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Inspiring Stories from Central Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect wiWhitney Springerth some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of Central Dallas below.

Barkha Naik

At my first school, I quickly realized how bright my students were, and that they needed to be challenged in new ways. I discovered the Montessori method, and I was intrigued by the practical life lessons that the curriculum taught along with the independence and self-confidence that children gained from the Montessori method. I was hooked and wanted to learn as much as I could about the Montessori method. Read more>>

Mallory McAdams, Lonnie Shields, Jesse Johnson, and Marisa Saltzgiver

We all knew that this was the true beginning of something that would change our lives forever. Our second show that Jeff asked us to play was at the iconic Trees Dallas in Deep Ellum where some of us have got to see some of our favorite bands play at over the years. After that show, everything took off with people reaching out to us if we wanted to hop on their shows they had coming up. Read more>>

Brianna Gonzales

I started as a social media intern for a few local Dallas businesses. I was really aiming to find an internship in my college town but I was turned away from all the agencies I had applied for so that’s when I decided to create my own business out of it. I began to network and meet other small business owners which ultimately inspired me to start The Social Chica. Read more>>

Christopher Sagherian

A good place to start was when I was living in Orlando. I needing a way to make money and support myself so I started looking at in-demand services businesses needed. That’s when I came across graphic design. I wouldn’t say the internet was at its peak at that point but it was at a place where every business needed graphics, websites, etc. Read more>>

Tiffany Carmona

I started my business back in May 2015. In August 2015, I won Best Mobile Bartender for Dallas by Thumbtack! My business started to thrive. My husband at the time couldn’t handle that his wife was becoming successful so in order to save my marriage I let my business go. Read more>>


Attempt after attempt, no Louisiana radio stations would hire me, or even call back; so I turned to create original content to pass the time. After being convened by close friends, and a stern eviction notice, I moved to Dallas; The selling point, like Atlanta, Dallas will soon be “the next black Hollywood.” Starting what I now know as the REAL journey to my broadcast career. Read more>>

Rell Rugely

I felt like it was important to further develop my talents whilst pursuing my passion. I’d like to consider myself somewhat a jack of all trades in regards to digital media. My end goal is to become an anchor in the entertainment industry, however; there is nothing wrong with utilizing my other talents along the way. Read more>>

Kendall King

I use to attend the Teen Clubs (Club 17 – Thunderbird, etc…) and the owner of Club T events which is Co-Partner with CKB (Campus Kings) seen that I was promoting his events without him asking, then eventually, he ended up buying me a Fossil watch. With me coming from nothing, I thought this gift was everything and I told myself what will happen if I go harder?… Read more>>

Shane Hefner

I was working at the Dallas Weekly Newspaper when I decided to start the Black Business Directory. The idea had been brewing well before that, but over about a 10 month period in 2007, I kept seeing things in our community that did not highlight or display just how great and awesome we were as business owners. Read more>>

Mello Joseph

My photography journey started when I got a Panasonic G7, as a gift to myself for graduating college from Stephen F. Austin State University. Shortly after, I was in a position where I was not able to find a full-time job. With all the free time I had, I quickly invested my time in Youtube videos to educate myself on how to work a camera, and how to edit. Read more>>

Adriana Melara

I have always shared my process of learning about fashion, makeup and fitness in my social media platforms so people have seen the before and afters of my entire life! This somehow caught the attention of many people and more and more individuals made comments my personal style, my ability to dress others, my ability to communicate and connect with others through social media. Read more>>

Jonathan Avery, Rudy Sanders, and Jared Rachal

Our podcast got started in late 2016. RES (Rudy Sanders) and King Ave (Jonathan Avery) were doing their own podcast, separate from one another when Rudy decided to ask Jonathan to start a podcast together. We asked J-Rock (Jared Rachal) to be our technical producer of the show, but he eventually became the 3rd voice. Read more>>

Amber Lashawn

I started my sports show with the name Amber Alert with Amber Lashawn but after two years my media professor advised it be best to change the name due to trademark issues. So, I changed the name to On Alert with Amber Lashawn. I started Amber Alert (now On Alert) in 2016 and struggled to try to brand it in 2017. Read more>>

