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Meet Georgia Green of BE-U Revolution in The Colony

Today we’d like to introduce you to Georgia Green.

Georgia, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
You can tell a person’s tragedies by looking at their passions. My passion for helping others live on purpose – with passion – came from a defining moment in my life that shook me awake. There’s so much more to this story, and I only share as much of it as will lift others; the details won’t serve you. But the short of it is this: when I was 17, my dad was violently killed while protecting his children. After a period of deep darkness and self-destruction, I had the realization that my dad had given me life twice. Once when I was born, and once when he died. He saved my life. So, why was I destroying it? My anger and bitterness, my lack of forgiveness, was holding me hostage. Had I allowed myself to live in that darkness, the man who killed him would have taken two lives. So, I decided to live. Truly live.

And this is my why. Because if I can serve even one person, if I can touch one life and they become alive again, if they live a fully thriving, purpose-filled, passionate life, then mine will have mattered. And my dad’s death will have mattered too. That is his legacy. In all the people I touch, and they touch, and on and on.

I can never repay his sacrifice. But I can honor it with a life well lived.

From then on, I devoted my life to serving others in various capacities. Through those, I kept hearing a common theme – people either didn’t know what their purpose in life was or if they did, they didn’t know how to live it. Fear, I found, was the greatest contributor to not living life well. So, I set out to study it. Following a quest to find the formula for overcoming fear and helping others live a limitless, thriving, engaged life, I took on my own fears – and every fear I had ever heard – and solo-hiked from Mexico to Canada. Walking over 2,000 miles, living in the wilderness for over five months, I wrote the curriculum I used to found BE-U, my passion project, the vision to inspire, empower and ignite others into their best life.

We live our legacy every day just by being who we are. One interaction will impact you, and you’ll then impact someone else, and on and on. If we can use tools to chip away at all that buries us, live a thriving life, and then harness this influence factor, we can truly change the world. Happy, engaged, thriving people are good for our families, communities, workplaces, and society.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Bringing a radically different business model to market with unique tools that have never been seen before is a challenge itself, but on top of that, I recently moved to Texas and started the concept here from the ground up. BE-U was originally founded in Minnesota, but I knew I had to bring the concept to headquarters in Texas with a national vision. So, before my brain could talk me out of it, I sold everything and moved with only what fit in an SUV to a new state where I didn’t know a single person, had no job, and no place to live. But I had a belief in the mission, so I went on faith. Being in a new state and launching a new company without a network has been a challenge. The BE-U Model incorporates community into the transformation process, so building one quickly was important. In just over a year, we’ve already impacted thousands of lives with the BE-U Model due to the power of community. We have had raving fans alongside us in this revolutionary mission and are so grateful for the support.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about BE-U Revolution – what should we know?
Do you wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed. get up, go to work… rinse repeat, five out of seven days of your life, only living for two, which is filled with chores and catching up? Does this year look the same as it did last year? Do you feel punished for taking a vacation and can’t really unplug? Do you feel tired all the time – not just needing a nap tired, but tired in your bones tired? Do you feel like an ant whose ant hill just got stepped on – running, running, running, fast but not in any direction? Do you work with a bunch of people in the same boat and now it looks like the zombie apocalypse – everyone checked out and going through the motions?

BE-U fixes that. We help people come alive with purpose and passion. To live a truly thriving, engaged life. This leads to vibrant cultures and innovation in the workplace, and thriving lives for families, communities, and society.

We work with both corporations and individuals.
On our corporate side, we offer a unique assessment called MotivIQ which does a deep dive into what drives people to perform. Out of this, we offer various tools, workshops, and coaching to create transformation. We have seen sales teams increase revenues by 30%, decreased unplanned turnover to nearly 0, and increased engagement scores by 86%, to name a few of the ways transformed lives in the workplace have helped businesses. With the BE-U Model, we don’t just give you the information, we see it through to desired outcomes.

On the individual side, we have awesome events, workshops, mastermind groups, and group coaching designed to build community and connectedness and help you live on purpose with passion. We use the 7 Elements of Wellness (emotional, financial, social, spiritual, physical, intellectual, and environmental) as a framework for this and a powerful transformational tool called the LifeMap to help people discover their purpose and take intentional steps toward it. Due to high demand, limited spots in our other programs, and a desire for global connectedness, we created an online coaching tool which will be launching in the fall for access to live coaching, curriculum, and community. So, stay tuned for that!

What sets us apart is our BE-U Model which puts intentionality behind our programs. Our tagline is Inspire. Empower. Ignite. We inspire you with belief and energy, empower you with tools and knowledge, and support you as you ignite into your best life.

I’m most proud of creating powerful methods and formulas for realizing true transformation. For example, I created MotivIQ, the world’s first Motivational Intelligence platform, back in 2010. It went through testing, development with organizational psychologists, and finally to market two years ago with overwhelming results. It’s now being made into a SaaS program launching in August. It’s really unique – you’ve heard of personality assessments or typical surveys. These are designed to tell you HOW you interact with the world, but not WHY. MotivIQ is designed to help people (and their employers) understand what makes them motivated at work and in life which leads to higher engagement, productivity, retention, and thriving people who are alive again at work. It’s helping people to reorient the way they see work – not as something that needs to be balanced against life, but as a part of life and a way to fulfill their purpose. It comes with coaching to change habits and ensure transformation, as well as dashboards and metrics to help track change over time.

When I take the assessment myself, my motivational driver is an impact, so my proudest moments come from the stories of the lives transformed because of the tools created under BE-U’s Model. Watching people live on purpose, with passion, is the most rewarding experience and I’m proud to have created a company that truly transforms the lives of our people, our clients, and our supporters.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
The quality that I feel is most important to our success is putting people first. Our allies (this is what we call our employees) and those we serve. We lead every meeting with “it’s not about me” and a reminder to “lead and serve in love” – these are the ways in which we are able to transform lives. The word ‘love’ is not used in business often, but it’s the key to building relationships with one another, and that sense of connectedness and community is what creates a true sense of team and a foundation for living a thriving life.

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