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Inspiring Stories from Central Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect wiWhitney Springerth some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of Central Dallas below.

Juliana Oliveira

I quit my full-time job to go back to school full time in 2007 and started taking small projects to build my portfolio. One project led to another and soon I found myself with a business opportunity in my hands. Today I have a team of 6 dedicated designers, design assistants on staff and over 100 projects in our books. Read more>>

Erica Gonzalez

The idea of starting a small, part-time business had been lingering around for quite some time. We loved the idea of providing services within the events industry. After hosting our own party and researching many photo booths, we (my daughter Isela Salazar and I) decided the photo booth business was the right one for us. Read more>>

Michael Musso, Witt Chambers, Will Roberts and Ford Buckner

While we formed officially in 2016, Witt and Will had been playing together for four years before that. They were introduced to Michael in their freshman year of high school and quickly began playing together and writing songs. By the beginning of 2017, they had released an EP with the help of their friend and producer, Ian Salazar. Read more>>

Stephanie Seay

I launched The Seayside in August of 2018, but this journey actually began almost a decade ago in New York. While living in the city, I had two blogs – one focused on my take on what was happening in fashion and in the city at the time – the other was devoted to my love of Broadway. Read more>>

Courtney Stensland

I’ve always told my friends that when I look at something, I truly see it through a camera lens. I love photography and finding the best angle. I think this sets me apart from other accounts. Not only do I take time to ensure I have the best photo, but my niche is finding all things colorful around the city! Read more>>

Patrick Ellefson

I moved from Mexico City when I was 17 years old with my dad to Dallas to finish high school and try something new. The move from Mexico City was challenging for me because it was an entirely different culture and I left most of my family back home. I have always had a deep passion for anything with an engine and four wheels. Read more>>

Lindy Perez

It’s been an incredible journey and seeing it grow into what it is now is worth all the struggle. I’ve used every bit of my college experience to grow my business. I didn’t end up in law school but in the end, I gained more than I ever could imagine and find myself happy with where life has taken me. Read more>>


I got to where I am thanks to an article that taught me to chase experiences over anything. “Can Money Buy You Happiness,” was shared by a mentor of mine in 2014, a few months after I had graduated from college. The article talked about how spending money on materialistic items. Read more>>

Ashlee Warren

I always say entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It takes hard work, self-motivation, and a positive, patient mindset. My journey down this road has not been easy but it’s been worth it. You have to transition your mind from an employee to a business owner. A couple of things I struggled with was removing distractions and understanding my path to success is very different from the next person. Read more>>

James West

The key to our success is participation, so we have been incredibly active in getting feedback from our site users. Physicians are so busy, especially if they have an additional practice other than their medical marijuana clinic, so we saw a real opportunity to streamline their workflows. This is what leads to our free Electronic Medical Record service, online intake forms, scheduling and billing integrations that run in conjunction with treatment outcome reports. Read more>>

Anindita Dasgupta

My long lost love and gratification – ART – is my absolute full-time engagement now. Learning, painting, experimenting, creating, experiencing the euphoria and marveling at destiny, the opportunity this country has given me and at God’s ways to reward! I have finally started my Etsy shop a little over a month ago. Read more>>

Stephanie Magilow

I started this business with a partner and we collaborated and developed all of our current Jammit! Flavors together. When we started, we rented a local commercial kitchen to produce our jam and sold it at St. Michael’s Farmers Market, Our plan was to make extra holiday spending money… Read more>>

Heidi Luo

I’m a standup comedian and actress. Very strangely, I am still trying to get used to saying that. My performing career started two and a half years ago by accident. I never planned live life as a performer; especially as a standup. I was an Economic Professor at local college. My students always told me that I was very funny. Read more>>

Bre’Nessia Webb

Bree’s Rebelle Wigs started merely on the time crunch of having to do my natural hair and not having the time to do it with my work schedule. I had one day come across this wig I wanted but it was so expensive so I looked into how I could make it myself. First few tries weren’t the best but once I got the hang of it. Read more>>

Sallie Mood, Ladi Oyediran, Marcus Alexander, King Ketu and Tanner Wells

Ladi and Marcus (MJ The Smooth) have played music together in some form or another for ten years. When the right time to reconnect and finally pursue the mission of a band came along, meeting Sallie Mood, put that in motion and the trio was formed. Within two months we found King Ketu and Tanner “Dub” Wells and our lives have never been the same. Read more>>

Sharice Flores

How Sharice Glambox came about, it was simply I always been into makeup & hair and I love doing it. As a women seen yourself dolled up is a beautiful feeling but I always did it cause a few years ago a was battling cancer and didn’t have any hair and that break my heart. I didn’t feel like myself so my goal is to get my business farther off the ground and make free wigs for cancer patients. Read more>>

Larae Byrd Hilburn

Thats right real estate school teaches you nothing about being an actual realtor. That means you have to find your own way with a lot of trial and error while potentially not making a dollar for a long period of time. That within itself is frustrating but hopefully, you are lucky like me and find a great mentor. Read more>>

Phyllis Otto

I have scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that can cause tight and dry skin. Keeping the skin moist is important to avoid complications. My skin is drying so I wanted to use something (non-prescriptive) I felt safe enough for my skin, convenient enough to make any time I needed, and affordable enough to continue to make. I find it interesting to concoct recipes using ingredients from my kitchen cabinet and seeing results. Read more>>

Estelle Hermansen

Living in the millennial age with unideal beauty standards, face-tune, social media and growing up in a hostile environment and having the stigma around mental illness. Well, I am here to say it’s ok not to be ok! I interview ordinary people with extraordinary stories. To let people know they are NOT alone. I have your back, correction we have your back! Read more>>

Ginger Diaz

The idea for Feliz Modern started as a sort of “gateway drug for art collecting” to demystify and democratize the ability to adorn your space with art pieces that enrich your life. The rest of the shop’s offerings grew organically to include unique gifts, quirky decor, and party-worthy party supplies that we had been searching for ourselves. Read more>>

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