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Inspiring Stories from Central Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of Central Dallas below.

Tanya Srivastava, Sonali Patel, Riya Madhyani, Sarita Raha and Maryam Munis

Dallas Ranis is a community for South Asian women to network, build friendships, feel empowered, and have a safe space. Tanya, the founder, had a vision to build a community in Dallas that would connect South Asian women in person. She brought together four women, Riya, Sonali, Sarita, and Maryam, who all shared a passion to build community. When we started our journey as a founding team in February 2019. Read more>>

Tiffany Becerra

I started my career in recruiting at a large physician staffing firm in Dallas in 2012. I had no idea what I was getting into, but some friends of mine worked at the company and told me they really liked it so I thought “hey, why not!” I started in a very entry-level position where I was making 100 cold calls a day, working 12 hours sometimes, calling various types of physicians such as family practice, cardiothoracic, orthopedic surgery, vascular. Read more>>

Ian Wells

I was a corner for the Lions for a few years and blew my knee out. Dr Andrew and Dr Dold did my three surgeries. After trying to come back and play again my knee just couldn’t withstand the daily grind of playing anymore. Dr Dold after my last surgery said my knee isn’t in good shape still and if I did play, I’d need knee replacement by my 30’s. So, after coming to this conclusion I had to think about who I was outside of football. Read more>>

Demetrie King

In 2014, I was working in a corporate office and like most buildings, there was a vending machine. Snacks are my thing, so on a daily basis I would stop by the vending machine for a little “pick me up”. It is nice when a vending machine is fully stocked, but what is better is when a vending machine is always loaded with your favorite snacks. I am certainly not picky when it comes to snacks. Read more>>

Cathy Hernandez

I have been in the arts management industry for over 20 years and love every aspect of it. I received my B.A. in Music from the University of North Texas and my M.S. from Drexel University with a Masters in Arts Management. A GDYO alumna of 1990, I grew up playing in the orchestra and still treasure my time spent in GDYO. Post-graduation, I spent 25 years working in the art industry around the country. Read more>> 

Prince Love and Baby Boy

The moment we saw our first studio we decided to play in it while our barber was out. We had no clue of what we were doing what so ever lol. So we studied notes & how to use the equipment & did our best at it while having fun doing it. It became our passion! We were young with no jobs so we found a way to hustle volunteering at local food pantries to help feed the community & they gave us big bags of candy every day we helped. Read more>>

Taylor Springett and Nash Bayoud

The journey began while I (Taylor) was attending college in San Francisco for graphic design. I found myself in the middle of every because you could imagine, which made me question what it was I stood for and believed in. During this journey I adopted a Pit Bull puppy to keep myself company. Not knowing about breed restrictions, I was soon kicked out of my apartment, and left to live in the worst areas the city had to offer. Read more>>

Vanessa Guild

Vanessa’s training began over 19 years ago in ZEN. She continued her studies working with Azim Khamisa, whose international philanthropic work has been honored by The Dalai Lama and others, working within prisons in Sydney, Australia to CEO offices and high schools in La Jolla, CA. She completed three, 10-day completely silent Vipassana trainings and then actually – lived in – and taught at The Dallas Meditation Center for three years guiding meditation classes for women, various groups, CEO’s and one-on-one private sessions. Read more>>

Desree Robinson

Upon creating M&M BEGINNERS ART SCHOOL (Coming Soon!) I created “LOST KIDS” back in 2009. At that point I pretty much did not know what I wanted to do with my life. So, I slept on this idea for years. May 2019 made me realize there is a future for me! I watched people in my life always get over-looked for their mistakes “I AM ONE OF THEM”. I created “LOST KIDS” in high hopes to help other people and kids who are in my shoes and maybe bring something more to Art Industry. Read more>>

David Kyles

I started off rapping at the age of nine, I used to write rhymes with my older cousin and always had a love for the art of writing whether it was poems, short stories, anything!!! I wrote my first verse and recorded it on my 13th birthday and my big cousins house with other Dallas artist Quint Foxx who did it as a favor for my cousin who was a music mogul at the time. Ever since then me and music have been inseparable. Read more>>

Alek Smith

I’ve always been curious about hair. In early high school I used to blow dry mine with a hat on so it would flip. My dad hated cutting mine and all my brothers’ hair every ten weeks. Almost everyone has it. Everyone’s is different – making it extremely challenging. That exactly, is what I love most about it. In 2018 I enrolled in Cosmetology school ready to become a part of the hair world. After becoming licensed I started my assistance program at Lost Hairdressers. Read more>>

ArtWork Kirk

I drew a lot as a kid and when I took art1 in 10th grade my HS Art teacher moved me to AP classes, and I won several competitions and accepted a scholarship to go to the #1 College of Art at the time, in Baltimore. MD., I had numerous issues with the college over racial biases and cultural discrimination, and when I graduated, I came back to Texas and taught for years in Dallas, trying to build up and encourage young creatives with my fine art knowledge. Read more>>

Desmond Witherspoon

I really like making stuff, and I think most of us do in some capacity. To be more specific, I really like making things with other people. Throughout life I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of people with special gifts, passions, and abilities. It’s crazy how dope some people’s ideas can be, but I really feel the fire when we can turn it into something real like a business or piece of art. Read more>>

Lamar Kelley

I started making music as a way to express myself. An audio mirror if you will. Music helps me understand who I am and what I’m going through as a human being. I also fell in love with skateboarding at an early age. These two hobbies turned into a lifestyle. I’ve been on a board since I was five and began music in 2011. The Aeronotiqz brand founded by TIron and Clay who asked me to come along with a rap group a few of my friends. Read more>>

Beili Liu

I was born in a rural village in northeast China. The migrations across three stages of my life. From village to city, to the U.S., have deeply informed my practice. The simplicity and freedom, and the tactility and versatility of all things I lived with in the village are the basis for my love of materials and the hand-made. I share the nomadic experiences with all immigrants who inhabit multiple frames of social and cultural references at a time. Read more>>

Tremaine Morgan

Tremaine Morgan’s background consists of coming from a musical family. Born to two parents who both sing, he was raised with a true appreciation for music and all of its intricacies. At a young age, his foundation began in the traditional church; but would lead to him entering just about every talent showcase that he could. His father’s expertise would groom him to study various artists, learn what they do, and then create something new. Read more>>

Cam Alē

I am the cliche, “I’ve been singing all of my life” artist! I led my first song at the age of five at church while standing on a chair because I was too short to be seen. Also, I come from a long line of singers from my Granny being in a Quartet group for 30+ years to my mother being in groups and singing all of my life. Then, after many years of saying I’d never do it. Read more>>

Keneisha Newland-Brathwaite

I started working in social service field in 2002, specifically working with children who were removed from their biological parent(s) care due to neglect or abuse. Through this encounter, I realized that I was able to connect with children and families through an emotional level and truly be effective at helping them cope and grow in a difficult situation. Read more>>

Alia Oneal

I’ve always been fashion and product adjacent. My first internship was for a global fashion brand in their product development department, working with a technical designer, who, to this day, I still partner with. After college, I really never lost sight of that creation bug. I guess I was bit early. As I got farther along in my career, I eventually landed a role at Neiman Marcus in the couture buying office. Read more>>

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