Crystal Mason

I have transitioned into real estate full time. I needed to take the time to actually learn the business and I couldn’t do so while working another full-time job. There is so much that I’m learning every day and so much more than I have to learn. I decided that I wanted to take a chance on myself. Coupled with that is the opportunity to spend more time with my child. Read more>>

Keneshia Colwell

I’d love for Christ on a journey to being as many souls back to His kingdom as feasibly possible. I found My life when I laid it down. Words would never describe how grateful I am to have a God that can do so much with so little. his mercy on me is forever the reason I’ll praise Him. He didn’t have to choose me, but he did & I’m doing the best I can to welcome the process. Read more>>

TeeJay Reed

I’ve been into drawing for about 30 years now. When I graduated from high school in 2004, I went to Prairie View A&M University where it all began as far as turning a hustle into running a legitimate business. I started off hand painting shirts which was an alternative for those wanting something other than an airbrushed shirt at that time. So, over my years at Prairie View, I painted well over 5,000 shirts at the minimum. Read more>>

Annie Tam

If I take it all the way back, it started when I was working during college as a camp counselor in the French Alps. I loved listening to the teens and helping them with their problems and life questions. That experience led me to become a high school French and public speaking teacher where I further discovered my passion for helping teens figure out life. Read more>>

Nasia Miller

Nappy And Happy was born when I began my natural hair journey. Four years ago, I quit my corporate job and looked for ways to save money. This included cutting weekly visits to a local salon. Researching how to care for my hair, I soon discovered the lax regulation with regard to the beauty industry. The ingredients in popular hair care products and their effects on our health were startling. Read more>>

Eriverto Cerritos

My career started at DryBar as a stylist back in 2011 when they opened the Plano location. I was promoted to Master stylist within a year and was training all stylist in the Dallas area. I relocated to LA where I continued to train and open new stores for DryBar. While in LA, I started doing more freelance work which led to jobs working fashion shows, red carpet, and celebrities. Read more>>

Ace Anderson

Once I graduated, I immediately started working as the Junior Graphic Designer at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, all the while performing professionally nationwide thanks to YoungArts. I quickly rose in the ranks at DSO and became the lead on the design team within two years. I soon realized that the corporate cubicle life was not for me, so I quit my job with no prospects. Read more>>

Nekovia Sloan

With prayer and an amazing group of people around to support me, my 3-4 members quickly grew to 40+ members overnight. I know that growing up, I didn’t have this opportunity outside of school to dance and travel the world doing something that I love. I didn’t have a mentor to lead me in the right path and help guide me not only through dance but in life. Read more>>

Meagan Cecil

Modern calligraphy slowly starting coming onto the scene in 2015 and I knew I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I spent hours every day after work for months perfecting my handwriting. It paid off! I started getting multiple commissions for weddings and special occasions and that’s when I decided I would love to do this side gig full time. Read more>>

Kierra Anderson

I’ve always had a love for crafting and graphic design. Back in high school (2006-2010), I enjoyed working on craft projects with organizations that I was a part of. I was introduced to graphic design in 2007 in a couple of elective courses that I took in high school. After successfully succeeding in those classes, my heart was set on going to school full time for graphic design. Read more>>

Anthony Whitehead

I started buying fruits and blending them. Later, I started bringing samples to some of my co-workers and clients. When I first started, I was getting reviews back by co-workers and friends. Almost everyone enjoyed the juice. Once people started to enjoy the drinks, I started to bring more juice samples to work. One of my good friends, Rupali Deshmukh enjoyed my juice and ask to place an order for my, now signature juice, Fresh Pineapple Juice. Read more>>

Josh Ellis

About three years later, I went through a divorce and decided to move to Dallas. I’d perform in Dallas burlesque shows a couple of times before, so I wasn’t a complete stranger on the scene. I’ve since then traveled to other states, performed all over Dallas, and recently finished producing a show at the Nines in Deep Ellum named Rat-a-Tat Revue. Read more>>

Darren Knight

I began my career in cosmetics in 2006 working at the famous Marshall Field’s on State Street in downtown Chicago! I was a broke college student and needed a part-time job. I saw a “now hiring” sign on one of the entrances so I decided to submit my application! They hired me and told me that the only position that had open was in the cosmetics department. Read more>>

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