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Inspiring Stories from Far North

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Far North below.

Stephanie Monzon

Makeup became a real hobby towards the end of my High School years, always something I enjoyed and felt I was good at. It wasn’t until maybe two years ago that I found a passion for doing other peoples makeup. It took a lot of self motivation and encouragement from loved ones to really decide to start the steps of becoming a “MUA”. I wanted to really learn and feel comfortable doing all types of skin types, colors and styles so I decided to apply at M.A.C. after a few failed attempts and, surprisingly after a huge help from my boyfriend, I landed the job that would build my confidence as a freelance artist. Read more>>

Nicole Elizabeth

Just like you see in movies, I first became interested in wedding planning and floral design because my best friend got married! It was 2007 and as her Maid of Honor I had absolutely no clue what to do… so I went online and found lots of information on how to serve and support my bestie through her engagement. After months of helping with her wedding colors, timeline, and vendor contracts, she mentioned to me that her planner was stressing her out. Read more>>

Calandra Williams

My story has been an amazing journey of watching God cultivate my gifts to catapult me to the next level of success as a kingdom entrepreneur. I started out as a blogger. Then that turned into me discovering that I was an author and writing was one of my gifts. As time as progressed, I started to discover other hidden talents along the way. Honestly, I just love helping people birth there ideas and dreams. My life is a fast track course, the things that have taken others years to acquire. Read more>>

David Weaver

We began in Austin in 2015 and in the spring of 2017 began producing in Denton for the DFW area. The company is a family business run by brothers Benjamin (Austin) and David (Denton/DFW) Weaver. Farmers Markets have been a launching pad for the business as we currently offer 17 flavors that we rotate seasonally as certain fruits and produce become available. SoCo has built a following at the Markets based on its bottle refill model where customers can refill their SoCo growler for a discount at the Markets. Read more>>

Jacob Ostermann

I started taking pictures in high school because I liked to document things I did with my friends. At the beginning, I wasn’t in a photography class or anything. I was just reading stuff, looking at pictures, and finding new photographers that I liked. And after seeing more and more work, I began to find photographers that really stood out to me. Photographers like Martin Parr, Daniel Arnold, and Joel Meyerowitz, for example. Looking at the work of these people really attracted me to street and documentary photography. They were able to see everyday life as something much more than “everyday”. They captured moments that others might skip over, giving insight to life from their perspective. Read more>>

Trey Suire, Andy Cunningham

Our passion for high quality coffee, food and community put us on the path to open Golden Boy Coffee Co. After many years of working in the coffee/restaurant industry we both got to a point that we knew it was time to start our own company. You get to the point in the coffee world where you have reached the top of the ladder and there is no just where else to go. We felt with both of our backgrounds combined the best course of action was to venture out on our own and open a barista owned coffee shop. Read more>>

Julie Fennell

I got into dog rescue kind of by accident in 2015. I saw a dog on the Shelter Animals of Irving Facebook page and his eyes kind of haunted me. I thought I couldn’t have another dog because one of my dachshunds was dog aggressive at the time, so I went to the shelter to visit him and see if he was friendly and planned to adopt him and find him a new home as soon as I could. I visited him on a Wednesday and was told he wasn’t up for euthanasia until Saturday at close of business. I told the shelter staff I would come back for him on Saturday in hopes that he’d get adopted before then, but that I’d be there as his safety net if he wasn’t. Read more>>

Cynthia Rainbow

Growing up in New Orleans, I was always surrounded by family who loved to cook and entertain. As a child, my grandmother and mother inspired me to cook. I do not remember a time that a family gathering was catered. It was a given that my grandmother, mother, aunts, and uncles would do the cooking. This was just the beginning of my career in the kitchen. Then, after moving to Sherman, my confidence to bake was inspired by my pastor. Read more>>

Marjorie Aragon

I’ve always been a writer and an avid reader. I’ve always wanted to create & share. And fashion & beauty have been a constant passion of mine. All of these things kind of manifested themselves for such a long time. Read more>>

