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Inspiring Stories from Fort Worth

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Fort Worth’s rising stars below.

Kristin Brandon

Since I was young, I’ve had a passion for culinary arts and have always loved the way food can be a form of artistic expression. After becoming a mother, I knew I needed a creative outlet that could provide income for my family while I stayed home with my children. Read more>>

Bethany Vera

Photos are more than moments to me, they are memories. A snapshot and a timestamp of life in that moment. I started discovering a love of photography shortly after my son was born when I decided it was important to capture every roll, every wrinkle, and each stage of development and his curly hair grew and grew. Read more>>

Lauren Williams

Our little bakery all started after I’d watched too many episodes of Ace of Cakes, which made me want to try my hand at decorating cakes. I loved to bake from a young age, and adding the design aspect was intriguing to me. I started dabbling in fondant designs in college, and have been learning new techniques ever since. Read more>>

Dione Kennedy

I’m from a very small town in southern Ohio where there was no opportunity to see the kind of professional programming that Bass Hall provides. While I was involved in a small community theater as well as high school theater productions, a career as a performing arts administrator was not even on my radar. Read more>>

Jay Hamilton

Jay is an incredibly well rounded Dallas-based entrepeneur. He is a seventeen-year military veteran (served with the United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force) and a licensed private pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings. He is also a local Mayor! Read more>>

Stacey Connor

About three years ago, I decided that I wanted to launch my blog. I spent a few days building my site and had my sister shoot a couple of looks. I launched and didn’t tell anyone. Half of me hoped that it would become an overnight success, and the other half hoped nobody would find it! I shut it down 24 hours later as I was afraid I wouldn’t succeed. Read more>>

Marcie Ditto

My start was unique in that I was given seemingly impossible vision in prayer. I wasn’t someone who just knew they were destined to make jewelry. The gift was there, like the seed waiting to be cultivated, yet it took 30 years and prayerful patience for this vision to manifest clearly into my present world. Read more>>

Amanda Fitzer

I have always had a love for children, it has poured out into everything I do. I am a children’s photographer, mom, wife, volunteer, and just recently became a foster mom after receiving our first placement in January. Naturally family photography is where I love to capture the moments between a family dynamic but sometimes it’s just the kids! Read more>>

Amanda Reaves

There is so much anger, hate, discouragement and general negativity in our world today. So many people are hurting and living short of their potential, lost in a sea of hopelessness. There are so many influences that bring us down daily with almost nothing to pick us back up. This was the problem I desired to fix. Read more>>

Mary Gray, Cammie Larsen

In 2012, my first literary agent sold my first book to a small publishing house. While I had a great experience with them, my agent soon quit and the former owner of my publisher sold to a larger publishing entity. In 2012, my first literary agent sold my first book to a small publishing house. While I had a great experience with them, my agent soon quit and the former owner of my publisher sold to a larger publishing entity. Read more>>

Colleen Duarte

My love affair with embroidery (and flowers) began when I was a little girl. The summers of my youth were spent digging in the dirt, working at a local flower shop and stitching away. My first embroidery piece was a cross stitch pattern featuring colorful barn animals. 30+ years later and I still have that piece hanging in my house today. Read more>>

Marvin Blue

I have always been a fan of photography. My love came to fruition while I was serving in the Army. I signed up for a few classes and the rest is history. I started my company while I was living in Arizona working as a high school teacher to bring in an additional income. Read more>>

Sylvia Bonniwell

I started my business because of the children I nannied. I thought it would be a great opportunity to practice my passion for performing and bringing a little joy to children. I have since performed for a variety of events and travelled from Tom Bean Texas to Waco and everywhere in between. Read more>>

Niki Little

I started out doing commissioned watercolor illustrations about 4 years ago and opened an Etsy shop. I learned how to make prints and started going to local pop up markets. After discovering I was pretty good at Pet Portraits, I decided I wanted to try to be a full time Artist. Read more>>

Wanda Ironheart Traversie-Warner

I am a Lakota Sioux enrolled with the Cheyenne River tribe in South Dakota. I am an energy specialist. I am a shamanic medicine woman. My job as an energy specialist is to make sure that all blocks or any stagnant areas on your body are removed or dissipated. Read more>>

Staci Kirpach

I am passionate about connecting people with causes – to a greater good – whether its a nonprofit organization, a conscientious company, a thoughtful talent, or a movement making the world a better place. When you are able to connect something good happening in the world to receptive and responsive communities, more good ultimately spills out into the world. It’s infectious! Read more>>

Sarah Ayala

I realized I was an artist before I had made any art at all. I was attending Texas Christian University to become a Kindergarten teacher when I abruptly made the decision to stop going to school and make art. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, or what I wanted to make but I knew I was being dishonest with myself going to school and I was very aware of the fact that I simply wanted to create things. Read more>>

DeAndrea Dare

On March 12, 2013 my life suddenly changed forever. My husband and I were expecting our first child and we so excited about what the future held. We had hopes and dreams and could already picture what our life was going to be like as a family of three. Unfortunately those hopes and dreams were shattered when I suffered a placenta abruption and our son, Max was stillborn. Read more>>

Dalton Zarko

I started out taking landscape photos on my Iphone 5s senior year of high school, constantly learning new tips and techniques for phone photography. After about a year, I decided that it was time for a camera and got the Canon T5i right before I went to the UK. Read more>>

Jo Rutledge

My beginnings have always been artistically motivated. I attended art school at University of Texas. But I am able to say I left the department after my sophomore year without any more art skills. So painting and drawing became a hobby. I worked at Neiman Marcus after graduating and was tapped to attend buyers training. Read more>>

Don Hudson

Wildlife X Team is rapidly becoming the leader in the nuisance wildlife control industry. We lead the way in the development of technology, education, products and services in Wildlife Management. We are a family oriented business founded in Texas and dedicated to excellent customer service. Read more>>

Zoe Dillman

My interest in photography came at a pivotal age. I picked up a camera at fourteen, initially taking photos around the neighborhood and of my family. My attraction to music photography drove me to shoot my first show in July of 2014. At fourteen, I was definitely the youngest person in the photo pit. Read more>>

Halee Lopez

I started Sugar. by Halee Cake Company in my tiny apartment kitchen with just a hand mixer, my grandmother’s recipes and a big dream. I am a one-woman show and proof that with a little determination (and a lot less sleep) you can truly do anything. Today I have clients across Texas and into parts of Oklahoma. Read more>>

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