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Inspiring Stories from Far North

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Far North below.

Tanner and Erika Mitchell

Tanner grew up in Pilot Rock, Oregon, always surrounded by beautiful greenery and the mountains. He loved it there, but as the saying goes, he got to Texas as fast as he could! He liked Texas because of the people and the culture. It’s where his daughter was born and where he met me, but he always felt like that connection to nature was missing. But he found the solution. Tanner started bringing plants into our home and pretty quickly became a collector of sorts. As he started to delve into the world of plant care, he found that there was so much conflicting and downright bad information out there. Determined to change that fact, he started sharing his plant collecting hobby on social media, along with some plant care that he had learned along the way. He was just happy to pass along the plant knowledge! As he was already a business owner, going into any kind of plant business was never on Tanner’s radar. Read more>>

Kari Meyercord-Westerman

I moved to Denton in 2014 from Portland, OR to go to graduate school at UNT to study audiology. After one semester, I knew that I was not meant to be an audiologist, so I dropped out of grad school and started meeting many of the different creative community leaders in Denton. Eventually, those connections led me to take a position as director of a nonprofit creative reuse center in Denton called SCRAP. The job was the perfect blend of the things that I love most; environmental sustainability, creativity, and community building. Like most, I fear the effects of climate change and see a link between consumerism and increased pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. I grew up poor, so I understand the value of creative accessibility through affordable materials, but I also understand that climate change will affect the poorest among us the hardest. A creative reuse center not only fills the gap for people with limited resources because it supplies affordable materials. Read more>>

Lacey Anderson

I started my fitness business after my 2nd miscarriage and the start of the pandemic. My husband and I were trying for our third baby and it was just not working out the way we had hoped. When I miscarried the second time, it was devastating. I felt like my dreams were dashed and felt really lost. At the time, I was working part-time with another local fitness company in the area, but deep down felt like I wanted something more. More of a challenge, more of something. With my current fertility issues, I had the need to grow and create something of my own. Becoming an entrepreneur gave me a creative outlet for myself outside the house as a stay-at-home mom. It also gave me to the opportunity to give back to my community in a positive way through physical fitness. This is where SHINE ON FIT was born. Read more>>

Reggie and Nicole Gonzalez

We’re Reggie and Nicole, a husband and wife photography team. We’ve been married for six years and started Enchanted Photography in 2019. Reggie had been taking pictures of our children for a while when Nicole pushed us into taking photos for others. She saw something in the photos we were taking that she thought we could share with others. Capturing memories for others has been special. We’ve enjoyed meeting our clients and getting to know them, not only as clients but on a personal level. At the beginning, we thought taking photos would be point, shoot, and move on to the next pose. It turns out that we are very interested in getting to know the person(s) we are shooting. It all just came out organically. It’s just who we are. We are interested in people and their stories. There are some clients who we’ve sat for 10-20 and sometimes 30 minutes after the shoot talking about their kids, jobs, vacations, etc. It’s one of our favorite parts of being photographers. Nicole had a creative side hustle along with working full-time as a nanny before Enchanted Photography. Read more>>

Melanie Jones

Like many of us, I spent most of my life struggling with a lack of self-confidence and limited by my own fears and negative patterns. I tried so many things to get myself “unstuck.” Whether it was reading self-help books or pinning thousands of motivational quotes on Pinterest or following inspirational social media pages – nothing ever clicked for me long term. I was always briefly motivated to improve my situation, but it was never long before I’d end up settling back into the same place of self-doubt, mediocrity, and stagnation. There came a point where I was like, “okay, maybe I just need to accept that I have a boring life and just go through the motions. Maybe I’ll be happy in my next life.” It was really depressing. But that little voice inside me wouldn’t give up. On this deep level, I knew that I deserved a more fulfilling life. We all do. We wouldn’t have these ambitions in our hearts if we weren’t designed to be able to achieve them. So I got serious about changing my life and was determined to do whatever it took to find my purpose and passion and start living with more intention. Read more>>

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