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Inspiring Stories from South East Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of South East Dallas and surrounding areas below.

Chelsea Campbell

My candle-making journey was inspired by my love for scents and more specifically scented candles! After much candle shopping, I began to get curious on how candles were made. I started researching everything about candles and the process of making quality candles. I read books and articles, watched countless videos, and of course, one of the greatest teachers, trial and error! From there, it turned into a hobby. I made candles for almost two years before the idea or creation of Soyful Scents. In addition to candle-making, I enjoy writing poetry, especially haikus. I’ve been writing poetry since high school. I am also a fan of writing and reciting affirmations. So when I came up with Soyful Scents, I decided I wanted to infuse all three of my interests and creativity. It is my goal to use my gifts and creativity to inspire and uplift others, as well as provide quality products. Read more>>

Domeanic Carter-Banks

My story with photography really just wrote itself and casted me as leading role. I followed my career path of graphic design and one day decided I needed to strengthen my skillset and pick up a lens to add more to my offerings. It was a slow narrative that soon proved to be therapeutic and rewarding. My story with photography really just wrote itself and casted me as leading role. Being a wife of 15 years and a mother of 4 has truly shaped the way I navigated my story of photography. I have an eclectic soul I never had formal training of operating a camera, but I was exposed to editing software through my associates and bachelors degrees in Graphic Design. I ended up adding photography to my skillset to add more value to my offerings. It was a slow narrative that soon proved to be therapeutic and rewarding. Read more>>

Kirisma Evans

I have been singing since I was about 5 and as I got older my love for music grew. I began singing more and more. During my early childhood education days my music instructor told my mom that I had a strong voice and to make sure she nurtured the gift. Once I got to Lincoln High School my choir teacher made sure that I received everything thing I needed to be a well versed singer. I went on to compete classically and of course gospel music was a big part of our repertoire. I went on to college where I majored in Vocal Performance another building block. Even then I never imagined being where I am today. I returned home in 2000 from school only to become employed by AT&T where I worked for a total of 12yrs still singing though. Here is where my life took a turn, after a ministry assignment and not having enough time at work to cover my absence I was let go and now I am forced to make a decision about my future. Read more>>

Jona Blanco

I’m originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León MX. I moved to Dallas when I turned 18. Since I was little, I always liked drawing and doing drawings for other people, mostly letters. In México I didn’t have the money to buy a lot of materials to do my drawings but once I came to USA, I was able to afford different mediums and I kept practicing with paint markers, acrylic paint, spray paint which is my favorite! I like to figure out a lot of different things on my own and make it work for what I need to. Nowadays I make a lot of custom things from shoes and shirts to logos, stickers, and decals, murals, and canvases but my main one is digitizing and printing custom stickers. Everyone can find me on Instagram as Acmeslaps or my main account Acmesencillo.  Read more>>

Billy Davis

Well, my mother use to tell me, always stay true to yourself and your story. She passed in Oct. 2016 of ALS. So, when she passed, I wanted to come up with a way to remember her. So, I came up with the name TruStory 2082 Clothing. Funny because I use to always write a post on social media and end it with hashtag TruStory. To break it down 2082, is numbers from my birthday. The word Tru came from growing up listening to Master P and No Limit. Story, because my mother use to always say forever stay true to your story. TruStory 2082 Clothing: 4ever Stay Tru  Read more>>

Dominique Herndon

owner of SELF Reflect Transportation LLC, which was created in 2019. Becoming an entrepreneur was the culmination of a lifelong dream for independence that enabled me to create a legacy for my family. Determination, perseverance, motivation, and countless hours of hard work dedicated to increasing my knowledge about the industry resulted in me being able to accomplish one of my dream of owning a transportation/logistics company. Additionally, I credits ambition, integrity, and sacrifice as traits that enabled me to reach my dream of entrepreneurship. I believes it is crucial to share my expertise with others who have the same desire to become future entrepreneurs. I stated that my greatest joy is to help others achieve their goals and assist them with their business endeavors. I added that it is paramount for me to pay it forward to the next generation of business owners and I hopes that my assistance will make the process easier for them to accomplish their dreams of entrepreneurship.  Read more>>

