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Inspiring Stories from North Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of North Dallas below.

Hannah Johnson

In fifth grade, we were given a project to create an “ad” for a local business (the businesses were assigned to each homeroom). I came up with the copy and drew the ad and fell in love with the creative process of solving problems and grabbing attention. I went on to study graphic design at Abilene Christian University, eventually adding Theology and English to my degree. All while I was formally studying graphic design, I was also experimenting with photography. My dad had given me his old camera my freshman year of high school (a Canon with a fixed lens), and I had used it sporadically while traveling and with friends. Now, I’m an art director at a church and a freelance photographer. Read more>>

Gabrielle McGarry

My older sister is the one who introduced me to photography. As a sophomore in high school, she took a film photography course and often asked me to be her subject. Whether that be jumping off chairs holding black fabric, holding flowers underwater or posing in the latest style trends from Limited Too, I was there to help. Five years later, I took the same photography course and started my digital art journey. I interned for the local portrait photographer at the age of 15, learning lighting tips, posing tricks and the terminology that would make me at least sound like I knew what I was doing. Following that summer of senior portraits, I took my knowledge and opened my own photography business, specializing in family and senior portraits. Read more>>

Sarah Lynn Williams

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the creative side of life. Always finding the beauty in the world around me. Growing up, I had no interest in math or science. I just wanted to throw myself into everything creative. I began drawing, and through middle school and high school, I excelled in art, dance, and photography. Then life happened and I got caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day and my art took a backseat for a while. Read more>>

Jaleesa Randle

I have always enjoyed creating and/or re-designing. I fell in love with sewing in high school in my Home Economics class. From that point on, I’ve always kept that part of me alive. I’d sew a few basic pieces here and there to keep my skills up. However, I was never able to dedicate enough time to it. One day, I literally up and decided to launch my own boutique – JAce LeVon. I assumed it would be a win-win for me because 1) I loved fashion and design, 2) it would be easy, and 3) I’ll make side money. Keep in mind, I had no experience, done no research, had no insight, no nothing – just education. I spent more time on creating the name than anything else. In summer 2018, I launched my site. Boy, oh boy! After approximately 10/11 months, business started to decline. Read more>>

Brittany Redmond

The House of Flats was born and raised in Dallas, TX. The idea was planted when the founder, Brittany, struggled with permanent joint damage in her feet from a tragic gun violence accident. After planning their wedding, they struggled to find a memorable party favor gift. Realizing many women wanted to sit or take their shoes off at weddings due to discomfort wearing heels, The House of Flats was born. We have an undeniable love for heels and understand that not all women can wear them throughout the night. We are determined to deliver style to any event. Our store offers ballerina flats at affordable prices and our customer service is simply unmatched. Read more>>

Ana Dria

My journey involved so much change and evolution. I graduated in December of 2019 from the University of North Texas with a dual degree in both Photography and New Media. Originally I had gone to school with the idea that I would pursue only photography as a career. Having that been my main interest for several years prior, I thought I had my eyes set on the right path. After my first few years in school, I started making a lot of friends with so many different interests and was introduced to the world of New Media. Mediums like video, VR, 3D modeling, performance art, etc. it all interested me so much. After deciding to pursue a second degree in New Media, I quickly realized this was a path I wanted to completely throw myself into. Read more>>

Genesis Amaris Kemp

I am an Author and I started my writing journey back in high school, but didn’t pick it back up until earlier this year. I started writing my book in January and finished in March. Writing has always been an outlet for me to release my emotions and have a healthy way to deal with stress. Read more>>

Shakeilah Allen

Growing up, cooking was always a passion for me, I can remember being a little girl, I would always help my mom and grandma in the kitchen. When I got to high school, I would always wake up early to cook for my best friend. Did I plan on running a cooking business of my own? Absolutely not. When I graduated high school, I was five months pregnant with my first son. A few weeks after graduating, I went into labor at only 25 weeks pregnant, giving birth to a 1lb 5oz baby boy. Watching my baby fight for his life made me want to push harder. As a young single mother, I went to college and got my CNA degree, as well as a Certificate in Child Development. I then began teaching and working with patients. Read more>>

