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Inspiring Stories from East Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of East Dallas below.

Danila Marilú

I started my journey as an artist and traveler in 2012… After I went to my first Reiki class in Buenos Aires, I started traveling, exploring South America as a backpacker. After realizing my potential as an artist was unlimited creating art became my way of making a living while traveling, simultaneously I started realizing that the world needs more world travelers so I became one. Read more>>

The Wife, The Husband

A little more than a year ago we were porch sitting on a nice cool Friday evening sharing some adult beverages and talking about anything and everything. We got around to talking about plans for the next day and were playing around with the idea of heading out to the Dallas Farmer’s Market and adventuring on from there. Read more>>

Preston Pannek

House of Pannek was started after I finished my first mural at Deep Ellum Art Company in 2017. My first mural gave me the inspiration to give back 10 free murals to the community that helped shape me into the artist and person I am today. Read more>>

Robert Comradd Jr., Devon Comradd

As a sneaker lover and a person who loves to get out and experience events in Dallas, I realized there was something missing in particular events I would visit. Sneaker expos around Dallas were often packed full of people and energy but something was missing. Read more>>

Andrea Miles

Andrea Miles is an attorney in private practice in Dallas County. She earned her law degree from Texas A&M University School of Law in 2015. Before attending law school, Andrea interned in the office of Texas State Representative Eric Johnson (District 100) and was a board member for her family’s non-profit organization. Read more>>

Camille Cortinas

I’ve always loved pickles. A defining moment was a jar of pickles from Choke Cherry Farms in Colorado. After visiting the farm I would order and have them shipped to Texas. I was obsessed with the quality of small batch goods. The brine was my wine. HA! I started pickling and aimed to capture the same flavors. Read more>>

Brandon Castillo

Well, my husband is from New Orleans and when the weather would get hot he’d start going on about wanting a sno-ball. We went to a couple snow cone and raspado places in our neighborhood because those were what I knew, but he never seemed happy with them. Read more>>

Audrey Zuck

I have grown up collecting vintage pieces and never wanted to wear anything I might possibly see a stranger wearing. I have loved fashion since the day I was born. My family could tell you I changed clothes at least 5 times a day, just to create something new and feel a different way. Read more>>

Kelly Ball

I always had very different plans for my life than Naturally Curly Cook, except I could never figure out exactly what they were. Certainly my eyes were set on something more traditional than where I’ve found myself. I had planned marriage, children, and a stable job with all the benefits. Read more>>

Lauren Marks

I officially started my business 6 years ago when my husband and I moved to Austin, but photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I would spend hours in my Grandma’s garden with her film camera. Read more>>

Sheila Clark

I am a Singer,Songwriter & play rythum guitar & A Award Winning Nashville Recording Artist, Texas born & raised in the Caddo Lake area of East Texas . Started singing music when I was a little girl, My father was a Music director & taught me some guitar & his father (my grandfather) was in a Gospel Quartet. Read more>>

Nikki Watson

When my twin daughters were Seniors in high school I panicked. I worked for a local chain of flooring stores as a marketing rep and was making ends meet but the thought of a double college bill kept me up at night. Read more>>

Suzanne Moseley

Most kids love to draw, and it’s not a far stretch to say most artists started from a young age. I was one of those kids too, but for me it was my mother who really fueled that fire. She noticed how deeply into drawing and coloring that I was, supporting me always both emotionally and technically. Read more>>

Jonathan Hawley

Some of my first projects were from broken pieces of furniture found in dumpsters or on the curb during bulk trash. Dressers, chairs, coffee tables, ottomans, buffets, bookshelves, etc. Broken pieces were replaced, a fresh coat of paint or stain, and some TLC brought these pieces back to life. I ran out of space in my tiny apartment so I started giving it away to family and friends. Read more>>

Kyle St. Clair

One90 is an East Dallas born establishment owned by multi-generational East Dallasites Kyle St. Clair and Herman Guerrra. Kyle spent years pursuing higher education, and after obtaining his J.D./M.B.A., spent a few years practice law for the federal courts and the Texas university system. Read more>>

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