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Inspiring Stories from North Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of North Dallas below.

Cameron Gatewood

I started my journey when my parents bought me my first Polaroid during my teenage years. I always took pictures during family events. I was known as that little cousin that always took Pictures. I’ve gotten older. I focused more on my studies to become an anesthesiologist. During those times, I’ve lost my passion and maintained a 9-5 job. Now, let’s fast forward to these present days. I bought myself my first Canon Camera. I felt like I found myself again, remembered what my true passion was, “Capturing a Pause in Life,” which is taking pictures, making people feel good when they see themselves through my Lenses. I started my own company call “Thibault Studio.” Read more>>

David Rodriguez

I’m a city kid, born in 1974 in New York but I’ve been living in Dallas, TX, since 1989. I initially wanted to be a comic book artist but after having a spiritual transformation at the age of 19, I eventually meshed my illustration skills with traditional painting capabilities and I became an expressionist. Telling an intriguing story that would challenge the mind and touch the heart of viewers became my goal as an artist. In 2006 I was invited by a friend to partner in creating a non-profit organization that had a focus on developing and encouraging artists of every medium. Read more>>

Ashley Montgomery

We started at a pinup contest at a bar Mother Truckers (may she rest in peace – such a fun rockabilly bar!) A new gal in town, Alyna Ohanian, and I become quick friends. She asked if there were any pinup groups in the Dallas area, and I replied there wasn’t, and we both decided to make a happy, supportive, and uplifting girl group. We started off with about 20 members, and we are now about to grow to 100 members three years later! Dallas Pinup Dolls are an empowered group of vintage-lovin’ ladies that seek to spread positivity, generosity, and fun! Read more>>

Brandon Biscoe

I was never truly interested in starting my own business, but with the difficulties that came with Covid-19, I was inspired. I was released from my job and decided to venture out on my own. I started BFit Cardio Dance based strictly off my talents. After working with multiple gym establishments and hosting classes, I then knew that this would be a great business. I was given my first opportunity by being invited to some of my client’s neighborhood to host a class. My first class was a success. Afterword got out about my business, more and more people reached out to me and BFit Cardio Dance took off. I then began to host my classes at Willow Bend Mall. Read more>>

Estella Bangura

I am originally from Sierra Leone, now a pastor, preacher, motivational-speaker and book author based in the Dallas area. Mine is the unlikeliest of stories: I am the person who always takes the backseat and sits at the far inside end of the row, quite content to allow others to carry on and make things happen; to be seen but not heard. There was always something stirring inside me, something that was searching for deeper meaning and fulfillment in life besides just being a religious adherent, a church-goer, etc. I craved a more meaningful communion with the Divine. I didn’t quite know it yet, but that craving would lead me down a path that would change my life irrevocably. Read more>>

Paula Ezendu

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, I was five when I moved to New York with my father. I got into modeling a couple of years later when visiting my siblings in London, England. We were stopped at a shopping center and I was asked by a stranger to take a couple of photos. When done. I was given his studio card and a time to arrive and from there, the love for modeling grew. I would travel back and forth every summer to England to take photos. Once I got in high school, I started immersing myself more into fashion. I joined the fashion club and I got into a runway and actually preferred it more. I took a break from it all together once I got more serious with my studies. Read more>>

Sonja Hill

I NEVER wanted to be a full-time cook even though I had been in the food and beverage industry all my life. I always wanted to be a police officer. I started on the path of being an officer in Shreveport, La. Later as the years went on, that path ended. I moved to Dallas and worked as a server for a while since I’ve always been in the food and beverage industry, that’s all I knew and had. Food later became a passion to me. Its a GIFT! Read more>>

Hanieh Madanirad

My home country has one of the richest art heritages in world history, specifically in architecture, poetry, and calligraphy. The tendency toward arts has been passed through generations over thousands of years. Even today, art classes are very popular among children and teenagers in Iran. No surprise that my parents encouraged me to attend painting classes when I was six, and calligraphy classes when I was eight. Those classes triggered my passion for arts; however, by the time I had no idea that arts would become my lifetime career. As a teenager, I was avidly engaged in learning diverse forms of arts from design to theater. Finally, I decided to study graphic design at university. Read more>>

Roni Michele Stewart

I’ve always had an affinity for cooking and baking, and a lot of my family, friends and colleagues would ask me to make dishes or desserts for them. I was asked by a co-worker to one day to make them some chocolate-dipped strawberries. Of course, I made them, and by the end of the day, I had 20 more orders for chocolate-dipped strawberries and my business grew from there. Read more>>

Usama Khalid

I immigrated to the United States with my parents in 1997 from Pakistan. I grew up in Irving and traveled back to Lahore every summer. I grew up here for the most part alone and I saw my family once a year when we went back. This constant back and forth informed my existence but I never got around to figuring it all out. When I began to draw and paint, I really focused on identity. I would build up layers of images and media on top of each other, with each layer corresponding to a different emotional and spiritual connection. Read more>>

Milan Sasmal

Six years ago, I came to the US all by myself to work on a project. By profession, I’m a Software Engineer. Everything in the country was new for me, this being my first ever overseas project and travel. But slowly and gradually I fell in love with this city. Slowly in time, I found my passion. I started hosting morning drive time shows for a popular South Asian radio station and loved every bit of it. I continue hosting radio shows in the evenings now for the most popular South Asian FM channel. Working as a software engineer, coding and creating websites, applications is my profession and I thoroughly enjoy it. Although it is a very demanding job, I squeeze in some time for my radio shows because that’s my passion. Read more>>

Angeline Hinneh

I found my love of baking when I first came to the United States at age 12 from Liberian when I first discovered chocolate chips cookies. I have been baking regular desserts on and off until 2017 when I went vegan and had to change my baking habits to animal-free ingredients and it’s been a journey because I want all my desserts to taste so delicious that people would not even tell the difference. In June 2019, I decided to start a home bakery and I have been enjoying it. Read more>>

Vinyette Knight

Cooking has always been a part of my family. It’s something we did as a way of bonding. On holidays my Aunts, Grandmothers would all get in the kitchen to help prepare dinner. Memories of old school jams like Gerald Levert, Luther, Anita Baker, just to name a few playing in the background, the smells of Cinnamon, fat backfilled the air. My Father’s side is Creole, from a small city called Kinder in Louisiana. We grew up eating Gumbo, Etouffee, Catfish and other creole dishes. My Mother’s side was from a small country town called Centerville, in Texas, where she grew up eating mainly soul food, southern food. Things like Fried Green Tomates, Smothered Turkey Necks and Oxtails, my favorite! Read more>>

Anaya Scott

Growing up, I was always watching YouTube. I always wanted to start my own channel, but it was more of a dream than a reality. I never thought people would actually take the time to sit and watch my videos. One day, I took a risk and decided that if others could do it so could I. Originally, when I first joined YouTube, I wanted my channel to be all beauty. As I’ve grown as a person, I realized I have so much more to offer and I can reach a larger audience creating videos that everyone can relate to. Starting my YouTube channel was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Read more>>

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