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Inspiring Stories from South Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of South Dallas and surrounding areas below.

Alex Wu

Bao or baozi—soft, steamed buns stuffed with savory or sweet fillings—originated nearly 1800 years ago. The tradition has endured: baozi is a popular street food and breakfast staple in China (with variants on buns throughout Asia) but is not widely known or readily available in the United States. Originally from the Fujian province in southeast China, Chef Ting Lin grew up enjoying juicy pork, egg cream, and red bean bao. After starting his own family in America, Ting wanted to make baozi for his daughter and began to consider how he could share the traditions and flavors of his childhood with all of his family and friends. Read more>>

Tiffany Johnson

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be my own BOSS! As the only girl of three children, I spent a lot of time to myself, crafting, reading, learning, and manifesting. My dad was an engineer, my mom, a seamstress/crafter. My mom taught me a lot when it came to fashion. I watched her created things listed in magazines to prom dresses. I inherited a sewing machine from my MawMaw when I was 13 and I began making my own pieces. My parents weren’t the type to buy us all the things a kid could want so in order to keep up with my peers I became resourceful. I remember making a matching purse and skirt set from some old pairs of denims I got from my older cousin. Before I could make it to 3rd period, my skirt started ripping lol I had to use safety pins to keep it together but hey, that’s FASHION lol. Read more>>

Kiara and Jamia Saulsberry

Unique Rose Productions was formed from the passion to plan events that create long-lasting memories. We’ve always had a sense of creativity and a passion for decorating events. When we were younger, we would assist our Mother with customizing wine glasses, frames, gift baskets, and general party decor. Our first decorating event, prior to starting our business, was for a family friend’s wedding reception and we remember the excitement we had planned every detail of the event. Our passion for event planning increased, seeing the joy on her face and how we were able to successfully bring our family friend’s vision to reality. Read more>>

Shaquille Spearman

As a younger me, the passion for writing has always been something that I took pride in. I thought it was important to record my journey and how it created a better me in the process. It is important to allow people to view and learn from your journey. You never know if your testimony can help someone else. Read more>>

Kia-Shun Voltz

ShampooTime started with my daughter Karter Sylest (@Karter_sylest_ on IG), who has a head full of hair, always has since she was born. When she turned one year old, I was in so much pain leaning over the bathtub trying to wash her hair. My knees and back would ache, plus she hated the water/shampoo running down her face. When I decided I needed a better way to shampoo her hair, I started shampooing her hair on the kitchen sink (she was about 18 months) with rolled-up towels. I would struggle with her wanting to hold her head up. At the end of the washdays, there were several wet towels, a cranky toddler, and one tired momma. Read more>>

Taurus Williams and Brie Teel – Williams

Got Drip Inc. basically started off as a thought in February of 2019. We knew we wanted to create inspirational apparel that people would gravitate towards. The rap artist Plies has a hit song called “Got Drip 4 Sale,” and one night, my wife and I were sitting in bed after hearing his song when she told me, “I Got It!” and asked me, “Do You?.” At that very moment, we knew we had something that could be bigger than just producing t-shirts. That same night my wife created a logo; that logo was made in the image of a sticker, that sticker was turned into ten (10) promo t-shirts and the rest was history. Read more>>

Maliha Ebrahim and Mary Pierson

“The opportunity for every child to learn and to make the most of their talents is at the heart of a fairer society. Yet in country after country, it is wealth, not talent, that dictates a child’s educational destiny. This reality is failing individual children, each of whom has a right to education. It is also failing society, as a generation of talented poor girls and boys cannot fulfil their promise and contribute fully to human progress. Brilliant doctors, teachers or entrepreneurs are instead herding goats or collecting water. Humanity faces unprecedented challenges. Yet instead of utilizing the talents of all of people, inequality means we are squandering this potential.” Read more>>

Mikelson MomPremier

Dr. Mikelson MomPremier is a vitreoretinal specialist; he founded the MomPremier Eye Institute, PLLC to provide the Dallas, Fort Worth and Best Southwest areas with modern, efficient care facilities using clinical knowledge, surgical skills and technology. Dr. MomPremier began his medical career with the completion of a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University. He graduated with highest honors with a degree in biological sciences and biotechnology. Afterwards, he obtained his medical degree from Florida State University’s College of Medicine, which is known for producing highly talented, compassionate physicians. Read more>>

Shevon Williams

After graduating from Bentley University with my B.S. & MBA in Marketing, I landed my first marketing agency position as an Assistant Account Executive on the Bank of America account. However, as a former college basketball player, I knew I wanted to merge my passion for sports and marketing and pursued an opportunity at the PUMA Corporate office in retail marketing. Through this role, I gained experience in managing priorities for corporate stakeholders and field employees who served as a direct line to our customers. Read more>>

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