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Inspiring Stories from Fort Worth

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Fort Worth’s rising stars below.

Andrew Welch

I have always had a yearning to fill this artistic void in my being. When I was young, I would draw all the time. Any time I churned out something I felt was satisfactory, the tank would be full. As time would pass, that tank would empty, and I would feel the need to create once more. I have always loved photography. Read more>>

Jackdaw Russell

I started taking a printmaking class at Tarrant County College in 2006 and fell in love with the block-printing portion of the class. Eventually, I started doing little art shows from time to time, and people dug my work and were buying it. With the wealth of art shows an interest in art in DFW, I was able to quit my job of mowing yards and became a “full-time artist” in 2013. Read more>>

Melissa Wolfe

After graduating from Abilene Christian University, I moved to the metroplex to begin my teaching career. I was hired in Irving, and after six years of teaching kindergarten, I moved into a coaching/mentor role. As an instructional specialist, I was responsible for mentoring teachers on campus as well as helping the administration to provide professional development. Read more>>

Bill Hass

I moved to Arlington TX in 1986 after getting out of the U.S. Air Force. I was interested in becoming an actor but had no idea where to start. Not long after arriving in the Metroplex, I discovered Jubilee Theater and was taken under the wing of Rudy Eastman and the veteran performers of the Jubilee family. Read more>>

Ben-G Araujo

Growing up, I’d never thought I’d pick up a camera. I found out later in life after overworking my self in warehouse 60+ hrs a week, I got tired and bored of working it and eventually got me fired, and that was the best day of my life. A friend of mine Robb talked to me into picking up a camera that was about five years ago. Read more>>

Gentry Ace Little

BGC sports is a Christian based sports network. I call Game for Crowley is plus host a sports show on weekends with the great Amy Floyd. She’s a personal trainer, and she is a great lady as well. Amy and I have been doing this for three years, two in Big Springs and now in Ft Worth. Read more>>

Omri Horowitz

I grew up as the first born American in my entire family, who are originally from Israel. So I was very globally minded and interested in different cultures growing up. Many times I found myself an outsider: with a different name, speaking another different language, and having this completely foreign influence on my life. Read more>>

Jason Tamplin and Valeri Anstey

We launched in 2013 with our brick and mortar location on the west side of Fort Worth. We had tried running e-commerce only in 2012, but it became quickly apparent we were going to need a physical location. Over the years we’ve expanded from a small shop to have five full display cases and a long juice bar. We have 70 FDA registered house juices, a wall of premiums, and CBD. Read more>>

LaTamara Buggs

Sugamamas was born during a pretty rough time in my life. My husband and were struggling financially and the thought of having a lavish birthday for my daughter was laughable! But I was persistent, and I wanted what I wanted! I took some classes at “YouTube University” and learned a few things. I did the dessert table for my daughter’s party, it was a mess, but people seemed to love it and then the orders started coming. Read more>>

Brooke Howerton

I’ve always loved fashion, and I feel like I was born with a desire to shop! As a working mom, it was next to impossible to find time to visit the mall, and I was striking out consistently with online shopping. I knew I wasn’t alone and genuinely felt compelled to help other women like myself. Thus, The Paisley Heart was born in late September of 2003. Read more>>

Angela Vallejo

Shortly after receiving my Bachelor of Business Administration from Midwestern State University, I took my first full-time job in a District Office for Farmers Insurance. During my time there, I got the appropriate licensing and learned the good and the bad of becoming an agent-it didn’t take long to realize that it isn’t for the faint of heart! Read more>>

Justin Nelson

I have all been interested in business. From an early age, I was selling candy out of my backpack at school, mowing lawns, and doing odd jobs around my neighborhood. I graduated early and actually moved to NYC and lived in a models apartment. During my time in NYC, I got to do a fair amount of travel, met people from all over the World, and spend time working side by side with celebrities and major entrepreneurs. Read more>>

Laura Blankenship

I first started making jewelry for myself when I was a kid, I actually can’t remember how old I was, but I decided one day I wanted some silver jewelry over the back of my hand. I made a bracelet-ring combo with fishing line and silver seed beads; it wasn’t very good, but it was just the first try. Read more>>

Amelia Meadows

While riding on the roller-coaster of motherhood, a few years ago, I found myself with a lot of questions, challenges, and concerns. Many times, I felt alone, frustrated, and sometimes embarrassed. I had this fantasy of what being a mommy would be like. I imagined all the blissful moments and, happy faces. I just knew that I would be the best and that “S” on my chest would come with ease. Read more>>

Vanessa Bouche

Since 2014, Dr. Vanessa Bouché, a professor of political science at Texas Christian University and a global human trafficking scholar, had been leading a study abroad course on transnational human trafficking in Delhi, India. Through a partnership with a leading Indian anti-trafficking organization, Shakti Vahini, the students have been afforded the opportunity to visit Garstin Bastion Road (GB Road), the largest red light district in Delhi. Read more>>

Jeremy Molinar

Molinar Property Group began with the vision of providing the highest quality of services to our clients, ensuring stability, security to our team. Our Construction Management approach allows us to maintain cost controls, fast track schedules, streamline communication, and manage every aspect of your project diligently. Read more>>

Benjamin Novak Hudgins

Being named after my Grandad Novak Bullard gave me a lot of his principles, see my grandad not only lived his life for the sustainability of bees he was a bit of a “whistleblower” in his time. When the start of pesticides and other environmental threats started being widely used he was saying, if we don’t start looking after what we are doing, we would be putting our selves in harm’s way. Read more>>

Ryan Fontenot

There are so many who are slipping away from any hope in this life. I traveled full-time for eight years speaking in churches, camps, conferences, schools, and colleges. The past several years I was the Lead Pastor for a local church in Keller. As of January I stepped out of that role and relaunched R.A.G.E. Ministries where I am once again traveling a speaking across the United States. Read more>>

Mike Newton

I started cooking at a young age, back when the only cooking shows on tv were The Galloping Gourmet and Julia Child on PBS. I went to work on a ranch in Paris, TX after I gave college a fair shot, and there wasn’t a lot for a single guy to do out there. Being an avid reader, I took a couple of cookbooks and started practicing. I was a bachelor until 37, so I had a lot of years to practice. Read more>>

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