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Meet Jacks Haupt

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jacks Haupt.

Jacks, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I grew up in Oak Cliff, and the neighborhood I lived in had a lot of color and creativity. My grandpa was a musician back in his day and he’d play his guitar in the living room while I’d admire him. He would always play some classic soul/rock from the 60s-70s through his old speaker.

I got a lot of inspiration through my old man because he loved music as much as I did. That made me want to start writing and get into poetry classes in the elementary school I attended, and express how I felt growing up. That’s how I first started songwriting. In school, I would get in trouble with my teachers because what I’d write some things that would be too much. I remember moving out of Oak Cliff to live in Mesquite and being made fun of, bullied or even get beaten up. I still tried taking music classes in school and tried a little theatre to distract myself. I was passionately in love with the arts, but most of all with the music. When I got into high school, I tried to make YouTube music covers behind my parents back because they didn’t approve of me making music or singing at all. They wanted me to be in school and study something that’ll make me succeed. All I wanted to do was make music, that was my main priority. I met this musician that I had a huge crush on in school, and he was in a band. We were both 16, and he taught me the basics on how to play guitar and to read guitar music notes. It was funny, I was doing this all behind my parents’ backs. I didn’t start actually making my own music until I was a sophomore in high school.

People at school would talk down on me and would tell me “haha she can sing but why would she think she has the potential.” They didn’t really take me seriously. I didn’t start making good content until I was in my last year of high school. My first song was “3am.” I tweeted a 30-second preview of it on my main twitter, and I received a lot of criticism and beautiful comments about the song. People kept asking me “Hey when are you gonna release this?” or “Please drop SoundCloud link!” I really didn’t think much of the song, to be honest, I hated it at first, but then I realized how much it was actually resonating with people. That’s what made me want to do more than what I should do, that’s what made me want to begin doing what I love.

Has it been a smooth road?
I’m going, to be honest, it’s rough. I’ve had people trying to ruin my potential, I’ve been through mental breakdowns that made me question myself, is this is what I want to do for the rest of my life? Music has been my first love, it always has, but it sometimes hurts me. It makes me question if this is helping me. Is this what I have to do to get farther in life? Sometimes I even question myself, what in the hell do I have to do to make people love my art even more? What do I have to do to get where I need to be? What did big artists do to become as successful as they are today? Of course, never question your passion! But what I’ve learned from this experience is that you have to find the right people to actually work with them. Not everyone in the industry will help you. They won’t. I’ve felt lost, trying to seek a different route in music. I won’t give up, my mother raised me to not give things up when there’s not a clear path. If you love something so much, and you’re very passionate about it, find another route. I’ve had my depression affect me to the point that sometimes, I don’t know if want to continue my music. Which kind of sucks, because I love music, it heals me, and I’ve noticed it heals others too. I make this not just for myself but for the people as well. I want them to hear the real me, I want them to hear the reality of love, pain, and freedom. They only see me as Jacks Haupt, they don’t see the real Jacqueline.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
I’m currently focused on my mental state of mind, mainly focused on making new content for my lovely people. I’m going to release a mini EP album. I’m collaborating with different producers from different parts of Texas such as Por Vida, Keysun, and Mosivito. I also want to surprise the audience with good visuals. I want them to know what I’m capable of. I’m ready. Am I excited? Yes! Am I anxious? Yes. All I need to do is trust the process, take things one step at a time, and take your time. When you rush, things won’t look, sound, or be great. I’m a singer, but not really a popular one. My genre is a bit of Pop and a little bit of Chicano soul with R&B mixed all together. You know, I make music for the girls and the gays. My biggest accomplishment is having Michelle Phan reach out to me to promote my song “3AM.” She has all these beauty gurus and YouTube bloggers using my song and let me tell you, I’m really grateful for the opportunity to get my music out there. This is the greatest thing that happened to me this year. The song that I hated the most ended up being a hit to others. I also performed at Tress for the first time this year. My heart exploded, I couldn’t believe I was on the same stage my favorite bands, HYUKOH, Nirvana, Innerwave, had performed on. I love performing, seeing people’s faces, and feeling their energy when I’m on stage. It’s a beautiful feeling. It truly is.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
I hope to be making more music, and advance more into my work. Maybe make some more futuristic projects that’ll be eye opening for the audience. The music industry itself is letting anyone in with anything catchy. I see myself living out of Texas, with the love of my life Aron Pipér, haha and touring around the world, being the most happiest woman ever. Happy with my job, happy with my lifestyle, being adventurous and exploring the world, and being in love. Being in love with life, music, my fans, and my lover. I wanna be the most happiest woman ever by just succeeding in making music. I just want to live, but the right way and in the right steps I take. So, Aron Pipér… if you’re reading this article (which I know he won’t or he will not hahaha) I’m coming for you in five years okay? Haha, I’m joking. But I just want to be a big star. A big one where everyone would look at me and say, “I wanna be just like her one day!”

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