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Inspiring Stories from Far North

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Far North below.

Arsalan Ali

Running a great restaurant is an art and is everyone’s dream. Starting a restaurant always comes with unanticipated issues and problems. Having a good plan to overcome such issues is my expertise. I, Arsalan Ali, 34 years old entrepreneur with business expertise in various business industries. I love being around people and enjoy chatting with people from all walks of life. I strongly believe that food brings friends and families together. Dallas is great city for foodies and always been my dream to serve the best food to meat lovers. I had a vision of bringing South Asian community something special and unique taste that Dallas was missing. Read more>>

Brooklyn and Hudson Bowman

Our family lived in North Texas all our life and made the move to Chicago in 2017 and then San Diego in 2019 until August of 2022. Now we are residing in Prosper Texas. The move was due to my husband’s profession and now we have moved back to Texas because he is a land developer. We have 2 kids, Brooklyn who just turned 16, and Hudson who is 14. Brooklyn plays travel volleyball and Hudson plays football. Throughout our moves, our kids have always flourished academically and athletically.  Read more>>

Boss Money

I started out doing music for a few years. While I was doing music, I wanted to were clothes that promoted my brand. So, I start getting t-shirts made with my logo on them and was wearing them every day. People started seeing me in them and started asking to buy them. Eventually, I slowed down with the music and focused more on the t-shirts/hoodies. Fast forward about 2 years later I noticed that my brand was looking just like everybody else brand (order plain items from overseas and just stamp your logo on it), so I started reaching out to other people that was hand making their clothes from scratch. They really wasn’t trying to help me, so I turned to YouTube. I started searching “how to make a t-shirt” “how to make pants” and just started learning. Fast forward again about 6months later, now I’m fully producing handmade garments.  Read more>>

Todd Gaddis

We moved to Dallas in 2012. I wife, Kayla Gaddis, OD, is from Allen originally. I am from Louisiana. We were living in a small town in Louisiana where we were both successful. We decided to move to the Dallas area when our children became school-age. We felt it was a good opportunity for Kayla to start a practice and after extensive searching, for a location, we fell in love with Adriatica Village in McKinney and opened a small start-up optometry office, Blink Eyecare, in 1400 square feet in November 2013. I went to work as a Hospitalist and ER doctor. Over the years Blink Eyecare has grown tremendously and we were able to build a brand new 7000-square-foot space in Adriatica behind the original location.  Read more>>

Darel Hope

WAUK is a father first and foremost. Family comes first! Music is his passion and life. Born in Milwaukee, WI, but raised in Texas, Wauk attended Collin College where he learned about commercial music business. He also focused on audio engineering and production. He holds the title of Producer, DJ, Audio Engineer, Songwriter, and Lyricist. With ten years plus of experience in the music industry, Wauk is excited about the opportunity to further his music career and achieve the each goal he sets on his way to success.  Read more>>

Coley O’Toole

I worked as a club professional as a PGA Member at various country clubs in the DFW area focusing on leadership in customer service and member and corporate events at the club. A member once invited me to come work for him and also continue to teach his son golf at the same time only to work full-time at his digital advertising agency and give up the golf business. After working two years with that agency, I was approached via LinkedIn about my lengthy tenure working in marketing B2C at country clubs and more than two years at the digital agency. Read more>>

Eric Lewis

My older brother and I would do haircuts on each other when we were young teenagers. I got really good at it, so I started cutting my friends and other family members. I continued cutting hair through my high school years and into college as well. College is where I really thought about making a career as a barber. I basically became the go-to barber on campus. I even had regular business hours. After a couple of years in college, I relocated to Dallas from Arkansas where I enrolled at Ronny J’s Barber and Styling College. After 5 years of Barbering, I enrolled at Paul Mitchell the School Dallas where I became a licensed hairstylist. Read more>>

Brandon Hamilton

I grew up in Plano, TX and lived with my parents and younger brother. I guess my musical journey sort of started when I was around 8; that was when Alicia Keys dropped her debut album Songs In A Minor. That album was and still is such an incredible work of art to me. Although it wasn’t until about two years later when I was 10 that I started to play piano. I immediately fell in love with the instrument. At 14 I began studying at the Brandeis Conservatory with Dr. Annie Lin and Dr. Steven Hall. While there, I competed in local competitions and continued honing my craft. It took many hours of hard practice to reach the level I wanted to be at. Read more>>

Adam Jackson

During the pandemic, I started with dropshipping men’s formal and informal clothing, such as dress shoes, ties, dress shirts, etc. The business was a success, but ultimately, it was not something I was passionate about. My wife suggested focusing on a watch brand. So, I took some time to think about it. I realized I knew a great deal about watches. I have over 79 different timepieces, and each one went with a different outfit in my closet. So, I studied all the watches in my collection to understand what made them different, what made me choose each one, and how I would redesign the elements of each watch. That’s when I came up with my design.  Read more>>

Nykitia Ledbetter

When I think of my childhood, I have mixed emotions. Overall, it was okay definitely more bad than good memories. My mother went to prison when I when I was 10. She was there for 22 years. I am the oldest of two siblings with my mom. (I have a younger half-sister). Don’t recall living with my mom even before she went to prison. I was with my dad or my paternal aunt and grandma. I recall good memories with my daddy until he went to prison at some point as well, but he was in and out throughout my childhood. Being the oldest I took on responsibility of my brothers who are five and ten years younger than I am. Read more>>

Frances Webb

Not sure how far back to go, but here I go. My name is Frances Webb, and I am a Licensed Holistic Esthetics in Downtown Mckinney. At the age of 40, after raising my 2 beautiful children my amazing husband said to me, “ It’s your turn.” Of course, I knew he meant to go back to school, as I had always dreamt of doing. My family was always a priority, like most mothers and wives, but when you have a child born with special needs things change a little more. Read more>>

Jessica Swope

Ever since I was a pre-teen, I knew one day I was going to own a Photography and Videography Production Company. I didn’t know how or when, but I just knew. I would save all my extra change. Maybe even shave a bill or two off my lunch money (sorry mom), Just so I could save up for my first camera at the age of 13. With that camera, my passion and excitement flourished. I spent my high school years asking my friends to model for me. As well as asking them to be in my amature short films. So it only felt right to continue my education in photo and video production after graduating high school. Read more>>

Christina Heath

Where do I begin? Everyone has a story. Mine starts with not the best beginning, but I am hopeful and excited about where it’s headed now. I was raised by my wonderful grandmother who fed me the compliments and love to be the woman I am today. My maternal mother was mentally and physically abusive, while my father was non-existent. I married young at just 20 years old in 2009 with the goal of building the life I’ve always dreamed of. The marriage was good for me, it developed me to become independent. It gave me the support I needed as I grew into womanhood, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to last. I was divorced in 2020 during the worst and best of my life. Read more>>

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