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Irving’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from Irving and surrounding areas below.

Daniel Roundtree

Originally from South Florida, Daniel came to the great state of Texas at a young age to attend Southern Methodist University. At SMU Daniel studied international business and played Football under the June Jones era. After falling in love with Texas, Daniel began a well-rounded sales career that eventually led him to Real estate. Daniel’s love for real estate and sales come with over 8 years of selling experience and an ardent desire to provide exquisite service & performance. Daniel’s initial interest in real estate started in college after meeting Brian buffini who just happened to be the father of Daniel’s college roommate Aj. Conversations and success stories with Brian sparked Daniel’s interest to dive into researching everything possible about real estate and investing before launching his own career and eventually becoming an agent.  Read more>>

Rabia Majid Khan

I started my dessert business in August 2020.  Well, if I tell you that I never baked a cake in my life before my business, will you believe me?  That’s true… I was never a baking person and I always thought baking cake is very hard so I never tried.  During COVID 19, schools were online, work from home and I had all the free time. I tried making few desserts like chocolate-covered strawberries. Then one day I tried coffee cake and boom…. It turned out so good, I sent it to my friend to try out and she loved it. I baked couple of more cakes and my husband and kids loved it as wet as my friends.  My family and friends encouraged me to make a Facebook page and start a business.  First, it was very hard for me because I never run a business but slowly and gradually, I learned, and here I am.  My husband supported me a lot as well as my kids. Without their support, I couldn’t done it. My daughter who is 16 suggested the name “A pinch of sprinkles” she also made the logo. Read more>>

Felicia Johnson

I consider myself a ‘Servant Leader’. I have a heart for serving others and am always looking for ways to provide greater impact. After managing corporate diversity initiatives for some of the country’s largest organizations, I took a step, okay, rather a LEAP of faith, and started my own diversity and inclusion consulting practice! MSince becoming a business owner, I have learned so much not only about running a business, but equally as important, about myself. This journey has been and continues to be, extremely rewarding.  I oftentimes say that working in the diversity and inclusion field is not for the faint of heart! And that has never been truer than now. It is easy to focus on what separates us, rather than on what binds us. I am keenly aware of the challenges that exist doing this work, however, I am also aware of the benefits. For example, emails and phone calls I get to this day, from former co-workers and clients that stay in contact and tell me how my workshop or training touched them and changed their lives.  Read more>>

Russ Robinson

I actually got my first camera a bit over a decade ago during my Master’s degree at TCU – I ended up using it during our trips to New York and Cuba, where we played at the Havana International Jazz Festival in 2010. I sold it a while after that though and stopped really doing much in terms of photography.  When the pandemic hit in 2020 and the community ensemble, I play in stopped rehearsing, I wanted to find an artistic outlet – and after stopping to take some pictures over Lake Grapevine with my phone, I realized that I had really missed photography. I picked up a new camera in June of 2020, and started taking it everywhere! I was hooked and started doing photography of practically every type – from landscapes to portraits, down to macro photography. I landed my first photoshoot in October last year, and it was such a blast! I’ve had the pleasure of working with not only other clients for portraits, but also with businesses for promotional/advertising shoots, but also for real estate shoots as well.  Read more>>

Cheryl R. Dunbar

I guess you could say the idea of LemonSpirations with Cheryl (LWC) started in a department store. A navy maxi skirt covered with lemons caught my eye. For some reason, the skirt just spoke to me. I know that probably sounds strange, but it just did. As I put the skirt up to my waist and looked into the full-length mirror, I saw myself speaking before others telling them how to turn life’s lemons into lemonade. Perhaps, it’s because that’s what I was doing at the time. You see, about three months prior, I had been blindsided with a divorce. I was given the notice of abandonment and evacuation with about 30 days to move. With a long way to go and a short time to get there, I didn’t have the luxury of nursing the whiplash effect. I had to get busy packing. There was so much work to be done. Once moved and somewhat settled, I began the adjustment of a new life and got busy living. As a frequent social media poster, I would post my comings and goings, along with pictures in a storytelling fashion. Almost immediately, people saw a happier me transform right before their eyes, but most didn’t know why. I didn’t really discuss my divorce. I was just living and enjoying life. Read more>>

Kimberly Matthews

Holy Rollie Pastry Shop came about after my daughter and I were shopping and saw a unique treat station that inspired us to start something of our own. That night the business model was divinely revealed from the business names to flavors to distribution channels. Fast forward to 2020 and the pandemic causing the world to slow down and stay home. This change of pace allowed time for recipes to be perfected and supplies collected for our first pop-up event. Holy Rollie Pastry Shop LLC officially became a cottage food business in Irving, Texas established on September 25, 2020, and launched October 1, 2020.  The first year was challenging and rewarding. Holy Rollie participated in farmers’ markets around DFW and experimented with a retail space at Music City Mall. These opportunities allowed the brand name to spread and grow our online sales. Holy Rollie now operates out of a commercial kitchen in Dallas, Texas and we are excited to see what’s next in 2022.  Read more>>

Khaleq Memene

I’ve always had a fondness for and curiosity about artistic endeavors. I’ve always been drawn to music, dance, literature, and other forms of creativity. Throughout my life, there have been many times when I try different creative things on a whim; and I would try to achieve them, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. From learning to play the piano at the age of three to creating short stories and hand-made comic books through elementary. From going through a break-dancing phase in middle school to winning a poetry contest in high school and having one of my pieces published. From attempting unsuccessfully to learn to create tracks in my freshman year of college to dabbling in fashion and modeling. So many different seasons, some of which are still ongoing, but the underlying theme is my love and enthusiasm for creativity and my eagerness to try new things.  As you might expect, the people in my life have a huge influence on how I think, where I go, and what values I hold. As a result, I try to surround myself with ambitious, like-minded thinkers and individuals who are enthusiastic about their endeavors, primarily creatives.  Read more>>

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