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Meet Misty Green of My Yoga Tao in Fort Worth

Today we’d like to introduce you to Misty Green.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
To tell you about being a guide or one who helps facilitate healing, I have to tell you about being broken first. I experienced abuse and neglect during my early teens, rape in my twenties, which gave way to post-traumatic stress disorder, and an excess of prescribed drugs. This is just the abridged version. I would carry these misfortunes along with me like physical scars. These experiences both consciously and subconsciously affected most of my behavior for some time. They also energetically perpetuated the cycle of hardship for myself.

In Denton 2005, I remember going to my first Hatha yoga class with a teacher named Sherry. It was here that I had that initial taste of balance and serenity. It was a sampling of a brand new groove onto unfamiliar territory. I would continue to go to Sherry’s classes in search of that same feeling of serenity but, unfortunately, I wasn’t ready for a change. I was still too consumed by resistance, avoiding and patterning the same cycles that I knew. Most of us can relate to this at some points in our lives, right? Sherry doesn’t know she made such a significant impact in my life and it wasn’t until a few years later that I was truly able to start weaving her silent but nurturing wisdom into my world.

In 2010, I met with a breaking point. I suppose I helped pioneer the cliche of leaving your job and becoming a yoga instructor. I enrolled in a yoga teacher training program. Because if you are gonna go in, go all the way I thought. It was the only way, and it was me pulling out that shovel and digging a new path, for myself. At this time there weren’t so many yoga teacher training programs, and the ones that were around had been around a while. I was still a hot mess, but my heart was in it. I was a headstrong and determined survivor, my softness and sensitivity would come later.

The Yoga training was merely a sampling of that possibility I had within me. I still wasn’t ready to teach, but the training was an opening to a treasure chest full of potential which was awaiting my soul’s call. Through the different training classes, various workshops, and continuous self-study of my own unhealed aspects, I found myself applying these lessons to my actual growth. Gradually, I moved away from blame and victim-hood into a space of recovery and transformation. I would realize how my pain would be a catalyst for growth with the opportunity to see the world through a new lens.

In a pure kismet way, many gifts began showing up in my life now that I was wholeheartedly ready to receive them. I wasn’t done with breakthroughs.. they just became more literal. January of 2012, I suffered from a Subdural hematoma (with multiple broken bones) via head injury from a bicycle accident. This ‘near death’ experience shook me to the core and I came out of it feeling incredibly sensitized. This would be something of a shamanic invitation and spiritual awakening for me. In retrospect, the part that still gives me the chills about this time is remembering my (at the time) 14yr old son fearing for my death. Fortunately, it was true in a symbolic way.

Moving into March 2013, about a year after meeting my twin flame, I was presented with yet another hard spiritual lesson. I had just received my first Reiki attunement and remember feeling cracked open again. With this initiation or re-connection, I felt the floodgates of energy open up and the fear, the feelings of abandonment and unworthiness came back to the surface again. I believe this “noise” was the distraction that led me to the next bike accident, requiring a tibial plateau repair involving a metal plate and ten rods. The year to follow would be intense, to say the least. I learned more about the power of my mind and its vital connection to my body and healing. I would find how the breath would become my most intimate friend through pain and defeat. I discovered the immense power and strength of the struggle.

Towards the end of 2013, I began regularly teaching yoga. The first class I taught would be for a women’s rehabilitation correctional facility. From there I would find myself teaching yoga in every kind of situation. Through the continued study of yoga, I was introduced to the art of Thai yoga bodywork. I absolutely fell in love with this system of healing and have been practicing and studying consistently since then. In a non-linear way, new perceptions of the world have been unlocking themselves to me. Through multiple styles of yoga, meditation, and intuitive/energy work I have authentically found a way toward peace and equanimity in all of what I had been through.

Now, I share some of the things that I so desperately needed at different points in my life. To aid in the healing of others and our world, even in subtle ways. Not to “yoga” people into a set of perfect shapes while following a perfect script, but to guide people to their own true potential and possibility by hopefully leaving that tiny imprint of light, like Sherry (and so many others) have done for me.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
I imagine you have already gathered from my story that it hasn’t been such a smooth road. Something I have acquired through each and every obstacle in my path is the ability to respond to life more calmly, instead of being so full of reactivity. Instead of asking the question, “Why is this happening to me?” I ask “Why is this happening, and how can I take action?” I have learned ways to perceive challenges not as stop sign, but as a platform to move on to the next level.

It is challenging for me to hear people speak about their difficulty carving out time for themselves or spending money on their health and well-being. As a mirror reflection of this, I find that I too have the tendency to struggle with the same thing. Self-care is sometimes seen as selfishness, but on the contrary, we offer the best of ourselves when we honor our own well-being.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
You can understand something intellectually by talking to all the experts, enrolling in the courses and reading all the books, but to really understand something on a spiritual level, you have to experience it. It is a labor of love for me to bring together both these aspects and to find ways I can share.

This is where My Yoga Tao came into being. In short, Tao is a Chinese word for the way. My Tao, or way, is an accumulation of all that I experience.

In My Yoga Tao, my main focus (or specialty) is Thai Yoga body-work sessions. This therapy is done fully clothed on a Thai mat (a special mattress filled with seed hulls from the kapok tree) on the floor. Thai Yoga is a gently fluid session of assisted yoga stretches, massage, and energy balance. For my clients who want to focus more on their energy, I offer Reiki energy work as a stand-alone session. I also teach yoga for both private and group sessions. I’m even ordained to officiate wedding ceremonies.

It makes me feel proud to do work that contains the seeds to grow a positive change, one person at a time. This is the most fulfilling part of what I do.

What were you like growing up?
I was born in and spent most of my childhood years in southern California. I was an incredibly curious and distracted kid who could spend large amounts of time happily wandering around parts of the city alone. Even then, I had a sense that the way that I processed information from the world was different from most. There was no doubt I felt a connection to something intangible and unexplainable. This left me feeling misunderstood (and in trouble) most of the time.

I would journey through daydreams with my invisible friends alongside my walking adventures. From exploring neighborhood backyards and basements (yes, I know you can’t do that now and I’m beyond lucky to be typing this) to picking different types of fruits (Oranges, lemon, grapefruit, and pomegranate) straight from the tree. When I was 10yrs old, I ran away from home and decided I’d start a new life living at the park. Through the interference of my mom, this only lasted a day.

I would dream of being a teacher or a singer and I feel that was symbolic of my need to connect universally to others the way a good song or a good teacher has something inspiring for everyone.

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