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Portraits of Fort Worth

Fort Worth is home to museums, institutions of art and a wealth of creatives.

VoyageDallas is all about supporting creatives and risk takers – from makeup artists, fashion designers and music producers to chefs, entrepreneurs and more.  In our Portraits series we try to celebrate their work by sharing some of our favorite shots we’ve come across.  We’ve share shots from in and around Fort Worth below.

Youtuber Ashley Devonna

Writer Jennifer Gafford

GRIT B&W Photography

Photographer Heather Scott

Photographer Joel Nichols

Pt 2/4

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Craftwork Coffee Co

Photographer Larry Bramblett

Photographer Kevin Fides


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Savor Pâtisserie Bakery

Bethany Vera Photography

Photographer Alexander Beaverhausen

Songwriter Vanessa Darien

Massage Therapist Roslynn Williams

Blogger Rebeca Garcia

Builders & Brokers Brett & Kara Phillips

Photographer Samantha Irene Balderas

We need a disco ball emoji 🙃

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Fashion Influencer Shaiza Saqib

Let’s talk-your mind: It’s scary not knowing the worth of something. Not knowing the worth of family, a friend, or maybe even a stranger when you first meet. It’s scary not knowing what will happen and what will be. Our minds consume our thoughts…our actions. And at some point, they mend our personalities. – – I’ve always struggled with overthinking, overanalyzing, and having a black and white mind. But life shakes you one day and then you realize-it’s me. I’m in control of how I handle my thoughts and mood. And sometimes you have those close to you to remind you-you’re your worst enemy at times (Thank you @lola.claudia 🧡) Saying that-I’m working to train my mind to be more positive and only say good things. Because I want to be able to do that for my patients, my family, and my friends. So in a way-yeah I’m working on myself, but I’m also working on being capable to take care of those I care about around me. And so…we speak of the importance of self care, but isn’t our mind a part of that? Isn’t your mind a part of you? • This is not sponsored, but I just wanted to point out one company that I’ve been seeing do great things! @ntsbracelets is a company with a purpose and a message all while displaying it in a fashionable way! Check them out!

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Infallible Proofs Photography

Blogger Angela | Thrifty Pineapple

Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer Stacey G. Connor

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