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Meet Rosemary Akaette of Living Encouraged in Garland

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rosemary Akaette.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Rosemary. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Experience, they say is the best teacher in life. I will say this is very true of my story. Truth is, we do not have control at what life dishes at us, but we have absolute control of how we receive it, how we allow it affect us and what we make out of it at the end. My life’s story molded me into what I am today.

Where do I start… As a young girl, growing up with a single mother, life was not easy but I had a dream of what life should be. Having met Christ as a teenager, I had one focus… Live a life that will please God and fulfill my destiny. One thing I believed early in life is that we were all created for a PURPOSE. That knowledge makes me never to give up in life. As a young Christian, filled with the fear of God inside of me and growing up with a typical African mother who will not spare her discipline ethics, I will say, that made me believed I had a life ahead of me without errors. Howbeit, life is never as planned in most cases…such was mine.

Fast forward, I grew up, got married and the marriage lasted only six years. The six years of that marriage hold memories of the most dreadful moments of my life. I was subjected to all kinds of abuse… rejection, defamation of character, mental torture, sexual deprivation, financial deprivation, verbal abuse, physical abuse, etc. What made issues worse was that I had lost my mum shortly before my wedding. There was no one to talk to or rather no one believed me because my ex-husband was a Pastor. The church leaders who knew about my sufferings did nothing but quote scriptures of no divorce ethics while I was dying. His family whom I called to cry to, did not help me. My life was threatened more times than I can recall but God delivered me each time. The Police Officer who knew about my case advised me to run, else, I was going to die someday. So, one day, I ran. I ran so fast for my life without looking back. I ran to save my life and that of my children.

At this time of my life, I had lost every sense of being, I had lost sense of confidence and self-worth. Before my eyes, I was only existing and not living. The verbal abuse I had been subjected to kept echoing in my head that I was nothing and worthless in life. This made me shrink before my eyes. I felt worthless to me and to believed everyone around me. The only thing that kept me going was my faith in God and my children. I knew I had a purpose to live for. I was determined to live for my children and my purpose.

My recovery from that experience was a long one, but each day I counted the lessons learnt and made them my strength. My faith in God was my anchor, my children, my reason to live and my purpose my hope for living. Nothing in life happens by chance. Everything we go through in life is tied to our purpose.

As part of my recovery, I started what I called ‘Exhaling”. This was a set out time where I come together with different women to share our story and encourage one another. From those moments, we found strength and healing because we always leave every meeting feeling encouraged to LIVE. I found out a lot of women started coming to me for counseling and help. Due to my experience, I could speak with them and help them find themselves again. I began networking with organizations that fight against abuse just to help people living under abuse. I became a vocal channel for those who cannot speak up or defend themselves. I joined organizations that had same vision. My drive was simple… What happened to me should never happen to another person out there…be it a man or woman.

My recovery built in me compassion for the abused especially women and children affected by this crime against humanity. I realized with time that I have a purpose intertwined in what I had gone through…rather than break me, it has built-in me a tenacity that propels me to encourage people to live above abuse. One deadly effect of abuse is that it makes you feel worthless. This is why I started LIVING ENCOURAGED. To give people renewed hope, encourage them to see their worth above the abuse and make them understand that they can fulfill their purpose in life if only they can pick up the pieces and be determined to make a feast out of the mess.

Living Encouraged (LE) impact lives through various platforms…

1. Living Encouraged #Facebooklive series every by-weekly. This is a visual platform Through this platform, we share topical issues that relate to life and purpose. Some of these series can be found on my YouTube page.

2. LE Women and Children – This is the platform through which we reach out to Abused and displaced women and children.

3. Encouraging Music – I have also found great pleasure in expressing hope and encouragement through music. I am building a brand of music called ENCOURAGING MUSIC. As a worship leader, music gives my heart succor. Music has a way of comforting me. Thus, every song I write, every word of my song is deliberate, to encourage someone out there. I don’t sing because I want to sing, I sing to encourage hearts and souls.

Life can be beautiful again no matter how bleak the past may have been. The key is to LIVE ENCOURAGED each day and every moment.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?

Smooth roads in life are Utopian.

People factor
Society factor
Finance to carry out projects.

Please tell us about Living Encouraged.
We are LIVING ENCOURAGED Ministries…

Our Vision – to Encourage, Motivate and Empower people through the word of God, to live life to the fullest and fulfill their purpose irrespective of their past.

Our Mission – to exhale realities through the lens of God’s word to encourage one person at a time who in turn will encourage another person… #Beencouraged2encourage.

We encourage people to live life to their utmost, help people identify their purpose and fulfill their purpose. We are all created for a purpose.

We stand against all forms of abuse.

We speak encouragement and hope through the lens of God’s word.

Any shout outs? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?

No man is an Island. I have had great people mentor me and through my Exhaling platform, I met great women whose story inspired me to become who I am today.

My #1 mentor is my Pastor, Mark Osereme. He has been there for me through the thick and thin. His counsels have given me directions many times.

Anna Formuso (Coachkay) – During my time of depression, I gained so much weight and came down with many ailments. At that period of my life, I joined a Facebook group run by this great woman. Her impact in my life helped me to come out of my weight problems and also gave me positive vibes to life. This organization also stand Against abuse. Today, I am the Executive Director, USA/Europe of Mashfire Nation. This organization is impacting lives all over the world today.

Pastors I have served under through my journey of Ministry Service.

My children, friends, siblings and team members also play a great role in molding me into my purpose.

For LE Music… My sincere credit goes to my boss… DERIN WHYTA who inspires me to be the best as an Artist.

Various People who have trusted me with their stories and whom I have been privileged to counsel and mentor.


  • Living Encouraged Live Series… Free speaking services.
  • Encouraging Music is a branch of LE that needs support. I offer this free…

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