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Inspiring Stories from North Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of North Dallas below.

Kaitlyn Waller

I graduated from Frisco high on a full-ride scholarship to a d1 in Louisiana for basketball. I played two years there and ended up transferring, and graduating from Texas women’s University. Through college, I did hair as my side hustle and really ended up finding my passion. So after graduating I looked for a job in my degree field and I just wasn’t impressed with the entry-level positions salary. Read more>>

Fayzan Keshwani

Coming from a business background family, working the education industry was a long term vision and goal. I moved to Texas in 2014 & started as the marketing manager at one of local Promotional Company. Worked there for three years & learned a lot from my fellow colleagues and the owner(s) themselves. Read more>>

Alisha and Ov Mahboob

It all started on our first date at Top Golf! We talked about pups and my dream to open a doggie daycare for every pup to get a happy life. Within one week we decided to get married and started on our dream project. In just seven weeks we went from mom & pop shop to 134 clients! Happy parents to only doggie daycare in Frisco/little that’s five out of five stars on google. Read more>>

Melvin Bulock Jr.

I started in high school with the intentions to record our football & track meets cause we didn’t have any to help make us Highlights for college. I got to where I am today by hard work and dedication. Read more>>

Susan Grayson Hill

I overcame an abusive marriage. Second I overcame breast cancer. Third I overcame a career pivot, cross country move, and daily life without the village that had supported me at home. Now I am building a new career with three amazing companies – Toyota, FASTer Way and Norwex – in order to achieve my financial, fitness and personal goals. Read more>>

Yuri Waddell

I am a native of Kentucky but currently reside in Dallas, Texas. I grew up with an artist and fashionista for a mother. As a child, I sketched fashion figures and remodeled my bedroom at least once every three months. When the time came to go to college and choose a major, I chose the one I was most passionate, design. Read more>>

CeCe “FadeTastic” Barber

I grew up in New Orleans, LA and was raised by my Grandmother and my Aunt. Then we moved to Dallas, TX and settled in the Pleasant Grove Area I graduated high school from Skyline High School at the top 5% of my class and I had a full academic scholarship and track scholarship to college. Read more>>

Ryan Hintergardt

Back in 1997, the father/son combination of Tom Ross and Jeremy Ross of Ponca City, Oklahoma came up with an amazing recipe for some great barbecue sauce. This barbecue sauce recipe was sworn to secrecy and was only available in fine recycled ketchup bottles with the fancy name wrote in Sharpie on the outside. Read more>>

J Bert

Bert Music Entertainment started off as KFAAMOS Entertainment to help young talented artists around Dallas and the world. Our specialties was helping teens that ate gifted but doesn’t have the help or funds. We also recruited models but our origin is based on producing music and beats, Making arts and taking photos/video. Editing etc… Basically doing everything a record label does. Read more>>

Cynthia Meeks

A single mom of two boys find herself questioning her life purpose after she turned 40. Like every hero mom, I only wanted the best life for my children. Giving them, all of my time and energy left little or no room to fulfill my entrepreneur dream. Fed up with my uninspired life and feeling inadequate, I did what most people do when they are seeking guidance I turned to prayer and meditation for answers. Read more>>

Austin Fleenor

It all started the day mom allowed me to play on her Ipad, I was five years old. I came across a DJ/music mixing app and I was hooked. I realized the art of beat matching and never looked back. Hi, my name is Austin B. Fleenor, some people know me as DJ Austin B7. I am ten years old and I love to create music. It was when I turned seven years old that mom and dad invested in my first professional controller. Read more>>

Nizar Bhulani

Nizar comes from a family of educationists and entrepreneurs. In the past, he has been associated with imparting and managing skill development, technical and tertiary level professional education After receiving his Master’s degree in Business Administration and Computer Sciences, Nizar Bhulani began teaching at the university level out of graduate school. Read more>>

