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Inspiring Stories from Fort Worth

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Fort Worth’s rising stars below.

Edgar Miller

I started Edgar Miller Images at the beginning of this year to expand my own photography. I had been the director of education at a local camera store and the business was slowing. I felt I could fill my down time between classes with personal and commercial photo projects. So far, I have been much busier than I ever imagined! Read more>>

Miranda Browning

Life is made up of stories strung together. As a good friend of mine taught me, the significance of those stories is to find the theme that weaves them all together. I’m not sure that I’ve totally figured out that theme yet, but I’m getting closer every day. I was raised in Fort Worth and lived here until I left for college at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas. Read more>>

Nicole Hendley

I have always been enamored by the idea that each morning presents an opportunity for celebration. As I get older, I sense an even greater need to facilitate joy in my own life and in the lives of those around me. A few years ago, I started dreaming about how photography could serve as a creative means to encourage people in their journey. I saw this craft as an opportunity to celebrate people and their stories. Read more>>

Taylor Pritchard

My husband and I simultaneously had the same idea before meeting – homemade pops. He was raised in the north side of Fort Worth where the paleterio would walk up and down the streets ringing his bell for kids and adults alike to come enjoy a cool refreshing paleta. And I’ve always had a special place in my life for the delicious frozen treats. Read more>>

Baleigh Kehoe

I’ve always been a creative person but as a child I was always intrigued by cameras. I would take my moms throw away camera and snap shots of anything and everything, as I grew older so did my love of photography. When I was sixteen I got my first DSLR camera and I absolutely fell in love. I started taking photos for my friends, senior pictures, portraits, and events. Read more>>

Felicia Sealey

Ever since I was a child I can always remember being interested in cameras and photos. I used to steal those little disposable Kodak cameras from my parents and run around taking pictures of everything. The greatest feeling was the excitement I felt when getting back a package of developed prints to see what I captured. Read more>>

Erika Fort, Angela Kane

Angela and I both recently moved to Fort Worth, Texas September of 2018. Prior to the move, we met each other once a month before at a church event and connected through a mutual friend. Our original intent of moving to Fort Worth was to help plant a church that we both individually felt led to be a part of. Within a month, we ended up becoming roommates and soon after began the journey to serve within our new church home. Read more>>

Arian Helm

After being at my university for 2 years and not accomplishing much academically, I began to do some soul searching as to what I really wanted to do post grad. At that time, I was on my third major and felt extremely lost. I remember talking to my professor who asked me what made me genuinely happy. I couldn’t give her one solid answer at the time. I took an intro class to my now major, Mass Communication, that required us to create a blog. Read more>>

Quincey Conyers

I first got into makeup when i was getting ready for college out of high school, I’ve always been an artistic person through out my life and makeup was the perfect outlet for me to not only express my self but to also make people feel and look beautiful. I would ask all my friends, cousins and aunts if i could practice on them and i would take photos and start posting them on Instagram and Facebook to help get me a client base started. Read more>>

La’Keali Felton- Hampton

I was working for MHMR of Tarrant County as a substance abuse counselor and although I loved my field, I wanted to do more on the mental health side. So, one day I started blogging on WordPress and God continued to give me different topics and ideas to talk about. One blog turned into two and then every week I was blogging. That was in March 2016. Read more>>

Tiffany Ortez

I thought about how the neighborhoods surrounding Lola’s Saloon and the Cultural District are growing so rapidly and about how few non-corporate options they have for shopping produce. Even if our market is currently only once a month on 2nd Sundays, I feel that we are on to something even bigger. We are building a sense of community and a safe place for farmers and creatives to bond with each other and the locals. Read more>>

Brent Schwanbeck

There were a few passions that really drove us to start Urban Timber Harvest. We were woodworkers who had great respect for our local trees. We saw a need in the community, as all of the trees that were being removed were going to the landfill to be mulched. It really tugged at our hearts, so we began by harvesting local logs when trees came down, and now we operate a fully integrated urban lumber business. Read more>>

Jeremy Spears

Born and raised in Kansas City, MO by a single father of two kids, my dad would often take me to art galleries and museums as a child. That was where my love for art began. I took an art class in high school, which gave me a chance to practice and challenge my sense of creativity. I moved to Dallas as a teenager, graduated from high school and enlisted into the United States Air Force. Read more>>

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