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Inspiring Stories from Fort Worth

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Fort Worth’s rising stars below.

Joshua and Kariss Farris

Josh started the business in college! He worked for Baylor Sports as a photographer and also shot a ton of graduation sessions and parties for little to nothing. When he and I met and started dating, we did the first engagement session ever together. Josh did the shooting and I posted and gave direction. Josh definitely gave the business it’s huge head start by getting its name out there and doing all the hard work to get it off of the ground at our college campus. When Josh graduated college in 2012, he couldn’t do both the business and a full-time mechanical engineering job at NASA and was going to call it quits. Read more>>

Joe Shaw

Back in late 2014 when my daughter was set to be born, I looked everywhere for a community of dads to join; a place to get advice on what to expect, to share triumphs and failures, and to build a rapport with fellow dads as we go through this parenting journey. However, I quickly learned while there were excellent resources for mothers and parents in general, there were very few resources for fathers, so I had to do the best I could with what I had available. About a year and a half passed and a good friend of mine, who was expecting his first kid, asked me for some of the same resources and community questions I had encountered earlier. Read more>>

LaTasha Jackson-McDougle

During my childhood, my household was without a mother and father. I was orphaned at the age of 18 months; my father killed my mother and himself. I witnessed this lose at a young age, this was my introduction to domestic violence. I was left under guardianship care of my maternal grandparents; I remember having questions about my mom and with a brave face and a smile, my granny told me that my mother was in heaven. As a young child, I was filled with questions. Why did she leave me? Why is she in Heaven? Read more>>

Angie Monroe

As a child, I loved giving my stuffed animals motivational talks, when I was thru my stuffed animals were able to conquer the world. I dreamed of leading people with my motivational talks. Unfortunately, my drama instructor when I was in high school told me: “As long as you sound like a hick, you will never amount to anything.” I dropped drama, stepped off the stage, and joined the Navy right after high school. Being a tomboy, I chose to work on airplanes, after my time in the Navy, I worked for air cargo companies and eventually a large church here in the DFW area. Read more>>

Angie Blue

I am originally from Pittsburgh and came to Dallas and stayed because of the Wedding & Event Industry in DFW. I worked at an all-inclusive wedding venue for almost three years, I did my first wedding in 2007. I opened my own wedding planning business Black Diamond Weddings, founded in 2011. I also sold for a couple other venues along the way while offering planning as well. I’ve wanted to be in the is industry ever since I was a little girl. I was that six-year-old kid who planned my own birthday parties, lol – you can ask my mom. Read more>>

Kendra Myers

It all started with a huge bumper crop of jalapenos that turned into the first batch of Jalapeno Jelly. My husband and I moved to Rendon in 2008 and started a 1,000 square foot garden. We grew as much of our food as possible including jalapeno peppers. The peppers grew and grew. As we, and everyone I knew, became bored of pickled peppers I called my Memo to find other ways to preserve peppers. Read more>>

Jeanann Gray

I’m a full-time police officer and have been for 12 years. Through the years, I’ve learned that we need a hobby of some sort to help relax our minds and separate from the stresses of our daily lives. I decided to start working in my garage and learn a new trade. I piddled with different wood items and I made my family a Lazy Susan. My granny had a Lazy Susan, so it meant a lot to me that I could provide one for my family too. The next thing I knew, I started making other wood items like wooden serving trays and small wood signs. I started doing craft fairs and vintage markets. Read more>>

Jennifer Hadley-White

I’ve been interested in creating my own stationery since just out of college years ago. I loved art ever since my ballerina was used as the cover of a school program in the first grade. Granted my ballerina was labeled as a teacher, but I still felt my art was appreciated. And I’ve loved words since I was able to talk and I haven’t stopped using them. A family friend used to say he lost his hearing in his right ear because I talked next to him for an entire three-hour road trip. Stationery is the perfect marriage between art and words, so there’s nothing more perfect for me to build a business around. Read more>>

Micaela Smith

I started baking simple desserts for a family at 15 years old. My family was always encouraging me to continue baking as they saw the potential and passion I had for it. Each holiday or birthday, they would gift me some kind of baking item, whether it be a baking pan or a utensil I could use and ask me to make something. As the years went on, life got a little crazy and I had to stop baking. In those years, my husband joined the military, we got married, had a beautiful baby girl, and moved out of Texas to live in North Carolina. Read more>>

Trina Smith

I was given to and raised by a friend of the family, from the age of 2 months old. As I began to get older, I began to have moments in my life where I felt abandoned, rejected, fatherless, motherless (so I thought) and feeling like I had no worth. I often wondered where would I be, if I never would have been left with the friend of the family! The friend, I called mom, spoke into my life instilling in me my worth and letting me know God loves me and I can do or be anything I wanted to be! As time moved on, I was molested by someone close and touched inappropriately by a friend in the neighborhood, I saw drugs and so much more in my neighborhood, that I knew I wanted better! Read more>>

Twila B Goode

A native of Dallas, I was raised by my mother and grandmother. While growing up, we moved around often throughout the metroplex. As an only child, I was involved in various extracurricular activities and I would often find myself writing in my journal to record my experiences. After high school, I attended college in Greensboro, NC and married my college sweetheart. Once my marriage dissolved after ten years, I decided to channel my mixed emotions in my writing. I was divorced at 35 with two children under the age of five to raise on my own and had bouts of anxiety, alcoholism, and depression. Read more>>

Chef Hoppie

I started baking when I was about 11years old. My Mother had a 7-up pound cake that was to die for, and when my dad left us she had to stop making it, due to picking up multiple jobs to make ends meet, but I just could not let the cake die off. So, on one of her off days, my mom taught me how to make the cake and that’s when it all began! I would take the cake to church, football practice, school, anywhere I could to let people taste it. Next thing I knew, everybody started asking for different flavors of cakes, pies, cookies, and that pushed me to start my first business called The Doughboyz Houze of Pastriez. I have been in the culinary industry ever since. Read more>>

Nia Peters

I’m a 20-year-old poet, author, and publisher. I started off writing songs in the fifth grade and eventually switched to poetry in middle school. I would write poems in sharpie markers and sell them to kids in my class. I began collecting poetry and using it to “get free” whenever I could. I developed as a poet and began performing spoken word in high school, and winning over a great fan base. After finding my voice as a poet, I decided it was time to step out and write my book in college. In my book “Feather in Time”, I am my most transparent and vulnerable self and I truly believe I will help others to heal. I talk about my life experiences, real-world issues, mental health, love, trauma and I end the book with falling wisdom. Read more>>

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