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Inspiring Stories from North Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of North Dallas below.

Nikia Jewitt

Attended nursing school at Grambling State University 2008-2012. Obtained Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Dec 2012. Moved to Dallas in 2014 worked with companies such as UT Southwestern (step down unit), Parkland Hospital (Medical-Surgical), and currently Texas Health Resources Dallas. 2017 completed ten week -transition program at Texas Health Resources as a Postpartum Nurse -2019 – Obtained Maternal Newborn Certification – Jan 2021 – Completed MSN in Nursing Informatics. Read more>>

Megan Hughey

Three sisters (Lauren, Megan and Kristen) from Austin, TX on a Podcast journey to learn and grow alongside with all of you. We currently live in three different cities and offer three different perspectives being a total of eight years apart across the three of us. Our sisterhood is something we are so grateful for and want to invite others to join us on this life journey! The Podcast name, Girl, I Slept in My Makeup, was created by Kristen and is a metaphor that we all mess up in life and it’s okay. We are in this together! Our biggest hope is that after listening to each episode, you love yourself a little bit (or a lot) more than you did before. Let’s all give ourselves more compassion and grace because, let’s face it, we all sleep in our makeup from time to time. Our relatable podcast will hopefully inspire you to love yourself in all stages of life so you can step into your God-given gifts and live out the life He has planned for you. Read more>>

Shilpa Tiku

I was born and raised in Mumbai, India. I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA in marketing. I am also a former model and have modeled for over 100 leading brands in India. When I was pursuing my MBA, I realized that modeling has always been one of my passions. While I always knew I was going to find a career path to pursue with my degree, I also knew that if I choose to follow my passion, I can begin to truly enjoy what I do. So even though I continued to focus on my MBA degree and a corporate job after, I pursued modeling as a hobby. Some brands that I have modeled for include Vicks, Akai TV, Clinic Plus Shampoo, Big Bazar, Asian Paints, Citibank, Bournivta, Nescafe, Taj Mahal Tea, Knorr Soups, Unilever, and several others. I continued to model back in India until I moved to the DFW area in 2007. After I moved to Dallas, I worked for a market research and consulting company. However, after a few years, I joined Verify Markets as a consultant and then officially became a partner. Verify Markets works with leading global companies in several verticals, but our primary focus is in the environment, power, and building technologies verticals. Read more>>

Fred T. Williams

“Bright-eyed and full of hope” is what my mom used to always say regarding me. That’s been me my entire life. I’m an author, speaker, poet, life coach, business strategist, and serial entrepreneur on a mission to empower people to grow better and do greater in every area and aspect of their life and/or business. I have been referred to as a rising voice on faith, purposeful living, healthy relationships, love, and brand development. I’ve also been fortunate enough to speak nationally and internationally. My journey has been an endless rollercoaster ride. From burying my mom, who passed when I was 17 due to complications from breast cancer, to being uprooted from my home to go and live with a father I never knew, to being homeless in the city of Chicago at the age of 19, to now having businesses that operate in multiple states and so on; it’s been an epic journey. This entire process of pain and growth has produced in me a powerful way of genuinely connecting with people. Read more>>

Robert Riggs

Robert Riggs is a Peabody Award-winning investigative reporter and digital media entrepreneur. He has received three coveted Alfred I. duPont Columbia University Journalism Awards for Investigative Reporting. The Peabody and duPont are respectively considered the broadcast TV equivalent of the Oscar and the Pulitzer. Texas A&M University named Robert an Outstanding Alumnus from the College of Architecture in recognition of his journalistic accomplishments. It is a distinction received by fewer than 1% of the College’s graduates. Today, Riggs is the host and creator of the True Crime Reporter™ Podcast, the Justice Facts Podcast, and the SWAT Brothers Podcast. Besides podcasting, Riggs assists law firms with digital background research and produces settlement videos for legal cases involving catastrophic injury or death. He also helps business executives build digital marketing strategies. During his journalism career, Riggs established a reputation for fairness, accuracy, credibility. Read more>>

Cherron Covington

Cherron Covington, owner of Covington’s Consulting & Services, LLC, is a Black woman/military spouse-owned business. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., who was suppose to be a statistic; who has been a single mother, unemployed and homeless. In 1994 she started her cleaning business, No Ordinary Kleaning, specializing in commercial construction final cleaning. She hires homeless veterans and those released from incarceration, providing transportation and a meal as they worked. In 2003 she employed as many as 45 individuals to work on three Better Jacksonville Projects and obtained her first federal contract (Mayport Medical Facility). The project went so well the Small Business Administration wrote a story on her business. She received an award from the Florida Minority Supplier Development Council (branch of the NMSDC), for employing so many people in that population. In 2007 she created an environmental services program, became an authorized OSHA trainer and in 2008, opened S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Training Academy for Another Chance. Read more>>