Tiera Johnson

I have been singing my whole life. My entire family can see so it’s something that I have been surrounded by my whole life. Growing up I was always in choir and performing in concerts at school but I never had that big superstar dream of one day getting discovered and becoming famous. Read more>>

William Herron and Daniel Saltzman

I moved to Dallas in 2016 and met a guy named Richard in my neighborhood who had experience in wholesaling. We put a couple of properties under contract but had not closed a deal yet. Daniel reached out via Linked In and wanted to partner up. The three of us joining a coaching program called Talk to People (TTP) which taught us about cold calling motivated sellers. Read more>>

Malika-Grace Pittman

The most interesting part about my background would be that I am a self-taught web developer and graphic designer at age 12. I started my passion for digital media and marketing by designing fan pages for my favorite artists at the time Usher and Deborah Cox. These websites quickly gained popularity among fellow fans, and in return, it solidified my passion for web development and marketing. Read more>>

Mi Nguyen and Ales Vlasak

I was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam and Ales is from the Czech Republic. We met and got married in Delaware, a small town outside of Columbus, Ohio and have since moved across the country several times for work. As immigrants, we are both grateful for the opportunities we have to make contributions and to build our own life in this beautiful country. Read more>>

Maria Argueta

I started making paper flowers because I wanted to decorate my daughter’s room I saw them on Instagram and they looked beautiful. Soon after I took pictures and posted them on my Instagram account my family and friends loved them and immediately asked if I was selling them ( I was known for selling baking treats and such) I didn’t think of them as being something I could sell. Read more>>

Sawitree Rueangngiw

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. I studied business administration. But I’m interested in photography, movies, art, mixed art. I’m passionate about being in the wrong way (unusual) Which I think is creating a new perspective And is a nudge to the old knowledge set. Read more>>

Rebecca Cedillo

As a child, I watched my mom literally give the clothing off her back to others, give her last penny to the offering plate at church, and put others before herself regularly. Through her selflessness, my passion was fostered. I have enjoyed serving others in all capacities- whether it be making someone a meal, giving someone a fresh glass of ice tea. Read more>>

Alison Saldana

It was 2008 and I was on my way to what I thought was my dream career, medicine but found the closer I came to actually enter into medical the less sure I was. I watched someone in my family achieve equity in a company during the dot come boom where I grew up outside New York City and knew if it was the right place at the right time you don’t always get a second shot with destiny. Read more>>

Aisha Lamar

Becoming the business owner of a beauty and skincare company, quite honestly, wasn’t really something I was particularly interested in. As fate would have it though, I went through an embarrassing adult acne stage that lasted two years in my mid-20s! After spending hundreds of dollars on ineffective beauty products, prescriptions and dermatologist visits. Read more>>

Parimala Deshpande

I have been a podcast listener and wanted to create a place where women inspire each other through their stories. As a legal immigrant, when I first moved to the US, my visa did not allow me to take up a paid job. Leaving behind a career in banking, and staying home took away my financial independence and I started feeling less confident socially and emotionally. Read more>>

Carol Elizabeth Hall

I started my weight loss journey on November 16, 2018, after having my second son. I have always dealt with weight issues since I was about 11 years old. I hit a depression stage in my early years of life due to losing my father at a young age. I turned to food to make myself happy. Read more>>

Dr. Valerie Gillespie

My husband, Emmanuel and I have always been advocates of the arts and visual artists in our community. We met in education, as we are art teachers. For both of us, our passions for the arts had always been present since we were young. My husband, Emmanuel, a Booker T. Washington School of the Performing and Visual Arts grad, has always used the arts as his method of communication. Read more>>

Tracey Freeman

Stories never die. They transcend through time. As long as I can remember, I’ve loved to read. There is something special about a story and it has always been my dream to be an author. My older sister has been a trailblazer in this initiative. She published her first book in February of 2019. I often envision my book release and I imagine people reading my words and feeling connected to the story and my characters. Read more>>

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