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Trailblazers: South Dallas

The editorial team has a special attachment to our new series, The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative, because so many of us feel that media portrayals of women have been too one dimensional. Today, women are doing incredible things in all fields – from science and technology to finance, law, business, athletics and more.  With the Trailblazers series, we hope to highlight and celebrate female role models, encourage more equal and just representation in the media, and help foster a more tight-knit community locally helping women find mentors, business partners, friends and more.

Below, you’ll find some incredible trailblazers from in and around South Dallas that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Darsha Carter

I lived humbly with my grandmother who always desired for me to have the best scholastic experience and made sure of that. Besides a few years in elementary I took a bus to attend schools in what would be some of the better selections of Dallas ISD. Read more>>

Gracie Garza

I am the Owner and Director of MPI. We first opened our doors in 2015. I use to sit at my previous job and dream of opening my own school. I wanted to help people. In 2017, we opened our second location. We are a healthcare school that offers Medical Assistant. Read more>>

Helena Martin

I actually have a bachelor and masters in science in Biology and Medical Illustration respectively. As a child, I dreamed of becoming an artist for a living. However, as I grew older, I became afraid of not being able to make good money as an adult. Read more>>

Judy Blundell

I arrived here by following my curiosity. My parents died when I was very young, so I was entirely under supervised as a teenager and naive enough to believe that I would achieve what ever I set out to do. Read more>>


Ever since I was a little girl, I enjoyed taking pictures. I remember winning a digital camera at an end of the year award ceremony in 4th grade and that’s where my obsession started. Fast forward to today, this is what I do for a living. I capture the purest moments in life. Read more>>

Lisa Hansen

While I did not take the most direct route to achieve this goal, it has been a wonderful, twisty adventure! My mother says I baked my way through high school graduating only because instead of turning in my homework I delivered homemade muffins and cookies to my teachers. Read more>>

Bria Rogers

I’ve always loved sunglasses and unique frames. It’s like owning a piece of art. I was notorious as a young child for taking my mother’s sunglasses off of her face and wearing them around. The same (now vintage) sunglasses she eventually passed down to me. My great uncle Eugen (who worked for an optometrist) would gift my mother a pair of sunglasses every time she went back home to Germany. Read more>>

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