Rynisha Holloway

I started my business in 2017. I’ve always had the passion to share inspiration and uplifting words to encourage people to live through their trials and tribulations with grace that’s only given by trusting the plans God has for their lives… I started making shirts with inspirational sayings and scriptures, I started wearing my shirts and people would love the ideas and concepts because each shirt I can testify on the goodness of God and what he has done in my life! Not only can I share my story but do it with style and fashion!. Read more>>

TW On Demand

Always an entrepreneur at heart, T.W. On-Demand from Philadelphia, PA began his path to broadcast and entertainment success in 1999 as a sought-after D.J. for music industry and private events throughout South Carolina and Georgia. Seeded with a desire to work in television and radio, T.W. received his broadcasting Diploma from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting Atlanta campus in 2004. With the drive, spirit and vision of an entrepreneur, he immediately began freelance work producing digital content for visual and musical artists, Celebrities and models. Armed with talent and a growing list of contacts in 2007, T.W. Created his own radio show (Carolanta Radio) where community was the focus and content consisted of positive and conscious music. WRFG FM also provided a platform for independent artists on the rise to be heard. As a strategic career move, in 2008, T.W. took a position at Atlanta’s top Tier radio station V103.3, developing content for their websites and other digital platforms. Rooted in the idea of “duty to community” T.W. Read more>>

Charlise Walker

I started Professional Career Development Services (PCDS) based off a bad experience. When I lived in Michigan, I needed some help after I lost a job. I turned to welfare benefits for assistance. In turn, they sent me to the local workforce center. One problem was, the economy was in such a rut in 2010 just about everyone needed help (not as bad as it is now). The issue with the workforce center then is that they were not prepared to help those that was already “employable”. At the time, I held a dual bachelor’s degree in Human Services and Management. The workforce centers were in place to help people get GEDs and certain certifications so that they can become employable. The staff at the workforce center did not know what to do with me and a guy with his master’s degree. They ended up sitting us in a room just to review resumes. I thought that was a waste of time and I could do way better. I wanted to fix the problem. I decided I would create a nonprofit that would really help and care about everyone’s needs, no matter if they are employable or not. I ended up going back to school to earn my master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership Management. Read more>>

Nicholas Walker

I grew up in South Louisiana and met my wife in high school there. We both went to a local college near our hometown and moved to New Orleans together when I was accepted into LSU New Orleans Medical School. I studied hard and was lucky enough to finish in the top of my class but also found time to enjoy New Orleans, follow the Saints and enjoy Mardi Gras, and keep up with hobbies like playing music and hunting/fishing. I knew early on I wanted to be a Surgeon but was attracted to Plastic Surgery by the end of medical school due to its depth (you can treat patients of all ages and operate from head to toe) and interaction with reconstruction patients. Specifically, taking care of breast reconstruction, patients really attracted me. To take someone who has been through so much and help them feel whole again is extremely rewarding and humbling. I matched into Wake Forest Plastic Surgery for Residency training in Plastic Surgery in North Carolina, which would be where my wife Nikki and I would start our family. The residency was an incredible learning experience and a great period of self-growth, working 100+ hour weeks while starting a family. Read more>>

Valencia Carter-Bennett

I’m a native Louisianan and my claim to “fame” so to speak, is that I’m from the same city as the stars of Duck Dynasty. I graduated from high school in 1999 and headed to the local college University of Louisiana at Monroe, where I majored in Legal Studies/Pre-Law. I was on mission to complete undergrad as soon as possible so I could apply and attend law school. My personal goal was to complete undergrad in three years, but I completed it in three and a half years instead. I began law at Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is an HBCU. I received the first-class education and made lifelong friendship with some great legal-minded individuals. Upon graduation in 2006, I took the Louisiana Bar Examination and immediately moved to Texas to accept a position with the federal government. I eventually took the Texas Bar exam and passed on my second attempt. While I’ve always worked in government or corporate positions, I’ve have made a point to volunteer with the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program, which partners with Legal Aide of North Texas. Read more>>

Elizabeth Rohe

When I was younger, I remember playing with my mom’s stethoscope and seeing photos of her wearing hospital scrubs. My mother was a burn unit nurse at Parkland Hospital in Dallas until she was tragically murdered in Cartagena, Colombia, when I was five years old. My journey with my career did not start with healthcare. I went to college at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA for Investment Management and Finance because that is what my father wanted me to do, so I followed along. I quickly realized that was not my passion, so I switched to Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Read more>>

Grace B

Ever since I could talk, I have always been singing and interested in music! Growing up in Katy, TX, I got my start in church choirs, school choirs, and by participating in musical theatre productions at a local theatre in my town. Within each of these, my love for music only grew stronger. If I had to pick one defining moment when I knew that it was an important part of my life, it would be my 7th-grade talent show. I had made up my own rendition of a popular song and sang it (accompanying myself on piano) in front of my peers, teachers, and family. It’s funny how I remember this specific moment when I think of how I got to where I am today but when I saw how proud my family was of me after that performance, I knew that this is where I belonged. I soon began learning guitar, ukulele, and how to write music throughout my high school years and eventually started my own YouTube channel, sharing my voice in whatever way I could. Read more>>

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