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Inspiring Stories from Far North

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Far North below.

Beau Foster

I’d have to say, as an artist or creator, my story started very young. I always knew I was “different” than the other kids. I spent most of my time dreaming and imagining instead of working on the farm growing up haha. I’ve always been attracted to the beauty in the world around me. Seeing instead of just viewing. I’d say it really took off when I bought my first “real” camera about 12 years ago. That’s what began my adventure in telling a good story whether it be visual or through prose or song.  Read more>>

Jessica Brown

I am Jessica Brown, and I am the owner of Knock It Out Legal Services. At the age of 19, I moved to the DFW area from the East Coast. I always wanted to be in the legal field, so I enrolled in the school shortly after I moved to become a paralegal. I was so determined to make it on my own, that I secured my internship before the timeframe for the internship that it needed to be obtained. I was offered my first position as a paralegal in 2008, right at the same time I graduated and the offer was from my internship. After that, my career took off! I worked for small law firms, large law firms, and international law firms doing family law, criminal law, probate, estate planning, and civil litigation. While working for the various law firms, I was able to not only grow my career as a paralegal but also as an office manager. I did both roles for most of my 13-year career, which allowed me to learn how to operate a law firm at different levels. Read more>>

Deni Jo Baker (DJB Productions)

My fascination with photography started from a young age. I remember “playing” national geographic with disposable film cameras as a young child. As a teen, it became almost a therapeutic practice after the passing of my father. Anytime I felt angry or sad, I would go to outside with a little point & shoot camera and focus my mind on something outside of myself – searching for a new perspective. It didn’t matter what it was – rocks, spiders, flowers, sunsets, caterpillars, whatever. I enjoyed the challenge of taking a simple object and making it into something more. Often saying to myself, “Anyone can take a photo of something breathtaking, but it takes an artist to see the beauty in simplicity.” Adult life directed my attention away from photography for a while and focused on other things; a brief musical college experience, odd jobs, and love. One day, my mother handed me an envelope with $300 dollars and told me to go pick out a nice camera. Researching until I found a kit that was almost in budget, I put some of my own cash towards it – finalizing the purchase of my first ever DSLR. Read more>>

Shane Peterman

I started as a performer in 1996 doing shows around the DFW area and commercial/TV work. I moved to New York City in 1999 and started working as a full time performer and member of Actors Equity Association (back when it took many weeks of professional work to join and continue full time status). I had a great career working both in NYC and around the world as a performer and owe quite a lot of my artistic development and journey to two men I met in the city; Alan Seale and Fred Kareman. Both of these gentlemen provided the blue prints for my journey as an artist and young man living in the city. To thrive in this business one must develop an authentic set of core values as an artist and person. I also worked for a program in Georgia during that time that also shaped the rest of my life’s work; The Springer Opera House in Georgia led by one of the best Producing Artistic Directors in the business, Paul Pierce and his associate, the late Ron Anderson. Their Springer Theater Academy is an amazing program for children that has thrived for decades based oil the principle of teaching life skills through stage skills.  Read more>>

Ashley Rasco

My makeup journey began in 2014 when I first started working retail. I managed a Walgreens, and they would do small beauty events from time to time. We would set up a table in the front, next to the door with various makeup products Walgreens sold. I learned then I was good at selling these products. I then started learning the ins and outs of skincare and beauty, though admittedly was only ‘okay’ at applying the products to myself. It took a year to discover my passion for the beauty industry and I started practicing techniques on friends and family. It did take some time to build up confidence in myself to be able to apply proper professional grade skincare and makeup products on others. With the help of my close friends, I was able to take the leap into becoming a professional makeup artist. In 2016 I began doing photoshoots with my aunt who is a photographer with her own photography business: KJ3 Forever Photography. Along with helping my aunt on set, I also worked with various other photographers trying to build a portfolio for myself. I honestly never dreamed I would own my own business. Read more>>

New Leaf Wellness Center

Collectively, we are New Leaf Wellness Center in McKinney, Texas. We are four Black women chiropractors, who met and formed our business while still in Chiropractic school. Our names are Dr. Courtney Arnold from Valdosta, Ga, Dr. Christian Cade from Tuscaloosa, Al, Dr. Monique Harris from Milwaukee, WI, and Dr. LaKira Harrison from Atlanta, GA. We realized the impact the four of us could have in our community and from day, our focus has been women’s health and delivering quality and affordable services. We moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in hopes to find an open and accepting community, who would love our fresh approach, mission, and skills. We started New Leaf Wellness Center in a small space, with no business loans or outside help. It has been through networking and forming community relationships to get to where we are today. Our mission was to create a space for women and families to cultivate healthy, happy lives. Keeping our overhead low and impact big, was key. Our goal is that each client leaves our office empowered, with a better understanding of body function and optimal health by setting attainable health goals.  Read more>>

