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Inspiring Stories from South East Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of South East Dallas and surrounding areas below.

Kyle Roberts

I grew up in a small town in East Texas close to where I work now. I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset and did not have plans on going to a 4-year university, but instead get my associates and follow in my father’s footsteps and eventually go into business for myself. My dad had a little college money set aside for me and I cashed it in shortly after graduating High School and purchase my first rent home. I was working full time at Brookshire’s, attending Trinity Valley Community College, and repairing the rent home I just bought to start my first business in the real estate market. My father was a store manager at Brookshire’s for many years and worked part-time selling real estate. One day, he sat me down and told me he did not want me to follow in his footsteps but rather wanted me to do better than him and it opened my eyes. Shortly after that conversation, I was enrolled in Texas Tech University, where I attained my bachelor’s in business. The rent home was completed and helped pay my rent while attending school. Read more>>

Priscilla Rice

From the time I was a kid, I always had this curiosity for creating plays on the fly or improvising movement. I always dreamed of being an artist but never really grew up with artists around me. My mother and father always encouraged my creativity and never said no every time I had a creative idea or wanted to take an enrichment class. We were very limited as far as the performing arts, as I am from a small town located in South Texas – Crystal City, Texas. I say that proudly, by the way. I love my hometown. In college, I studied Broadcast Journalism and worked in radio and later in television, but I kept writing – in journals and sharing my poems and short stories with close friends. My first love was always poetry and then dance. I love theater because it incorporates both. After studying at the University of Texas at Austin, I moved to Dallas which is the city that I’ve lived in the longest ub for 24 years. It’s the city that I consider to be my second hometown, as I have roots here. Read more>>

Kelsey Wright

Uniquebeauty4girls started in 2013 in my master bedroom. I came up with the name from my four daughters because they are Unique and carries a lot of beauty. People use to come up to me ask who does my girl’s hair. Which gives me the idea to start braiding, be creative, and having faith. I started by myself, not to many families. So I knew I didn’t have a choice but to keep going to take care of my babies. It’s was just for the money at first. With a blink of an eye I need more people to build a company. I had five braiders in one house, braiding 8 am -1 am. But that didn’t work out, I moved to Commerce, TX and got a shop in Dallas, I started picking up clients at both places. That didn’t work either, I was so determined to not just become a Braider. I wanted to make art tell a story in my work. Read more>>

Rickey “Slikk Muzik” Offord

Two Time Grammy Award-winning, 1 Time Golden Globe Award-winning & Multi-Platinum music producer Rickey “Slikk Muzik” Offord is a Dallas, Texas native determined to dominate the music industry. From Pop Records with artists like Ariana Grande to BET Award Performance placements with Chris Brown, to NBA Live theme music, to the Grammy Gospel Album of the year win with Tori Kelly, Rickey has proved that no matter the genre he is destined for greatness. With a testimony of growing up in church playing drums and piano as a preachers kid turned into a passion for creating music a very young age. To young adulthood, leaving corporate America on a leap of faith in 2013 to move to Hollywood to pursue his dream and then having to go into the hospital in 2016 for a simple day surgery that turned into a night which led him to face and defeat death while in a 33-day coma. Read more>>

Brenaya Frierson

Since I was a little girl, I suffered from severe eczema and sensitive skin. So I wasn’t able to wear all the cute girly lotions etc. Christmas time, I was never able to get play makeup and smell good stuff like the other kids because it would irritate my skin. The older I got the more I wanted it. So I start sneaking my mama body sprays and facial stuff before school lol. She eventually bought me my own from Walmart but it still made me break out. When I got in 7th grade, I start saving my allowance money so I could make homemade stuff for my acne and perfume that doesn’t make me itch. I had only saved $48 but my parents surprised me with my own natural skincare business for my 13th bday. Read more>>

Clarissa Mares

Hi, my name is Clarissa Mares. I consider myself as an entrepreneur. I’m 22 and am an esthetician who loves makeup. My passion for the beauty industry started in high school when I was 15. I am starting doing makeup for quinceañeras, homecoming dances, and prom. I started a YouTube channel as well, doing makeup tutorials and fashion videos. After graduating high school, I got to Paul Mitchell Dallas and got my esthetician license. Since then, I have been providing services such as makeup applications, lash extensions and facials. I also started a lash line in 2019, Love Always Clarie, where I sell strip lashes and am expanding to makeup tools. I am also in the process of opening a salon in Mesquite, Tx. I love what I do, love to inspire others and make them feel beautiful through my work. Read more>>

