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Meet CeCe “FadeTastic” Barber of Barbers and Blades Grooming Lounge

Today we’d like to introduce you to CeCe “FadeTastic”.

CeCe “FadeTastic”, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I grew up in New Orleans, LA and was raised by my Grandmother and my Aunt. Then we moved to Dallas, TX and settled in the Pleasant Grove Area I graduated high school from Skyline High School at the top 5% of my class and I had a full academic scholarship and track scholarship to college. I chose the Academic Scholarship While in college I got into some trouble and decided to move back home. I worked odd jobs here and there and then decided to take a different path

Growing Up I have always had it in me to own my own business multiple businesses actually. I was set on being a BOSS. Most of the people in my family were Chefs at different well-known restaurants in New Orleans and here in Dallas once we migrated here with my grandmother. When I was 15 my grandmother passed away and that when my life changed drastically, my grandmother was the one who encourage me and uplifted me to do whatever I wanted to do. She would give me the support that would have me thinking I would be on top of the world. She was a praying Grandmother. Her vibe and spirit was unmatched.

When she left apart from me of left with her. At that moment in my life, my Aunt Earnestine took me under her wing. I would tell her Auntie I’m going to start my business and you will never have to work again I’m going to take care of you and she would always respond I know you are and I’m waiting. When my Aunt Earnestine passed it was before I opened my 1st shop I felt like I needed to go harder so I can show her and my grandmother I did it

I decided to go to Barber College at a time when I was going thru some Legal Battles and couldn’t get a job. I have always wanted to go to Barber College and learn to cut hair but never had the time or took the time to do so. So in the moment, I felt it was no better time than now. I started barber College and connected with a couple people that was influential in my journey. I was traveling and Networking at the Barber Shows just getting my name out there when I decided to come up with a Brand of my own which is where Barbers & Blades came about. I knew then the vision I had was bigger than me. My aunt Earnestine used to always tell “you are the creator of you own destiny” that stuck with me throughout life and still to this day. I knew I wanted Barbers & Blades to be more than just another Barber Brand. I wanted it to be beyond the chair, A Lifestyle a look and feel. I have always been into Fashion and loved Fashion. So I felt I can create a brand that can exemplify that.

I started pushing the Barbers & Blades Clothing brand not only to Barbers but to everyone I wanted all walks of life to experience this brand. I have always been drawn to fashion. I always tell people it’s not about what you wear but how you wear it. I have always been a person that always wanted to look good. When you look good you feel good and what goes better with a Dope Haircut a Dope look to go along with it.

After pushing my brand for a few years getting my name out there in the barbering industry I was asked to partner in opening a Barbershop. I felt like finally, my vision is slowly manifesting and its time to sew my seed. One thing about the business and this industry you have to always ensure you stay with times and go into business with someone your equally yolked with. That shop was open for one year until the person I partnered with could no longer manage and the shop was closed. I then took a step back and decided to open Barbers & Blades Grooming Lounge which has been open and successful for one year now.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
LOL, No way it hasn’t been a smooth road, you have life then you have your business which consumes your life. It was plenty of times I felt like giving up but I knew I couldn’t. The vision I had was bigger than me. You start thinking of ways to set yourself apart from everyone else and ensuring that the product you’re putting out is good quality ensuring the service your providing is great quality as well. Some barbers may disagree but it’s about Quality, not Quantity, Sometimes you have different obstacles that come up in life some are harder to overcome than others. But once I overcame that and seen the support I was getting not only with Barbers & Blades Clothing but also with my Haircuts I knew I was on to something. When you look back from where you started to where you are now you see the progress and that makes you Go Harder.

Tell us more about your business.
Barbers & Blades Clothing & Grooming Lounge Specialize in Making people look and feel good. Providing a service that will have you standing out from the rest and have you always looking your best. Not only making sure you’re dressed to impress but always look dapper with a fresh fade, Providing Steam Facials, Hairline enhancement, Hair and Skin Care. Also putting out the best quality of clothing that trendy and with the times

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
I define success as not being about the money but creating a Brand and a Name that will be legendary that I will be remembered for years and Being able to put other people in positions to be successful even after I leave this earth. To make my mark and put my stamp on the Barbering & Fashion Industry.

Contact Info:

  • Phone: 214.205.4154
  • Email:
  • Instagram: fadetastic_barber
  • Facebook: Calynthia Sartain

Image Credit:
Kauwuane Burton

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