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Inspiring Stories from South Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of South Dallas and surrounding areas below.

Abram Lewis

I’ve been doing hair since I was little.thorugh out my child life I continued to do hair.After numerous job I decided to go to hair school and get my license.I finished hair school in 2011 and open up my first salon which wa decayed to my nephew which passed away and that’s how I came up with the Armani’s every thing man said he couldn’t do he was able to.he was in a car wreck at the age of 8 and paralyzed from neck down so with me opening up my salon I ask god what could I name my business that will stand for something and he said your nephew. Read more>>

Rosalind Bryant

I started feeding the homeless as a family hobby at the age of 8. HHOH (Helping Hands, Open Hearts) became an official nonprofit in 2012. As with anything in life, there are high and low moments. The benefit of serving at the end of the day, is knowing that you have helped someone along the way of your journey. Helping Hands, Open Hearts’ primary focus is the homeless community of DFW. We provide food, clothing, and hygiene monthly at Salvation Army. We also provide those same tjings quarterly at Tent City. In addition yo that, we help in-need families throughout the year with several of services such as our Annual Back to School Giveaway, Annual Thanksgiving Dinners for the elderly and our Annual Christmas Wishes program. Read more>>

Marzi Montazeri

I’m an immigrant kid that moved to the states at a very young age where my parents immediately divorced and I was forced to basically raise myself in the streets of Houston, Texas with a great love for music and a passion in particular for guitar. Is it a smooth road for anyone? I have had my fair share of struggles throughout life but like the great poet Rumi once said: mountains do not get their shapes till they weather some storms and I like a lot of others have weathered a lot of storms but I still stand. Read more>>

Alicia Quintans, Joel Quintans, Hazel Quintans

Our journey began with the end of an era. For decades, the Sosa family operated the International Aikido Association headquarters dojo in Oak Cliff on Jefferson Boulevard. In November 2016, chief instructor, Ricardo Sosa, Sensei announced his retirement and plans to close the school, leaving the students without a dojo, or training hall. Joel Quintans, Sensei, the highest ranked student and instructor with IAA, was entrusted by Sosa, Sensei to continue his legacy and teachings. Read more>>.

Ashton Edminster

I started singing and performing when I was 11, doing shows wherever I could. Around the age of 15 I started releasing music on platforms like Spotify and iTunes. Ever since then I have been performing non stop around the DFW area and writing almost every single day. I just released my new EP “Something Different” just about 2 weeks ago and am planning on going back into the studio again soon to record even more music. Read more>>

Charity Lewis

One reason I could express myself was through being creative with my clothing, especially since I was only allowed to wear dresses and skirts. I never thought my upbringing would influence my path to become a wardrobe stylist. Read more>>

Cynthia Williams

This organization was formed based upon my life experience of being a teen mom and watching my mother suffer as a victim of domestic violence. As a teen mom, I was determined to graduate high school with my classmates and not be a statistic. Read more>>

Dana Lewis

I got on my first flight in December 2013 after my husband said something to me that changed the course of my life forever… “If you want to go, just go.” I had been going on and on to him about wanting to fulfill my lifelong dream of going to New York City. With that small bit of encouragement, I became addicted to traveling and seeing more of this beautiful world we call home. Read more>>

KeIarra ” Chef Honeeii” Lashea

Having gotten everything back in order. I was doing my thing in the kitchen again. Renee and I would cook up everything we could think of. We were total goofs in the kitchen. Just as I would as a child with my dad. One day during one of my conversations Renee & I both set goals to own our own business by the time we turned thirty… WHOOP THERE IT IS!! I DID IT!! WE BOTH DID!! Read more>>

Stacy Wilson

Traveling has always been a dream of mine. So 12 years after graduating from SMU and a long stint of living and working in South LA at a Non-profit for parenting teens, I up and decided I was moving to China. Read more>>

Ray Lucas

I began cutting hair at the age of sixteen. I was always an artsy kind of kid growing up and a fresh haircut was like art to me. It started as just wanting to keep a fresh cut for myself and then I began cutting a few of my friends from the neighborhood. Read more>>

Vivian Galindo

I originally went to school with the goal of becoming an educator, specifically an elementary school teacher. I received my associates, however, decided that was not the path I wanted to follow. My parents really insisted that my siblings and I attend college – the emphasis was always to do better than they did. Read more>>

Domonique Jordan

In 2006, I was in middle school where I was given a school project on if I could own a business, What would it be and Why? I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and work in the beauty industry because as a young child I was influenced by several business owners in the hair industry from a personal standpoint. Read more>>

Driphus Jackson

I would say the number one influence for me wanting to start HCFA was my love for basketball. For those who truly know me, they’d understand why because they know I love to hoop. A great amount of what I learned about competition and teamwork came with playing basketball and the one thing I always loved is a good “Open Run.” Read more>>

Cinzia Ballou

I always had a passion for dance and fitness growing up, but I decided to take it a step further and had a sensation to want to help others reach their dance and fitness goals. Read more>>

Donna Dodson

I chuckle a little bit when I’m asked where and how my business got started. For me, it was a hobby and stress relief from a full time nursing career. After a long hard day of healing people, I would emerge myself in healing a different kind of wound. The wounds of time, wear and tear on old vintage furniture. It was therapeutic and I swear it has saved my life and mental health on many occasions. Read more>>

Stacey Bullman

As the Founder and Chief Belief Officer, of I’M NOT MAD AT YOU, I have experienced success and failure in both my personal and professional career and my experiences have taught me two very important components to success. Number 1) Nothing is more important than a “BELIEF” mindset. Once you believe, plans and strategies can be put in place to accomplish almost anything. Number 2) For every success I’ve experienced in life, I have had a parent, coach, mentor or teacher provide a supportive yet demanding environment to foster my growth. Read more>>

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