Kimberly Render

My Real Estate journey started over 12 years ago, as a part of dynamic duo Real Estate Team with my mother. My mother has been in Real Estate over 26+ years, so needless to say I have grown up in the industry. I thoroughly ENJOY building strong relationships, teaching others various things about the Real Estate Market, and sharing in the JOY with 1st Time Homebuyers whom are purchasing for the first time.  My main focus is: Client-Focused & Results-Driven!  With Kimberly….your Real Estate experience is guaranteed to be REMARKABLE. This University of North Texas graduate can help you find your dream home here in North Texas as she was born and raised right here in the DFW Metropolis.  With her years of Real Estate experience, affiliated with the Ebby Halliday Companies she is definitely a superb agent in the company’s Prosper | Celina office.  As your Real Estate agent, Kimberly has proven that she will always be CLIENT-focused and RESULTS-driven in serving you and your Real Estate needs. Read more>>

Victoria Alozie

Since I was child, I’ve always had a voice that I use to speak with passion and conviction. I can remember my parents writing on my “All About Me” poster in the 2nd grade that I was a “witty and beautiful girl that we wish would talk less sometimes.” I would think they still believe that. As I grew up, people would always tell me that they could see me on TV or YouTube and I secretly thought so myself. However, there were times that I felt as if my voice was stifled by people in authority several times throughout my childhood and as well as adulthood. I wanted to channel my voice into something more positive. I love discussions that lead to solutions or put the deserving on the forefront. With that in my heart, SERVED on Sundays was born in January of 2020. at the tip of the pandemic. The podcast focuses heavily on local entrepreneurs and creatives coming on the show to discuss their real opinions on real topics. We‘ve also had several stemming segments where those same guests can be featured behind the scenes, doing philanthropy work, or trying new small businesses.  Read more>>

Kate & Madelyn Parsons

We started Kate and Mae in July of 2020. We knew we wanted to start a business, but we weren’t sure what. After getting groceries, our mom surprised us with a trip to the craft store. She showed us some bracelets she saw online and said we could make some. Once we saw the pearls and started dreaming of designs, we fell in love with the idea. We listed our first product (The gold Puka Shell bracelet) on our Instagram page. After a week of getting DMs for ordering, we knew there had to be a better way, a website. We created that site, and our business has grown from there ever since.  Read more>>

Ada Simpson

I learned to sew when I was in middle school but did not keep it up. During a time, I was awaiting surgery, I picked it up again with the help of a friend who would come spend time with me. I begin by sewing blankets and then moved onto tote bags. My friend provided great encouragement and helped me find my love of creating and blessing others through sewing.  Over the years, I did sewing jobs here and there for friends and family. When the pandemic started, I began sewing masks for friends and family and started getting more and more requests through word-of-mouth referrals. I got back into doing bags and decided to set up an online store. My sister also began her business, and she inspired me to swing into action. Shortly thereafter, I applied to be a vendor at the Denton Community Market. From there, things took off. I greatly enjoyed the community of supportive vendors and began to have “regular customers” who stopped by my booth. Repeat customers truly bring me great joy. I’ve been able to do this with the help of my husband, my parents, my family, and friends. They encouraged me to keep going and my husband took on more in our home and with our children. It has truly been a team effort. Read more>>

Jade Arellano

I am a living example that the body was designed to heal.  In 2008, I had just moved back to Oklahoma and was living an unhealthy, standard American lifestyle, typical of a single woman in her late twenties. I ate fast food for breakfast, typically forgetting to eat most of the day and often having nothing but wine and popcorn for dinner.  When I became unexpectedly pregnant, I was forced to take a look at the ways my lifestyle impacted my growing child. I found I had extra time on my hands, and I began researching the impact that everyday products can have on a person’s health. I began changing up everything from the food I ate to the body products I used. I didn’t have any major health issues at this time, and I enjoyed a healthy pregnancy. I even got into running long-distance post-partum, completing a full marathon and many halves. I became a certified yoga teacher as well as a personal trainer, and after deciding I no longer wanted to work in advertising, I went back to school to earn my MS in Clinical Nutrition. Read more>>

Stephanie Sherman

I grew up riding horses in Central Texas. I have always been interested in psychology and the human experience. After graduating with honors from Texas Christian University with a degree in psychology and minor in philosophy, I decided I needed keep going and either go to law school or medical school to become a neuropsychologist. The road to law school was much shorter.  I started representing cancer victims one year out of law school and continued only representing people for my career. I spent 17 years under the mentorship of an elite national trial law who recovered hundreds of millions of dollars from bad companies who poisoned people and workers. A few years ago, I decided I could stand on my own and have never looked back. Part of that decision was that I wanted to be more available to my family and create a virtual law firm where I could work anywhere and represent anyone from any state. I often seek pro hac vice admission in cases in other states in states where I am not licensed. Read more>>

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