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Meet Jaya Prime

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jaya Prime.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
How does a hitchhiker of more than a decade end up as an international fractal designer who now appears on many books covers and music albums? I tell you what: I didn’t start off in this direction.

I started as a music orchestrator and producer, making and mixing music between cities as I traveled from state to state, then from country to country. It was until a childhood tumor eventually caught up with me that I started to lose my hearing. Facing a hard wall such as this, I fell back on the illuminated art forms that I had been studying since when I was a pup.

I trained under the fractal master Batoruco; aka, The Crazy Old Man; aka, Javier Ontiveros. I learned how to blend fractals with landscapes, and how to see and uncover the natural fractal geometry that surrounds us throughout the entire world.

Since then, my art appeared on remix covers for Daft Punk (Disney, Indaba), on large murals larger than an apartment (ACCOR, SO Hua Hin), and on more than ten book covers. Every step is a lesson, and tomorrow will be even more worlds for me to create… and with lessons to be learned.

I make enough from my art now that I have converted a van into a mobile home and art studio. I call her Pocket One. It is a big step up from Hitchhiking. As I write these words from Paris, France, I’ll soon be flying back to Fort Worth to begin planning and creating… to make an even more bright and colorful horizon.

Please tell us about your art.
I study the natural fractal geometry in nature, especially in vines, ferns, and flowers. I have become one of the leading designers in fractal flowers, and I am about to start my new series of them on social media in a few days. I am also known for my massive hypnotic spirals that cover the walls of hotels as murals. The details within these are so fine that many will stand right next to the wall to see them more clearly.

I also create surreal fractalscapes. I blend surreal worlds and landscapes with fractal art to create atmospheres that tell a story the more that you look at them. These are my personal favorites, because I love to inspire others with a sense of adventure, of hope, and of wonder. Never lose your wonder. Not for anything nor for anyone — never lose your wonder. There is magic in the space between worlds.

We often hear from artists that being an artist can be lonely. Any advice for those looking to connect with other artists?
Many are going to give you suggestions for things to do: for meetups, for expositions, for shows. I suggest that, before anything else, you look inside yourself and see what suggestions you’ve received and look at the ones that make you the MOST uncomfortable. Yes, I did not mistype that. I said the most uncomfortable. Choose three of those, and then choose one from those three. Challenge yourself to do it. Going outside your comfort zone is where you’re going to meet others that you would never have met before and discover parts of yourself that you never knew existed. This is where life begins.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
My fans are primarily on Instagram and are quickly approaching the 10,000 followers mark. To see my work on Instagram, you will find me on @fractals_by_jaya :

My patrons follow my travels, get very detailed insights into my designs, as well as bonuses like wallpapers and previews. I’ve only been on Patreon for a year, and it has changed a lot for me. You’ll find me here on Patreon:

While I operate more than 20 online stores with fine merchandise, those who love my art and would love to buy them as prints, phone cases, or on T-shirts, you’ll want to find me here on Redbubble:

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San Jaya Prime

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