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Inspiring Stories from Central Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of Central Dallas below.

JC Jones

I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, by way of my grandparents farm in Benton, Louisiana. During my senior year in high school, at the age of 17, I became a teenage father. I went on to graduate top 10 in my class and attended Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA majoring in bio-medical engineering. In 2009, under the advice of my college professor, I moved to Los Angeles to purse a career in entertainment. I started by being featured in music videos for Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole, Sean Kingston and most recently Jhene Aiko’s “H.O.E. Life” featuring Future and Miguel. Read more>>

Allie Miller

As a child, I tried several hobbies and activities such as gymnastics, softball, etc. and couldn’t seem to find anything I liked or had a natural talent for. Coming from a musical family, my mother encouraged me to try learning a musical instrument, and I choose the violin. I started private violin lessons when I was six years old, and never looked back. For the first several years, it was a hobby for me, but when I reached the 7th grade, my violin teacher told me I had the talent and potential to make violin a career if I practiced at least 3 hours every day consistently for several years.  Read more>>

Tyler Love

I first started making beats when I was in middle school. My cousin had given me a beat production software to practice on to make different sounds and patterns. Throughout high school, I would make different beats Just to play them for my friends, nothing too serious. A couple of friends used my beats to rap or sing over. When I was in college I developed a passion for wanting to rap and record myself. I met a friend at a job I was working at the time.  Read more>>

Karen Cruz

I started my photography journey November 2020. I have always had a passion campturing moments either of me or my loved ones. I had my baby in July and I wanted to do something where I could still be with my son and do something I love. I finally purchased my first camera. I’m not going to buy once I purchased my camera it was just sitting in the corner until I just started practicing with my son and family. I finally had the courage to open a instagram account. Once I started advertising my work people were starting to recommending me.  Read more>>

Malon Al-Jiboori

I started making candles about 2 to 3 months before the pandemic started in 2020, When I first started making them I never had the intentions of actually creating a small business. The reasons for me making my own candles has everything to do with off the pitch , since majority of my time and efforts goes into rugby I started to feel a loss of identity when I wasn’t playing rugby. Candles become a way for me to escape in a sense, I remember always coming home as a kid with incense and candles burning as I walked in. Creating candles made feel at peace and most importantly something I made someone else happy. Read more>>

Jeff Williamson

Copious Noise was formed in late 2019 by guitarist/vocalist Jeff Williamson and drummer/percussionist Greg Daniel, both former members of the band Agents of Solace. They spent over a year writing and recording new material for their debut album, and yes with their Covid-19 masks on. Being limited to two determined musicians posed a significant challenge to the writing and recording processes.  Read more>>

Javontae Kelly

For me it started young , just seeing all the men that were mentors to me dress up in really nice suits and my mom would dress me up for church like in suits, ties and vest as such. Then when I got older I visited Different HBCUs and I would see how well dressed the Kappas were and immediately tried to duplicate that at my high school. Just really that prestigious look has always been my go to. Far as streetwear, I wasn’t versatile in that area because I loved the suit look but just seeing how creative others could get , gave me a visualization of what I could do with my creative mindset . Read more>>

Jacolbie Hicks

My name is jacoca Born in marshall texas but dallas raised.. i was raised with 3 siblings by my grandmother so we never had much . Growing up we moved alot so making friends growing up was hard .. so i would always find new ways or hobbies to entertain myself .. i grew up in a music family everyone loved it and listened to different genres. My older brother who was rapping before me was on a rap/music influence so i always looked to him for inspiration to rap. Read more>>

Cash Capone

Started in college. Went to Prairie View AM University . Started out MCeeing clubs and college parties with friend DJ Merk. We started an Entertainment company named “NGenius Entertainment “ . We connected with artist Dorrough Music and begin to blossom the music empire .Under the umbrella we branded Primetime Click , Dorrough “Ice Cream Paint Job” “Walk that Walk “ , Supa “Halle Berry “ , Yung Nation “Club Rock “ “Shawty Wassup” and a slew of other hits. Read more>>

