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Meet Anthony Christopher of Drawlz Brand Co. in Desoto

Today we’d like to introduce you to Anthony Christopher.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I was born and raised in Southern California, in my opinion, the mecca of creativity, style, fashion, and entertainment. That said, I have been influenced by a culture that I can only describe as Westcoast. Growing up, I have always had a sense I would be given the opportunity to influence our culture; however, I couldn’t figure out what avenue I would take. My lack of direction haunted me for years. I was missing something. I was convinced I wasn’t a “creative”. I wasn’t musically talented, I don’t act, I’m not artistic and thought I lacked the ability.

When it comes to fashion, I am never the most stylish and I am not a trendsetter; however, despite all that, I love the “culture” and how it brings people together. I always wanted to be able to contribute to the streetwear or urban scene in some way but didn’t know-how. Like I said, “I thought I wasn’t creative”.

As I came into my own, I found a career in banking; commercial banking to be specific. I manage relationships of multimillion-dollar companies which has afforded me to learn so much about business not only from a financial standpoint but also from a business owners’ perspective. From day one, I knew I was set on this path for a reason different than my peers. This career path was given to me so I could learn and so I could get a full understanding of how business works at the highest level. My agenda has always been about learning as much as I can so when the right opportunity presented itself, I would be ready.

A few years, three sons, and a wife later, I end up moving from Long Beach, CA to a Dallas suburb – Desoto, TX. I took a job opportunity that I couldn’t refuse along with the opportunity to give my kids a better life experience than they could have in the fast city. After becoming lost in the corporate rate race for some years now, I haven’t forgotten the real reason I am here; to learn business so that one day I can be self-sufficient and “create” my own way.

Three years ago, I decided to take action. I am an entrepreneur at heart, and I need to be true to myself or I will never be happy in life. Succeed or fail, I needed to go for it. After months of constantly annoying and bouncing ideas off my wife, in her frustration, she gave me the Idea to start Drawlz Brand Co.

Now, here is a funny story:
We are lying bed one night arguing like married couples do. This particular night, it got pretty heated. I can’t remember what we were going back and forth about; however, in the heat of the moment, my wife said something to me that would change my life for the next three years and hopefully a lifetime. As I’m lying in bed trying to get my point across, she tells me, “SHUT UP, you know you love my dirty DRAWLZ.” In her attempt to ease the moment and make me laugh, she unknowingly blessed me with an idea and concept I am now crazy passionate about. I instantly stopped and just stared at her. My mind is racing at this point and I yell out, “That’s it! I can’t believe it. That’s it! I am going to make some real Drawlz!”

The following weeks, I do all this research and cannot believe that “Drawlz”, a description of underwear that is a staple in our culture, has not been attempted yet. At this point, my fire is lit and I am now on the path to learn and develop this company Drawlz Brand Co. I am so inspired by the challenge to create when I was convinced, I was not creative!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It has been a struggle since day one! Given I had absolutely NO experience in the fashion industry, I have had to maneuver and learn through trial and error.

It has not been easy. I have struggled with everything from creating designs, sourcing suppliers and fabrics, learning different computer design programs… pretty much any and all things fashion I have had to self-teach and learn on my own. I have discovered a new appreciation for clothing brands who provide cut and sew garments. It is a lot of hard work, late nights, and frustration to make your vision come to life.

I have to mention – YouTube University has helped me navigate through the fashion industry. I still struggle with things, but I am determined to keep learning. Although frustrating at times, I am enjoying the journey and with all honesty, it’s the journey that fuels my passion for creating a successful brand.

Please tell us about Drawlz Brand Co.

Drawlz Brand Co. is a U.S based apparel company that prides itself on keeping all men and women looking fresh all the way down to their Drawlz! With our experienced team dedicated to creating tailored and fashionable Drawlz, we pride ourselves in providing the absolute best value in the undergarment industry when it comes to style and comfort.


We offer the highest quality cut and sew undergarments perfectly made to match your unique style. When you purchase some Drawlz, you can be confident in what you have on underneath.
We are releasing three different product lines to start:

Drawlz CottonZ: So comfortable, so cool, so stylish. Our CottonZ are for everyday wear, ready for anything and any situation. With our one of a kind cotton blend and our unique D logo blasted waistband, we guarantee everyone will know you got the D!

Drawlz OrigionalZ (OG’z): The OriginalZ are the heart of Drawlz Brand Co. Simple yet stylish and sophisticated. Not to mention the most comfortable Drawlz you will ever wear because they are made with a very soft fabric called Micro Modal. Dressed or undressed, with Drawlz OriginalZ the whole outfit is complete.

Drawlz ExpressionZ: Express yourself and make a statement with Drawlz ExpressionZ. Our ExpressionZ line provides unique custom designs that will set you apart and be remembered. They are made with a super soft Nylon Mesh that is a very light and breathable and this line will include all our creative printz. Not only are the ExpressionZ comfortable but they are the hottest pair of Drawlz to ever hit the market. This is where comfort truly meets style.


We believe comfort should come with style. Our mission is to deliver the best possible shopping experience, helping our customers express themselves without forgetting about them Drawlz.
Our goal is to offer a wide variety of undergarments for men and women of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

The Future

As we launch, we will be starting with our core product mens Drawlz; however, our ultimate plan is to expand into all undergarment apparel for men and women. We will not be limited to just underwear but any and everything undergarments from Drawlz to socks, bras, leggings, the list continues to grow. We will be the new standard when it comes to undergarments for our culture. From now on underwear is a thing of the past and the beloved description of undergarments our culture has used for years will be the standard. Drawlz!

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
Honestly, I would do nothing different. All my lessons and failures have contributed to my wins and successes. Failing is a part of the process and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The experiences and lessons I have learned are an asset to the development and growth of Drawlz Brand Co. and myself as an individual. I truly value and appreciate the journey.


  • Pricing is not set in stone but the pricing of Drawlz will be in line with other “designer” undergarments and brands.
  • Drawlz will range from $18 to $30 depending on the style.
  • *** For all Day 1 subscribers (Pre-Launch email list) Will receive a launch day discount and early access to the store! To join our Day 1’s list subscribe on our website: Drawlz Brand Co. drops end of summer 2019.

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Anthony Christopher

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