Patsy Gallian

At that moment I knew that I wanted to help others in my father’s position and to help relieve some of the stress from families who have been impacted by cancer. This realization eventually blossomed into a successful career in the medical reimbursement industry, specifically in the sub-field of Oncology. Read more>>

Reagan Baird

It all started when I was twelve years old. That is when I made a choice to pursue ministry to young women. Read more>>

LaDarius Patterson

My first real encounter with using a professional camera to take photos came about my senior year in high school. Where I enrolled into yearbook/journalism, and at that particular time I was not as serious about photography as much as I am now. Read more>>

Emily Herbold

Fast forward a few years and I found myself graduating with a Marketing degree from Baylor University and starting a career in big box retail. Little did I know that this winding road of experiences would lead me to owning my own little shop in the heart of Frisco. Read more>>

Abbie Rich

I have been a dancer since the age of five. I knew it would always be part of my life. After I received my BFA in Dance from UNLV in Las Vegas, I moved to Los Angeles and danced professionally for several years. I knew Hollywood was not where I wanted to stay. Read more>>

Jason Kramer

I’ve always enjoyed homemade goods and browsing around farmers markets and I somehow always get drawn to the pickling booth. Read more>>

Larce Blake

As I grew older, I was forced into piano lessons. Once I realized what I could do with the skill, I started recreating popular songs melodies and chords on my dingy casio keyboard and eventually came across the music production software FL Studio in 2008. Read more>>

Vivian Morgan

He is by far the most creative person I had ever met and I knew that he should be doing catering full time, so we finally decided to take the leap of faith and open a full-time business. Read more>>

Jamie St.Clair

Empty Bowls McKinney is modeled on the grassroots Empty Bowls effort that was created in 1990 to make a difference in ending hunger in local communities. Each Empty Bowls event is unique to the town or city it serves and reflects the commitment of artists and others to feed the hungry in their area. Read more>>

Polished By Nwa

My love for aesthetics started early in my childhood; ultimately aesthetics is embedded in me eternally. Growing up I was the go-to girl for nails, makeup, fashion etcetera. .straight out of high school I enrolled into a cosmetology program due to the aesthetics program being full at that time, I went on to become a licensed cosmetologist. Read more>>

Kelli Wassom

Despite my love for art, I was planning on pursuing a science degree when I attended college. During my senior year of high school, I discovered that I wouldn’t be happy unless I went to college for Fine Arts. I attended Louisiana State University and received a Bachelors in Fine Art and a minor in Art History. It was during college that I discovered a piece of my artistic style. Read more>>

Joy Kirven

I’ve always been a curious, imaginative, and energetic individual who doesn’t fear doing things differently. I believe that’s why others have placed me in leadership roles throughout the years. Read more>>

Marcie Henehan, founder and owner, Traci Miller, style assistant

We were asked to do the Warrenton Show (Texas) back before Marburger opened. From there we went to Zapp Hall and then started our own “Possibilities” show, which was an intense styling experience. Read more>>

Francis Garner, Melvin Fudge

We have made it this far by taking chances, working hard, and most importantly, working together. Read more>>

Ellen Davis Real Estate Group

I graduated from college in 2001 and jumped right into a career in accounting but I had actually taken all the classes to be a realtor just before I graduated from college because that was actually my dream. Read more>>

Matt Young

I’m really grateful to have been born into a musical family. My mom’s an awesome pianist and vocalist who instilled in my two sisters and me a love for the arts and a passion to create things. After some distracted piano lessons as a young one, I was pulled magnetically to the drums and percussion. My family has lived all around the country, moving a lot for my dad’s work. Since I was born, we’ve done stints in Dallas, the Bay Area, Chicago, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale / Miami, Atlanta. Read more>>

Shelbi Stofer

I started with the Addison Special Events Department in January 2013 as an intern. The department needed an extra set of hands to manage the grunt work – stuffing envelopes, mailing out various documents, helping with projects, etc. During my time there, the special events director noticed that I was committed to the job, learned very quickly and was willing to take on additional roles and responsibilities above my employment level. Read more>>

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