Osvaldo Davila

I was born and raised in little ol’ Bryan, Texas. Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in many forms of art: drawing, design, film and recently portrait photography. In high school I randomly enrolled in a photography elective. This class was just supposed to be an easy curriculum filler, but I ended falling in love with everything we did in that class. As crazy as it sounds, I poured my whole heart, sweat, and tears with every assignment and competition we had which in fact paid off. I was able to win scholarships, awards, and had my worked displayed and sold in various art galleries and shows across town. Read more>>

Nauny Asetta Amun

My name is Nauny Asetta Amun a.k.a Queen Anita, I am a singer, lyricist, musician, songwriter and producer. Born in North Carolina, my story starts very young. I can recall singing as early as two years of age, using anything for a microphone, from brushes to spoons! I began writing poetry around 6 years old. My parents knew I had a gift and encouraged it. They did not know it would develop into song writing. Turning poetry into bars, verses I really focused on my craft, writing. Read more>>

Lakisha Price

I Started my childcare career in 2005 When I open my first childcare facility Kisha’s Learning Academy. I had one child for 3 month With no income coming in. Through the assistant of my mother and my husband I was able to keep Kisha’s Learning Academy open. As new children started to enroll I was able to hire one staff member, in which I did not take a salary in order to pay my one staff member.  Read more>>

Vanny Boon

Martial Arts has been my path to a better life from the beginning. Some kids are incredibly bright academically, some are artistically inclined and have incredible imaginations, some have the ability to take time and discover what they are interested in or good at. I knew that I had a gift for martial arts, but like any talent it would take hard work and dedication to turn it into mastery. Growing up, martial arts was not just a hobby for me but something ingrained in my culture and my family.  Read more>>

Nur Robertson

I started out in Montclair New Jersey, when I was in middle school at the age of 14 my friends and I would freestyle for fun when we’d hang out and I was told by them that I should make music and take it serious because I had the talent for it. My friends and I started to record in the homies basement for a few months after and made a group we called 042Goon$ that included myself and a couple other close friends of mine during our freshman year of high school in 2016. We were getting decent numbers on SoundCloud for just starting out and making songs just for fun.  Read more>>

Jonathan Walker

I came up with the idea of Let’s B.A.L.L., a 501c3 nonprofit organization, as an initiative to help athletes, boys and girls, to start becoming leaders in the community at an early age. As a former professional basketball player, I always considered it important to be involved with the community and doing it at an early age develops a positive image. Creating the organization was a relatively smooth process. The only challenge thus far has been accessing funding for community initiatives. Our goal for such funding is to be able to host back-to-school drives, host sports camps and sponsor various teams. Read more>>

Jerrica Durham

Im 36 years old, mother of 4 boys I was raised in South Dallas by my aunt she did the very best she could mom and dad wasn’t really around. What inspired me to braid was watching my mom when I was very little she was just as good as me probably better, I just picked up the skills and taught myself. Started making money when I was 11 years old charging 5.00. I didn’t see a future living in my neighborhood at the time of me having my first child at 17, so my oldest sons grandmother took me in and really showed me how to be a mother and provide. Read more>>

Josh Hickman

I am a graduate of the Booker T. Washington High School for Performing and Visual Arts and UT Austin Film school. I’ve written since I was a child, authoring my first “book” of short stories at the age of twelve. Working a variety of jobs including bartender, musician, artist, filmmaker, muralist, teacher, and private investigator, I eventually moved from Dallas to Los Angeles in my thirties. I spent fourteen years in Hollywood working a myriad of jobs, including writing for some area periodicals.  Read more>>

DeSiree Faith Che’ Woodley

My love of jewelry and design began when I was very young. I was always a curious little girl and I loved dressing up in my mom’s clothes and jewelry and I was an outside girl so my older sister and I always loved playing outside, hiking with our dad, you know, being wild children. So we would always find cool rocks and things to take back home. All in all, my mother is a big jewelry person. Til this day she watches JTV and buys jewelry pieces for my sister, I, and some of the women in our family.  Read more>>

Aunqunic Collins

My name is Aunqunic Collins. I’m energetic, fun, love laughing, love having a great time, enjoy life, and being extra as I call it. I work a full-time job. I have been married to Dwight Collins since 2003. I am the mother of four (two girls and two boys) and we are grandparents of five (one boy and four girls.) We have been Pastor and First Lady of the New Freeman Chapel Missionary Baptist Church since 2015. Also, we have multiple businesses. Read more>>

