even more service soon. We are a one stop shop Spa. I offer custom packages to make sure you reach your body and skin goals with the proper education to maintain your results. You can come in and relax and take time to enjoy some self-care. You can come in and be LayZay and I do all the work for you.

Where we are in life is often partly because of others. Who/what else deserves credit for how your story turned out?
My husband has been one of my biggest supporters. Without him, I would not be where I am today. If it want for him to be living in my dream and supporting me, I would not be where I am today. My father is my inspiration. He came from a little country town and made something of himself. He has his own trucking company and showed me if you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. My Mom has been there to help me with inspiration and amazing ideas to help me level up my business. She is always ready and available to help me whenever I need her.


  • Tummy Treatments $125
  • Back Treatments $80
  • Yoni Steam $60
  • Foot Detox $35
  • Wax and Vajaycial $100

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