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Inspiring Stories from South East Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of South East Dallas and surrounding areas below.

Cheniqua Alanis

Eggs in a cast iron skillet! That was the first thing my Granny taught me how to make at only five years of age. Every since then, cooking has been my passion. I knew at an early age I wanted to be apart of the culinary world. I took culinary classes in high school and then went to The Art Institute of Dallas. Read more>>

Sade Page

After I had my daughter I started working in a shop my older sister styled natural hair at. I did that on and off while trying to work different jobs because I needed more income with four mouths to feed. 2012 is when I branched off by myself and started my business Shadowed by Sade I was building my business from the ground up and everything was going good. Read more>>

Betsy Lackey

I first fell in love with photography when I was little. My dad is a creative brain, and he wrote up an entire scavenger hunt for me and my brother to find beanie babies all over the house. My brother and I read riddles, racked our brains for answers, and searched high and low for these weird little collectables. Read more>>

Mallori Braziel

My journey began as a mixed child, fascinated yet curious about different hair types and textures. From cutting my ponytails off at seven to having middle school friends over and braiding or adding in extensions to their hair. Becoming a teen mom is what increased my drive to want more, and to also show my daughter more! Read more>>

Valerie Ballard

North Texas Capacity Builders began work in 2000 focusing on programs for youth entrepreneurship and expending to construction training for fathers and now housing for homeless veterans in Dallas County. It was during this work that we discovered numerous veterans, elderly an disabled persons living in conditions that were neither healthy nor safe. Read more>>

Brandon Walker

I can honestly say TheWalkerReview was started out of pure laziness, which is definitely a blessing remembering all of the details that manifested in our first every interview. As a journalist at Texas A&M-Commerce, I was approached by some of my peers who asked if I could do a write up about their debut mixtape they had recently released. Read more>>

Mark Francis

An opportunity opened with the Mississippi Symphony to become their Education Director. I thought I would do that for one year till I found another music teaching job. I grew to like the position and decided to stay in orchestra administration. Though there have been various bumps along the way in 2017, I made my way to Corpus Christi where I work with Music Director, Hector Guzman. Read more>>

Keandra Goodson

March of 2016 My grandma died of Stage 4 breast cancer. Before she died, some of the last talks we had were about her belongings she wanted me to have or the belongings I wanted to have myself. I kept a small sculpture I brought her for her birthday, two gowns, a sewing machine, and her kitchen Aid blender. Read more>>

Courtney Wright

I always had the mind to market myself as a stylist. I know one day I would become, then for where I was at the moment. I have trained with some of the Top Stylist in Dallas as well as Top Social Media Hairstylist/Influencers but, it has been my drive and consistency that has gotten me to where I am at now. Read more>>

Maria Maldonado

Owning my own clothing store is something I had been wanting to do since high school. I used to work at the Bazaar (it’s like a mall) during the weekends and worked at a woman’s clothing store. I even named my store “Peaches N Cream,” I was a 112 fan. I later graduated and I started working at the World Trade Center selling fine jewelry. Read more>>

Hal and Kim Messamore

We were 4th generation farmers from Sudan, Texas. We moved here three years ago. Our original intent was to continue in agriculture in one form or another. By the time we sold land, equipment, and home and moved, we realized we were ready to do something besides Ag. So, we built a venue. It’s quite the change from farming. But we love it. We enjoy being a part of people’s lives on fun occasions. Read more>>

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