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Inspiring Stories from Central Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect wiWhitney Springerth some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of Central Dallas below.

Haley Smith

My brand is all about authenticity, self-love, and embracing everything that life throws at you with a growth mindset. I believe in celebration and collaboration over comparison and competition. I’ve had the opportunity to work with several brands and to collaborate with amazing women business owners to highlight the different ways that they are using their talents and passions to impact their communities. Read more>>

Amie Davis

In 2015, I opened my very 1st salon. I was afraid of failing, not knowing if I would succeed in running a salon but I did. In 2016, I kept the same energy doing the time with running a salon. I got more involved in perfecting my craft on wigs, making wigs became my main focus. A friend taught me how to make a wig. Read more>>

Tisha Vaidya

Our brand specifically targets women buying for themselves, reclaiming ownership of the fine jewelry purchase. She works hard every day and deserves something beautiful for herself. We’re here to champion that woman every single day. Shop or design for yourself a high quality, luxury products without the 8-10x retail markup. We are the Warby Parker or Everlane for fine jewelry. Read more>>

Miranda Hogue

I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times, but nothing worth having comes easy. There is a lot of grit and determination when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Building a business from the ground up is made up of struggles. You learn from your mistakes and mistakes are what shape you and mold you to become BETTER than you ever were before. Struggles are what makes success taste that much sweeter. Read more>>

Miyleen Breaux

My journey does not end here, I know that God has big things in store for me, God made us all stewards of His Creation and we should take great care of it. That includes everything about you and around you. Whether it be your finances, family, and your future! Be responsible with what God graced us with and manage it well. Read more>>

Lexi Fobbs

I’m most proud of having my work in an upcoming photo gallery. That’s really big to me because growing up I never won any awards or had anything to celebrate besides graduating high school so this is a pretty cool feeling/experience. I think what sets me apart is for one I’m a female, I’m black, and I shoot film. I haven’t come across others in the DFW that fit into my particular category. Read more>>

McKenzie Mitchell

While I was acting, I went to pastry school at night and loved it. When we got pregnant with our first kiddo, we moved home and realized there was such a hole in the market for simple, delicious desserts. No crazy flavors, no how much can we pack in, just a simple but amazing cookie you could eat every day and love. Read more>>

Brennen Johnson

It all started for me through music. Music is a getaway for me. From this, I have acquired a great amount of success. In 2017, I was signed to an indie label to assist me with disturbing my art & success couldn’t get any better for me. Music has been a journey & blessing all in one. I currently sing with Kayne & his choir. Read more>>

Kalvin J.

Performing poetry is what I do and take pride in. I don’t look at it as a hobby. I treat it like it’s much more than that. I feel people know me for my storytelling with my poems. I always want to do a piece that can relate to someone else and their experiences in life. I may do a romantic or erotic piece here or there, but the majority of my poems are serious in a message, and meant to be personal. Read more>>

Michael Coleman II and Rickey Townsend Jr.

We began to brainstorm how we could create some type of event for boys/men, but then we dug deeper. We wanted to be much more intentional and find a way to have a lasting impact on young black men. A few years later, we have Crowned Scholars! With both of us growing up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, our focus is to start our impact here at home, then expand. Read more>>

Kevin Caldwell

After becoming a graduate of the Devos Urban Leadership Initiative, and a founding partner of the John Maxwell Team as an independent speaker, coach, and trainer, I started Project Me Coaching, a self-development practice and a high-performance consultancy for organizations, individuals, and teams that want to increase personal/employee performance, motivation, engagement, and retention. Read more>>

Taylor Hubbard

Out of all of my hobbies an interests, two of my favorite things to do are eating and traveling. I love a good meal; especially home-cooked. You can ask any of my friends and family and they will tell you that I take my food very seriously. I used to not enjoy cooking as much as I enjoyed eating. Read more>>

Terri Broussard Williams

Terri Broussard Williams believes leaders turn moments into movements. Throughout her accomplished career as a broadcast journalist, press secretary for a US Senate Candidate, philanthropist, and lobbyist, Williams has turned public and community service into a professional art-form that has positively impacted millions of lives. Read more>>

Welcome Sarah

I get to use my EdTech company to train 9-5 women, in the ins-and-outs of navigating corporate and professional America. The outcome— women who work with us increase their income at minimum 10K; they feel more confident when negotiating, and know how to package and speak to their skill sets. Ultimately, they achieve the juicy goal they all really want— greater time and money FREEDOM. Read more>>

Jacqueline Levine

We build our marketing around impact and experience. Print and digital branding are used as tools to further enforce our clients’ identity and business. It is a different approach towards the standard; in that, it is immersive and audience-centric. We have found that the best way to connect our target audience with our client is to stimulate emotional. Read more>>

Romullo Lima-Stanley and Daniel Stanley

As a designer, Rome (as he is known) is involved in all aspects of each design project from concept development and space planning to project oversight and selection of furniture and finishes. His attention to detail and unique design perspective result in modern designs that inspire and captivate. Read more>>

Ruby Belcher

I discovered that I had the gift to do makeup as well. I met a Mac artist, her name is Deja, a few months back. I would come to the Mac counter where she worked and ask a ton of questions and just hang around the counter when I wasn’t working or in school, to the point where one night they suggested that I should apply for a freelance position. Read more>>

Michael Heathen and G.

Things change, people move. Champ and I, however, continued to work together and decided to start our own label. Just like any business, it was a tough climb, and we aren’t anywhere near where we want to be. However, we found a bit of comfort in giving back in a very community inspired way. That, in my opinion, is the most important thing we’ve accomplished so far. Read more>>

Aurstrina Taylor, Kiuni Hall, Jamela Neal and Shay Hunter

Making sure parents are keeping us in the loop, just in case as coaches and owners, we are able to step in. However, keeping the team afloat the entire season without girls dropping or their parents decided to pull their daughter from the team. This would cause us to change the routine completely and sometimes have to pull out of competitions. Read more>>

Jalisa Hamilton

My reputation grew over the years, I was the DJ to all the parties in high school and some college at the age of 15, I went from house parties to mansion parties to bars and clubs, etc. I taught myself how to scratch how to mix and how to read the crowd. I love to see reactions and be the reason people smile and just genuinely enjoy themselves. Read more>>

Kourtney Hubbard

All the compliments meant a lot to me because I thought I would be the only one who liked it, but the compliments that meant the most was from the person who taught me how to do makeup, My uncle Stevie. Since 2017, I have been perfecting my craft, I do feel that I do have a bit more practice but I have gotten better. Read more>>

Morgan Denton

At Event Finders, you have a personal concierge who helps you find tickets to the events you want to go to. We help you find the tickets to the events you want to go to. It can be 2 tickets to a hockey game or a group of 50 for a corporate event. We assist with local, state and national tickets. So, those Master’s tickets you always wanted – we can help. Read more>>

Brooke MacNicol

I stumbled plenty on this journey, enough to where now in the midst of hardship I can grin and bear it because I know it has a purpose. Each risk, wrong decision and experience has molded me to where I am today and for that I’m grateful. My faith, my family and some very supportive friend’s are always behind me encouraging me to constantly be better, learn and grow. Read more>>

Steffi Lynn Tsai

A lot of the exhibits in Dallas are focused on a central theme created by multiple artists. While for us, I’m the one giving the creative direction for all the different rooms. In a way, I’m kind of showing the world the childhood that my partners and I grew up in. We really wanted to focus on something that everyone can relate to and enjoy. Although it’s focused on our childhood, I believe there is something for people of any age and any gender. Read more>>

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