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Inspiring Stories from West Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of West Dallas and surrounding areas below.

Jaime Sosa

I am 27, Owner and Pit Master for Sosa’s Barbecue. We have been in business since 2017. I am working towards my dream with family, friends, hard work and ambition on my side, I strive to bring good quality smoked barbecue to the Oak Cliff area and all over DFW. Born and raised in Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas. I started falling in love with barbecue back in 2016. Found myself in crossroads of working in the oil fields or pursing my dream of being a Pit Master. Sosa’s is a family oriented and operated business based out of Dallas. I run around the DFW area on a massive mobile smoker with my right hand man, younger brother, Josh River Sosa. We travel all over to provide the best. Also, working hard to support businesses, big or small, with superior caterings. Many family events and parties are hosted by our amazing smoker. She is the true definition of beautiful. So, here we are just trying to live our best life. Working day and night to provide the best barbecue in the metroplex. Read more>>

Jer’Miya Newton

I started doing hair when I was in middle school, the 8th grade. I’m self-taught with everything. I learned to do hair because when I was in the 5th grade, I got braids for the first time and it was done by the Africans. My braids were so tight on if them came out and my hair came out with it. I was so upset. So, by the time I got to 8th grade I was teaching myself how to do hair so I wouldn’t have to pay to get it done by someone else. So, I started out doing just my hair and family members’ hair. When I got to high school, I never really took it seriously, it was just a little side hustle to make money so I could do things with my friends. Then next thing I know everyone found out that I could do hair. My sophomore year I found out the school had a cosmetology program. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a part of that because I had a small passion for doing hair. I asked my classmate how do I get in, that’s when she told me that the deadline passed. I was confused because there was literally no information about joining the class anywhere.  Read more>>

Daniela Aguin

I was born and raised in Dallas, Tx, and have resided in West Dallas for 25 years. I began dancing at the age of 5 with a Mexican folklorico group in Oak Cliff (Grupo Folklorico Mexico Lindo) and at a non-profit after-school program (Trinity River Mission) which, unfortunately, no longer exists. After many years of dancing, I decided to pursue it as a career and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School and Southern Methodist University with a BFA in Dance Performance. While at SMU, I took an entrepreneurship course which then led to an unexpected pivot in my career. I completely fell in love with entrepreneurship and everything business-related. However, I did not want my 20-something years of dance to go to waste so I decided to pursue both of my passions; dance and business. With only a few entrepreneurship courses under my belt, I knew I had a lot more to learn. So, I looked into entrepreneurship programs and a year later graduated with a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Southern California. After graduation, I felt I was ready to finally begin the process of starting my business. After years of research in the dance industry and months of preparation, I finally launched Aguin Dance Apparel in August of 2021! Read more>>

Jeff Green

I made the decision to transition to Dallas on December 30th,2017.Coming from East St Louis, Illinois leaving behind 3 children on pure faith alone to build something that would surpass my life span and bring a special niche to the world through feed. Coming here with only $50 in my pocket and a 1989 Ford E250 box truck that I’d built by hand I knew that something was here for me and as an entrepreneur. After coming here and sleeping on a friend’s couch after a few months I found myself homeless and sleeping in my food truck through many cold/hot Texas summer nights. I can remember buying Cutter candles from Walmart to keep the mosquitoes away but I pressed on. I remember being so broke that I had to penny-pinch and buy small increments of food from Aldi in order to serve my customers, make a small profit, and send money back for my children to survive. Read more>>

Chassity Felix

My love for baking started when my mom gifted me an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas. I was 8 years old at the time, and I remember my mom being sad because she couldn’t get my little sister a birthday cake in time. So, I decided to bake my little sister a yellow cake with chocolate frosting in my Easy-Bake Oven. When I completed the cake and gifted it to my sister her face lit up and she was so ecstatic. It warmed my heart to see her so happy with the tiny cake that I put my 8-year-old heart and soul into baking. That’s when I realized I enjoyed the chemistry and art of baking and sharing my gift with the people that I love. Fast forward to many years later, one day I wanted to make pancakes for my family but I ran out of pancake mix. At that time, I really wanted pancakes and I remember my mom mentioning how my granny used to make homemade pancakes for them many years ago. So, I looked up a simple recipe, and ever since then, I stopped purchasing box pancake, muffins, and cake mix.  Read more>>