Saint Don

Born (Kendrick Travon Hanes) February 16 birthplace Dallas TX.  I started doing music when I was like 13, recording myself as a hobby falling in love with music  As I got older, I felt music was something important to me I felt it was the best way to express myself as I got older going through life challenging situation.  As I continued to do music, I started finding my sound and creating more music I liked and felt would catch an audience of people and grow from there.  I knew I had to put a lot of work in on top of that, it’s not easy being an independent artist.  Right now, I feel like I’m in a good position to have a big wave in the music biz.  Just have to continue to build my foundation and everything should play out well.  Read more>>

Stephanie Nicole Arevalo

Born and raised in Dallas, TX! I’ve always loved art since I could remember as a kid. I love art in all different interpretations! I started off painting and drawing portraits and was inspired by decor, in its entirety! I wanted to create memorable projects that were designed personally for the individual each decor article is designated for. With a little imagination, YouTube tutorials, Pinterest inspos, art exhibits, and a Cricut – I decided to just start and create decor ideas with my take on it and share those ideas on my own art page for social media. Since then – I’ve had family, friends, and new acquaintances ask me to create their ideas and place orders. My small business has been growing officially since August of 2021 and remains growing faster than what I anticipated. I’m also always looking for new ideas to widen the services I offer.  Read more>>

Michael Frazier

I have always loved performing arts and music. Ever since I was a child, I always dreamt of being a Popstar. After spending several years in Los Angeles writing music, performing, and teaching dance, I relocated back to Dallas and have been building my Popstarz brand since then. Popstarz is an adult-only dance experience that takes place every Thursday where I teach a choreographed dance routine to some of the most iconic Pop songs. My main goal is to give adults (whether they have dance experience or not) an opportunity to be somebody that they are not everyday… like a Popstar. The music is always fun and upbeat, the lights are low and it’s the perfect environment for people to let go and have an hour that’s just for them.  Read more>>

Allison Melton

I am originally from Irving but I moved to Corsicana 5 years ago. I am a chef and I teach high school culinary arts! I wanted an outlet to be creative and living in a small town there isn’t much to do. I started Electric Batter Bakery to be fun and creative, with amazing tasting desserts. I am a huge fan of pop punk music so I really wanted my company to reflect that love of all things pop punk. Read more>>

Trelvis Giles

I was raised by my grandmother and Mother in Pleasant Grove Tx. I went to high school at North Mesquite High School. My mother was in an abusive relationship while I was in school so we were forced to Sneak out of the house while my stepdad was at work. That situation and move in with my grandmother my mom had heart surgery shortly after which forced her to stop working and put a big chunk of the responsibility on my granny. My granny developed ovarian cancer and passed away and it was up to me and my sister to provide and work while still in high school.  I worked a lot of jobs around the DFW and went to radio broadcasting I graduated from there and go a job as a promotions assistant at Iheartradio working with acts like Kidd Kraddick, Russ Martin, Bo & Jim, Billy The Kidd, and other on-air talents. I left iheartradio when I received an opportunity to work for Service Broadcasting which owns K104 and Smooth R&B 105.7. Read more>>

Jamie Shivers

Jamie Stylz Photography is how it all started or was it driving my 1st car a 1966 Ford Mustang as a teen. The love for photography, cars, & pinup girls is really how Stylz4Mylz, that’s the name of my car show, all came about. I started shooting classic cars about 8 years ago when some friends of mine brought out their car and my girl dressed in pinup, I had a makeup artist help out, and I styled her hair. When we were all done styling her, she looked like she stepped straight out of the ’50s. The shoot was simply magical. A 1962 Chevy Impala out on a beautiful country curvy road by a pond at sunset. I was completely hooked. I have been attending car shows ever since high school. Little did I know I was already attending ULA (United Lowrider Association) functions way back then. I’m actually a member of this amazing Organization now! You could catch me any given Sunday at the cruses with all my homeboys and girls. In Dallas, Tejas during the 90’s crusin’ Reverchon Park was bumper to bumper.  Read more>>

Amber Fils-aime

I have been fixing hair since the age of 13 years old. It’s always been my dream to open up my own salon. Being that I fixed hair so long, I wanted it to take a side role to explore my love for math. I’ve been a math teacher for the past nine years changing scholars’ viewpoint about math. I’ve reached the highest heights as a math teacher and have a “Master” level rating (highest rank) for the state of Texas. However, a couple of years ago, I began to feel like it was time to try something new for a career path.  One day I was walking in Desoto Market and the owner of a boutique stops me, “You can have anything in this boutique as long as I can take a picture of you in it and use it for my website.” I was a bit shocked but agreed. The owner was a wealth of knowledge and pushed me to explore my dreams of opening my own business. I told her that I really wanted my own a restaurant but I use to want to own a salon. She taught me all the beginning steps to building my business credit, but I was too afraid to actually put things in motion.  Read more>>

