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Thought-Provokers: Fort Worth

Dallas has always had an artistic soul. The culture and heritage of our city, like most great cities, owes a tremendous debt to the arts community. Supporting local art is something we care deeply about and we’d like to do everything we can to help the local arts community thrive. Unfortunately, too often media attention is monopolized by corporate interests and tabloid gossip – but culture doesn’t come from a focus on celebrity breakups it comes from a focus on the arts.

Below, you’ll find some incredible artists from in and around Fort Worth that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Kelsea Vaughan

I believe in helping the girl next door. That girl that wants a beautiful wedding, but doesn’t want to empty hers (or her parents’ pocketbooks). These girls are always so joyful and appreciative. They are so much fun to work with. A few years ago, we started with just a few brides per year. Read more>>

Aaron Hutts

I started making art in middle school, around the same time, my fibromyalgia really started to take effect. Over the last 6 or so years, my main outlet for everything was art of any form. I got even more serious about it in high school. All day, every day, I was sketching and painting, filling up sketchbook after sketchbook. Read more>>

Wendy Rager

My love for art has always been fueled by the strange and unusual. It definitely started with Jim Henson’s “The Labyrinth.” I remember after watching it as a little girl, I got a journal and started drawing little goblins in it. I would even bet that that was the first time that I ever created any kind of art intentionally. Read more>>

Katie Luna

I began decorating cakes in 2003 and had a home based business for about eight years. I ended up getting burnt out, throwing up my hands, and saying, “I will never decorate another cake in my life!” After that, I went to nursing school and worked as a nurse for five years- and did not decorate any cakes, except one! Read more>>

J.D. Christopher

I got my love for music at an early age. From my dad and his friends playing old country and classic rock songs on the porch to later in my teenage years with my step dad playing bass in a Houston punk band called The Living Dolls. Read more>>

Angelic Empyress

I’ve always loved the spotlight. The feeling of being able to express myself in front of people and take them on a journey with me is invigorating! In school, I would bypass a lot of research papers because I would volunteer to present the topics to the class. Read more>>

Charlie Lambert

I’m a storyteller. As an artist, there is no right or wrong way to do it. It’s however you translate it. How you interpret it. When you see my photography, I want you to be captivated by the rawness and realness by the connection of people in my photos. That is how I want my work to be known for and be recognized for. Read more>>

Sarah Blaido

After graduating in May of 2018, I decided to jump back into the creative life with a set of small commissions. I really began to enjoy my craft again, and with the help and confidence, my girlfriend gave me, started attending small arts and crafts shows. I work at a pathology lab in Irving for my day job and continue to create art in my free time, so it’s been an interesting journey as I figure out time management. Read more>>

Brittni Williamson

It was an instant love affair that’s only intensified as the years have passed. Before starting college, I knew I wanted to own a shop of my own, so I chose to study business and continued working as a floral designer outside of school and afterwards in Oklahoma and Texas. Fast forward to the fall of 2017, when I was finally able to realize my dream and open B. Marie’s Flowers. Read more>>

Chinedu Akpom

I love people. Weddings and portraits are my primary focus in photography. I aim to create photographs that will live on as timeless memories for my clients to enjoy. Being the goofy soul, it allows me to cause candid emotions on the faces of those I photograph. These photos allow them to relive the moments they had by seeing the photos. Read more>>

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