Maylin Luke

Born from a mix of her creative passions, quarantine free time, and her obsession of plants, Maylin Luke cultivated Resting Plant Face in May of 2020.  Resting Plant Face provides unique hand-poured and hand-painted concrete planters and home goods.  In July of 2021, Maylin quit her full-time corporate job to pursue for her passion and grow Resting Plant Face full-time. Read more>>

Tito Strange

When I was nine years old, a distant aunt of mine fell into a vegetative state. She couldn’t move her arms or legs, but occasionally certain stimuli would cause her to open her eyes or briefly grin. I recall being apprehensive to visit her because I was afraid of her condition. Yet, near her nightstand was a small music box that I immediately felt drawn to. Winding the box up, I felt the lullaby play from inside the mechanism and placed it back near her head where she lay. A certain look of joy struck her face as the notes came from the box and I watched as her eyes began to flutter open and look at me with happiness.  I didn’t understand this then, but that was the moment I understood the deep power music has. Whether consciously or not, I’ve pursued that moment throughout my musical career. At the age of ten, I begged my father for a drum set and began taking lessons right away. Music soon became an obsession for me. I would fall asleep listening to Stevie Wonder, Santana, and Steely Dan, I pushed to start my first band, book our first gigs, and play our first shows at the age of fifteen. Read more>>

Antonio Perkins

I have always had an interest in public speaking. I’ve grown up being a fan of all sports. But having the privilege to announce for Boxing, MMA, indoor arena professional football, tattoo beauty pageants, all has been quite the journey. In 2003 I began announcing for a wrestling company called PCW (Professional Championship Wrestling) I began with what was called Uncut, and armature wrestling event for those breaking into the business. The shows took place on Friday evenings. Attendance would range from 50 people to 2. There wasn’t the glamor or bright lights, it was meant for learning the basics, in hopes of making it to the Saturday night show live on UPN, a local network in Dallas Fort Worth. The house would be full, the lights were bright enough to blind you, and the energy was electric. I was able to earn a spot on the Saturday shows do to me filling in for our primary announcer. We had a show in fair park known as the freakers ball. That evening Marilyn Manson was the final act, and our wrestling company was set up as an attraction. I stepped in the ring in front of the largest crowd in my life at the time. Afterwards, the owners said, welcome to show! I later earned a spot after wrestling match to become the General Manager. We later closed up the company around 2009 and began our MMA company XKO.  Read more>>

Linda Jones

After spending a full career as a news journalist, I wanted to do something more with my writing chops than dispense information. Whatever I did had to involve being creative, being of service and being able to amplify all things positive. I became a writing consultant and I specialize in helping my clients use writing to tell their own stories, preserve legacy and improve their mental and emotional health. Along the way, I became certified as a grief recovery specialist and I have spent more than a decade helping clients find their way to healing after suffering a loss. I practice under the moniker of “writing doula.” The nickname came from a friend who appreciated my style of guiding clients through the ‘labor’ of their creative process so they can give birth to the power that can come from their writing and their words. My client base is widely multicultural, but I have an unapologetic desire to serve the underserved, particularly people of African descent. Read more>>

Jeffery Fink

I answered a Facebook ad looking for sportswriters in the southern US roughly four years ago. I was fortunate enough to get the nod and began my writing career covering the Allen Americans of the ECHL, a few college bowl games, and the XFL Dallas Renegades. I bounced around a few podcast ideas here and there and did something on my own for roughly 30 or so episodes but it never caught on and I put that idea to bed for the time being. Bouncing back to writing, the site I wrote for asked me to recruit a few additional writers in Texas and that is how Jason and Patrick came into the fold. Unfortunately, the site became a victim of the pandemic and went under leaving Jason, Patrick, and myself without a conduit to cover sports in DFW. That’s when I had an idea to start covering the Dallas Stars and hockey in north Texas as a community. I was fortunate enough to join another site as a blogger covering the Stars called The Morning Skate.  Read more>>

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