Desmond Williams

I grew up in pleasant grove and found my passion for music at a young age. My family would always say I would rock myself to sleep as if I was listening to music. I grew up listening to Hip-Hop, I remember as a kid watching Tupac, Biggie, and listening to other artist like Bun-B, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg & NWA, who all inspired me to be who I am today. I was also inspired by actors such as Martin Lawerence, Jamie Foxx, & Will Smith. Seeing people of my color on the big screen was a huge inspiration for me. My journey was never easy and is still not today. My first time on the mic was in a studio with my dad, uncle, and friends who had a hip-hop group named Asylum. Being around them showed me the process of how music was made. I was always inspired by MCs who shared their true stories. I wrote my first rhymes in middle school, in my grandmother’s back room. ”Growing up where I’m from it was hard still had my head on my mom, used to cry but told her baby boy to be strong I’m thinking what’s wrong, I’m in a different zone what’s going on its so much pain I can’t strain I got to maintain so I just pray to the man upstairs.” Read more>>

Enrique Gonzalez

I was born in Brazos County, TX, but raised in Dallas. I moved around a lot when I was a kid. From Bryan, TX to Florida, to Houston, to Dallas, I moved a lot within the first two years of my life. Growing up, I always felt like an outsider but never wanted anyone to feel alone because that is a feeling that I knew all too well. Throughout my school years, I was never a popular kid, but I was cool with everybody. A timid boy, I always stayed to myself and only really had 1 or 2 real friends. However, as soon as I went to college, it seemed like my personality did a whole 180. I was eager to get involved on campus and joined a fraternity my freshman year. After that, I started working within numerous student worker positions, attended many leadership conventions and retreats, and even served as a mentor for high school students, an Orientation Leader, and even A Student Executive for my New Student Orientation team. Read more>>

Dee Coleman

I’ve accomplished a lot in my life, but I’ve also carried a lot of trauma and pain that was deeply rooted all the way from my childhood. My mother had me when she was 17 years old. My father was a great father (from what I’ve always been told) but I never got to know him. He was murdered when I was 2 years old. My mother was a young teen girl with a fatherless child, trying to find her way through broken generational curses of trauma and pain. Talk about a lot of resentment and abandonment pain…I harbored a lot of it at a very young age.  I had some really dark days that I didn’t allow anyone else in on. I was attracted to women and it terrified me because I didn’t feel that was right by “God” and for so many days I walked around scared shitless that something would happen to me because of my religious upbringing. The more I fought the attraction for women and tried to cover up the feelings, the stronger it got.  Read more>>

Ace Culture

Many long sleepless nights, a lot of days giving blood sweat, and tears, I was made to be here.  From as long as I could remember I’ve been on stage or performing, whether it be the pageants I modeled in (and won most times I might add) at the age of 2. To, performing in rap routines at the same age while my cousin would practice his scratch routines (He was a B-Boy) or performing countless amount of original songs or speeches in front of the church…. I was made for this.  I was groomed to be an artist from being one of the last artist to go through industry-level artist development as a kid, Raised in the business. Been signed, lost deals got out of bad deals the whole 9. But I love this game, the dance with my lady, Music.  After taking a break and returning under a new brand as AceCulture. I feel fresh and refreshed and that’s refreshing. All I’ve done is record. So, I’m here today just right after releasing my new album “King Culture”. A 15-song album giving my fans a smooth, easy, calm listen, as well as give some insight on where I’ve been.  Read more>>

Jenna Thomas

I started trying to get my foot in the door with aesthetics in 2016 but didn’t start my own business until after the first wave of covid shutdowns. During the few months home with my son, I had time to reflect on what I truly wanted for my career and to be more in control of my schedule. I didn’t want to miss anything anymore or feel rushed to get to work every day. When it was okay to start working again, I was doing facials while also working part-time for a Medspa an hour away from home. I was drained and tired. I took the risk of renting my own space and it was totally worth it! Fast forward to now, only a year and six months in, and I will soon have my own building in Downtown Corsicana! My space was too large for just me, and in my heart, I didn’t want to be a salon owner. After praying about it and seeing a Tik Tok of a selfie museum, that’s when the ideas started flowing for me. Read more>>

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