Jasmine Moore

Since I was younger I was always an entrepreneur at heart. It started when I was as young as 8 years old doing my own hair parting it into ponytails and all. Going in to middle school and high school it was no longer little ponytails I started adding hair to my own & styling, doing my own makeup , mixing eyeshadows, and doing friends hair from school too. I was taught at a young age to be independent and as a woman to have your own.  Read more>>

Kia Hensley

My name is Kia, and I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. The arts in general: fashion, design, and dance (tap, ballet and jazz) has always played such an influential role in my life. I was constantly exposed to and inspired by the artistic flares of my parents. My father loves to create large, custom canvas paintings and my mother ensured our home was decorated and festive for the holidays. Read more>>

Kenzie Janisch

Growing up was pretty chaotic but the one thing that I always had was my passion and talent for art. I remember my mom used to show all her friends my pieces and beg me to go to an art institute after I graduated—she really was my number one supporter. My mom was always proud of me but I wanted to create something bigger than she ever imagined for me—so I started brainstorming my own business. Read more>>

Herbert Granger

My name is Herbert Granger. I am a serial entrepreneur from New Orleans with a passion for traveling, fixing cars, flying planes, music and Cooking. Growing up i would spend alot of time figuring out the mechanics of everything that moved. I moved to Dallas after getting my Automotive Technology degree at TSTC In west Texas in 2015. It absolutely was not easy! To start, my college was 40 miles one way and i did that drive/motorcycle ride for 2 years until i graduated. Read more>>

Eric Burns

Eric Burns, me I was born in Tyler, Texas, I currently live West of Houston, Texas. I’m married with 4 children, I served and protected my country in the U.S. Navy and fought in the Gulf War and Honorably discharged serving 5 years. Traveling all over the world three times by air, four times by sea. Years later , God protected me once again this time from Coronavirus, during the pandemic and the Texas rolling blackout.  Read more>>

Kindra Williams

It all started in college. We were the ones who always hosted gatherings with our friends and we always made sure each gathering had decoration. We would take the time to decorate our apartment and part of the decorating would always include balloons. From there we started to become more interested in the event/ balloon industry. The true inspiration came from our Aunt Lena who is an event planner here in Dallas and she does balloons as well.  Read more>>

Jace Allen

I originally started as an IG “ blog”. I wanted to highlight amazing bartenders and servers; service all together. That then turned into wanting to hear what we all ( service industry professionals) had to say. For restaurants ; people either praise or tare us apart. So I created a podcast; where’s my manners. I had some pretty great convos with people who have the same mindset as me when it comes to this fast pasted life.  Read more>>

Katherine and Karina Gonzalez

We, Karina and Katherine Gonzalez are twin sisters born and raised in Dallas, TX. We’re first-generation Americans and grew up traveling Latin America, where our parents are from. Growing up, we were great students but had a lot of personal issues due to only being raised by one parent the majority of our lives. Nonetheless, we pushed through, graduated, and became as independent as possible. After graduating from Little Elm high school, we went on to study at Blinn college for a few years before dropping out to go work as a bartender and cocktail waitresses. The service industry paid well, but after a while, we were ready to make a career change which led us into various sales jobs and businesses. Starting our entrepreneurship journey led us to get our real estate license. We started off doing residential leases and apartment locating, but quickly found that sector of real estate didn’t quite align with our personalities. Read more>>

Tafari Witter

Growing up, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I didn’t know what route I wanted to go. Due to my passion for assisting people elevate and pursuing entrepreneurship, I saw real estate as the perfect way to bridge the gap! I became a real estate agent at the age of 21, full of excitement and high expectations, but reality struck fast. The first few months I would hear the same thing “You have a baby face, how old are you? How many homes have you sold? I’m sorry, I would rather work with someone more experienced.” At that time, hearing this continuously was very discouraging, and made me skeptical that real estate was the best route for me. However, I reflected on many past situations where I had been challenged with an opportunity to prove myself, so I treated real estate as yet another challenge I had to overcome. Being the best agent for my clients – and future clients – motivates me to keep pushing forward each and every day. Read more>>

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