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Inspiring Stories from North West Dallas

The heart of our mission at VoyageDallas is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars of North West Dallas below.

Antonio Lau

I’m a very quick study, so, fortunately, I was able to adapt fairly well. Building structures and building cakes aren’t exactly the same. One of the biggest struggles along the way would be trying to make something soft and fluffy structurally sound and rigid enough to transport without it completely toppling over along the way. Oh, and also trying to deal. Read more>>

Sara Morton

I discovered alternative process photography. The alternative process combines all that I am passionate about specifically including photography & painting. I can combine both historical processes and new technology which allows me to express all my ideas in different ways. It also has a very magical quality to it, from the physical process to the outcome of the work. Read more>>

Patricia Daiker

My personal experience showed me that just knowing what to do was not enough! You need new life skills to navigate the challenges of a chronic illness. No one is good at something they hate – right? I started my company, Dragonfly LIghts, LLC (both dragonflies and light are both metaphors for growth, spirituality, and transformation), to bring programs and services to people with diabetes. Read more>>

Diane Gil

I have always been a very driven and self-motivated person. As a young adult, my dream was to be a successful businesswoman in Corporate America. To create a life for myself so completely opposite of anything I was ever exposed to. Sort of like a new life, a do-over. Read more>>

Sean Malone

Even in my best writing streaks, I could not capture the intricacy and beauty of combative sports in the same manner that a great photograph could. Soon after I ditched the pen and pad and picked up a camera and began my journey of capturing some of North Texas’ biggest fights and prolific athletes. Read more>>

Jack Stoise

Later on in life, while in college I began becoming heavily involved in background and logistical work with a few of my good friends who were making music, never with the intentions of myself becoming an artist. I started rapping around the winter on 2016 and seemed to naturally take to it. From that first moment, I’ve never looked back! Read more>>

Jenni West

It was a dream career as I experienced many cultures and beautiful places that have made lasting impressions which I incorporate into my pieces. I am also heavily inspired by the Moon and crystals which is also evident in my work. Recently, I have started metal smithing and am I enjoying it immensely! Read more>>

Priscilla Reyna

Within a year of experience at the hospital and establishing my foundation in medical nutrition therapy, I yet again heard that voice inside telling me to evolve. This time I was reminded of my desire to have my own business. Read more>>

Madeline Rawicki

Through these roles, I found that event planning was my passion and skill. I always knew that my brother-in-law wanted to open a brewery one day, so I approached early, asking him for a hypothetical job at his hypothetical business, one day. Read more>>

Kimberly LaSane

I have always loved hair and beauty. I am a hair extension wearer and I was not happy with the product that was out there. So I started doing research for almost two years and finally found 100% Virgin Brazilian hair that I was 100% happy with. I did several case studies before I put it on the market. Read more>>

Fredrick Ewelike

I was always interested in cinematic arts when I was growing up. I was so mesmerized by the phenomenal movies and TV shows that were being released in my childhood. There was honestly no better experience for me than being in a movie theater watching a highly anticipated film. Read more>>

Samantha Blankenship

I live in DFW and I’m a millennial single mom. I am a Media Marketing Coordinator and an influencer for RewardStyle and I have always loved fashion and being a mom, I now have a platform to share my favorite things and help other women with fashion, motherhood, and life. Read more>>

Scotty Sanders

Quest of the Keys was born out of Scotty’s purpose to encourage and empower others to live, lead and finish well. He originally developed a training course called Eight Keys to Success. One of his clients was a large charter school system (15,000 students), where he discovered the schools were using character education resources that were not relevant. Read more>>

Ellie Gonzalez

I kept busy with producing my own new radio show/podcast – The Denton Vibe With Diva Girl Ellie on Denton Radio, with my poetry writing, photography and the local poetry group I founded here in Denton, Lost Poet Lounge and many other creative outlets. Creatively busy and artistically happy. Read more>>

Kassandra Mireles

I’ve met so many people who are now great friends of mine who have mentored me and helped me grow as a person and as an artist. I couldn’t have gotten far without their humbleness and kindness. That is why I try to help out other photographers who are starting out with whatever I can because I had people there for me when I needed help. Read more>>

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