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Inspiring Stories from South Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of South Dallas and surrounding areas below.

Marissa Cazares

It took a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to juggle raising my daughter and building a clientele. I am going on five years at Blush in May and it’s one of my biggest accomplishments. Social media has really helped me build Blushedbymarissa, I’m extremely grateful for the support of Cynthia and my family. Read more>>

Cynthia Freeman Gibbs

A year later, I was inspired to write a novel. I completed writing the book in four months. I began researching how to write query letters and submitted my manuscript to multiple publishers and agents. Unfortunately, I received my first rejection letter. Not one to give up, I dove into examining my work and the query letters I submitted and made edits and developed a much better product. Read more>>

Brittaney Mcmillan

POST everything, if you feel like you are posting too much and not getting the number of likes you feel you should… keep posting! Trust me, there’s always someone watching. I am extremely proud of the hard work and dedication that I have put into my passion and it continues to blossom. In the future, I am going to open my own spa in the Dallas Ft Worth area, my focus will be relaxation and Zen. Read more>>

Miss Mary Jane Green

I began dance lessons with Miss Mary Ann Little in Grand Prairie at the ripe old age of two; as long as I can remember, dance has been a huge part of my life. I’ve always been a fan of old Hollywood movies and musicals, especially because of my relation to Edith Head. My sisters and I spent our summers watching technicolor movie musicals and recreating them in the living room complete with ‘custom costumes’ made out of fabric scraps. Read more>>

Michael Jackson

Ten years of prison to being a fashion show producer and starting a consulting firm. This transition was aided through working with a young designer Tanesa Peterson of NesaFab Dare 2 B U clothing line in 2011 as a lead beauty consultant for her at the Designer Choice Fashion Preview. I was tasked with forming the first Glam Squad in Dallas, Texas. Next was Dallas Fashion Week, I never looked back. Read more>>

Dr. KaraJulianne Albright

When I went away to college, I realized how socially awkward and sexually unprepared I was for the real world. I decided to major in Psychology and dive into human behavior. I was very lucky to have an adviser willing to teach me things beyond the textbooks. After further research and exploration, I found I had a knack for connections and energy exchange. Read more>>

Jonathan Harvey

I started photography just as a hobby (which it still is) in November of 2017. I picked it up because my dad showed me his old cameras, so I figured I’d just play around with them and shoot. I posted some of my first photos to my Instagram account, just for fun. I got a lot of good feedback from it, and a lot of people that wanted to see more of it. Read more>>

Allison Crawford

HOTELette began with experience at an uncomfortable Airbnb in Los Angeles. My girlfriends and I rented what we thought was the cutest apartment for a work trip, but the space didn’t look anything like its pictures and had that distinct feeling, smell and look that it was someone’s personal home that we were intruding in. Read more>>

Arianna Heyward

After going through that experience, I kept seeing posts and ads for schools that focus on herbalism and wellness and after thinking about it for months and talking to my parents about it constantly at family dinners they told – “why don’t you just go for it.” I am so glad I did. I fell in love with all the plants and all that I was learning that I kept enrolling myself in various herbalism classes. Read more>>

Donovan Bridgeforth

Knowing God’s plan was greater for my life and that my parents prayed way too hard for me to stop there, I accepted being recruited by Hardin-Simmons University to continue my chase of basketball life. After thinking it would be all about playing basketball, God re-ordered my steps while there. I creatively founded and became the President of the Black Student Association. Read more>>

Jelani Bracey

In the summer of 2017, myself, Michael Merriweather, Jr. and Kenny Presley, Jr. decided to organize and raise money to purchase and hand out books and school supplies to children in a North Dallas community that was known for a large amount of crime. We held the event in the parking lot of a shopping center within this community. We made some phone calls and invited some more brothers out and by the end of the event. Read more>>

Montanna Mitchem

As the black female owner and director of Dallas, Texas’ premier online radio station, Tha Afterparty Radio, Montanna Mitchem, also known as The Madam of Media, always knew that it wouldn’t be easy to launch the station, let alone see it blossom into the powerhouse that it is today. However, she used all the roadblocks, obstacles, and detours that she faced along the way to her advantage to build the station into the powerhouse that it is today. Read more>>

Dr. Jennifer Hills

For Oak Cliff was birthed from a vision that occurred when Taylor Toynes, the founder and Executive Director of For Oak Cliff, was teaching 4th grade. He noticed that his students did not have school supplies on the first day of school. With the belief that all students should be prepared on the first day of school, he and his class organized a school supply drive which allowed all of the students at the school to have school supplies. Read more>>

Samuel Green

Being engulfed with music his whole life, Green’s natural talent kicked in around the age of seven, while singing within the church. The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. As a child, he grew up listening to artists such as Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Al Green, Anita Baker, and many more. He began pursuing his aspiration of being a singer/songwriter in high school. Read more>>

Dom Nicole

I started working out heavily in 2015, I was really unhappy with my current lifestyle and wanted to do something about it. I started doing research and educating myself on how to live a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. That following year, I wanted to do more and started having “Fit Camps” for free to motivate others to get fit. I’ve currently been training for the past two years and it’s been such a great experience and journey. Read more>>

Stephanie Keller Hudiburg

For me, a core question and source of endless fascination has been – What does it take to create and sustain community? How do communities thrive? I have always been drawn to public service, and now serve as the Executive Director at the Deep Ellum Foundation where we oversee the Deep Ellum Public Improvement District. Read more>>

King David Reeves

Becoming a Professional Mentor has been more difficult than you can imagine. The entrepreneurial route that many young professionals take is tough and challenging, but usually, they choose a career that delivers a tangible product. With mentoring, you can’t really put a price tag. Read more>>

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