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Inspiring Stories from Central Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of Central Dallas below.

DeMarcus Jones

A lot of getting In trouble, spiraling out of control and being place in jail looking to serve a 5 year federal sentence. Pushed me to get to really know God. Inside prison I gave my life back to him and he showed me a miracle. Read more>>

DJ Kodak

I started DJ Kodak Entertainment about a year ago. I have always collect the new sounds of music over the years, and collaborated the old with the new. I have worked with many local and upcoming artist around the metroplex, spending a great amount of time in recording studios, and attending many local performances. Read more>>

Daniel Shearer

I’m a Dallas native, and grew up in Garland. My father worked in design and construction, my mother stayed home to raise my younger brother and I. Growing up, I enjoyed Lego’s and problem solving, but my design side was pulled to what I now know is Industrial Design (Automotive Design). Read more>>

Lincey Knox-Yankus

I grew up on a small farm in South Alabama, raised by a mother that followed a more natural approach to health and healing. We always utilized herbal teas, home made tinctures, and good nutrition to heal and keep us healthy. You could always find me in the barn with the animals and from a young age I had always wanted to be a veterinarian. Read more>>

Shandiz Sharif

For as long as I could remember I lusted after the High Fashion Industry, and the gorgeous faces of the models behind each ad and campaign. Their intricate movements and poses representing some of the biggest names in Fashion, such as Chanel and Elie Saab. My admiration for the Art behind these name brands fueled a desire I always had as a little girl- to become a High Fashion Model. Read more>>

Tor Matthey

I moved to New York City when I was 22 to attend Parsons, where I obtained I degree in fashion marketing. I started my career there, my first job being a visual merchandiser at Bergdorf Goodman. You can say I partly developed my appreciation for style and design from that store – until today I consider it a magical place. Read more>>

Robin Fahmi

Today, is a good day and what I know for sure is that all really is well and enough is always available no matter what. My story begins with this peculiar fact. On the day that I was born, January 1, 1959, I was already a year old; because it was written on my birth certificate that I was born a year earlier in 1958. Read more>>

Ajay Sharma

Opening up my business has been a long journey. I was in the Marine Corps and deployed many times. I realized after my fourth deployment overseas that eating mea ready to eat (MREs) were not good for me. I had no energy and I felt like I had cancer. Read more>>

Nicholas Moore

Self taught designer, Nicholas J. Moore is not a novice to designing and crafting fabulous wearable art, commonly known as couture. Nicholas J. Moore,has been designing men and women clothing for over ten years plus, and wears his own garments religiously in social settings. Read more>>

Julie Hardgrave

My grandfather and father were jewelry hand engravers. They drew letters every day. I began copying my grandfather’s letters when I was a child sitting beside him in church. Growing up in the engraving business encouraged my love of letters. I knew how to draw letters with hairlines and swells with a pencil. Read more>>

Martha Palacios

My name is Martha Palacios. I was born in El Salvador and grew up in Costa Rica, where I earned my bachelor’s in communications and public relations in the capital—San José. I’ve lived in Dallas since 2009. Despite the struggles of continuing a public relations career in a brand new country and having to speak a different language, I found and created exciting opportunities to restart my career. Read more>>

Luke Nassar

I grew up singing. I started on suzuki violin when I was 5 and moved to guitar on my 10th birthday. I sang in choir throughout high school and wrote some songs here and there. I always sang and played in church, but I never took music seriously. I didn’t consider studying it in college, and went to SMU to study business. Read more>>

Sharon Stone

I am a third generation fashionista. As a child growing up in Boston, my parents exposed me to the arts; ballet, theatre, fine art, film & symphony. I had a mother who loved interior design, antiques and fashion, as did her mother before her , so as a young girl I embraced all things beautiful & theatrical. Read more>>

Justin Taylor

I got started in photography by following various people through social media, seeing creative images and I wanted to learn how they got that particular shot. I bought my first DSLR, a Canon 60D, and began to just play around. As I posted to social media, I began to get inquiries from people asking me to shoot their birthday dinners, baby showers, and etc. Read more>>

