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Inspiring Stories from Fort Worth

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Fort Worth’s rising stars below.

Miss Venom

Growing up, I didn’t really understand what the LQBTQ+ family was. I was pretty sheltered with little to none inspiration for makeup since nobody in my family wore it. About five years ago, when I was eighteen going nineteen, I came out as gay. I started to get into makeup at a very quick pace. Read more>>

Kat Calaway

I got serious about learning how to use my camera during my third (complicated and scary) pregnancy in 2008. The first online class I took taught me how to shoot in manual mode; I wanted to have complete creative control and a thorough understanding of how my gear worked. Read more>>

Lavonte Crook

My brand is a viral Lifestyle Clothing Line. I got the concept by just observing different people’s fashion sense. While traveling across different states. I noticed each individual is an Artist. A Viral lifestyle clothing line that stands for the Artist inside everyday people. Read more>>

Tamara Walker

I am originally from Alexandria, LA. My goal has been to start my venture as an entrepreneur for several years. My plan was not only to become an entrepreneur, but to be successful in starting a real business, employing real people, and providing a real service to customers. Read more>>

Angie Watts

My love for baking started as a little girl. Waking up one Christmas morning to a Holly Hobbie mini oven under the tree, I immediately plugged it in and started mixing and baking the mini cakes that were included. I couldn’t wait for my family and I to taste them! Hearing their ooh’s and ahh’s made me so happy. Read more>>

Jasmine Nunez

I believe that my journey began once I first became a mother. I remember holding my daughter for the first time and feeling completely reborn. For the first time in my life, I had a purpose and almost instantly I had developed this intense passion for women’s health. Read more>>

Edgar Rivas

I have always had a dream of becoming a business owner being my own boss. After I finished high school I started working as a graphic designer at a vehicle wrap shop in Dallas, there was where I got the interest in the wrapping process I started to do small jobs on the side nothing too big since I was still working full time. Read more>>

Jimmy and Brooke Sweeney

I’ve always been a big fan of movies. I grew up in Sarasota, FL in a creative environment with a lot of peers that are now working in the film industry in some capacity. It wasn’t something I necessarily thought I would come back to, but I moved out to Fort Worth to go to TCU. Read more>>

Amber Vega

I have loved everything artsy and glamorous since I was a little girl. From painting & photography grew my love for makeup. Being from such a small little country town I really didn’t have much support at first when I decided to pursue becoming a professional Makeup Artist. Read more>>

Alejandrina Rosas

August 2017 was when my life changed completely. I went from being “one of the guys” to glam queen! I always had a love for beauty and fashion just never felt like I fit into that world. Makeup became an obsession and love at first feel! The first time I created a look on myself although it wasn’t perfect. Read more>>

David Rippner

I have been in the telecom industry since 1994 starting off by selling pagers. As in the industry evolved, I moved over to the cellular phone side by working for companies like Southwestern Bell, AT&T, Sprint, and my longest tenure was with Verizon Wireless. Read more>>

John Skees

After a few years, I ended up helping a friend with her media classes, just supervising the kids in broadcast, helping out on field trips and stuff. She lent me an older Olympus mirrorless (that the kids never wanted to use because the controls were weird) and I started following along with the lessons of the photo one kids. Read more>>

Keisha Solomon

25 years ago, I was director of Admissions of a vocational school in Florida. It was a very comfortable position I had been in for quite some time. One day I came to work ant there were chains on the doors with an eviction notice. I was in a panic at first but I knew I never wanted to be in a position where someone else had that much control over my life. Read more>>

Walter Kamanda

I was born in the Slums of Kibera, the largest slums in Africa. I had a large family of seven, with my mother being a stay at home mom and my father the bread-winner. My father was a polygamist, so us children did not see him that much as he had to work hard to take care of two families. Read more>>

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