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Meet Aaron Czerny

Today we’d like to introduce you to Aaron Czerny.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
I stand moored in earth on shifting ground tectonic vibrations enter my feet and echo within my veins. I inhabit the lines which lie between unspoken sentences, embracing contradictive poems embedded in the I’s and us. Illuminating the trail from cave to screen to fire. I squeeze water from form to quench thirst of this quest. This journey from wildness to domestication to a new branch of tree. I exhale wind to transform, transmit, transmigrate the tones etched within double-helix language – body knowledge, visionary reasoning. Intuition traversing borders recalibrating, rethreading resonance sacred and profane. I erase belly-buttons with right hand while creating umbilical cords with my left. I become the boat, the vessel, the bone hollow. To carry the responsibility and bear the gift upon other shores not my own. An instrument held, played, cast into currents. A mapping nomadic – as intermediary between furthest futures informed by arcane pasts manifest in present exigencies.

My inter/transdisciplinary practices are paddles with which I navigate; the compasses guiding me forth revealing the ritual of creating that binds me to the deeper meanings of being alive and what it means to be human. Nature is the true conductor, I am a note, and the things I create are the bridges between

Please tell us about your art.
My current artistic focus is to explore the conflict between creative transformation and static decay. I am interested in tracking the contradictory nature of our perceptions to the roots of their connections and repulsions. My work is directly affected by how inherent spiritual, physical, and mental facets of our histories manifest within the daily life of particular environments. I believe the process of making art, as well as the art itself, can directly connect the viewer to these varied stories, thereby revealing that it is the ritual of creating that binds us to the deeper meaning of being human.

I want to create within that intersection where the transformation of the personal becomes communal (and vice versus) specifically within the context of our modernity: where our technological inventions, and the modes of living they create (which I define as domestication and complacency), directly confront, and at times oppose, the larger organism of Nature (defined as wildness or vitality). I am fascinated by forms of expression that show how a language of continuity exists over these varied realities of time and place connecting the various methods through which we understand aspects of our cultivation and impulse, and most importantly, how all these systems of sensations and communications manifest themselves, are defined, and understood through art.

I consider my work to be a continuity of practice and lineage imbued with intuition, imagination, and inspiration within which I act as intermediary between where our furthest futures are informed by our deepest pasts. The specific piece and/or site where I create becomes the context of a conversation asking questions and exploring answers between the world, the viewer-participant and I; between humanity and our place within the larger organism of nature – that line between the spiritual and tangible worlds. I am interested in discovering, mapping and weaving together the in-numerous variations of root polarities and expressing the multiple types of tensions that exist within the instinctive and rational parts of ourselves. I strive to do this through embodied mark making of energy and ontology of object and image by the utilization of varied materials assembled in an interdisciplinary and multimedia configuration.

As an artist, how do you define success and what quality or characteristic do you feel is essential to success as an artist?
Success has many faces, and I think when all these facets are all in balance an artist is engaged in a beautiful dance between being a conduit for the energies and messages that flow through them, and having direct agency in the forms they create, which in turn brings other forms of success: happiness, health, an audience (no matter the size), peers/collaborators, and support (emotional, intellectual, and monetary).

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
Online, where they can also check on current or upcoming exhibitions or contact me for a studio visit. Support can come in many forms: sharing my information to others, leaving comments, and of course, purchasing work.

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Aaron Czerny

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