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Thought-Provokers: Irving

Below, you’ll find some incredible artists from in and around Irving that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Jessica Marchetti

My artwork and this website are a labor of love and a true passion for bringing joy to others through my work. I feel truly fulfilled when someone falls in love with an image and customizes it for their home. With each sale and happy customer I am overcome with joy. Read more>>

isabel rojas

I started blogging with no intention of being an “influencer” or “Fashion Guru” I really started it because cheesy enough I genuinely love putting different pieces together and finding great deals! Read more>>

Chloe Beaugard

I am passionate about serving and volunteering in my community. That passion has turned into a strong desire to go on a mission trip called The World Race. The World Race is an 11 month trip into 11 countries. Read more>>

Kerry D

What I remember is that my story started at the age of 4. I was in church Concord Baptist Church, the one in Fort Worth. My Grandmother, whom I’d been living with since my parents separated and my dad decided he could no longer take care of me on his own. Read more>>

Ivan Flores

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I still vividly remember visiting the elementary school library as a child and discovering the wonders of Ed Emberley drawing books. Read more>>

Vanessa Espinal

Photography has always been a love of mine. Growing up, my family always teased me about being their personal “unpaid” photographer. Read more>>

Obidigbo Nzeribe

Photography was the only means of self expression that stuck with me, I tired writing and drawing but it never felt original to who I was, but picking up a camera changed my life in some ways. Read more>>

Ambreen Butt

Mass Art’s nurturing environment helped me in utilizing my training as a classical miniaturist and a western contemporary artist into developing an aesthetic that was complex and unique. Read more>>

Jamie Stylz

I can with comfort direct my clients in body placement to create that unique piece of art. From family portraits, to art pieces I bring my “A Game” & allow my alter ego The Creative Leona to take over so that each of my customers has a unique piece of art to last a lifetime. Read more>>

Aryn Michelle

Since childhood, singer/songwriter Aryn Michelle believed she had to record Christian music for two reasons: she had an unmistakable, powerful voice and she believed in Jesus. Isn’t that what a gifted Christian artist is supposed to do? Read more>>

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