BTF Drippy

I started to look into music when I was 14. At the time, my influences were Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, Young Thug, and John Legend. I was always told I had talent, I just needed the final product. My very first mixtape came in 2016 and it was called “Blessings from God”. It did about three thousand plays on Audio Mack which led to me transitioning to SoundCloud. During my junior year of high school, I began to get more involved with music. Yet again, the production was the problem. I still clearly remember a lot of individuals who doubted me and counted me out from the start and what they didn’t understand is music is a gradual thing, the more you do it, you expand your knowledge and the better you become. Read more>>

Anisha White

I began my journey as a full-time photographer three years ago, in September of 2017. At the time, I was an employee at Children’s Medical Center and a student at the University of North Texas at Dallas. My love for photography came back and hit me harder than a ton of bricks. When I think back, I was in middle school when I said I was going to be a photographer and I stuck with that for a while. Read more>>

Brandon Hunter

Roog began after I was let go from a startup. That experience forced me to sit down and think about my value and where I was putting my energy. I decided to put my time and efforts towards a mission that I believed in, one that helped improve social and economic outcomes in Black and Brown communities. After conducting my own research online and through conversations with business owners, I began drafting and designing the concept of Roog. Soon after, I moved to Texas and attended the University Texas at Austin for my masters in technology commercialization. Read more>>

Chaunhi Le

Designs by Chaunhi started a little after I impulsively bought myself an iPad a couple of years back in 2018. I had trouble sleeping most nights, so I would end up drawing to help pass the time until I eventually fell asleep. I began posting some of these drawings on my social media accounts, not expecting anyone to care, but people were actually really kind and supportive! Little by little, all these cool commissions started to come in. Commissions would vary from logos, screen-printing and packaging designs to my current favorite, jean jackets. I had no clue how to do most of these things when I first started, so it’s crazy to think about it now. Read more>>

Stephanie Echevarria

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry. I remember purchasing a starter kit and I really began to pursue Nails at the age of 12. I practiced on my family. I was going through some personal issues at the time and I felt like I needed something to keep my mind busy. I began to feel like my work wasn’t good enough so for a while, I actually put a pause on trying to get myself out there. It wasn’t until Highschool year when a friend of mine really encouraged me to create an Instagram directly dedicated to my work. After that push, everything went well from there. I shared my work all over social media and my following went up. I never expected exposure. One thing that I will say is my Parents always motivated me, never doubted me and taught me never to give up no matter how big the obstacle. As an entrepreneur, that’s one thing I feel really inspired me to push forward. Being a nail technician is my passion I love what I do so it never feels like work! Read more>>

Elizabeth Hill

Creative expression has played an integral role in my life from the very beginning. Out of all of my classes, I always looked forward to art and music the most because I enjoyed making noises with unfamiliar instruments and diving into little crafting projects (which I would proudly present to my parents upon completion). My grandpa was an artist, and I remember seeing his portraits and landscape paintings hung up around my house and my aunt’s house when I was growing up. I would wonder how he was able to make something so beautiful. His love for the arts didn’t stop there – he made quilts, he loved classical and symphonic music, and he was even a hairdresser at one point in time. Becoming an artist didn’t seem outlandish in my eyes because my grandpa was proof that it was possible. Read more>>

Chase Martin

I have had a love for arts and graphic design for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I always tinkered with computers, even building my first PC with my uncle, Marshall Allen, at the age of ten. In school, I took lots of computer geared courses for coding and general IT education. In High School, School of Business at Townview, my classes focused on IT. I then went on to graduate from Prairie View A&M University with bachelors in Management Information Systems. I am a true techie at heart. However, art was still a major part of who I was. As I got older, my love for art and IT merged together and I started playing around with creating digital graphics and web sites. Read more>>

Latrice Smith

What leads me to being a trainer was mainly me. Myself-hate towards myself and health issues lead me to want to be better all the way around. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. Me having Epilepsy made me have to change my life and fight hard not to let it change me. Which leads me to why do I consider myself the ideal trainer for you? The best answer I can give you is, I was once YOU! I took my body through trial and error, almost the entire process. I can relate to you because I’ve had a child before so I am oh so familiar about the stomach page that seems to go nowhere. Read more>>

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