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Meet Cindy Ross of Gateway Ghost Tours

Today we’d like to introduce you to Cindy Ross.

Cindy, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I am a psychic medium and used to work out of a little metaphysical bookstore that was located in Old Town Lewisville, Texas on Main St. I started Gateway Ghost Tours 4 years ago on a whim when a friend and I were having dinner. She was telling me about a local ghost tour that she visited and how very disappointing it was.

This is where I got the bright idea to do my own ghost tour and make it more exciting by weaving the past with the psychic and the paranormal. With Old Town Lewisville which dates back to the 1800’s, I knew this was the perfect place for a ghost tour! I also wanted to give my patrons the tools of the trade like the dowsing rods and ghost meters to experience for themselves along the way. Then I wanted to liven the tour even more by teaching my ghost enthusiasts how to sense the paranormal energies like a true psychic does!

This was just meant to be a special Halloween event that ran for the month of October for my friends and students of my psychic development classes. I did a lot of research on the history of the area. Then felt around on the so-called hot spots where the paranormal energies were the highest and formulated my route. I took lots of pictures of the sights and was amazed at the ghostly entities that showed up in my pictures even before the tour was started.

I was very happy with the popularity of the ghost tour after the first Halloween season had ended. Then I got a call from the city of Lewisville. I was not really sure what the city would think about a psychic poking around in Old Town after dark with a large group of people. The conversation with the city official wanted to know if I was going to keep doing the ghost tours? If the tours were going to continue, then the city wanted to add me to their event calendar. I was pleasantly surprised with that and told the city that I would certainly be doing the tours on a regular basis! The tours have been gaining in popularity and I love introducing more and more people to the charm of Old Town Lewisville and the ghostly residents who still reside on Main St.

Truthfully, I have not always been comfortable with the “Dead” talking to me until I started Gateway Ghost Tours. You might call me a reluctant psychic medium. I was good at feeling the energy and knowing what was going on. I could tell you about the deceased and what had happened to them, but when the dead single you out and want to talk to you or through you, that was a different ballgame for me. Then after a late Saturday night tour all that changed when I found myself alone with a group of the ghostly spirits. I was told that the ghost were here and would continue showing up. All I had to do was bring the people. The group of ghost conveyed to me that they liked what I was doing and loved being remembered. Well, that sounded like a good working relationship with me and did wonders for calming my fears when it came to talking with the dead.

Please don’t refer to me as a ghostbuster. I am not here to bust anyone dead or alive. I am very proud of all the unexplained sightings that go on after dark on Main street. If I was in the business of moving spirits on, that would eventually be the end of my ghost business. As an interpreter for the dead, it is my job to bridge the gap between the living and the dead.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Gateway Ghost Tours has enjoyed a lot of success and has been without struggle. I have a good working relationship with the City of Lewisville and they advertise the ghost tour in their new visitors center. I enjoy introducing people to what goes on in the sleepy town of Lewisville after dark. By explaining the history of the town one can understand the paranormal happenings. Many of the shop owners on Main street love that we bring the ghost tourist by and talk about their businesses.

Gateway Ghost Tours – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
I am a psychic medium with her own ghost tour business. I am different than most of the other ghost tours for I do the tour from the psychic’s point of view. I like to teach others how to sense the paranormal energy for themselves so they can decide what is really out there.

Gateway Ghost Tours is not just going to give you the history of the area and call that a ghost tour. I believe in the importance of the history but I like to take it a step further by opening the door to the other side of the grave and allowing the living to mingle with the dead. My ghost tours help explain the paranormal so the everyday person can understand what it is to be “Ghost”.

I would say I am most proud of all the ghostly encounters my tourist experience. The ghost tour can be quite creepy and sometimes I can even be a little unnerved. I like to give my tourist a mini psychic development class on the tour so they can pick up on the ghost for themselves. One evening we were at one of my favorite stops which is the old furniture store that was also the mortuary.

I was peering in the window when a saw a dark ghostly figure cross the hallway. I was looking around to see if anyone else caught it when the man standing next to me got excited and asked if I saw the shadow man? I just laughed and confirmed his sighting.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
I define success in my business by the number of compliments I receive as well as repeat customers. It is especially nice when I have hardcore ghost enthusiast show up on the tour and they are impressed. Most of our ghost tourist have done other tours and generally comment that Gateway Ghost Tours was so much better than others they have visited. I do strive to be original and different!

I would say I am looking for good feedback from my patrons. I have yet to hear a bad report. We do have several who do the tour over and over. I like to inform my tourist that the ghost energy always changes so each tour will be a little different. We also have special event tours like the graveyard tours and the ghost girl event.

You know you are doing good when others try to mimic what you’re doing. Just part of doing business I guess but so far none have enjoyed our success.


  • $20 Adult General Admission when purchased in advance online at
  • $25 Adult at the door
  • $10 for kids 10 and under when accompanied by adult

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