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Inspiring Stories from Far North

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Far North below.

Destini Douglas

I reached a point in my life where I really valued independence and wanted to be self-employed. I started off by selling vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics such as lip scrubs, eyelashes, and lipgloss. After seeing the success of my business, I decided to add apparel. I do plan to continuously expand my brand. Read more>>

Brooke Fossey

I’m an author, but I wasn’t always. It’s a habit I picked it up after I’d quit my engineering job at Lockheed to stay home with my kids. ​At the time, I was knee-deep in diapers and baby talk. (I had four kids in five years, just to give some perspective.) I wasn’t reading much at that time for obvious reasons, but one day my neighbor left a book series on my stoop and insisted I try it. So I did, and after finishing the last book, I thought to myself​: I could write a novel. Just like that, I opened my computer during the kids’ naptime and start​ed writing. It amounted to fan faction, really, but I discovered I love to write. Read more>>

LaShirl Smith

I’ve been involved in sports and entertainment publicity for more than 30 years. I started out as an assistant for a friend of mine who played for the Dallas Cowboys and everything grew from there. After several years of booking him into appearances and autograph signings, I decided to relocate to Los Angeles to try my hand in the entertainment industry. I was lucky enough to land a job with a top management company that was in need of a publicist for their clients. I had the opportunity to work with some great artists at that time, including Morris Day and The Time, Jody Watley and the late great George Michael, to name a few. Read more>>

Kathryn “Kathy” Kurzman

I am a lifelong learner and have spent my entire adult life working in education, in some form or another. I have an undergraduate degree in elementary education from the University of Texas at Austin and began my career as an elementary classroom teacher. I left the classroom to raise my three sons but stayed abreast of educational issues and breakthroughs, as well as staying active within school settings as a volunteer. As Director of Admissions of an Austin area K-8 school, I came to more clearly understand how important the academic environment is in developing passions and lifelong learning skills. A student thrives in a “right fit” environment and grows academically, socially, and emotionally. Read more>>

Robi Heath

Kid Talk formed about eight years ago when I was looking for a way to serve the community where I resided at the time. I did not always want to be a therapist, nor did I know that the career even existed. I went to college and majored in Political Science, thinking I would move onto law school and thank goodness that path did not happen for me! I fell into my first grown-up job working with the State of Texas at Child Protective Services. It was hard work and often heartbreaking but the families and kiddos I got to work with made me want to do more. From there, I decided I wanted to be on the healing end of things and working with families to prevent generational patterns. I wanted to help families find healing and joy. From there, I got my Master’s in Counseling and a few years later switch my career to being a counselor. Read more>>

Derek Baer

I have been in the fitness industry for 18 years. I started personal training as a side gig in college. Once I finished my undergrad, I decided to get a “real job”. I didn’t last very long. I got right back into fitness and decided to make that my lifetime dedication. I started my master’s in Exercises Science and started teaching boot camps so I could be in front of more people. Those became very popular, and I was getting close to 100 people in my 5:30 am boot camp. I also saw that group training was, by far, the best way to get results and motivate people to attain their goals. I had found CrossFit through and friend and after a few years of experience, I decided to move my boot campers into a facility and start my own gym here in downtown Frisco. It’s been popular and has been the best move of my life. Read more>>

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