Brooke Reynolds

I practiced commercial real estate law for seven years when I suddenly stopped and asked myself: “What do I want to be when I grow up? What do I want my life to look like and what do I want my story to be?” I was craving a creative outlet and a career where I felt that I was making a difference in someone’s life. It took about a year of journaling and praying before I came up with the answer: I would start a small business based on three things: women encouraging women, giving back and gorgeous jewelry. I’d never made jewelry before but I was determined to figure it out. I took some classes at a local bead shop and viola… Socialite Pink was born. Read more>>

Michelle Hammond

As a mother of two, I always needed a multi-purpose but stylish bag that could effortlessly double as a diaper bag and an evening bag, or even as a formal or casual bag, without me having to sacrifice style, quality or functionality. This was the drive behind Ruahh, created in the fall of 2019 for me and for every woman who values versatility in style. The collection of handbags introduced with its launch are crafted from high quality materials in an array of exuberant colors, that combine comfort, convenience, and style that make it the ideal companion, whether you’re en route to a presentation, baby-strolling in a park, catching up with friends, or enjoying an adventure on the road. Read more>>

Joshua Wilborn

I guess you can say the bug was planted in college at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH. During my time there, I had a radio show on one of the Stations, WFAL “Falcon Radio.” After college, when my friend Lo “Uncle Skeetah” Gross started his podcast Inaudible Raucous, I would sometimes guest host and for about three years, he would encourage me to start my own Podcast so once we started “Uncool Urban Podcast” I had a passion to want to do more one on one style interviews with artists, entrepreneurs, fellow podcasters, friends and family members and from that, “Music Mpulse” was born! Read more>>

Faye Francisco

Growing up, I’ve always been into fashion, but it wasn’t till two years ago when I started exploring sustainable fashion. I watched The True Cost and it made me want to learn more about where my clothes are made and who was making it. After reading up on the negative effects of fast fashion, it made me realize that I wanted to do more than just explore it. So I got a group of friends together and did an upcycling brunch and talked about sustainable fashion. After that, I realize that I wanted to continue doing more upcycling workshops/parties. I ended up partnering with a few local companies and organizations to host more, such as Reformation, Rent My Wardrobe, Pairr, and Veggiemijas. Read more>>

Archana Iyer

I was always interested in Arts of various kind, be it Drawing, Painting, Dance, Theater, etc. Growing up, it was always my mother who encouraged me to participate in all form of extra curricular activities along with pursuing an academic career. I also had an inclination towards Science and soon, I completed my Bachelor’s in Engineering . I worked as a software developer with an MNC for couple of years until I realized that my true passion lies in creating art. Hence I decided to switch careers. After coming to the States, I pursued my 3d Animation degree, which helped me combine my Art and Technology skills. Now I am a part-time Freelance 3d Artist and a part-time Polymer Clay Artist. Read more>>

Jessica McVey

My love for music started at a very young age. I grew up in a house full of music, if music wasn’t playing, you always heard someone singing or playing the piano. My parents were worship leaders at our church and toured the country with their band when I was three years old. I remember always arriving to church early and sitting and listening to my parents and the band warm-up and go over songs they were going to do for the service. They hosted musicians from other countries, including a very popular Christian singer from the Netherlands. I may have grown up in the church my parents taught me to appreciate all types of music. Some of my favorite past times were in the car with my dad, on the way to volleyball tournaments across the country, playing name that tune, he won a lot! I grew up using music as a pathway for expression and it’s something I still do to this day. Read more>>

David Jordan

Five years ago, I was a homeless veteran and on the verge of committing suicide. I was lucky enough to have a family member help me out and brought me out here from Kentucky and helped me get back on my feet. Well, August of that year, I helped start a charity for homeless veterans. We Got Your Six was created 8-12-15, to help homeless veterans or those at risk of becoming homeless. But we don’t get government funding or financing, so I created Patriot Sandwich Company to be a revenue source for We Got Your Six. Read more>>

