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Meet Jodi-Kay Edwards | Business and Mindset Coach / Lifestyle Influencer

We’re so pumped about our conversation with Jodi-Kay Edwards. Jodi-Kay is a Business and Mindset Coach and Lifestyle Influencer and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Jodi-Kay below.

Hi Jodi-Kay, thank you so much for sitting down with us again. For folks who might have missed our initial interview, can you start by briefly introducing yourself?
Hey! I’m Jodi-Kay Edwards. I’m a Business and Mindset Coach for Creatives and CEOs. My purpose is to help entrepreneurs start, scale, and succeed in business through a simplified process I created called the FLOW formula. After growing up in poverty in Jamaica and moving to America I realized it can be so easy to get stuck in the trap of hustle culture. After getting so burnt out to the point of wanting to quit everything in 2017 I realized I could choose again. I could choose simple, I could choose happy, I could choose alignment over the hustle. That’s why I created Alignment Is The New Hustle, a business strategy and personal development brand helping creatives & CEOs improve their performance mentally and strategically.

Can you talk to us about the solutions you provide.
Running a business can feel lonely, and building a brand can feel overwhelming. I offer personalized guidance as creatives and CEOs navigate through the required steps to start and scale a successful company.

I’ve built a successful six-figure company and use my experience and expertise to help other business owners start, scale, and succeed. People have various learning styles, which is why I teach business growth strategies through a variety of different mediums such as self-paced e-courses, group, and one on one direct coaching.

Many people don’t understand the value of a coach, or even what a coach does. As a business coach, I incorporate best mindset practices into my strategies, which is what sets my services apart from other business coaches. I’ve always said that if you want something you’ve never had you have to invest the time or money to get it. The way I see it if you want time and financial freedom there is someone who has that so might as well invest in their brain to learn what they know.

Of course, as a coach, I help people plan the action steps to reach their personal and business goals, as well as positioning their brand in their market to generate sales from their social media presence but I’m more of a resource for accountability and streamlined personalized strategy to fast track growth. If your actions are out of alignment with your goals then reaching your goals becomes highly unlikely and the passion to consistently pursue it becomes irregular. Specific strategies create specific desired results.

As an outsider to your business, brand, and ideas I’m able to objectively see the internal and external issues to help my clients better understand what internal and external changes need to be made. From there we also create KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to help track success metrics so nothing is made up. I don’t actually sell business coaching, I sell focus, motivation, and results by increasing your technology and brain proficiency.

Can you talk to us about the difference between branding and marketing?
When you create a brand it’s not just one brand, it’s your business reputation and everyone that comes into contact with your brand assets will make a decision about your brand. That decision they make is your brand. Meaning at any given time you will have multiple versions of your brand running through the minds of people.

As a business coach that focuses on helping creatives and CEOs expand their brand, I don’t only help create the brand assets aka the website, the logo, I also help my clients curate the message they want to put out about their brand.

There are a variety of ways they can market this message such as:

Content marketing
Video marketing
Facebook Ads
Direct mail
Email marketing
YouTubing and TikTok-ing
Banner ads

All of these lead generation strategies fall into one of these two categories brand awareness marketing, direct response marketing. In the beginning of building a business a lot of us fall into the trap of only brand awareness marketing meaning, we create content that creates value but not a direct response. Direct response marketing creates a pattern for your business that says this is what leads to the sale. If you’re not currently monitoring your marketing you’re wasting time and money. If you’re currently using hope marketing, I hope that you know how to scale your business with it. Anyone who feels stuck in their business because their goals feel out of alignment with their actions I encourage them to sign up for The CEO $uite which is my month to month, cancel at any time business coaching membership. link:

Why are you passionate about teaching this?
90% of small businesses fail, while those reasons vary one thing remains true. If they had enough brand awareness and created content that made their audience problem aware and solution aware then they would be able to gain more visibility online to generate consistent traffic to generation consistent transactions. Alignment Is The New Hustle, LLC provides various resources for various learning styles to help increase the success rate of small to medium-sized businesses.

How do you define success?
Sometimes we get success mixed up with what we see and we try to adapt that version of success as our own. To me, success is finding pure alignment between your mind, body, and soul and acting in alignment with your purpose. When you’re in alignment with that feeling of your version of success things just start to happen for and around you. It’s this euphoric state called FLOW where even if you don’t have all the things that you use as measures of success you feel successful as you’re pursuing it.

What is one thing entrepreneurs can do each day to reach their version of success?
If we’re interested in growing and experincing a life filled with abundance, one hack is to become an energetic match to that feeling of success before we are actually at our version of it.

I encourage my clients to ask themselves every day, preferably right when they wake up, “What do I want to feel today?” and match their actions and thoughts with that feeling. This builds momentum towards having the lifestyle that we desire.

You’re known for simplifying complicated strategies in quick bite-sized takeaways, so before we go, can you teach us something?
Building a business and expanding your brand starts with knowing how to answer these six questions.

Traffic, Touchpoints & Transactions:
1. How am I creating traffic for my offers
2. How am I increasing the like, know and trust factor with my audience?
3. How often does 1 & 2 lead to transactions.

Brand Awareness, Problem Awareness, Solution Awareness
4. Is my content consistent and relatable enough to build awareness of my brand in my industry?
5. Does my content address the problems that people in this industry/niche experience?
6. Does my content make my audience aware that what sets my brand apart is that I have the solution to that problem in this unique way.

Alright, so before we go, how can our readers connect with you to learn more and show support?

Contact Info:

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