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Thought-Provokers: Irving

Below, you’ll find some incredible artists from in and around Irving that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Richa Yadav

I am in Dallas from last four years. I am a teacher by profession. I love to be with kids. I have my personal Instagram account richadeswal. I also started stand_and_start Instagram fashion blog where we put all new fashion trends. I believe in a healthy lifestyle, I work out daily in Gym and love going running. I just want to live each moment of my life to its fullest. Read more>>

Jammie Holmes

Originally from a small town named Thibodaux La located 45 minutes from new Orleans la. Started painting in 2016 but sketched from the moment I was able to pick up a color, marker, pen or pencil. Read more>>

La Bell

I didn’t know HOW to play the guitar. I just knew that I wanted to. Me being who I am, when I want to do something – either get on the bus or get out of the way! Now, I perform throughout the metroplex, living the life I was given and using the gift I was gifted. Read more>>

Simi Kapoor

I am a science major and had a love for computer programming. I was happy working as a programmer and as a recruiter when one day my husband asked me to join his natural stone business. I had no clue about natural stone but it sounded very exciting and it would give me the flexibility I needed in raising our kids. I decided to join the company taking care of sales and marketing. I educated myself on the job learning about all different types of natural stone and tiles. Read more>>

Alli Johnson, Jaycie Skidmore, Dave Ervin, Linda Mudd, Martin McCall and Joel Black

We met in 2013 – coming from a variety of musical backgrounds. But as soon as we started playing together, we knew this was something special. In some ways, this just seemed meant to be. We all shared a passion for Celtic music with American threads woven through it. Read more>>

Rob Domenech

As far back as I can remember, art has always been an integral part of my life. Whether it is drawing, creative consulting for international performers or photography, art has always found its place with me. More recently, though, I have focused my creative energies towards photography. Read more>>

Pierre Andrews

I am a mixing engineer, producer, and musician with over 17 years of experience. Some of the artists I’ve worked with include Akon, Slim Thug, Talib Kweli, and Grammy-winning producers Play N Skillz. I’ve also produced, mixed, and engineered for local Dallas artists including Jay Fresh. Read more>>

Marquette Vega

I’m living my dream! After 17 years of photographing babies, families and corporate events I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and rebrand in ladies only intimate photography. Kiss Me Photography IS that dream! Read more>>

Theodore Tutor

Developing my own style and flavor was going to be difficult, especially being a lefty, in a right handed world. Back then, they tried to force us to use our right hand, for some reason, and this caused me extreme difficulty doing anything. Read more>>

Rebecca Prince

My job allows me to use my creativity and design skills and engage with art and artists. It keeps me learning and inspires me to work on my own art. As an introvert, meeting so many artists, talking with them about their work and going to numerous exhibitions. Read more>>


Started playing with music around 2002 in middle school. Finally started taking it more serious around 2011 after dropping out of college and bouncing around living situations. Music has been my biggest and best motivation to be better and strive for more out of life than accepting mediocracy. Read more>>

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