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Meet Jerron Hogg of Polo The Vibe in Oak Cliff

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jerron Hogg.

Jerron, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
This probably started IN THE WOMB! LOL. But in all seriousness, I started… like many did… in the church. My mother and Grandparents were very active in the music ministry at my home church, Griggs Chapel, as well as the music scene locally and nationally, so it was kinda “in my blood” perse’. Our church musicians, Daniel Jones and Lamont Taylor, who also are my cousins, made me sit next to them EVERY SUNDAY! I started playing drums and singing in the choir at my church and local youth choirs in the city, such as Youth for Christ, Total Praise, The Black Academy of Arts and Letters Enrichment Program, etc.

When I was around three years old, my mother noticed that I gained a huge interest to the keyboard and that Christmas, she purchased my very 1st keyboard AND DRUMSET! I made 90% of the noise in the house, and surprisingly, no one ever stopped me! That is, at least until I got older. No one really asked me to stop banging on drums or to turn the keyboard down. They encouraged EVERY SENSE OF COMMOTION that I caused. At least on the music. By age seven, my mother had placed me in Brook Mays Music, where I took classical and Jazz Piano. My piano teachers name was Sherri Payne, and when I tell you that lady used to literally be a total HARD ASS. She was such a perfectionist! Think of Eleanore Duvall, from eight Crazy Nights, literally… that’s how she looked… but she was far from that, intelligence wise! She pushed me to my FULL POTENTIAL. Even as a pup.

During one of my lessons, she saw that I had an ear for substitutions, and changing bass notes. She also knew that my godfather was also a well-known bass player in the area. Many many know him as Uncle Skeet! She recommended that my mother buys me a bass. And after that… I began to start my journey as a “bass player” I guess… of course, the noise in the house increased, but my mama family never stopped me. I started playing saxophone in the 5th grade, Trumpet in the 7th, briefly, but I kinda used that as a way to understand brass instruments (not a fan).

As years went on, even as a child, my family kept me in the loop of a lot of great national conventions/conferences, which connected me with a lot of great people, and with that, came many relationships and bonds that are still genuine to me today. A lot, in which, have taken me a lot of places and across a lot of stages! Not just as a musician, but as a vocalist and artist as well. When I was 16, my brother Dee started bringing me around the “music scene” in Dallas, and that basically created the sponge in me! That allowed me the chance to rub shoulders with greats such as Shaun Martin, Rc Williams, Geno Young, Gino Iglehart, Bernard Wright, Cleon Edwards, and many other great musicians in which I call FAMILY TODAY.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Smooth road? **Laughs hysterically** no where NEAR!! Upon me graduating from college, I came home to work… and I got just that! A bunch of work. Now that sounds good and all… but my first hardship came after my grandmother passed. I wanted to keep busy to try not to think about me loosing such a huge inspiration on my life and my career! I started becoming overwhelmed with gigs, and double and triple booking myself. Causing me to miss MAJOR GIGS without communication.

People began to loose faith in me. Gigs started dwindling, money started getting funny, plus I had just had a newborn. So… I went to EMT school. I felt like I wasn’t gonna make it on the scene out here. I only played in church and select gigs out on the scene. Worked full time as an EMT, up until I moved to Oklahoma City. Upon moving to OKC I tried giving music another try. This is where “SimplyComplexx™️” came from! A couple of my best friends and I started trap jazz band, and started gigging with this artist by the name of “Elizabeth Speegle” and with this artist, we were able to be free and just PLAY! This brought out a different sound from Oklahoma. We traveled nationwide with this artist and for the first time in years I felt like my musical journey was back on a high. But, it wasn’t.

After our last tour, we had a long spell of no shows, and venues didn’t wanna pay locally in Oklahoma City. So when we were home for a long period of time, we didn’t make the money needed to survive. Work for me was teaching and playing at the church that I was apart in Oklahoma City, which was one of the hottest churches in the state, but the business side of things there was so janky! So of course, that caused issues in my house between my wife at the time and myself. Talk about STRUGGLES! It was either I was never home, or I was not making enough money when I was home…that plus so many other provoking factors that contributed….so….ultimately, it caused me to get a divorce and come back to Dallas. I would be lying if I say that I thought coming back to Dallas would mean I would have to find another approach to the scene, or just forget the thought of me ever working in this town again. I came home and started hitting the ground running.

Connecting with different artists, promoters, venues and gigs. Starting singing and playing in different spots, and getting my name back out there, but not doing TOO MUCH to where I would put myself back in the position that I was in previously with the lack of planning and things. Then, I got SMART and got a manager! Lol and ever since, it’s just like GOD HAS PLACED EVERYTHING IN MY LAP!!

Please tell us more about your work.
Well….. Polo The Vibe is my stage “persona” that’s who I become when I hit the stage, he’s the hardest working musician/entertainer  I know if i do say so myself lol! “Polo” is my release, my let go so to speak, music really takes shape and flight when he hits the stage, from the mic, to the keys, to bass, to the drums, even the ewe (electric flute) it’s a “WHOLE VIBE” when “Polo” hits the platform.

Now SimplyComplexx™️ is my band and my brand, it’s an extension of what I can do, music production, vocal lessons, production and arrangements, bass lessons, keys (organ and piano) lessons, and drum lessons as well, I’m not just an entertainer, I’m a degreed professional that is more than just what you see behind a mic or instrument.

My band SimplyComplexx™️ was started in OKC kinda like trap jazz if you will, but of course we play more than that. What I’m most proud of is that my band and brand are in a time now where it can heavily influence the current music scene, by being versatile as it pertains to musical arrangements and style and vocal capabilities, and most of all show that this musical generation is evolving every day with the mixture of cultures and sounds and collaboratives.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
I’m not sure if I change anything, because I had to endure everything that I have gone through to get to where I’m going.

Contact Info:

  • Phone: 682-334-4644
  • Email: cc:
  • Instagram: @polothevibe
  • Facebook: Polo The Vibe
  • Twitter: dat_boi_b_sangn

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