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Inspiring Stories from Far North

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Far North below.

Mike Christian

At the risk of going too far back in time, my motivation for being where I am today started where I was raised on a dairy farm in Oklahoma. When not working, I was very bored, so I taught myself how to program computers. I was motivated to create video games and was very interested in artificial intelligence. Eventually, I worked my way through several companies and landed a job at Paradigm Entertainment in Dallas, where I was a tech lead and AI expert on several large console games. At different times the studio was owned by Atari and THQ. In 2008 I formed From the Future with three other people that I had worked with – Stephen Hess, Joey Bryant, and Kyle Rives. All were video game experts in art and programming. Read more>>

Dr. Brad Bellard

Several years as a high-achieving sports medicine physician and home-based business owner, I found myself successful in my professional life but secretly stuck and unfulfilled in my personal life. I was dumbfounded how I’d successfully achieved certain goals as a doctor and entrepreneur but was more unfulfilled than I’d ever anticipated. My success had come at the cost of my faith, family life, and physical health. I was far from the husband, father, business owner, Christian, and man I wanted to be. Thankfully, I connected with some great men… men who knew the keys to performing at a high level in both work AND life. I’ve learned these invaluable keys and applied them to my life and as a result have been able to become a best-selling author, launch ELITE PerforMENce speaking and coaching company, and continue my sports medicine practice, all while having a thriving faith, marriage, and family life. Read more>>

Charles Read

I grew up in a family business, so the idea of owning a business was ingrained in me from an early age. My parents worked together in the business, so the idea of working with your wife was not foreign to me either. After High School, I joined the Marine Corps for four years. I was trained as a programmer and systems engineer and served as a combat infantryman in Vietnam. While in service, I met and married my wife. After the service, I worked and then went to college for my BBA and MBA from North Texas State University, now UNT. While in college, I sat for and passed the CPA exam on my first sitting. After graduation, I went to work for Texas Instruments. Over the next few years, I worked for several large and small companies and did a stint of doing turnarounds. Read more>>

Cherie Reed

This idea of opening a Vegan something started more than ten years ago. So many thoughts, conversations, and handwritten notes on ideas created with my daughters over the years. About five years ago, I settled on the concept of a central location for vegan provisions, more talk, more notes. more ideas. No action. I had a well-paying technology job with great benefits that I honestly loved. However, in the last few years, I found my passion and drive in tech had slowed (maybe me, maybe the companies I chose to work with, most likely a combination). So I chose to leave my most recent job in January of this year. Read more>>

Donnie Tipton and Kodi Statum

Kodi: Donnie and I are god-brothers. We have been moving family from the ages of 9 and 10 years old. If an aunt, sister, or girl cousin needed to move, we were always on call. We have always been a moving team. Donnie: One day Jackie Tipton, my wife, was getting her hair done by my Aunt Mich. My aunt didn’t know it then but she was speaking something big into existence. She said to my wife, “Donnie and Kodi should start a moving company and they should name it Uncle Brother’s Moving Company.” Thank God for people who see things in you that you oftentimes don’t see in yourself. My aunt recognized the gifts and talents that Kodi and I have. Jackie told us what Aunt Mich said and asked us our thoughts. Kodi and I discussed the idea often. Read more>>

Emily Morehead

When I started in graduate school to obtain a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy my program required that each student attended therapy if we wanted to become a therapist. That was the day my life changed. When I presented to the therapist office, I felt I had nothing to process and felt that I had a pretty lucky life. Fifteen minutes into our therapy session I was bawling my eyes out. So much release. So many feelings. Things I had successfully stuffed away softly rumbled out through my stubborn tears I had swallowed back for so many years. I left that therapy session feeling stronger than I ever had. Read more>>

Kathleen House

Born in 1950. I grew up loving art. The first memory regarding art was drawing an Indian headdress with crayons on my Grandmother’s front porch in Ponca City, OK. She was a loving and positive woman. After age five, my life changed. Moved to Anthony, KS. I never had art classes in school. I only had music, which I loved and was inspired by. However, when I entered College at Kansas State University in 1968, I thought to myself, “I want to major in Art!” I did and also received my Masters in Art Ed in 1991 from Texas Women’s University. So many years later, I have been an art teacher, art education business owner and visual artist. And still am! What a great life I have. Read more>>

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