Timothy Talbott

I started out as a professional wrestler. Timothy Von Erich then Justin Vincible. I figure i would use wrestling to get in to stunt work and then into acting. I moved to Los Angeles and began to work at a local bar. Before I knew it I was the General Manager and five years had flown by. Read more>>

JerTerria Dawso

This vision sparked as merely an idea while in college from 2000-2004. I was a member of various organizations where I had the privilege of assisting and planning several events. It wasn’t until I became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated were the vision grew into a passion of mine. Read more>>

Shonda Strives

My dying place became my birthing place. April 2017, I found my marriage thrown into the flames of divorce. This challenged me to stand on my own two feet. Married at 20. 11 years later, I was positioned to be repositioned. Somewhere between faith and fear, I found Shonda. Read more>>

Patricia Allen

No More Violence Organization started in memory of Deonte (DJ) Johnson September 2011 after is death April 22, 2011. Deonte Johnson was a young man who was loved by many, a young man full of life. A brother of two siblings a wonderful mother, April Richardson. Read more>>

Abbe Fenimore

As a little girl, I was always re-arranging my room and changing little details in my dollhouse. My mother is a talented seamstress, so we would make new drapes and bedding for my dollhouse out of her fabric scraps. My obsession with decorating continued into high school, and I began dreaming up names for my future interior design business. Read more>>

Madison McKinley Isner

I started perchance – I’m a creator, so I am in constant need for an outlet! When I was in Highschool, I started making jewelry for my mom and started creating my own designs. My grandmother was also an artist so growing up she was always an inspiration to me. I always looked up to her and her designs. Read more>>

Benjamin Munoz

I’ve always had an interest in art but i started to take it more seriously in the past few years. I am a printmaker and a painter and I have been a full time artist for about two years now. I got my start in painting and printmaking at a small community college in Corpus Christ. Read more>>

Raye Maddox

My story in comedy started the same way my story in life did: slowly and quietly until months down the line I erupted out, screaming and with a mess all over me. Speaking of which, I’m a twin! So whatever mess you were thinking was on me, double it, because there was two of us! Read more>>

Yen Ong

The story of our architectural practice began when the four original co-founders of the company were, by chance, assigned to share a 4-person cubicle space in a major architectural firm in Dallas where we worked. During the course of a couple of years, we spent a lot of late nights working on separate assignments,
yet we developed a trusting bond among us. Read more>>

Vinny Tavares

Vinny Tavares: I was born just outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil and went to school at Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV), where I got my undergrad. I majored in finance and at the time, thought I would be working with investment banking or private equity but had a very strong pull towards the art industries. Read more>>

Scott Stark

I founded Bravadas almost 20 years ago. I came up with the concept following my mother’s cancer diagnosis. Taking her to find a wig, I realized the need for caring, compassionate environments where women undergoing hair loss have access to solutions that help them feel confident and beautiful. Read more>>

Anna Tagliabue

The original idea for Pelush came to me more than 2 decades ago while working for Fendi in New York City. I’ve been always an animal lover and I never felt comfortable working with furs. One season Fendi made the most beautiful faux fur coat, and I immediately fell in love with this product! Read more>>

Derrick Love-Jones

For a long time I dreamed of becoming a Registered Nurse. After my battle with a rare form cancer called malignant schwannoma I was blessed to be cared for by an wonderful team of doctors and nurses at Wilford Hall Medical Facility in San Antonio, TX. Read more>>

Morriesa Stokes

Morriesa Stokes known as Reese to family and the Peacock Lady to others was Born and raised in Dallas, TX late 70’s I am an only child raised in a 2 parent home. I was always inspired and encourage to do my best and never give up. Already a lover of music and fashion i started playing the piano at the age of 2 and took on the violin in the 6th grade. Read more>>

Bryan Delgado

I was working for corporate America for three years. I was not like everyone else who hated waking up in the morning and going to their 8-5 job. I enjoyed my fellow coworkers and my duties in the field. Deep inside, I knew there was just much more for me. Read more>>

Jesus Marroquin

In 1973, at just 23 years old, Jesus Marroquin moved to America from Mexico City, where he had worked for the best furniture upholsterers in the city. After a couple of years in the U.S., he started working with a well-known Highland Park upholstery company now known as RJones. Read more>>

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