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Inspiring Stories from Central Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of Central Dallas below.

Dr. Sharalyn Payne

At the age of 13, I became all too familiar with heartache and pain. I remember going to school and coming home to learn that my father had committed suicide. That was my first encounter with being a warrior. I went through life feeling like something was missing. I didn’t have a father to see me off to my first dance or walk me down the aisle or tell me everything would be okay when my heart was broken.  Read more>>

Meaders Ozarow

As a new business starting out, finding a location is the greatest challenge. You need to be located near your customer, but figuring that out can be difficult. Every real estate broker promotes the accessibility and demographic appeal of their property, but it is very hard to make a decision about what is right. Read more>>

 Liz Lanier

I am a home baker who fell in love with the visual beauty, delicate texture, and intense flavor of macarons after visiting several iconic patisseries around the world. Finding it nearly impossible to get macarons in Dallas, I began making them myself – as a way to satisfy my own cravings and to make friends and family happy. Read more>>

Chris Gilbert

I spent the first few years of my legal career in large international law firms – thousands of lawyers all over the world. It was a great experience, and I represented clients all over the world in multi-million dollar matters. But I always wanted to own my own business. I loved representing entrepreneurs, startups and investors; not just for the work, but because they inspired me. Read more>>

Margaret and Bill Mason

The Mason family has been serving the Dallas community with pet services of many types for almost 70 years. It all started in the late 1950’s in Carrollton, Texas when the family opened an innovative place called, SNUG HARBOR. Out in the country one could host large parties or individuals come to hunt, shoot, fish or even have your bird dog trained at the DOG COLLEGE, at the resort.  Read more>>

Ladan Zarrabi

I came to United States from Iran at age of 15, as a child bride. I settled into Stillwater Oklahoma, which was about as remote and culturally different from my childhood as one can probably imagine. After high school, I decided to go to beauty school. After I received my license in order to stand out in a small town like Stillwater, I was going to have to be better than anything available anywhere in Oklahoma. Read more>>

Rhonda Rast

My husband knew the previous owner and was a customer of the business for 12 years. The previous owner wanted to retire and was looking for someone to buy his creation and love it as much as he did. It was a perfect fit! I retired from banking and became the owner of the greatest cigar shop in the world. Read more>>

Zack Tzourtzouklis

I attended the University of North Texas and ultimately decided not to major in film. Going to film school didn’t seem to be a determining factor in the success of most of the filmmakers who I looked up to and I knew that a film degree wasn’t the most marketable degree in the world. I also couldn’t help but wonder if I would even be as passionate about filmmaking in four years as I was then. Read more>>

Catherine Wehba

I became a Personal Trainer in 2013 and added Group Fitness Instructor shortly after. This career choice was one of the most pivotal decisions I have made in my life. I finally begin living a life of passionate love for people and was able to share my love for health with others.  Read more>>

Freda Mowad

I started my career in 1995 as a speech language pathologist. My focus has always been adults and geriatrics in both the acute and subacute settings. Through the years I moved into management as a director of rehab then a regional over multiple sites. In 2009 my company was bought and SRS was formed. At SRS I have had tremendous opportunity to grow from a regional to Vice President of Operations, to president. Read more>>

Jason Watson

I entered College in 2000 and worked 80 hours a week to pay my own way through. The following year, I actually failed out for a semester after my father suddenly passed and very shortly after that the girl I had been with for 3 years left me due to my depression. I also lost my job during all of this because I was in such a bad place and had to move back home for a short time. Read more>>

Rylee and Ruth Calvert

What an amazing journey I have been blessed to have! I never could have imagined 30 years ago how my business would have evolved and grown. In 1985, I was a newlywed unhappy with a job at a bank desperate to find a way to create something of my own that would be able to earn an income. I decided to turn a lifelong passion and hobby into a business venture. Read more>>

Henry Hernandez

I got started in Internet marketing back in 2005. I cut my teeth in the affiliate marketing arena, and decided that I can have more of an impact for small business growth through organic SEO efforts. In 2009 and 2010 I work for a larger firm, I built a team of 15 from the ground up, to better help us secure search engine positions through organic means. Read more>>

Shams Juma

It was in the fall of 2011, while I was in graduate school, that the idea of building a two-sided freelance marketplace was seeded in my mind. I was working with my colleagues conducting primary research and speaking with potential customers – where one of them said to me, “what I wouldn’t give to have business expertise like your team on my staff”. Read more>

Fleetwood Hicks

Born and raised in Dallas, I went to Pearce Highschool and the SMU Business School. I did not know what I wanted to do so I started my career in commercial real estate. Although I did well, I just wasn’t in love with it. I came up withm an idea to make some tee-shirts and literally started by selling them out of the trunk of my car. Read more>>

Rachel Voss

I was always the “creative one” of my friends and family. The one who would do everyone’s hair and makeup for prom and then rush to do my own as my date was walking in the door. I can’t help but want to help people look and feel their best! I started as a stylist and knew my dream was to one day have my own salon. Read more>>

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