Juliana Perazzo-Marius

Everything started when I began working as a paralegal in a personal injury law firm for nine years. I worked on pre-demand and trial cases mainly for plaintiffs injured in personal auto and commercial vehicles. I usually examined several personal and commercial policies on a daily basis and began to realize that at least 90% of our clients had no understanding of insurance or had the proper coverage to protect their family and assets. No matter what was their social class, many of these clients shared the same statement: “My insurance agent said that I am fully covered.” Having the minimal requirement of your state law doesn’t mean that you a fully covered. Many of our clients were women and they were more eager to learn about insurance. Read more>>

Khrys Davenport

My favorite part of my story is that it’s built on legacy. I was raised by some fabulous women. Each of them are a part of why I am who I am. My mother has an amazing business acumen and has always been an entrepreneur. My grandmother is the definition of a DIVA! She’s always been so fashion-forward, luxurious and easy to talk to. I also have six aunties, so being surrounded by girl power is an understatement. I remember being a teenage girl and being so excited to work in my Aunt Lisa Perry’s salon over the summer break. There I learned so many lesson on life, hair, running a successful business and how to treat your customers. Years later, I am opening my first salon in one of her previous salon spaces. I am humble and honored to carry on these legacies. Read more>>

Spencer Stewart

I started as a kid, always having a fascination for creation to better others’ way of life. I built a passion for Beauty from My mothers’ experience in the beauty industry for 20+ years. As her being my most significant influence, Entrepreneurship and Beauty have been something I’ve always wanted to pursue. As a heterosexual, masculine, Black man, there’s much confusion about why I would pick an industry such as Beauty to go after. It has been a place close to none, similar to as I am interested in being involved. To start the transition, I created my lotion brand to pursue my dreams. From then on, I moved to Los Angeles to build my brand and connect with many in that area. Read more>>

Oleta Roy

I began my professional career as a manicurist in 2016. I started working as an independent contractor doing nails in 2017 and that’s where I met my business partner Angela. Despite us being very different, we hit it off almost immediately. Over the years, we started to brainstorm different business ideas and after recognizing a problem area in the nail community, we figured out a solution. The nail industry is predominantly run by the Vietnamese. We often found ourselves in uncomfortable environments when shopping for supplies to service our clients. We were hounded about having a license as soon as we step foot into their doors and asked for identification when a license was furnished. Read more>>

Brisa Renteria

While I was in college, I got an unpaid internship at startup social media company. This was back when social media wasn’t cool and people thought it was a fad. I didn’t care whether it was paid or not since I wanted the experience and something to put on my resume. After a few months, I was hired as a full-time employee and then promoted shortly after. I was lucky to work for someone who truly cared about her employees and wanted to see them grow both personally and professionally. Read more>>

Shailah Ramos

I began completely by accident. I painted things for friends and shared my projects on social media. It took off from there. I then used my Comanche tribe’s yearly percapita and produced a shirt to represent my fellow mothers. They too, took off. From there, I produced more designs, painted more commissions, and even revamped furniture. All things are creative. When I graduated from college, I decided to pursue my entrepreneurship instead of my master’s degree. I opened a store and, shortly after, an art gallery. In August of 2019, I began my transition to go completely online and step away from the physical location in efforts to be there for my family, go back to school, and still run my store via e-commerce. Now, I work full-time as a prevention specialist with my tribes youth. Read more>>

Marie Stewart

I started this group and non-profit organization in 2016 after my grandmother died. My goal is to help people understand that you can be and do whatever and whoever you’d like to be and do. I offer a wide range of services from resume building, donations, community service, events, and so much more. I would like to show people you are not alone. My goal is to find more people in the DFW area to collaborate with so that we can make a greater impact. Let’s make a change one life at a time! Read more>>

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